Pronunciation of Foolish
/fˈuːlɪʃ/, /fˈuːlɪʃ/, /f_ˈuː_l_ɪ_ʃ/

Antonyms for foolish

valuable, more apprised, clear cut, in one's right mind, nimble-witted, more even-steven, highbrowed, quick on the draw, infallible, quick-witted, wary, quick the draw, juridicious, most gnostic, more tunedin, most longhaired, fairminded, self-aware, on-the-fence, most astucious, indisputable, un scrupulous, on inside, Hepper, demonstrable, judicious, shrewd, most crackerjack, more extensional, illustrious, re served, far-seeing, most well judged, intelligent, cognitive, of sound mind, alert, pre-meditating, most tunedin, middleground, dis honest, playing with full deck, like clam, most sharp-sighted, pre meditating, far-sighted, incontrovertible, having one marbles, keeping toes, more tuned in, long-haired, incontestable, more premeditating, more oriented, basic, more unwasteful, with-it, dis-ingenuous, eggheaded, more sharpsighted, well-judged, sly, having all ones marbles, phrenic, most jazzed, most nimblewitted, taking easy, distinctive, most well organized, chief, dexterous-dextrous, on the inside, unrevealing, cool as cucumber, more with it, fast on the draw, most deductive, most middle-ground, sharp as tack, skuller, Hard-headed, keeping one's toes, de-signing, more manipulative, both oars water, fast on draw, distinguished, unquestionable, dexterousdextrous, momentous, more bluffing, most argute, forethoughtful, ex-tensional, significant, psycho logical, more insighted, witty, dis ingenuous, demonstrated, wide awake, more comprehending, taking it easy, well judged, most well-organized, deductive, pro founder, non-committal, pro found, quick draw, more well judged, tuned in, most hardheaded, most reasoned, on one's toes, most clearsighted, common-sense, more wellreasoned, having fancy footwork, buttoned up, valid, most abreast, de signing, overriding, fast draw, re levant, quick witted, ear the ground, on the lookout, most premeditating, under-hand, notorious, under-standing, more hard headed, worthwhile, keeping on one toes, Sophic, more egghead, more temporizing, in one right mind, most evensteven, most percipient, gnostic, de-liberate, percipient, responsible, most reasoning, realistic, all ears, more gnostic, holding water, most temporizing, practical, hep, quick on the uptake, fast the draw, watching step, decisive, welladvised, heppest, more withit, ear ground, most witting, well informed, more reasoning, wised up, substantial, insighted, self disciplined, fore sighted, worthy, dis honorable, eventempered, more streetwise, penetrative, more conniving, insightful, most rightthinking, hushhush, more far-seeing, most hard headed, dis criminating, streetwise, logical, more rightthinking, more zipped, more eggheaded, worldly wise, most right-thinking, most judgmatic, certain, keeping on toes, psyched up, philosophic, impressive, more clearsighted, more precautious, Astucious, more crackerjack, like a clam, more unrevealing, most even-steven, most nimble witted, most selfdisciplined, balanced, thought-out, cautious, in ones right mind, all-important, more intelligent, playing it cool, matter-of-fact, in sighted, levelheaded, in-communicable, un wasteful, plain, re-strained, more farseeing, nimblewitted, nobodys fool, un flappable, wellbalanced, most intellective, dis-honest, most knowledgeable, more acute, most right thinking, keeping on ones toes, more well organized, most tuned-in, most well-thought-out, more middle-ground, re-served, walking on eggs, far sighted, more selfdisciplined, famous, doubledealing, dis-honorable, most nimble-witted, well organized, most zipped, more on the fence, well-reasoned, most on-the-fence, un-scrupulous, well-advised, most conniving, more sophic, hedging ones bets, commonsense, more argute, most poised, most extensional, more poised, ex act, most plotting, quick trigger, most eggheaded, on the job, both oars in water, most middleground, most apprised, handling with kid gloves, Double dealing, observant, clammed up, intellectual, most streetwise, most pussyfoot, more even steven, re sourceful, knows what what, wisest, keeping one toes, non committal, ex-act, material, gifted, keen, serious, overbearing, whizer, nobody fool, de liberate, well reasoned, more careful, fundamental, got it together, rightthinking, shrewdest, more pussyfoot, matter of fact, heads up, in side, most hard-headed, with ones eyes peeled, more astucious, all there, more abreast, on the qui vive, playing cool, slick, unfoolish, hedging one's bets, selfpossessed, under standing, foxy, witting, fatal, psycho-logical, crazy like fox, most with it, more nimble-witted, fair minded, well grounded, wise, in-sighted, more judgmatic, canny, most clear sighted, more highbrowed, most capable, Middle-ground, wellgrounded, clearsighted, ear to ground, most einstein, discreet, re-sourceful, more well-reasoned, tuned-in, knows whats what, skullest, most forethoughtful, rightminded, un-wasteful, consistent, prominent, having all one's marbles, Precautious, thought out, ex-acting, with eyes peeled, more middle ground, clearcut, sharkest, walking eggs, having all one marbles, important, most well-reasoned, wise to, sharp sighted, most tuned in, more welljudged, many sided, more innovational, hush hush, preeminent, most juridicious, clear sighted, sane, in communicable, wellreasoned, astute, on ones toes, clever, having one's marbles, most posted, with one eyes peeled, selfdisciplined, careful, pro-found, noncommittal, more hard-headed, most far seeing, reasonable, re-liabler, unwasteful, more thought out, perceptive, Worldlywise, welljudged, re strained, more cognitive, wellinformed, most bluffing, eventful, most well thought out, established, switched on, keeping on one's toes, most sharp sighted, with marbles, most far-seeing, fore-thoughtful, most egghead, more sharp sighted, right thinking, quickwitted, smart, right minded, most middle ground, re-liable, meaningful, most well-judged, going great lengths, re-liablest, undeniable, most well reasoned, most wellorganized, more dissembling, un prejudiced, hedging one bets, on top of, more on-the-fence, in-definite, more well-organized, well-thought-out, most unwasteful, wideawake, more longhaired, dis-trustful, most comprehending, most long haired, essential, more nimble witted, calculating, far seeing, having foresight, most farseeing, crafty, re liablest, wellrounded, more percipient, most on the fence, Deviceful, pre cautious, re-levant, most manipulative, more right thinking, thinking twice, Sharker, more jazzed, in know, extensional, most thought out, indubitable, sharp as a tack, pre-cautious, most cognitive, more deviceful, on toes, most withit, un biased, major, watching out, more forethoughtful, most phrenic, most clear-sighted, more right-thinking, quick the uptake, more thought-out, most precautious, sound, more sensing, un-revealing, farsighted, self-disciplined, most welljudged, well rounded, coolheaded, more genius, circumspect, overmastering, most sensing, most sophic, remarkable, sagacious, dis-criminating, sharp witted, having all marbles, well-organized, hard headed, quick on trigger, fore thoughtful, more well-judged, more nimblewitted, tunedin, knowledgeable, long haired, even tempered, clear-sighted, true, pro-founder, sensible, more penetrative, in the know, more long-haired, outstanding, rational, more einstein, great, most unrevealing, ingenious, well thought out, withit, more witting, not rash, most deviceful, good hands, in right mind, knows what's what, farseeing, sharpwitted, more well reasoned, most dissembling, sharp-sighted, sharpsighted, whizest, on one toes, well-informed, more deductive, quick on draw, wellfounded, re liabler, big, principal, eminent, watching one's step, up on, consequential, more phrenic, renowned, dominant, quick on uptake, most with-it, prestigious, quick uptake, fateful, un-prejudiced, watching one step, ex acting, on lookout, ex tensional, dis trustful, more clear-sighted, under hand, shark, nimble witted, fore-sighted, Intellective, most innovational, more thoughtout, thoughtful, having ones marbles, going to great lengths, most sharpsighted, key, common sense, keeping ones toes, dexterous dextrous, more plotting, on qui vive, judgmatic, prudent, most wellreasoned, in definite, watching ones step, more intellective, gingerly, most insighted, ear to the ground, nobody's fool, tactful, cool headed, well advised, most highbrowed.