Pronunciation of Far
/fˈɑː/, /fˈɑː/, /f_ˈɑː/

Antonyms for far

not far from, more skirting, most closeby, at present time, most on the spot, most progressing, more consolidated, on-the-spot, presentday, more buddy buddy, most congenerous, most handwriting on the wall, re tired, mum the word, more stale-smelling, on hand, suchest, in air, fore seen, more portending, more pennywise, more approximating, buddy-buddy, be-ingest, across the street, nearby, more well nigh, along, in addition to, adjacent, referring to, under ones nose, most fundamentally, palsywalsy, in escapable, near-at-hand, in store, closeby, give or take little, most stalesmelling, close to, niggard, as well, more approximative, momentary, like, more hair-trigger, more unventilated, well planned, mum word, on order of, any minute now, at once, condensed, on the q t, easy to reach, at moment, in-separable, more scowling, palsy walsy, most cherished, de-terminate, more cherished, most edging, give or take a little, in short order, in-evitable, soonest, more advancing, be side, for time being, most near-at-hand, buddybuddy, pre carious, scurvy, mingier, more unforthcoming, more near-at-hand, almost on one, most confining, close-lipped, more curmudgeonly, by by, un safest, more circumscribed, more compressed, more buddy-buddy, intimate, comminatory, tight lipped, more well-planned, making it with, most hair-trigger, pretty nearly, more close-grained, user friendly, most skinflint, more convenient, more jam packed, in the manner of, more constricted, most virtually, choky, abrupt, un lucky, more pinchpenny, more on the spot, pre sent, right now, more incapacious, near, more morally, shortish, coextensive, all around, abbreviated, more on-the-spot, up and coming, under one nose, well-planned, more fast approaching, post-haste, more close grained, more buddybuddy, gaining upon, pre-carious, pre-paring, un-forthcoming, ironfisted, hard by, transitory, Pinchpenny, most approximative, at fingertips, most preparing, close hand, more stale smelling, in time, handwriting-on-the-wall, more virtually, on the spot, as concerns, sudden, more beside, close-by, de terminate, de-cent, approximative, more abutting, most near at hand, re-gular, most congeneric, linear, on the edge of, up-coming, more allying, in duration, more aiding, closegrained, more jibing, expeditiously, by and by, touching on, pennypinching, there, fast-approaching, congeneric, most jam-packed, beingest, most hair trigger, short-term, left, close at hand, tight-fisted, most bosom, ill boding, nearlier, near at hand, more close by, more alongside, on top each other, imminent, zipping ones lips, ephemeral, imprecise, mum's word, in the air, hushhush, co extensive, de cent, most on-the-spot, most close lipped, sweltriest, not far away, anymore, most scowling, under consideration, more well-nigh, clubby, more predestined, most tight-fisted, shortened, moderate, in the neighborhood, more cropped, de-serving, Lowery, buttoning up, mixest, more surmised, slightly, more about, un-luckier, tight chops, in separable, more tight-fisted, more pent, more closeby, more congenerous, time saving, most well-planned, most buddy-buddy, for all intents purposes, about, on its way, in a short time, hardfisted, hair trigger, verging on, more overhanging, in a minute, most about, un-safest, in due time, most predestined, more close-lipped, most linear, drawing near, most time-saving, most advancing, de-voted, hairtrigger, more near at hand, most surmised, today, most pinchpenny, more inevasible, on the horizon, around corner, most docking, sur-rounding, nearliest, Pinching, soon, more hair trigger, in manner of, un avoidable, most approximately, getting near, immediate, un-safe, most overhanging, almost one, narrow, lickety-split, sweltrier, hard fisted, more fast-approaching, making with, un-differentiated, nowadays, more brewing, more docking, more timesaving, nowest, in short time, scurviest, most unescapable, more skinflint, more relating, uni form, made the scene, most tight fisted, present day, uni-form, pennywise, most timesaving, more basically, most roommate, well-nigh, un-communicative, give take little, more wellnigh, currently, straitest, more closelipped, most abutting, re-cent, more ungiving, most imprecise, at hand, more close-by, short-lived, across street, more handwriting-on-the-wall, gaining up on, close, proximal, more confining, in second, more hairtrigger, most hairtrigger, un precise, more commenced, at elbows, in cards, see coming, most unforthcoming, fleetly, most guessed, more fastapproaching, more bounding, touching, relative to, most close-grained, most tapered, most compressed, in general, in-escapable, most constricted, un-escapable, most inevasible, most closelipped, approximate, more congeneric, zipping one lips, short-range, be sides, mums the word, most jibing, un comfortable, most equaling, most aiding, much the same, more contracted, in public interest, close lipped, licketysplit, therer, accessible, most circumscribed, more unprecise, more lowery, Impendent, under one's nose, unescapable, more converging, niggardly, more wellplanned, all but, re-lated, re gular, in the wind, Lickety Split, faithful, post haste, most stale smelling, most time saving, on horizon, most proximal, straiter, most fast-approaching, un safe, sub sequent, sweltry, be-gun, clubbier, more edging, more attached, more time saving, most almost, in the cards, minacious, most close grained, most incapacious, pre paring, just now, made scene, time-saving, closelipped, mingiest, de finite, Intimidatory, illboding, most already, un luckier, most minacious, easy reach, as good as, un-comfortable, clubbiest, around the corner, more preparing, Incapacious, therest, para mount, Ungiving, see it coming, most coextensive, impermanent, most wellplanned, not unlike, more gathering, clamming up, for intents and purposes, de voted, most wellnigh, loury, more ironfisted, nower, on q t, to be, most intimidatory, be-side, most bounding, more already, most close by, Unprecise, curmudgeonly, most brewing, most pinched, lourier, before long, hush hush, un escapable, on board, stalesmelling, more niggard, tight fisted, most contracted, more scrimping, un safer, fore-seen, most niggardly, more jam-packed, close grained, more progressing, pre-destined, userfriendly, for intents purposes, un-scientific, most well-nigh, be gun, un charitable, most unventilated, over-hanging, mini, present, most grudging, coming, most basically, orthodox, most today, more tapered, more suffocating, most fast approaching, more approximately, un forthcoming, most buddybuddy, more pinched, chokiest, close-grained, chokier, bordering, most suffocating, at this moment, more today, ex act, cozy with, to come, fleeting, buddy buddy, on verge, most skirting, most handwriting-on-the-wall, coupled with, most commenced, in attendance, recent, coming down pike, close together, in offing, in little while, there with bells on, mingy, be-sides, more closegrained, stale smelling, unventilated, in auspicious, most close-lipped, convenient, ex-act, negligibly, sucher, be ingest, in a little while, give take a little, wellplanned, little, running after, fast approaching, in ball park, un scientific, most taper, most jam packed, more fundamentally, more bosom, undifferentiated, more linear, more intimidatory, most gathering, most approximating, close fisted, more unescapable, most lowery, Allying, coming down the pike, in neighborhood, de-finite, in essence, most cropped, as companion, under nose, in connection with, most fastapproaching, timesaving, most unprecise, even now, more roommate, most close-by, thick with, within reach, in-auspicious, in view, for the time being, most consolidated, more guessed, un-safer, as respects, more similar, in relation to, in the ball park, in process, in spitting distance, in a second, zipping lips, un-lucky, most pent, para-mount, more time-saving, more handwriting on the wall, un-generous, de serving, congenerous, more attenuated, mums word, louriest, more close lipped, scurvier, pre-sent, in minute, threatening, most morally, un generous, conventional, most scrimping, more stalesmelling, un-avoidable, most essentially, beinger, un-ventilated, more proximal, fastapproaching, thick as thieves, most well nigh, more skimping, more essentially, sub-sequent, close by, on qt, nominally, most undifferentiated, more taper, as much as, on the order of, more equaling, ere long, in prospect, more minacious, transient, Inevasible, un-giving, on deck, most attenuated, most ironfisted, at same time, for all intents and purposes, on the verge, most comminatory, most beside, more undifferentiated, further more, sur rounding, up to date, co-extensive, neighboring, in the offing, most alongside, un-charitable, un propitious, practically, un ventilated, most terrorizing, presently, in evitable, most well planned, zipping one's lips, most attached, more almost, more grudging, re cent, next door, un luckiest, pre destined, more terrorizing.