Pronunciation of Fit
/fˈɪt/, /fˈɪt/, /f_ˈɪ_t/

Antonyms for fit

creakiest, un skilled, unbecoming, most etiolated, more uncool, more hog-tied, dis qualified, dis qualifying, in-valid, more weak-kneed, troubled, de-bars, broken down, in-experienced, Impuissant, Disentitle, Misbecoming, un-steadier, more basketcase, in-substantial, most blundering, sick as a dog, in secure, rickety, reedy, out of shape, unmeeter, un-stable, disaccord, dis eased, un-safe, de-pendent, dis franchises, de feasible, laidback, un-likely, sidelined, un-qualified, out of element, un handiest, uncool, disenable, un safest, in firmer, new, more ill equipped, can't cut it, unfitting, un-seemlier, most sidelined, bowleg, unaccented, most slackspined, un stressed, de-feasible, in efficient, more quavering, un-safest, most handcuffed, un likely, out of place, un-congenial, in expert, Unbeseeming, weather beaten, more amateur, in-credible, anti climactic, un-skilled, worn-out, dis-qualified, sub-standard, in adequate, un profitable, in-disposed, anile, unsuitable, un-available, ignorant, wideopen, faint hearted, most ill adapted, handicapped, prevent, un meetest, stupid, un likelier, un available, dis-qualifying, tumble down, protection, most illequipped, un-fit, un-reliable, eighty six, uncongenial, tumble-down, dis-franchised, cant make the grade, un-meetest, disjoin, mutilated, un-suited, most emasculate, in-capable, in effective, weak, in appropriate, most battered, ex cept, in capacitated, un-stabler, most unequipped, ill suited, ill equipped, more illequipped, un tenable, most ill equipped, most sapless, laid low, in eligible, most quavering, un equipped, undernourished, in-distinct, in-sufficient, more hogtied, unworthy, more faint-hearted, ignore, unemployable, wornout, in-capacitates, differ, un cool, in compatible, in-effective, un seasonable, unpromising, in operative, un fruitful, un-safer, in-felicitous, can't make grade, destroy, not cut out for, Disfranchising, un-protected, un-promising, be draggled, unschooled, dis-franchise, in-congruous, un-healthy, more sidelined, un-steadiest, dis-enabled, de barred, inadept, laid back, unable, more slackspined, untested, un-skillful, in-complete, feeling awful, diseased, reedier, not make the cutting, un stablest, malnourished, dis entitles, forceless, un convincing, in conceivable, in firmest, more unfacile, most basketcase, un facile, un steadier, most faint hearted, mis taken, in defensible, dis qualify, more neutralized, can't make the grade, un-proficient, in complete, basket-case, un qualified, dis-franchising, in-decisive, more woundable, most strengthless, in distinct, prohibit, dis-entitled, unseemly, un-graceful, most neutralized, impaired, sub standard, un-trained, ex posed, halt, most zero, un proficient, un-apter, in-sipid, un-dexterous, in-firmer, un sound, more slack-spined, anticlimactic, most improficient, more emasculate, in capable, un-likelier, most weakkneed, not able, most inproficient, disentitles, un practiced, most anticlimactic, in harmonious, fragile, in-validating, unfits, wimpiest, more slack spined, more faint hearted, more hog tied, weak kneed, un seemliest, defeasible, over barrel, in expedient, un productive, in credible, un fitted, more emasculated, untrained, un abler, most woundable, dis-enables, un accented, in-secure, most worn out, Strengthless, more tapped, un-abler, runny, most stifled, in efficacious, wide open, un trained, in-expedient, heavy handed, no can do, in-validated, basketcase, more truncated, disentitled, most impuissant, un-stablest, more unfitted, useless, out gas, in-apter, dipped, un stabler, most hog-tied, not make cutting, un-handy, nixed, disfranchised, dis organized, more unstressed, untried, in valid, un congenial, creakier, inept, in-firmest, unsatisfactory, un-substantial, un wholesome, wishywashy, more butter fingered, in-adept, inferior, incorrect, un-ablest, most infected, un prepared, insufficient, in-capacitated, un fitting, more weak kneed, un-prepared, more impuissant, in-effectual, most slack-spined, be-draggled, impracticable, in-compatible, more ill-adapted, de-barring, more weakkneed, in-capacitate, more loser, inefficient, separate, more enfeebled, un soundest, in-securest, in-eligible, not up to, more battered, sapless, no good, out commission, up creek without paddle, in-adequate, most tumble-down, in capacitates, more butterfingers, disarrange, more pinned, brokendown, in validating, in validate, more unaccented, dis enabling, in substantial, shooting blanks, in-validates, nixing, un likeliest, most forceless, most inadept, in experienced, disorganize, Unmeet, illsuited, out element, disenables, most amateur, bandy, dis-organized, in-nocuous, un dependable, runnier, collide, de bar, disenabling, incapable, un healthy, inoperable, more unpromising, in securer, more tumble-down, un-meeter, all thumbs, dis-qualifies, un healthier, most illadapted, unusable, un substantial, not adapted, un-equipped, de pendent, neglect, weatherbeaten, un-availing, incompetent, un reliable, dis-entitling, un duest, un safe, un-fits, dis enabled, unfacile, unfitted, most weak-kneed, in capacitate, poor, un-meet, most butter-fingered, most undexterous, improper, undexterous, un healthiest, dispute, most bated, ex-cept, failure, most disqualified, down with, dis-enabling, unhandier, most unfacile, milk-and-water, dis-eased, worthless, green, in sipid, in-applicable, most truncated, dis qualifies, in applicable, inproficient, inadequate, heavyhanded, disfranchise, not make cut, un dexterous, in capacitating, more disqualified, more unequipped, ex-posed, in-securer, un meet, un-healthiest, most unproficient, lose, un promising, un-satisfactory, un steadiest, under weather, in congruous, wimpy, dis-enable, most ill-equipped, un-dependable, de bars, un suited, most tumble down, displace, disapprove, illequipped, not effective, un-suitable, dis-franchises, fail, most milk and water, un-fruitful, un seemlier, un steady, un-stressed, butter fingered, infirm, un-seemliest, most fluctuant, un due, un-seasonable, in apter, maimed, most tapped, un successful, intolerable, in-proficient, un sounder, un-duer, unhealthy, disqualify, most enfeebled, in-conceivable, more butter-fingered, disconnect, most chicken, in securest, un apter, unsuited, unfit, in-competent, sick, in-capacitating, most wasting, inaccurate, disfranchises, disqualified, dis-entitle, un seemly, more stifled, un skillful, ill-adapted, un-guarded, in-audible, weakest, un meeter, out of gas, in-operative, inexperienced, Butter-fingered, in-defensible, un becoming, most mangled, more wasting, more ill-equipped, unprepared, more fluctuant, dis enables, in-harmonious, most defeasible, most uncool, in correct, in firm, in validates, slackspined, ill-equipped, nonfunctional, most unstressed, most emasculated, de barring, wishy washy, afflicted, faint-hearted, unavailable, imprecise, dis franchising, more tumble down, more blundering, most basket case, dis entitled, oppose, more illadapted, un-due, incompatible, in adept, runniest, un stable, un aptest, more infected, peace, un-sounder, most pinned, more inadept, out shape, in decisive, butterfingered, disenabled, more anticlimactic, dis enable, in effectual, inappropriate, no go, more forceless, un-cool, dis-qualify, un-sure, more bated, sickest, in-expert, feeble, illadapted, unseasoned, un-tenable, more ill adapted, divide, cant make grade, discourage, Fluctuant, un-successful, more anile, un-fitting, in competent, de-barred, unequal, disentitling, in-firm, creaky, slack spined, unacceptable, more undexterous, un-facile, un believable, in-appropriate, Woundable, crookback, ask, more basket-case, most butterfingered, un-soundest, dis franchised, beginning, in-validate, dis franchise, unproficient, most unfitted, more butterfingered, with hands tied, decrepit, un-becoming, un safer, stop, argue, more zero, refuse, cant hack it, disagree, un handier, flat-footed, unskilled, in disposed, more defeasible, Unhandy, un-handier, question, weakkneed, un sure, most loser, un-productive, raw, not equal to, un handy, mismatch, more unproficient, most unaccented, in-efficient, more milk and water, un graceful, more strengthless, un-convincing, wrong, more fragile, more handcuffed, no way, dissuade, un-sound, in validated, unhandiest, un availing, anti-climactic, not fit, more chicken, un satisfactory, most anile, dis entitling, half-baked, in conclusive, un-wholesome, dis entitle, most unpromising, ailing, in nocuous, most hogtied, in-conclusive, not make the cut, de-bar, un-handiest, unmeetest, most vitiated, un suitable, cant cut it, disorder, unequipped, un-believable, most butter fingered, in audible, ill timed, dis-entitles, most ill-adapted, more basket case, most butterfingers, un ablest, out place, un fit, ill adapted, un guarded, un-accented, not to, more vitiated, in-efficacious, disturb, most hog tied, un-fitted, un fits, halting, un-duest.