Pronunciation of Forget
/fəɡˈɛt/, /fəɡˈɛt/, /f_ə_ɡ_ˈɛ_t/

Antonyms for forget

being learned, straightened up, becoming lost, bring to fruition, lapped up, give a cue, minded p and q, take the rap for, calls it day, has faith, be established, hadst memories, tote up, looks again, were in brown study, upped on, lifted finger, weighing upon, plug away, headlining, do on sly, de-livering, force, re-conditions, rolling with punches, took word, come a decision, sang praises of, de terminate, Bevelling, Peopling, took into consideration, glances at, be stowed, art resolved, gat down brass tacks, move in, pinning down, snuggled up, taking shot at, fudges together, Billeting, beat one brains, gets in one's sights, watched out, eagleeying, form judgment, Domiciliating, racks ones brains, scrambling for, runs with the ball, kept forever, re-vamps, dis-posing, buried oneself in, sets out, put mind ease, re-forms, point up, musing over, reaffirm, comes decision, are firm, repels danger, gets on one nerves, be leaguering, Husbanded, dost what one is told, became lost, grinned bear it, are ruled by, setting in motion, keep account, meditate, art of opinion, prefabbed, pre-designing, made effort, re-peat, mind ones ps qs, conscribing, be brown study, cleaned act, calls upon, propose, stay line, took hold of, rubber-stamps, dragging in, Depicture, art to, deciding on, thinking of as, sees after, de-lighting, hadst a mind to, diagraming, does ones utmost, Prefixed, keep the faith, gat ones nerves, ex postulated, de scribing, teed off, be ones duty to, conscribes, carrying completion, gat into, be comes, pore, listen in, go by book, look, crossing ones heart, in spirit, keeping an eye on, racked one brains, beats one's brains, number among, Imbedding, dis-qualifies, falls in to, crowds in, drave up wall, hanged one hat, up-rears, got revenge, minding ones ps and qs, ritualizes, inquisite, being aware, doing research, enquire about, dream of, hast a swing at, haddest impression, up rearing, de livered, puzzle, has bone pick, call it, dis-guised, tests waters, trans-fixes, puts ones finger on, give one opinion, makes bid, pumps iron, cross ones heart, doeth level best, perform, puts test, dost on the sly, were affronted, was willing, dis agreeing, de-cline, hadst nose to grindstone, keep eagle eye on, inquired into, re-minding, de tails, wert in residence, come to agreement, de crees, checking thoroughly, cuts in on, hadst fling at, going limit, being against, gazing openmouthed, scoped, intro-duce, re calls, gives ear, hast a try, fete, tailormaking, sized up, do ones bidding, Wedging, giving once-over, harkening, pencilling in, clocked, drives crazy, be conversant in, lay down the law, is sufficient, went whole hog, dis covered, beetles, got on line, holidayed, collude, pay tribute to, prepare, COBS, art prone, setting one sights on, sticked it to, takes whack at, follow the crowd, dis criminate, keeps one's eye on, brought to a close, bury in, up-holds, cerebrate, did as says, walk through, chafes inwardly, ex cogitating, back-talking, painting the town red, in-sure, mixes it up, knowing again, did ones utmost, sur passes, thought, Skeletonize, art in command, setting forth, makes attractive, doth bidding, gave onceover, brought in to use, carries to completion, tag on, finding out about, had mind to, de-liberate, putting end to, are just the ticket, doeth one thing, trumping up, auscultating, busted in, entertains idea, stirring up, didst a number, review, socked it one, eating heart out, sandbagging, wast against, laying the groundwork, telling from, leave no stone unturned, re-tell, came to an agreement, taking the sights, de liberates, re-fine, doest t, bringing in to use, fight for, are resolute, intellectualizing, sur-render, called up, am ruled by, going way, Extolled, be-thought, set context, watches store, has a looksee, over haul, keeps in view, be slanted, cracked down, beating one's brains, see about, unsays, having memories, shake downs, lead on, mixed it up, delve in to, candling, tooled, re presents, have do, was resolved, re-enacts, play the game, micro-waving, didst research, haddest bone to pick, ex tolling, counter poising, shot the works, wert master of, enquiring about, in-fringed, hold a candle to, be cognizant, get out of way, in vented, come to, doubling for, in habits, make for, bring pressure bear up on, co-ordinate, am one's duty to, took the measure of, inter-posed, beating the drum, labor point, with hold, picks up the check, cleaved to, pushing forward, wert attached, mass produce, taking stock of, VETS, did one bidding, de rive, minds ones ps qs, buries oneself in, massproduces, rang in, in-vest, gotten in one sights, pro claims, over-looks, partied, not mind, buried in, fits out, hast visitors, re learnt, got on beam, drives up the wall, catch on, haddest a whack, art stubborn, strongarm, un folds, does as one says, moving in on, butt against, shoulded, brooded over, is running, sub scribe, try out, pre contrives, take advantage, kicked the tires, plans for, Chambering, gotten hang of, under taken, putting mind ease, give attention, art cautious, followed orders, shut in, over-comes, Visioned, Depictured, having a get together, gotten on the beam, wert loose, getting wise to, Sleeking, packs rod, having stab, buries in, re-learn, comes to a decision, Disculpate, racking one brains, tells from, pre-serving, art guard, fixes in the mind, de fined, dost one best, were adequate, doing thoroughly, feeling gut, meet, lights into, groom, cracking down, pro-motes, gotten picture, shrouding, calls turn, give nod, stayed the course, looked up on, in-duce, free from blame, freed from blame, gotten one's nerves, taking notice of, put to rights, in fringed, re-instate, haddest dealings with, rivet the eyes on, riding shotgun for, get through head, knocks together, take a look, limelighting, Canopying, wast at, handed onto, having a look see, has try, scrutinated, gives credence to, pro posed, re-viewed, left holding bag, hook up, did to turn, doing one best, is friends with, cracking brains, hadst look-see, go with flow, re gales, re view, didst ones utmost, had a lock on, being affronted, having shot at, balance account, sub-lime, de ciphers, ward off, comes to agreement, panoplied, driving for, spake about, pre-ordered, did to a t, inter cept, aspired to, wert willing, rack one brains, cogitate on, carpeting, commentated, came to know, in-laying, de vote, pre-vented, keeping faith, latch onto, art read, sub scribes, in fixed, brush up, checks over, taking the plunge, found out about, arm, with draws, bagging it, severalize, backtalked, doth to a turn, wine dine, constates, doeth honors, made an attempt, digs into the past, am master of, pre-served, inter-posing, dives into, being in residence, un say, cognized, fiddles with, swept ones feet, take exception, be heads, dis courses, signing off on, singles out, Constate, gotten on nerves, pointing out, sweat out, being brown study, super-intending, are guided by, keeps ones eye on, is affronted, chafing inwardly, says no, address oneself, taking under advisement, lived to, stays line, give the once over, being fastened, doest ones duty, asks oneself, calling the turn, putting ice, gets ones hair, made stink, doth duty, keeps eye on, had a do, pressurize, put one's finger on, doeth job, re hearses, digged in to past, co hering, rehearse, doth the sly, putting one finger on, sub liming, in-cited, be host, pro-cured, conceive, looks to, knocked together, Preengaged, hast nose to grindstone, in-fused, catch a glimpse of, got hair, wast due, gat out of the way, are at, gives a party, risked assuming, living to, was due, called turn, giving audience to, took care of business, does ones duty, haddest company, over-haul, write in ones book, ex-cites, does a t, directing attention, give an audience to, got through head, being cahoots, re-cord, pre-sent, pled for, de-liberated, hath a shot, trying ones hand at, dis-covering, being on guard, Beveling, having no doubt, keeps up on, hath impression, embarking up on, burying in, places in juxtaposition, be coming, hadst done with, doing to turn, Counterpoising, puffs up, head-lined, de-terminating, living the past, re-sides, monumentalizing, delves in to, writing a critique, calls up, reflecting up on, are aware of, pipe dreamed, gets through one's head, de bate, looked through, numbers among, getting through one's head, takes word, re-think, calculate roughly, sees to, de cline, hath a go at, re-habilitated, keeps safe, doeth one's duty, be-thinks, de vise, discoursed on, micro-waves, holds reading, Bulwarking, felt in gut, followed up, were duty to, gat through head, putting down for, busting in, comes terms, listening up, working toward, refreshes ones memory, get beam, constating, kent, called a day, gives a go, reckons with, art ruled by, chambered, dis approved, paints the town red, are engrossed in, de-scribes, do thing, Caballing, recognize, hadst view, hast a hand in, paying attention to, dis mantles, gives try, re-editing, brought to maturity, gat on ones nerves, made point, become member, am engaged in, am solicitous, ordinates, thinking out, upping on, authored, slapping together, haddest no doubt, are in the running, stay course, putting down as, keep up, be-heading, spares no effort, keep count, harbors suspicion, getting acquainted, Recommence, re-commends, pre venting, levels at, pre-suppose, turned one on, checked thoroughly, got ready, falling on, re-conciliating, trying one's hardest, re sided, having a swing at, bad mouth, out fitted, am versed, be guiles, setting eyes on, put down for, putting mind to, had bone to pick, hadst a looksee, dis-pose, chalk, conjure up, has go at, gets ones sights, fall to, preordering, be effective, re-acted, referring to, be all ears, looking on, rang bell, gets impression, re-experience, make one think, sketched out, coming to know, digging into past, become lost, goggle, put in to effect, size up, having do, puts finishing touch on, didst on the sly, making emphatic, be ruled by, execute, gives opinion, pre-meditate, making provision, crafting, doest what is expected, set in order, in-tending, Policing, hadst go, bear under, hadst a shot, re-tains, be guard, sub joining, standing by, wast devoted to, over-heard, pre-pared, whip in to shape, look back on, dis-tribute, match up, having looksee, mass-produce, being pendent, be lieve, be master of, brings fruition, Victualed, re citing, didst ones bidding, drave wall, tackle, art sufficient, directs attention, fake it, be-witch, doest ones utmost, go with, socked to one, keeping going, make up mind, run over, over-coming, were in the running, clings to, gets in one sights, tops it off, sweating out, had a whack, penciled in, putting under microscope, know, suspect, Shepherded, with drawing, refresh one memory, see through, work for, de tail, strook a note, lived the past, kick tires, cracks the books, hang up, re-questing, coming to an agreement, re-touched, shoehorned, catching drift, having go, comes to decision, jockeys for position, re peal, put in mind, pro-pounding, were ears, burst in, heeled up, made sure, embarks up on, burned up, dost one's duty, specializing in, haddest propensity, be acquainted with, Regimenting, laid down the law, re-habilitate, re-tread, had impression, Cantoned, dis-agree, puts screws to, cooling out, puzzled over, puts faith in, engage in, re furbishes, gat know, shake-downing, haddest at, running the show, minded ones ps qs, pat down, swearing on bible, bearing under, lighted into, dis-closed, sub-joining, drave the wall, are all ears, came to decision, getting on beam, was in mid-air, pick up on, in spiriting, re instates, get ready, gat drift, marked with red letter, hit bull eye, came to one, counter-balance, wast brown study, hadst the impression, dis posing, taking gander, be leaguers, getting in one's hair, covered up, taking advantage, gat the impression, taking stab at, made point of, am credulous, art afraid, was made up of, ex-act, getting out of way, in form, give onceover, set guidelines, sets off, set one's sights on, luxuriated in, subscribing to, having one nose grindstone, de-votes, ingratiates with, were one duty to, am determined, get on with, re cords, sub-due, has a hand in, diagnosticates, lift a finger, dost as told, normalize, matching wits, handing it to, re-cline, refresh ones memory, gat ones sights, mask, go to town, hadst whack, make presentable, made think, Rimming, blow steam, be-witched, make attempt, nurse, hadst lock on, becoming member, do trick, did utmost, makes into law, vies for, threw party, chewing over, perdured, be schooled, work in, gat hang of, secerns, inning hunt, makes an entrance, get in shape, pro-mise, under standing, came decision, are in residence, lay on, doth turn, dis-simulate, dis-qualifying, talking game, were just the ticket, secure, makes way, have done with, tested the waters, makes for, de-cipher, perpending, art in the running, with-stand, crossed one's heart, leaning on, put down as, feast eyes, Bunking, were schooled, poured on, brings pressure to bear up on, hadst a hand in, paying back, breaking one neck, am in command, puts the lid on, puts oneself out, in stilling, bring maturity, gat with it, make remember, rolled out the red carpet, re-fresh, stood firm, are in midair, de-briefs, cracking books, are slanted, wisecracking, refresh one's memory, art lost thought, drive for, re constructs, gambles on, blew off steam, had memories, re cline, aspire to, make much of, re-formed, pass up on, highlighting, re-started, gat load of, Volunteering, Proportioning, de bates, digged into past, pats on back, am prone, un leashed, hadst bone to pick, tailor make, Garrisoning, de creed, hath a look-see, catches a glimpse of, cogitated on, over hearing, are acquainted with, did t, stand in for, gat the beam, reassessing, re assured, catches on, gat sights, fills the bill, daresayed, de-ducting, look askance at, jog memory, being established, lays down the law, puff up, giving whirl, am command, being running, over come, are enough, prioritized, mis trusted, watched over, sur rounded, roughing in, was forced to, get there, had a hunch, take pains, doest bidding, listen, re minds, doing on the sly, making an effort, get in line, getting the drift, writing in one's book, takes a look, beetle, discrepate, out-strips, making think, pins down, puts on ice, pops in, be haves, take look, re-covered, dreamed of, summon up, inveighed against, in-cite, keep upon, brought pressure to bear upon, re call, broke one's neck, dis cussing, dis qualifies, thought hard, scammed, allowed for, took a stab at, setting out, fastened on, bad for, fawning upon, re forming, preplanning, had faith in, coming to terms, brings pressure to bear upon, see as, jogging ones memory, Re-open, cleaned up act, fore-saw, doeth a t, vote favorably, stays the course, are inclined think, in voice, recollect, came a decision, hung one hat, de-pict, be having, getting there, gat an eyeful, did one best, minding one's p's q's, re quire, get through one's head, be-witching, catch drift, dis cuss, re edits, de-pictures, cries out, tarries over, ensconce, putting in to order, chaperon, be true, hadst a swing at, doth t, lends an ear, broke one back, gotten impression, weigh against another, set off, come to an agreement, art running, gotten nerves, do the job, art cognizant of, hath shot, putting to rights, say so, warms up, pitted oneself against, goes in, pit oneself against, consider closely, de-tail, fixes in mind, made a stink, tamper with, Cobbled, brings to the ground, Parleyed, learned ones part, are in mid-air, take orders, get lay land, spiffed up, gave ones best shot, laying money on, prefab, single out, Animadverting, Busying, re assure, re serving, re-served, harbor suspicion, gat on with, did the trick, breaks ones back, re-veal, made the grade, know again, pressing into service, re-enacting, entertain, tickling death, hanged on words, gat in one's hair, pore over, take part, brought fruition, vindicate, being in mid air, comes to terms, ceremonializes, provide sanctuary, picked up the check, did again, lugging iron, de-bugged, filled bill, re-vamp, makes one mind, dis-guising, forms opinion, gets in ones sights, discrepating, co aching, retro-spects, take heed, hears tell, thought of, flashes on, painted the town red, chew, conclude, gave a cue, goes through with, being mid-air, driving wall, pro pounding, addresses oneself, de-rives, tack on, discourse on, re builded, doing one's duty, am guided by, attaching weight to, survey, hazards a, smoothed way, wast the opinion, be-devilling, face lifting, up held, brought pressure to bear up on, scouts out, trans fixt, wast resolved, pressurizing, cognizes, piling in, does bidding, licked into shape, pro cured, become involved in, built castles in air, is conversant in, getting down brass tacks, throwing party, didst one's bidding, go with the flow, rested on, all owed, re-taken, stack the deck, cognize, insists on, buttons up, Parsing, trans act, have a swing at, dwell up on, bear up under, eyeball, de lighting, speaking about, strike a note, makes effort, dis-approves, holding fast, taking into consideration, in-scribing, brake one back, dis solving, Re-forming, dis-course, roll out the red carpet, served purpose, lean, be thinks, Bulwarked, broke ones neck, breaking one's neck, be stow, do utmost, say no, pulls wires, making an attempt, scrutinate, doing what is told, apply oneself to, gave the eye, give ones opinion, cutting in on, getting in one sights, being concerned, kept eye peeled, stuck guns, looked at, refreshes memory, going in for, being certain of, in-laid, listens in, re iterate, Downs, Bandying, do as told, end owing, Mantling, re formed, taking word, doeth the trick, did one's duty, gang upon, hitting the bull's-eye, dost turn, get with it, go way, pre orders, walking through, wert cautious, makes one's mind, keeps tabs, sets foot in, doeth utmost, doth a number, putting under a microscope, sur-pass, making a stand against, raise hell, in stating, did as told, looked back, in-ducted, in venting, am read, drave for, read up, put order, hath a stab, haddest a do, pre-planned, over whelmed, constated, de notes, ringed bell, re sting, freeing from blame, be witch, trying one hand at, lifting finger, tags on, sticks it out, in-filtrate, wast of the opinion, Head-line, intellectualized, am host, went by the book, got down brass tacks, speak highly of, re-pairing, toe line, laid the course, fore seen, doth one's duty, determinating, dis-qualified, getting hang of, catalogging, pulling strings, passing up on, pre-plan, press into service, kept upon, sounding off, thinks as, pro-portioned, doeth one's thing, didst trick, embarked up on, be concerned with, provides refuge, establish, has knowledge of, sub limes, taking a crack, running for, badmouth, hath memories, kick up one heels, doeth a turn, write about, ex plaining, specializes in, playing second fiddle, having try, pre-arrange, de briefing, gat in ones sights, betting on, hadst do, learnt ones part, gets line, domiciliate, de-scribe, gotten load of, tot up, sets aside, inter posed, hung hat, handing onto, pro cessed, re cover, re-thinks, wast guard, re touches, enlist, gets to, re-took, patted down, get one's hair, hazarding a guess, up holds, under-standing, tampers with, sur rendering, sticks together, hanging hat, make allowance for, pre determine, earn wings, tries hard, was cognizant, laced in to, become conscious of, re-commending, bare under, being convinced of, payed back, up hold, hadst a crack, drove the wall, look up to, laying down, thinking upon, made one mind, un-leashes, go for broke, gat one hair, scratch surface, gets in one hair, smelled a rat, coming to a conclusion, have care, re introduce, PRIMS, stops consider, dis cusses, heeling up, play second fiddle, were residence, reflect up on, didst one's duty, make one mind, de-noting, had a go, racking brains, be one's duty to, ate ones heart out, de scended, pre-engaging, bush up, dragoon, thinks of as, have charge of, re-collected, be responsible for, thought about, committed memory, are in brown study, mothball, notice, make ready, hadst care, reasserted, give eye, wrote in book, Meditated, wert resolved, making progress, made one's mind, give key to city, pre-supposes, art brown study, dis-charging, level at, fore seeing, jockeying for position, go for the gold, gave a whirl, journeying over, provided sanctuary, come one, licking in to shape, has feeling, dress rehearse, wast firm, out-stripped, gat ready, trans fix, all owing, searches in to, is in mid air, were opinion, dis course, take a stab, vie for, bow to, smoothing way, doth to a t, tipping off, had care, has shot at, are active with, wert in mid air, writes in one's book, retread, inscribe, monumenting, come to one, gets workout, dis liking, rushing in, holding opinion, force up on, gives bouquet, eagleeyes, hath one's nose to grindstone, watches over, going well, in-vests, pro-cure, pay attention to, calls it a day, attend, had ones nose to grindstone, de picts, letted next to, turn to, hast a feeling, bringing into being, thought as, hadst dealings with, made clear, shoehorn, gotten an eyeful, buttoned up, dis proved, fix attention, take effect, in-vesting, de-rived, being displeased by, am attached, re-assured, licks in to shape, being one duty to, hang on words, give it best shot, wast guided by, making used to, kicks up ones heels, fulfill, illustrates with, gets ready, writes in book, eagleeyeing, didst a turn, Shrouded, sock it to one, get the impression, keeping busy, hold attention, were ones duty to, wast in cahoots, does ones bidding, out-fit, gave cue, digging in to, pro-claims, get something done, be-leaguering, carry completion, re opening, estimate, gave one best shot, do bidding, sware up down, look to, re collected, trans-acted, in-venting, hitting the bull eye, knocks dead, being compelled to, make, building castles air, Cobbing, be on guard, polished up, enlarge upon, having visitors, gave audience to, wert poised, sur-passing, kick up ones heels, in-lays, up staging, put under a microscope, was informed, holds to, assent to, drawing from, lays groundwork, clean act, in-fixes, art in brown study, stakes out, is composed of, taking a whack at, look into, chafed inwardly, talking about, pre-scribing, do best, springing for, gave the once-over, jamming through, made a stand against, re member, ingratiated oneself with, sweeps feet, come conclusion, pro-longed, swore bible, gave the onceover, exerts oneself, made whoopee, under take, over seen, having mind to, calendered, dis patched, holds candle to, make think, crossed ones heart, got on one nerves, am in cahoots, giving nod, was schooled, were lost thought, hath dealings with, goes with the flow, under lines, pre ordered, allegates, under gone, bring bear, aim, jams through, going with flow, frames up, were of the opinion, intoxicates, gives onceover, looked forward, wast ruled by, re-learns, tried for size, pro vided, all-owed, de posits, becomes conscious of, giving ear, takes measure of, Subliming, doeth research, sewing up, gotten the drift, sub due, setting out on, dis agree, focussing attention, voted in, leaves no stone unturned, gave access, doest one utmost, in stalling, mapped out, learn part, hashes over, wast lost in thought, being aware of, baby sit, telling between, rolling out red carpet, de-brief, picks upon, button down, hammered away at, laces into, sur mounting, breezed in, doing ones duty, roped in, censusing, getting out of the way, in-quire, asked oneself, put ones thinking cap, rubberstamping, re fined, minding ps qs, takes stab at, being ruled by, make point of, wast all ears, kick one heels, de fend, fell in to, gives fling, provided the means, doeth one's best, re capitulating, co-unselling, hitting bull-eye, watch out for, am running, being adequate, had hunch, pre-scribed, go over with fine-tooth comb, minds one p and q, holding to, re-establish, doest as says, is on guard, crossed one heart, provide refuge, zoom in, in-stall, under went, having at, de ciphering, have a crack, puzzle out, relived, pro-portioning, pro-pound, hit bulls eye, having a whack, pre fixed, dis-qualify, bring to a close, bows to, follows the crowd, hast mind, get on nerves, get in sights, minds p's q's, mark with a red letter, do t, co ached, loosens up, watches out for, work on, pay back, babysit, making point, pre-contriving, re assess, does over, made an effort, living up to, did the job, dost the trick, is cognizant, dis-proving, setting at, pro visions, doest one's thing, holds bay, embarked upon, sizes up, giving cue, de briefs, went the limit, were ruled by, preplan, dis-cover, writing in book, dreaming of, gotten with, de tains, has a crack, has gettogether, watching the store, beat ones brains, breaking back, breaks one back, makes certain, ride out, be devilled, digging into, dip in to, de-terminates, re-claimed, calling it a day, do one best, doing thing, keep in mind, show ropes, delving in to, be wary, pro longs, be up to, inter pose, hazarding a, took for granted, sailing through, get to, thumbsed down, dost as says, gives eagle eye, be-stow, hadst bone pick, bet bottom dollar, bring to ground, beared up under, being lost in thought, got ones hair, does job, out shine, call in, was versed, take as gospel, bringing to maturity, swearing up and down, was in brown study, fix in the mind, doing as one says, pre-designs, intercalates, having a shot at, builded in, locking horns with, with-held, de bugs, make point, stands up to, concuss, make one's mind, crowded in, pro-fess, doeth trick, re quested, looked after, de-voted, becoming embedded, drawing bead, under-lining, sur-rendering, hits the bull eye, is attentive, bears under, gave whirl, locking on, Travailed, hold down, gotten to know, comes a decision, didst to turn, bringing to fruition, being enough, have hand in, resolve, in state, doing best, makes possible, pre dict, re-assures, writes ones book, make decision, being schooled, fall in to, Disculpating, did a number, rod up, in-vested, lock on, hast one nose to grindstone, being poised, pro portions, Preengage, kick ones heels, art command, take hold of, pull strings, Skiver, is inclined think, art aware, art conversant in, be stowing, mapping out, Bandied, feeling certain, noodle around, cobbles, bringing to mind, bids for, did ones duty, doeth one utmost, fell in with, kept ones eye on, building in, take a stab at, snuggle up, made used to, putting fight, cleft to, mulling over, be-lieve, bags it, be composed of, re-posed, pop in, come grips with, are composed of, pro long, doth the trick, de noted, went limit, embarks upon, pre-vails, doest the job, doeth bidding, have one nose to grindstone, de-clare, dis believes, had go, matched strength, putting freeze on, come agreement, over whelms, thresh out, hashed over, ru, eye, licks into shape, become immobilized, takes a stab, got the floor, earning wings, makes a run at, out-line, called the turn, was inclined think, took stand, build castles air, doest honors, fixt to, gives one's opinion, brings mind, keep faith, gives ones best shot, did on the sly, noodled around, bears hard on, ex citing, let next to, get on line, reenact, ex-acting, sculpt, un ravelled, hit the bulls eye, wast acquainted with, is loyal to, Travailing, jogged memory, drew bead, were mid-air, joining up, bringing in to being, in fixing, doing again, putting on one thinking cap, kicking the tires, de bating, re-side, re mark, holds a candle to, arriving at, be holding, copes with, adhering to, looked over, refreshes one's memory, wast engrossed in, censused, dis patching, calculating roughly, refurbished, gives the eye, laid in provisions, had shot at, brings to close, getting one nerves, being in command, blowing steam, getting through one head, breaks down, keeping mind, trans-form, in-spiring, minding store, making mind, pre supposing, be-have, put one over, ex-cited, ought, does the job, having ones nose to grindstone, keep forever, de-vised, un-earthing, put into effect, holding at bay, dis proving, in voicing, pipe dreamt, give rise to, are concerned with, sheers, doing one's thing, becomes member, counter-balances, turned the trick, pitching into, pre-fix, give once over, having in view, resigning to, de-pend, had done with, buttoning down, crack one brains, make hit with, re-furbish, being solicitous, hadst one nose to grindstone, art active with, re-tain, counted noses, was established, art cognizant, hast look, stirs up, enfettered, minds one's p's q's, spared no effort, drest rehearse, toughs out, having a crack, tried hardest, attach, ex act, discrepated, Husbanding, re-marks, came to conclusion, set in context, pricking up ears, gets the floor, in quiring, betted on, is loose, swore up down, wert command, lets have it, dope out, tried hard, Embarking, bore up under, builded castles air, had the impression, gets with, re gards, marking with red letter, was certain of, be compelled to, co-oked, re-storing, dis charges, got to, gat in there, thinks upon, pre-occupying, painting town red, forced upon, be think, broke back, gat one sights, shotgunning, occupying thoughts, wrote about, dis charged, show hospitality, in-forms, ex tort, don't make waves, keep view, interpret as, makes think, get one's sights, quarterbacks, mind p q, start ball rolling, be deviling, brought pressure bear upon, hath information, ran with pack, super pose, holds at bay, am with it, re-establishes, end-owed, takes at one word, over look, sur-renders, call turn, with stand, got it, sur pass, apperceive, wast apprised of, gaining friendship, sort out, ran over, enter, keeps view, pre determined, minded one's p's q's, being conversant in, mused on, pipedreaming, doest job, toughening up, counter balance, art affronted, infatuates, Cataloguing, round out, votes favorably, re-cover, writ critique, re veals, art responsible for, targeting, un-folded, are to, hast hunch, re-mind, does one's utmost, counting noses, feasting eyes on, sung praises of, didst the job, Parsed, glancing over, getting with it, working at, drag in, writing about, gunned, in-voiced, hath go at, dost trick, didst the honors, going by book, eagle-eye, puts in order, girthed, am aware, in sinuates, re-caps, ex-tolling, kicking one heels, have one's nose to grindstone, slicked up, hopes to, built in, Reverencing, match strength, being convinced, whip into shape, pro longing, incline, was affronted, get wise to, falls into, puts in force, re volts, tost around, is slanted, took notice, gat in one sights, try ones hardest, dost ones best, trying for size, feast eyes on, get know, blowing off steam, talking over, up-staging, be enough, in duce, burn midnight oil, grin bear it, got one's nerves, enter up on, doth as one says, says so, teemed with, dis missed, in vite, plonks, thought to, furrowed, with drew, hold on, attempt, fix, stacks up against, didst to a t, gives a cue, getting the floor, paints town red, vetted, insist on, had get together, re condition, harking back, believe in, putting into practice, got know, took at ones word, had gettogether, reading through, doeth over, dis-covered, lays provisions, go out, de posited, de-bugs, Re-collect, not minding, reedited, call attention, kicking ones heels, exercise, Manacled, de-scribed, takes one word, are in running, over-sees, butts against, bring to mind, join up, taking advice, pro visioned, fawned upon, squeezing in, burning up, bowing to, kept busy, did research, hath a hand in, drank to, contend, cut in on, make a hit with, re-enact, going for broke, spiffs up, rigidifies, following beaten path, called upon, re-presenting, re-hearse, met with, wast lost thought, reexperiences, de pictures, faking it, be inclined think, Stabilitate, top it off, dis posed, jogging one's memory, had a try, acts upon, aspires to, hit bull-eye, smartened up, set apart, gotten one sights, muckrake, am against, Ballasting, gazes openmouthed, hath in view, hammer away at, took to heart, had one's nose to grindstone, be witches, re-covers, gat the drift, pre mise, being active with, gotten done, touched upon, putting finishing touches on, dis closes, bind, dis-closes, counter poise, put through, doest the sly, up on, memorialize, be just the ticket, dis burse, had look-see, doest to turn, showed hospitality, checking over, stews over, looks see, in-grained, devoting oneself to, puts argument, fought for, goes by the book, Overhearing, wast adequate, eagle-eyeing, getting into, lets next to, was convinced, being engaged in, break back, jammed through, referencing, de-fines, predesigning, being due, Revering, gives attention, hast a do, putting heads together, makes a point, gave once-over, give access, bringing close, dis-believes, with holding, dwelling upon, come an agreement, getting it, runs flagpole, comes to conclusion, pre sent, leads on, hooking on, keeps going, dive into, cracks books, Transpierced, hast faith, be-holds, cracked brains, growing strong, keep ones eye on, eats one heart out, staying in line, brings close, carpeted, inter-loping, racks one's brains, dis approve, determinates, rubs in, co-oping, ponder, makes up one's mind, dost research, has a go at, harkened, didst on sly, in clines, sees light, bringing pressure to bear up on, zeroed on, strike note, doing ones bidding, applies oneself to, was the opinion, pored over, re-reads, am of opinion, Roomed, carrying to completion, re acted, is afraid, taking whack at, journeyed over, came one, making grade, teeming with, living with, give one's best shot, art in running, boarding up, precontrives, in filtrate, hadst shot, stand to, giving key to city, doth to turn, turn over in mind, over-lay, de bated, be attentive, over cast, reconciliate, looked up and down, fore casting, fixed in the mind, cooking someone's goose, ex celled, back talked, pro-portion, being friends with, Tenanting, hast looksee, order, go in for, gotten line, re-marked, watched the store, de-pictured, didst one best, doest again, hath one's nose grindstone, dost t, blows in, with-hold, dost one's thing, haddest a mind to, gotten a load of, hitting bullseye, haddest a lock on, bat it around, have a mind to, ex-press, rodded up, normalizing, excogitate, canopied, doeth the sly, chews over, passing through, takes a shot, does thoroughly, dis-agrees, leaving holding bag, doeth the job, re claiming, took one's word, hast guests, re sides, took heed, take helm, refer to, are opinion, under line, fakes it, chewed over, taking measure of, singled out, give a whirl, pumping iron, Brazing, super-posed, keep going, re learned, are opposed, pre-meditating, gat acquainted, slap together, doing t, didst what is told, inter loped, be attached, in-spired, didst t, re news, getting to, turning the trick, Housed, took at one word, concussed, brake one neck, mass produced, retro spect, went for jugular, catalogued, were brown study, hath crack, having a hunch, runs up a flagpole, Rus, gave ones opinion, plead for, coming one, got in one hair, going at, hit bull'seye, look over, re-read, in-spire, doest to a t, makes ready, wast solicitous, blueprinted, de-ciphered, in-tends, de-legates, un-leashed, keeps upon, got in one sights, got on nerves, watch the store, trying hand at, Machining, layered, co-ached, dis-cern, put over, applying oneself to, takes steps, sur faces, make possible, re-considered, gotten workout, do a number, gotten in ones sights, dig in to, hits bull-eye, sub-limed, re edited, re-considering, stabilitated, was adequate, were at, sticked to, held dear, re-verse, re builds, being determined, super-intends, does ones thing, take best shot, with stood, weigh, did job, are learned, sandbags, view, sweep one feet, re-capitulates, re-minds, hitting up on, re-capturing, doeth sly, hadst one's nose grindstone, button up, keep tabs on, putting on thinking cap, tickle death, parse, letting loose, hold reading, getting picture, pro-vision, drive wall, consider, dug in to past, asservates, did the sly, wonts, gotten lay of land, hath at, re-conciliated, art fastened, hast a lock on, over powered, art acquainted, formed judgment, de-terminated, routining, toughing it out, put in the hole, did one utmost, ingratiate with, holds fast, gazed open-mouthed, turned trick, tell from, don't rock the boat, wrought in, hadst a hunch, tenanted, carries completion, attach weight to, tailormade, bringing pressure bear up on, give cue, put mind, handed it to, be familiar, come a conclusion, get one's nerves, having a fling at, pouring on, were on guard, haddest a swing at, tost off, sur-mounted, study, dis tract, hadst shot at, does thing, Planked, rest on, Conscribe, said oneself, sate up, take in to consideration, catches sight of, are guard, planking, trans-act, place in juxtaposition, are one's duty to, relearn, mark off, keeping one's eye on, didst one duty, is command, builded castles in air, devoted oneself to, freezing to, Infatuating, eagle-eyes, tee off, went in, in cline, art learned, hold dear, minded one p and q, gets one nerves, pre designing, blew in, re-affirmed, were one's duty to, signed up, didst over, pop for, be affronted, setting about, un ravel, doth justice to, devote to, making it, clinging to, watches step, pre scribe, fell into, re-quests, clung to, taking rap for, dwell upon, levelled at, lining up, gets out of way, weighs up on, leans on, flies face of, does duty, gotten wise to, re-taking, go whole hog, shotgun, drew conclusion, eagle eying, gets down to brass tacks, had visitors, de scribed, are concerned, apply oneself, brood over, pro mises, reaffirms, breaks one neck, reckon, dig in to the past, pitched into, were command, falls on, advert, art forced to, in sure, ex cept, grins bear it, jogs one's memory, pro claim, coming to decision, out-shine, de-vise, gets through head, fiddled with, putting foot down, sticks to guns, de-bates, had ones nose grindstone, is one duty to, haddest crack, moves in on, haddest lock on, teeing off, came to a decision, setting rights, does one thing, matches strength, is wary, dug in to, gat impression, picked out, calls up on, re claims, forces upon, have impression, doth job, rode shotgun for, re commenced, puts up argument, daresaying, count up on, bends over backward, makes it, doeth turn, hast shot, pre-order, making a point of, getting on with, de-lighted, electro-cute, gotten shape, said so, caught on, re-solving, in lay, holding dear, had company, brood, lacing in to, pre-scribe, is guard, pointing up, ADLIB, having look-see, fore casts, talk over, putting the test, makes inquiry, de terminated, gat shape, move on, art friends with, board up, pre engage, hold a reading, turns over in mind, gets the impression, placed confidence in, having hunch, are aware, ritualizing, racks one brains, monumentalize, locking up, bringing ground, cross one heart, is off, dis-liked, produces as by magic, wert afraid, called day, wert in brown study, dis-burse, dis-burses, stretched out, dove into, re members, paying respects, taking pains, up-set, encase, makes point of, makes a stink, being made of, hadst a do, Beetled, adhere, Intercalated, re considering, cap, patting on back, fight, carrying through, partying, sign up, has in mind, butting against, packed rod, brings into use, clocking, has done with, dressing rehearse, running with pack, falling in to, out-shining, making one's mind, sets a figure, re capture, are ears, puzzle over, am poised, get to know, in-ducts, wast familiar, wast constant, am loose, over-powered, prep, Furrowing, swears and down, being in the running, have at it, hadst a look see, sailed through, re tract, is guided by, tone up, doth one utmost, ran flagpole, comes conclusion, aver, co ordinate, look saw, were off, pre-arranging, digged in to the past, is versed, gives once-over, stick, has whack, Domiciliated, writes book, dis charging, becomes adept in, stops to consider, hath whack, art apprised of, toughed out, inveighs against, wert of opinion, shooting the works, gat out way, guarded against, become pregnant, uses head, have a lock on, scrutinize, kicks heels, innervates, keeping tabs on, firming, dis-tracts, putting practice, doth one best, sware and down, call upon, put on ice, reassessed, propagandize, walls off, give party, clove to, de pended, hadst charge of, relearns, de lays, did thoroughly, intoxicate, dis prove, de-bug, figuring on, take a shot, reliving, in stalled, hast go at, has a shot, dis qualifying, re present, re stores, being in midair, hast impression, art constant, getting oneself in to, wiretapped, Stringed, out shined, sur renders, reason, looksees, provided means, engineer, thinks up on, over-hauls, dwell on, get down brass tacks, trans-fixt, sets rights, reflect, sweeping off one's feet, pulls it off, felt gut, take stand, stew over, putting in place, carrying off, haddest doubt, in-voices, over see, hope to, gotten in hair, comply with, do a turn, pro vide, double for, jump on, hits the bullseye, haddest sneaking suspicion, reediting, doing as says, whipping into shape, payed respects, Re-mark, be-held, wert positive, take steps, drove for, savvied, goes for the gold, re-edits, de rives, gets lay land, hit the bull'seye, looked at again, were devoted to, hath a feeling, cool out, doest the honors, co-oped, carried to completion, under-stands, reenacted, pinioned, de scend, are convinced, give it go, live the past, letted know, typecasting, goes over with a fine-tooth comb, dost a t, heed, gets in hair, puffing up, ride shotgun for, re posed, re-considers, worming in, be-witches, re-cited, tailor made, dis solved, in scribe, gat there, do one's thing, haddest nose grindstone, gotten acquainted, filling the bill, got the picture, Syllogizing, roosed, took a crack, de ciphered, mousetrapping, in dites, gets on line, keeping view, were hung, giving the eagle eye, be loyal to, de noting, over-see, trying hard, goes over with finetooth comb, re establish, get down to brass tacks, have crack, in cites, jogged one's memory, makes up one mind, be at, hast lock on, hit bull's eye, makes merry, have sneaking suspicion, out-shines, going all the way, brought into being, pro-vide, are cognizant, do what is told, makes room, electro-cutes, taking notice, insist, was conversant in, pointed out, do one bidding, was ears, have mind to, wert opposed, being slanted, ritualize, putting to test, ring in, flirts with, packing a rod, in spiring, conscribed, Saddling, went through with, gotten revenge, goes with flow, placing in formation, minded the store, taking under consideration, am on guard, follow up, had in view, being to, brings the ground, were friends with, spacing, had get-together, guesstimates, go town, prefabbing, Wonting, re-member, were of opinion, de bug, held candle to, rolls with punches, were big on, diving into, doth to t, takes a shot at, hang hat, delve into, haddest nose to grindstone, holds on, watches the store, hadst guests, hath visitors, kudizing, confide in, set out on, turn over mind, am the running, hits upon, un-saying, giving once over, light in to, took sights, pro pounded, have information, haddest guests, becomes pregnant, springs for, am composed of, having the impression, are familiar, pro claiming, swipes at, has a get together, pulls strings, keeps eagle eye on, scratches the surface, tailor making, doest one's best, gotten oneself into, putting in practice, didst as says, journey over, being guided by, logicalized, saw to, humped, re peat, picked up check, make used to, push around, wert loyal, pre vailing, purpose, taking shot, live it up, taking a look, shoehorning, addrest oneself, de rived, go after, flirting with, deal with, bagged it, feel, art recumbent, breaks one's back, knock around, doing one's utmost, keeps on, holding reception for, becomes seasoned, re commends, make up one mind, auscultated, ex acts, got sights, over-hauling, gat line, counter balancing, guesstimating, playing the game, in-stance, packs a rod, runs lines, serving the purpose, Cudgelling, having company, does turn, write book, glances over, was sufficient, jockey for position, digs in to past, is credulous, embark upon, was residence, queued, bring into use, in sinuated, think of as, becoming pregnant, were stubborn, getting on one's nerves, drives up wall, settle, hypothesize, disciplined, re-learnt, doest level best, goes around, finish, get drift, takes care of, thinks probable, de-legate, looks forward, swear up down, ex-plain, Domiciled, going for the jugular, dis simulates, cutting on, reexperiencing, out-fitting, have fling at, messed with, giving it a go, picked the check, maneuver, in-stalled, getting eyeful of, trans-pierces, making good, wast effective, premeditate, Prefixing, art with it, are determined, were inclined think, flew in face of, pegging away, getting in one's sights, stick to, shoves in, Shotguns, rivet eyes on, in-spirited, getting know, ex-cogitate, got beam, getting one hair, stopping to consider, went over with fine tooth comb, holding down, dost level best, setting side by side, doing the trick, didst as one says, pre side, structured, had one's nose grindstone, counter balances, refreshes one memory, locks on, sub scribing, dost ones duty, dis-covers, asservate, in-spires, got out way, living in past, peg away, trade last, tickles to death, dis-cuss, took offense, pre-vailed, swearing and down, Diagnosticate, tries hand at, get an eyeful of, hit the bullseye, kept tabs, holds attention, wert concerned, ex-cept, re established, has get-together, de-briefed, giving a cue, formalizes, re editing, weigh up on, enter in to, dis-criminated, diving in to, hath one nose grindstone, thinking hard, cobbling, socked it to one, doing one thing, pricks up ears, wast residence, minds store, re questing, banged away at, complied with, wert made up of, grinning bear it, Re-search, pitted against, hath bone to pick, had fling at, pick up the check, sub-join, haddest a gettogether, engaging in, dis proves, payed attention to, assume, taking stock in, are devoted, scramble for, getting ready, knocking together, beat off, de-notes, are pendent, gazes open-mouthed, give once-over, thinks of, am cautious, has a feeling, tosses off, was guided by, makes good, re forms, doth thoroughly, get revenge, works hand glove, doubled for, doing turn, wert solicitous, getting with, dost the job, ingratiating with, smelling rat, balancing account, re-minded, bare hard on, art certain of, hadst doubt, on top of, watched out for, dost honors, pinions, dost sly, harks back, running up flagpole, makes remember, re-peals, dis guise, dreamt of, retelling, leafs through, stay the course, pre-occupies, skin alive, bring pressure to bear up on, gets sights, trying one hardest, rest with, art all ears, swept one's feet, involve oneself, watch over, set to, lives up to, crack ones brains, doeth ones best, be guided by, is mid air, contemplate, doth ones duty, wast forced to, spiff up, de-lineated, puzzles over, takes helm, Dragooning, gives a whirl, de-tains, manufacture, came conclusion, de-lay, kicked one's heels, re-presented, having look, de-cree, be cahoots, pro-pounds, thought through, let down hair, feasted eyes on, getting eyeful, put one on, de-scended, shoved in, burnt up, holding a candle to, has ones nose grindstone, puts into order, doing a t, pack a rod, putting on to, set store by, got in one's sights, re capitulate, hath care, gotten there, held reading, doest one best, lock up, plugged away, over-hear, keeping in view, hath try, gat through, be-guiles, had crack, blows off steam, pre design, re maining, be cognizant of, reflect upon, wrote critique, snuggling up, stewing about, bag it, giving way, dis solves, learning ones part, sculpting, putting on ones thinking cap, ex-cite, mapping, picking check, pre tend, doing the job, re quiring, art guided by, play game, bringing to ground, pre-siding, sets out on, drive crazy, mis trusts, rode out, re-asserted, was one duty to, hits the bull-eye, has a try, pro-duces, tuned in, re-strained, turn ones hand to, maintain, committing memory, follows crowd, getting in ones sights, didst sly, leafing through, being afraid, hitting the bull-eye, let loose, committed to memory, super-imposing, re-lived, dost thoroughly, allegate, de tailed, have ones nose to grindstone, gotten one hair, crosses one's heart, starting ball rolling, put under microscope, writes about, kicked one heels, ex cited, throwing a party, sound off, doth one's thing, taking stab, in tend, zooming in, giving party, comes a conclusion, getting in one hair, bring the ground, covers up, reads between lines, in grain, chew cud, be running, hath nose grindstone, go all way, haddest knowledge of, secern, have in mind, pro cess, wrought at, setting guidelines, achieve, topping off, put an end to, cooks someone goose, hast a go, falls in with, ex plain, gives glad hand, let know, took off hat to, in laid, gave a fling, is enough, think out, having a lock on, gat eyeful of, in sinuate, have go at, putting in order, commentating, re-introducing, pre-vents, broke one neck, setting down, pitch, mind one's p's q's, brought pressure bear up on, didst one's thing, get nerves, threshes out, hast a gettogether, use one head, searched into, have ones nose grindstone, wast cahoots, hath ones nose to grindstone, do a t, doing one bidding, guarding against, are in command, adheres to, re stored, ex-pressing, in-grain, rubberstamp, in habited, pat the back, Docketed, dis-prove, super imposes, shooting for, getting ones sights, considers closely, going whole hog, seek prize, is recumbent, sew up, pre paring, get floor, being versed, gave party, sock it one, interpreted as, perdures, get idea, bring to close, lays down law, in-states, doest utmost, feel bones, puts through, am just ticket, super-vise, wast in brown study, captaining, wert constant, gotten in line, makes every effort, doth what is expected, lifting a finger, touching upon, Chalking, looks at again, going over with a fine-tooth comb, pile in, learns ones part, out-fitted, ex postulating, pulled wires, doing one's bidding, doeth duty, licking into shape, mull over, cogitates on, dost to a t, did one's utmost, run with ball, dragoons, coming a decision, giving the nod, re-instates, thinking of, watch store, reaffirming, adding up, encasing, foster, wast host, re-fines, being acquainted, re-pining, was in command, being cognizant, chafe inwardly, pre suppose, think up, getting vibes, Bottled, did one's bidding, art in residence, kept track of, over hangs, accessed, lets down hair, held attention, sweeps ones feet, heads trip, has a mind to, hast one's nose grindstone, busts in, be off, puts order, smoothed the way, gets wise to, give it ones best shot, Domiciling, doing job, toss around, de-scribing, makes up mind, taking in sights, de-bate, Caballed, meditates on, hath a fling at, catching sight of, came agreement, faked it, over spreads, brings in to being, ex cogitated, de tain, is engaged in, paying heed, de-riving, fore-casts, Victualled, plays second fiddle, leaving holding the bag, roll with punches, dis tracts, was acquainted, de vising, squeezed in, goes over with a fine tooth comb, coming decision, were positive, sticks to, Gluing, learned one's part, makes provision, cracked one's brains, art mid air, brings ground, putting through grind, de ducts, being opposed, get the drift, haddest memories, lit into, predesigns, pulling wires, pre designed, pipe-dream, jog one's memory, taking steps, hath look-see, sculpted, lugs iron, making presentable, lookouted, dis cern, pre vails, delves into, be loyal, place confidence in, living up, wert made of, do justice to, bringing mind, un earthed, take from the top, ex cite, pre ordering, in spects, pre fixing, enlarging up on, earned wings, re strained, in-filtrates, scouting out, out fit, lay down law, making short work of, doth as told, super impose, applies oneself, doing sly, looking back, dressed rehearse, put in line, hast one nose grindstone, re-starting, held reception for, becoming adept in, lay the groundwork, wrote in one book, rolled with punches, put faith in, over coming, becomes embedded, rivets eyes on, does what is expected, super intends, taking the rap for, am loyal to, art loose, have guests, over lays, tipped off, taking at ones word, in tended, piled in, re searched, micro wave, has crack, told of, re-mains, is convinced, preserve, de-clares, tune in on, bears up under, be sufficient, hast propensity, de-ducted, doeth on sly, pro-spects, haddest a go at, making allowance for, haddest it, accessing, am afraid, tickle to death, doing to t, cracked one brains, re-pined, takes effect, Garrisoned, pats the back, putting in, thought up on, is just the ticket, re-trace, watches ones step, gaze openmouthed, turned hand to, firmed up, was inclined to think, cuts on, make firm, re-pairs, pro-cessed, pipe dreaming, has impression, Preorder, trump up, un-raveled, pro bed, looked back on, wast in midair, stays in line, proceeding with, burying oneself in, give eagle eye, re volt, in forms, treat, gives as example, gave try, wast wary, pro viding, be holds, made one think, have go, were recumbent, drave in, did thing, brings pressure bear up on, pre mises, gives once over, took as gospel truth, Primming, laid on, bottomed, enfettering, Roped, puts under microscope, kick up one's heels, am attentive, takes in hand, thinks up, jogged ones memory, out lining, patting back, co oping, retrospected, jogs ones memory, were active with, hangs one hat, stands firm, laying on, sticked guns, appealed to, made up for, in graining, showing hospitality, keeps under surveillance, gat it, has shot, puts to rights, hear tell, took stab at, re claim, harken, flips through, take over, looked down, was in mid air, bended over backward, stay put, perseverated, fudged together, over-casts, wast engaged in, gat one's hair, being lost thought, luxuriate in, are cahoots, am concerned with, mix it up, inquisites, in-vents, glancing at, de-sign, hitched up, make it, picking up on, going for the gold, made attempt, is attached, checks thoroughly, re-pine, knocks oneself out, brought a close, up stage, getting workout, are engaged in, becoming seasoned, is bogged down, putting mind, stood by, gave opinion, dost one utmost, tough out, lookouting, having a looksee, out-strip, gat in shape, patted on back, re-calls, took hat to, panoplying, kicks ones heels, became seasoned, re-serve, are command, doest one's bidding, throws a party, sail through, were true, cob, popped for, re-take, crosses one heart, conform, interprets as, in-corporate, is devoted to, pro-cessing, haddest swing at, hath a swing at, figures out, sweats over, going the limit, up sets, take measure of, gotten on one nerves, out line, giving the once-over, structuring, pats on the back, calling in, turning trick, gave the once over, footed, head lined, re affirms, re-visiting, be hung, mind, wert compelled to, have a go, muse, beats one brains, has stab, wast pendent, talked over, put thinking cap, wert the opinion, goes for the jugular, art ones duty to, be-think, used one's head, looks upon, marked off, painted town red, are affronted, has it, over-spreading, lived by, come with, relearned, hath a shot at, marked with a red letter, pre-planning, laid down, re-iterating, didst the sly, gets there, put the hole, got nerves, re create, meets with, re-serving, get a workout, wast mid-air, discern, were in residence, turned one hand to, up-holding, went all way, counter-poising, discourses on, doing as told, over-hauled, being informed, caught a glimpse of, worm in, takes the helm, goes all out, telling apart, slapping on, leafed through, gotten the impression, hadst hunch, gotten the floor, re-iterated, in spect, co heres, put on one's thinking cap, getting something done, pre fixes, ran the show, working hand glove, under-scoring, looked see, overspread, re aching, were familiar, in cite, re-builded, pre serving, living past, use ones head, racked brains, got eyeful, waded in to, train, cling to, keep under surveillance, carries through, gave it a try, swiped at, dis cussed, Helming, catering to, in-cline, having information, up-sets, were up to, was lost in thought, gotten sights, am affronted, laying the course, diagrammed, re-searched, pin down, hanged up, ceremonialize, toned up, having hand in, interpreting as, un earths, re learns, does as says, made ready, kicks the tires, took stock in, went after, sees daylight, dives in to, brake down, kicks up one heels, super vising, doeth as one says, forced up on, takes at word, re affirming, giving opinion, look-sees, check, de-signed, stuck it out, looking and down, has mind, wast up to, keeps mind, am devoted to, didst as told, brought back to, laying in provisions, break one's back, trussed, dis-tributes, signs off on, Disciplining, include, de-livers, didst turn, used head, de lineate, logicalizing, gets one's sights, gain friendship, impose, manage, taking part, is schooled, hath charge of, has a hunch, re-pealed, stayed line, does sly, take the plunge, does ones best, being firm, super posing, pro testing, shooting works, de terminating, takes part, had every intention, meditated on, catch the drift, sur facing, did one duty, made possible, is in midair, not minds, did a t, pull wires, Pinioning, counter-poise, crossing one heart, cleaning up, hadst a look-see, re ported, throw a party, re-introduce, balanced account, engage, reach agreement, made ones mind, playing games, slaps together, becomes involved in, re pined, end-owing, maps out, were with it, RE-CAP, makes distinction, re-lying, getting on line, put ones finger on, cook someone goose, digs in to, reckoning on, matches up, has a whack, giving old college try, live past, sprang for, deliver goods, give the nod, didst justice to, are read, am wary, took advantage, lick in to shape, prime, puts into effect, locked up, be afraid, wert in midair, putting screws to, re solves, lay money on, takes in the sights, giving one's opinion, haddest one's nose grindstone, takes from top, cultivate, re-gard, curtained, has view, made room, fix in mind, discoursing on, un-raveling, hath get-together, look at again, hath down pat, sware down, sitting up, am one duty to, proceeds with, re-versed, is interesting to, giving bouquet, hazarding guess, gazed open mouthed, coming to conclusion, nails down, were aware of, hit the bull's eye, dispense, coming a conclusion, becoming aware of, de ducting, re-cording, take to heart, pitch in, hast one's nose to grindstone, ran for, worked over, puts one over, end owed, hast a look see, becoming conscious of, takes care of business, give way, was fastened, acting up on, un-zipping, imbeds, prioritize, leads off, sub-scribed, did duty, not minded, de-bugging, is ones duty to, stared at, re habilitate, has bone to pick, wert cahoots, doing a number, re-stores, go over with fine tooth comb, pipedreamt, prearranged, cleaving to, fasten, de-scending, got in sights, re verse, minds ones ps and qs, meet with, made bid, dis-tract, doth ones thing, didst to t, placed juxtaposition, doping out, is adequate, scratching surface, got in hair, gives it go, tip off, making hit with, Sheered, hanging on words, be came, re habilitates, dis approves, talks game, placing confidence in, are on guard, brought close, look seeing, wast running, marking off, has swing at, be resolved, super-pose, allude to, see daylight, Parleying, with-holds, takes orders, gravitating toward, spiffing up, got in shape, learnt part, making in to law, got oneself in to, de fining, having nose grindstone, up stages, take, re introduced, making one think, bushes up, became member, commits to memory, flashed on, taking exception, hast swing at, pre meditate, leave holding bag, co oped, am at, sees about, was aware of, sets motion, Brazed, did to t, hath hunch, fall with, getting floor, giving it a try, gat lay of land, art positive, look up and down, go for gold, re-build, wading into, pro-vided, Cudgeled, illustrate with, dis-close, lend ear, scouted out, passed in to, pre-ordering, taking account of, pre arranging, feel in bones, looked to, sub-scribes, art residence, putting through, re learning, set in motion, came a conclusion, hast go, pops for, de-lights, feasting one's eyes, having impression, going for gold, resigns oneself to, hast nose grindstone, pre contrived, be cautious, laid down law, stacking deck, re-iterate, perfect, making possible, re-collects, making a point, being ones duty to, keeps possession, were credulous, de-rive, latched onto, wast willing, Piloted, be devoted, wert the running, mold, mind the store, dis-mantle, pre fix, being faithful, provides means, gat oneself in to, hath doubt, turning over mind, headed trip, roosing, made emphatic, re thought, trying ones hardest, smooths the way, Ballasted, take upon oneself, keeping the faith, labor the point, did number, staying put, cracks brains, be prone, dost to turn, subscribed to, wast slanted, Mothering, sub join, puts place, stack deck, draws conclusion, keeping forever, putting one's thinking cap, were the opinion, acted upon, Syllogized, takes heart, feeling in gut, called attention, Bottling, curls up, hadst sneaking suspicion, catching a glimpse of, wast versed, re-corded, is lost thought, in fusing, rounded out, mopping up, concenter, being master of, in filtrating, ingratiate oneself with, are devoted to, re cap, un leashes, plunk down, grow strong, tasting, crowding in, re-peats, did bidding, hath propensity, scamming, reasserting, subscribe to, re-furbished, buttoned down, thumbs through, be-leaguer, re assessed, haddest a looksee, was pendent, under-line, take in hand, re-sided, wert determined, gets a workout, filled the bill, toughen up, took from top, doeth what one is told, hits the bulleye, hits bull'seye, de-liver, being residence, kept safe, hadst one's nose to grindstone, pre served, re-takes, had at it, turned to, latching onto, gets on ones nerves, up holding, hang, has dealings with, hadst hand in, giving it best shot, are big on, cracking the books, did what is expected, makes stink, re-touching, fixes mind, are interesting to, Curtaining, keeping under surveillance, were concerned with, tarry over, making remember, art up to, muckraking, work over, is the opinion, pre meditated, makes up, takes stock in, are cognizant of, hitting bull eye, passes into, hast a go at, ex-tort, act upon, sized, put on ones thinking cap, becoming immobilized, out-shined, mind p and q, re examined, dig into past, puts one thinking cap, fawns upon, work out, pretty up, puts to the test, all-owing, embarking upon, de-light, haddest information, haddest go, didst one's utmost, be heading, Gunning, counter-balanced, de pictured, think over, makes conversant, be gun, hath get together, stayed course, overhears, pro-cesses, shoots works, make a point, zeroing in on, is pendent, haddest a go, lets know, Perpend, highlighted, takes a crack, rubberstamped, act, sur-passes, run up flagpole, provides the means, get with, committing to memory, called up on, be-headed, sweat over, ordinating, had try, calls in, testing the waters, kick one's heels, went way, sorting out, puts in place, did as one says, tagging on, picks up check, get through, lay course, dost again, planks down, weighing against another, hangs one's hat, threw down, were established, relives, pipe-dreamed, getting the idea, cleans up act, jump gun, sets about, picks out, over saw, had go at, stewing over, has a fling at, being loose, has at it, compete, gets in shape, be mid-air, hath guests, stands by, discharge, flesh out, doeth ones utmost, jogging one memory, brought to ground, giving onceover, got in there, dispel doubt, de pending, hast company, embark up on, intro duce, saw after, have a look see, pre arrange, having it, feasts one eyes, trans form, hadst a shot at, pencil in, was firm, get a load of, keeping possession, in dite, am in brown study, hadst a gettogether, led on, reflects upon, de lay, be-devils, cache, locked on, fore-sees, re live, am constant, dis-guise, Scribing, remark, delivering the goods, is hung, in-sinuate, re minding, shoulds, blinding, hitting bull's-eye, turned ones hand to, goes by book, learn one's part, ventured guess, sur-mounting, inveighing against, accomplish, re-vised, regularizes, doest thoroughly, was slanted, make inquiry, hadst look, taking another look, place, hits the bull'seye, am displeased by, gotten the idea, drop away, smell rat, minded store, wert guard, de-lays, re-opening, Mapped, wert midair, rubbing in, brings back to, coming know, am faithful, doeth one best, jumping in, pre pare, look see, re-experiences, diagnosticating, went at, haddest feeling, sweeping ones feet, bring ground, be engrossed in, makes a stand against, Re-present, dis believing, cut on, in corporates, pre-arranges, re-traces, cleaning act, dis tribute, dis-posed, de duce, hadst look see, toiling on, re pose, provided for, ex tract, provides for, dis-charge, deliver the goods, have swing at, looks back on, is constant, takes as gospel truth, making every effort, didst ones thing, pre tends, haddest fling at, singing praises of, smartening up, have a try, puts bed, crack the books, putting finishing touch on, gave the eagle eye, Ultimated, pays attention, pro-posing, Summed, hits the bulls-eye, were running, saying to oneself, scout out, took orders, tries on for size, held a candle to, ventures guess, minding the store, slating, sub-liming, made up mind, map out, kept eye on, are acquainted, pressing in to service, prettied up, got impression, gave it best shot, levelling at, in ducted, roughs in, thinks about, de posit, running flagpole, is made of, doth ones utmost, in-scribes, made fast, pro pounds, re-main, tuning on, allegating, wert bogged down, passed into, jump in, sur-passed, crested, art lost in thought, watches one step, puts across, reenacts, monitor, ex-plaining, butted against, keeping in mind, has at, gat with, sails through, meditating on, gets load of, got load of, slapped on, have view, re generates, be in mid air, get acquainted, had look see, were effective, has propensity, making waves, be solicitous, fixing mind, put accent on, Mothered, sub-joined, drink to, cover, innervating, Cobbed, mind ones ps and qs, glanced at, brought the ground, ex pressed, think probable, fill bill, puts in practice, felt out, tells of, uses one's head, puts accent on, get the beam, paint town red, kicks one's heels, put weight on, had feeling, be devils, make a decision, tailor makes, stopped consider, being in cahoots, does one's best, sketching out, gat something done, lays the groundwork, stacking the deck, hold opinion, hast care, is due, took for, having a gettogether, wast inclined to think, ticks off, be-guile, writes in ones book, passing upon, letting know, re touching, ingressing, gotten through, carry to completion, hanged one's hat, re-evaluates, stashed away, shot for, gotten through ones head, pay attention, re corded, play games, put in to practice, hath faith in, made attractive, give precedence, looks down, ran it up flagpole, slapped together, being true, trans-forms, put the freeze on, Cudgeling, dived into, Fringing, haddest looksee, watch out, break ice, tickled to death, fixed mind, lay down, eating one's heart out, up-stages, be credulous, being in mid-air, wish joy to, wast loyal, gotten floor, put lid on, keeping up on, re-pines, pre engages, became adept in, dis mantled, in-ducting, getting one's nerves, vying for, being loyal, puzzles out, pro-curing, showing the ropes, allows for, bear hard on, be poised, had dealings with, has doubt, doing to a turn, pro-moting, commit oneself, marks off, gave old college try, was learned, have a do, letting have it, be-coming, takes hand, allegated, psych out, gave it one's best shot, attaches weight to, swore on bible, be-devil, gotten on one's nerves, inter-pose, takes the sights, eats ones heart out, de-picts, taking a different look, polices, pump iron, hadst a get together, looksee, Docketing, brought into use, making arrangements, hast it, is in residence, beating one brains, taking care business, getting the beam, being host, pre-serve, bust in, had a look-see, be convinced, hadst mind, run with the ball, under-taking, make good, learn ones part, taking for, mulls over, sweep off ones feet, puts weight on, brings to maturity, sub-scribing, recline, makes allowance for, up-held, broke ones back, am engrossed in, puts to death, doth as says, keep in view, had a look, hold an opinion, go over with a finetooth comb, do one's utmost, gat wise to, falls with, re presenting, hadst it, flew face of, took under wing, be with it, say to oneself, dis simulated, moved on, re commences, smelt a rat, de-noted, put finger on, fill the bill, being guard, has looksee, gave fling, taking heed, breaks back, in stated, works over, is aware of, dis covering, hast a care, recapture, had lock on, head out for, re-conciliate, keep track of, repute, say oneself, having faith, tunes in, with stands, got wise to, dost the sly, make conversant, stabilize, bringing pressure bear upon, be apprised of, de scribes, make an entrance, is convinced of, got in ones sights, dost best, were apprised of, re presented, has a do, over-hears, am duty to, hast ones nose grindstone, got lowdown on, re-building, re spect, calling a day, Buttoning, having down pat, puts an end to, re cognize, hung it up, regularizing, going with the flow, fascinate, re-generate, moved in on, smell a rat, art determined, living in the past, re construct, hadst a try, minded p q, sublimed, flashing on, took another look, cross heart, deem, doeth one's utmost, dost one bidding, makes ones mind, sets ones sights on, pro-claiming, fixt attention, fashion, stand firm, is cahoots, turns hand to, signing up, see the light, pre-meditated, lay in provisions, un zip, intercalate, live in the past, doing duty, railroading through, tick off, re-assesses, coming to a decision, put up fight, jumping on, using one head, Auscult, re-called, kicked heels, presuming true, stand up to, cater to, gave a party, onning top of, presumed true, doest research, patted back, locate, hath at it, gave heed to, went with the flow, put end to, repel danger, seeing about, involves oneself, hast the impression, makes entrance, tabbed, were read, tossing off, was determined, get in there, under-lined, tried one hand at, touched up on, formed opinion, trying one's hand at, re mains, puts mind at ease, marking with a red letter, takes stab, were faithful, getting nerves, stood up to, lay the course, quarterback, steadied, hast doubt, did honors, made grade, put a fight, in-spirits, keep an eye on, over looks, fighting for, mark, wast poised, gave thumbs up, plunked down, does trick, was friends with, having sneaking suspicion, got through, out fits, wert convinced, feasts ones eyes, calls it, knocked oneself out, zeroing in, go in to, gotten down brass tacks, art concerned, had one nose to grindstone, pro-cess, is opposed, confided in, am established, doth utmost, pre fab, head lining, take notice, minded p's q's, break ones back, live up to, does a number, ingratiated with, haddest shot at, wert one duty to, drives the wall, takes the rap for, over hauled, presses into service, declare, took up on oneself, providing sanctuary, auscultate, minding p q, Calendering, peg down, trying on for size, is with it, takes notice of, does what one is told, do to t, re capitulated, put with, shutting in, gazed openmouthed, doest best, hadst a fling at, re-assuring, brake one's back, hooks up, ex-plained, took part, take crack, rigidified, went town, sits up, jumped in, scratched the surface, making a run at, kicks up one's heels, be informed, wert concerned with, jumps in, took a whack at, doth what is told, is forced to, perduring, hadst looksee, hadst in view, loaded up, leaved holding the bag, wrought like dog, dost to a turn, have at, took from the top, micro waved, put force, put practice, de bugging, ate one heart out, in quired, pre designs, held opinion, got lay of land, eagle-eying, innervate, hast get together, be firm, holidaying, blew steam, be determined, tailor-makes, fastens on, trans-pierced, plonk, reading between lines, in sinuating, wrote book, stewed about, think of, de scends, tailormakes, recommences, re-assure, writ in ones book, wiled, does one's duty, wert inclined think, memorize, in habit, re tread, gets in ones hair, kicks one heels, minded one's p's and q's, hit bulls-eye, hath it, co ordinates, trumps up, tuned on, took measure of, presume true, railroaded, re-starts, had a get-together, mop up, shuttering, jog ones memory, DO, observed, co oked, be witching, smartens up, in vested, in vents, are hung, minds ps qs, work like a dog, took helm, assenting to, pre-contrive, Concerting, made conversant, be devoted to, tuning in on, behold, makes short work of, swiping at, micro-wave, skeletoned, puts in to practice, precontriving, makes much of, were interesting to, wert schooled, goes out, re generate, pre vail, ex-tract, dis guising, froze to, going all way, come decision, got through one's head, de signing, were slanted, was interesting to, re caps, touching up on, having a stab, provide the means, in nervate, thought out, getting through, fend, count heads, puts rights, breaks one's neck, lived with, catered to, being hung, is all ears, was in running, took care of, hath a look, dis-charges, gat one's nerves, gives one best shot, gat on one nerves, pre-supposed, hath look, am residence, bring to maturity, quarter, putting accent on, dost one's utmost, catch glimpse of, planned for, takes upon oneself, built castles air, put hole, art in midair, gotten hair, rigidifying, pre-fixes, goes over with a finetooth comb, arrive at, thumbsing down, constitute, pro portioned, conscripted, intellectualizes, am concerned, swears down, getting in ones hair, reckoning with, daresays, come to conclusion, hadst down pat, wert in mid-air, brake back, wert forced to, art slanted, hadst no doubt, having swing at, Sleeked, pulled it off, art wary, swept off one's feet, minds ps and qs, de-tails, work at, hitching up, laying away, make run at, puts one on, puts through grind, framed up, be active with, starts the ball rolling, am true, hoped to, palinoded, hast bone to pick, retrace, art in mid air, dis solve, keeps eye peeled, didst one bidding, commentates, sur-mount, flip through, kept in mind, roll out red carpet, laces in to, re learn, set figure, reaching agreement, be mid air, pro-bed, be in command, wert all ears, re curred, looks up on, make entrance, taking hat to, pro fesses, doeth best, planning for, delving into, re-commended, having view, stabilitating, haddest a shot at, blowing in, resign to, being inclined to think, put the test, calls day, off-the-cuffed, cracks down, is established, give a party, has information, doest justice to, cope with, topping it off, batting it around, takes under consideration, seeing through, took look, am opposed, psyched out, call day, is acquainted with, socking it one, lead off, wert ones duty to, gets oneself in to, venture guess, holding a reading, be made up of, told from, didst what one is told, laying down law, were in mid-air, made a point of, plonking, looks up and down, tries one hardest, goes out for, makes one think, Busied, list, regard, Ultimating, fixt mind, watching out for, was resolute, holds down, don't rock boat, run for, hit the bull eye, reminisce, muckrakes, running show, having get-together, beats brains, am learned, looking up on, re-edit, pushing around, become seasoned, mousetrap, were fastened, animadverts, apprehend, shove in, savvying, resigning oneself to, inspect, turn hand to, takes a gander, re commending, setting in order, took a shot at, gets through, took care, is brown study, filling bill, come know, hitting upon, come to know, jousted, Skewering, watching over, am adequate, taking plunge, transorting, wert recumbent, hast down pat, over-powering, dropt away, illustrating with, shelter, are due, re-tracing, weighs against another, was on guard, luxuriating in, in-tended, take sights, dis-patches, placed in juxtaposition, art opposed, gotten a workout, re-vising, did over, have a whack, pro moting, take for, Bevelled, run show, pays attention to, wrote down, sandbagged, kicking up one's heels, give whirl, prepped, pro-tested, enlarged up on, call a day, got the drift, lays course, getting lowdown on, occupy, typecast, art just ticket, put one finger on, bets on, up rears, am hung, doest what is told, flirt with, is loyal, wast in residence, crying out, in voiced, gotten in one's sights, got the impression, re calling, insisted on, complies with, looks at, am aware of, take care of business, swears bible, bushing up, be duty to, pleads for, trans forms, sur-rounding, wast opinion, perseverate, mothballing, in tending, puts freeze on, lookseeing, bet on, comes to a conclusion, wast friends with, enlarging upon, put to the test, watched store, enroll, keeping account, focussed attention, was devoted to, be midair, gets in to, tried one hardest, worms in, bringing maturity, has a look, paid back, follow crowd, draw conclusion, rubberstamps, run with pack, mousetraps, Preengaging, back talking, rivetting the eyes on, followed crowd, reclaim, ring bell, effect, waded into, superpose, did the honors, reads through, pre-tended, am responsible for, didst one's best, come to decision, re-news, giving the once over, hadst try, wert in running, made much of, perseverating, Lasted, de fines, under lining, doeth one bidding, took at word, re pair, noses around, listened in, digging into the past, re-marking, counts noses, had view, sweeps one feet, re asserts, rack ones brains, re lied, laps up, gets down brass tacks, speak about, wast schooled, perked, clinging like ivy, doth over, re touched, swore down, kicking up ones heels, tests the waters, re-affirming, were wary, re introducing, had swing at, takes hat to, gave the old college try, try for size, pro duce, jogs one memory, setting figure, draw a bead, keeps tabs on, wast recumbent, re pine, busies, Voyaged, festivaled, taking ones word, writ ones book, doeth one duty, puts forward, showed the ropes, re fresh, art composed of, re building, de-signing, made stand against, re cognized, queuing, lick into shape, tried ones hardest, gave one's opinion, am up to, re-visit, took different look, ideates, voting favorably, in-vented, are positive, re solve, dive in to, writes in one book, prefabs, take the measure of, inning the hunt, doth the job, had at, kept under surveillance, is effective, tarried over, go through with, wreak, ventures a guess, ate heart out, were compelled to, out-lined, was with it, retro spects, re-experienced, ministering to, had a hand in, makes stand against, tacking on, hitched on, have get together, tell between, had a shot at, re-assessing, re-consider, is of opinion, hold to, takes one's word, got the idea, lend an ear, haddest a fling at, clean up act, co-aching, hook on, commentate, forming judgment, over-laid, runs a flagpole, take a gander, hadst feeling, write in one book, picks the check, try hardest, wert duty to, Lauding, gives heed to, re-assessed, de duct, puts in hole, took crack, animadvert, de-tailing, in-filtrating, figure on, pipe-dreams, doeth justice to, were against, Formalizing, haddest try, putting ones finger on, pre-engage, pre planned, getting out the way, was in the running, retells, make provision, over looked, pre-determined, run a flagpole, safeguard, watching store, be sting, tossed off, hitting the bulls-eye, bring pressure to bear upon, didst one utmost, un-earths, took the rap for, move in on, re commend, setting apart, gives the old college try, re serve, writes one's book, took heart, provided refuge, made progress, says to oneself, plunks down, ausculted, drave up the wall, am certain of, beating off, take the sights, have in view, bringing to the ground, taking upon oneself, re-cognizing, doing number, fudging together, enfetters, diagramming, am due, stand by, feasting one eyes, kept eagle eye on, gets in line, learn, went that route, smoking, take whack at, are against, hoping to, doing trick, have faith, looking see, was prone, is responsible for, fly in face of, ultimates, sweated over, un leash, drops away, does t, took in the sights, being cognizant of, cobble, looks back, sur-rendered, dis-simulated, leaves holding the bag, pre-mise, setting to, cooking someones goose, do ones best, gotten eyeful of, inter posing, wast attentive, writing down, muse on, prearranging, pits oneself against, does again, dost ones thing, places confidence in, preplans, re spects, hung words, vied for, over-hanging, put line, puts line, bade for, re capped, took shot at, hast view, putting to bed, being ears, gotten in one hair, kept in view, re-capitulate, pre-tending, burn up, gets eyeful of, thinking as, bringing pressure to bear upon, bangs away at, over powers, stays up, showed ropes, blow in, ate one's heart out, drawing a bead, make whoopee, gotten one's sights, go that route, re-solves, compare, write up, thinks hard, drying run, come to a conclusion, intrigue, art cahoots, gets on beam, making run at, produced as by magic, mind one's p's and q's, sets guidelines, breezing in, works toward, puzzled out, in-duct, am positive, whipt into shape, speculate, flying face of, go over with a fine-tooth comb, pre scribing, sub limed, hast shot at, mothballed, dost on sly, take at one's word, kicking up heels, wast in the running, re-tract, stirred up, think through, keep tabs, getting in line, dis-proves, fleshes out, stacked against, re thinks, laid away, micro-waved, de sign, having faith in, un folding, played second fiddle, sub-dues, re examining, in-voice, prioritizing, under-took, place juxtaposition, wast cognizant, puts squeeze on, feasted eyes, pays tribute to, gat in to, asking oneself, putting one's finger on, were cahoots, de scending, set order, over-looking, doeth thing, re counts, comes one, plan for, shake downing, trans fixed, re furbished, were conversant in, took whack at, gets an eyeful, slick up, in-tend, in fused, break down, retrospecting, am guard, was guard, holding attention, up-rear, art opinion, be positive, did on sly, wast aware of, does on the sly, put squeeze on, struggle, has a care, gotten know, trans-lated, girthing, take a crack, gives it ones best shot, prioritizes, stuck like barnacle, under-score, haddest care, enquired about, de duces, was engaged in, puts ice, holds a reading, wert engrossed in, examine, were acquainted, Girdled, art credulous, spitball, be ears, be thought, lives by, ex postulate, see after, turns the trick, skivering, forces up on, hadst nose grindstone, wert ruled by, doeth t, toil on, bowed to, trans-formed, made waves, being with it, re vised, super-imposes, considered closely, reads up, put ice, taking retribution, pre supposed, taking at one word, write ones book, mops up, has a look-see, were attached, sticks it to, put one thinking cap, tangled with, put oneself out, getting one's hair, falling with, lay provisions, victual, superposes, hath feeling, art bogged down, being off, doing a turn, bringing into use, re take, lace into, takes stock of, were firm, speaks about, mulled over, doeth thoroughly, bending over backward, puts fight, re-counted, Enfetter, grins and bear it, dis-believe, played the game, skinned alive, are residence, stacked up against, re conditioned, is acquainted, is cognizant of, got in ones hair, making ones mind, put, bury oneself in, go route, rimmed, learning one part, stick together, ons top of, umbraging, are with it, inquire in to, stopt consider, watched ones step, keep one's eye on, matched up, set ones sights on, doth the honors, got eyeful of, Versing, Policed, hath a get-together, super-impose, re considers, tested waters, un-earth, gets done, worked through, runs the show, committed oneself, be-ware, being effective, pro-mote, is poised, took a shot, hand it to, fitting out, takes crack, with-drawn, re-conditioning, fore sees, keeping promise, finds out about, learnt one's part, knock oneself out, gave as example, was lost thought, socks to one, captained, re-commence, fix mind, takes into consideration, stick to guns, count noses, gives whirl, pamper, give heed to, hath faith, cracking one brains, pitches in to, followed beaten path, Cinched, passes in to, makes progress, wast in mid-air, hath knowledge of, re examines, lives in past, being devoted, was responsible for, getting idea, have a feeling, takes a whack at, lifts finger, rivetted eyes on, pointed up, get the idea, monumentalized, wished joy to, paying tribute to, stopping consider, glued, see to, took rap for, make laws, do the trick, resigned to, under-stood, under going, make up for, re-vamping, gat beam, art made up of, put on one thinking cap, makes a pass at, re views, pro cures, makes a point of, tangles with, art mid-air, brought maturity, feels out, am schooled, does utmost, hadst a lock on, gets idea, thinking about, pre-tends, play by ear, hast a shot at, eating one heart out, up dates, giving a party, Reexperience, in-fuse, going through with, posit, are fastened, pre-contrived, re opened, held fast, keeping ones eye on, am cognizant, swear on bible, kept one's eye on, wert enough, bursted in, re capping, re-thought, lugged in, carry off, kicked around, shake downed, pitch in to, de-duct, paid respects, have gettogether, un zips, re form, picks up on, re-evaluate, had faith, hammers away at, turns one hand to, make pass at, has every intention, reading riot act, put in to order, re capturing, gat through one's head, festivaling, tickled death, enquires about, digest, in habiting, art pendent, gotten in sights, in fix, being resolved, Inventoried, building castles in air, lives the past, re-edited, wast informed, minding p and q, live in past, formalized, being resolute, hanging one's hat, made entrance, having crack, straightening up, trans-acting, bore under, muse over, putting death, re-presents, are informed, hazarded a, art big on, kicking around, gets it, doeth on the sly, inventorying, leading off, brought to fruition, reedits, drove in, looked askance at, being in brown study, pre-pare, gotten through one's head, am pendent, dis-guises, were enough, smelling a rat, carried completion, had one nose grindstone, take shot, hast a looksee, tacked on, un-ravelled, sur-mise, gained friendship, re-hashes, have a shot, went all out, batted it around, having charge of, runs over, hadst stab, gets on with, puts end to, scan, put bed, pegged away, wert residence, is true, were solicitous, intend, take one word, sweeping one's feet, making ready, gives rise to, smooth way, made a hit with, was poised, getting on one nerves, hit bull's-eye, learns one part, with standing, puts ones thinking cap, cracked the books, come up on, have look-see, hit books, haddest whack, art in mid-air, taking at word, put foot down, devotes oneself to, didst one thing, pester, wast loose, writing one book, re-members, caters to, put in force, art inclined to think, re-clines, form, made safe, make in to law, re-gales, letting in, made short work of, lets in, have a hunch, set forth, ex-postulate, do one's best, with draw, holding candle to, care for, reached agreement, make merry, make a bid, counted heads, crowd in, ministers to, lap up, were learned, re-learned, dost utmost, mess with, re-thinking, keep one eye on, in fixes, be to, being just the ticket, de tailing, checks up, counter balanced, cooked someone's goose, puts on one's thinking cap, was aware, having a care, rub down, tries hardest, did a turn, perpends, enforce, look back, with-standing, thought over, strikes a note, de-bated, mass producing, art compelled to, passes through, proceed with, re-veals, dug into, oughted, de-laying, had sneaking suspicion, with held, in-stated, perseverates, with-stands, gives old college try, inveigh against, doeth one's bidding, is learned, rests on, ex-tracts, situate, wast compelled to, be inclined to think, dost thing, re-quires, be come, cracked ones brains, share ideas, in stilled, kicked up ones heels, making entrance, takes ones word, un-ravels, tickles pink, pro spect, is just ticket, calling day, gat in one's sights, fore-casting, makes attempt, re acting, whips into shape, de-liberates, resting assured, re affirmed, didst best, dis-cussing, tells apart, having care, look on, turn trick, gets the hang of, square off, pre-fixing, bring close, placing juxtaposition, considering closely, does the honors, cross one's heart, dis-mantling, is compelled to, are brown study, over-seen, brings to fruition, Secerning, rounds out, mis trust, do research, having done with, un tangled, getting a load of, sees the light, wert mid-air, catalogged, re telling, were in mid air, push forward, toss off, turn the trick, interest, lit in to, puts on to, curled up, super vised, digging in to the past, reassesses, keep eye on, minding one p q, blow off steam, are resolved, trying hardest, are stubborn, keeps forever, gat to know, overspreading, re conciliates, puts the freeze on, working like dog, making a hit with, am loyal, get eyeful of, inned the hunt, making whoopee, shake down, called it, look forward, rubber stamped, broods over, takes rap for, caught glimpse of, numbered among, turn one's hand to, wast concerned with, wiretap, laying down the law, logicalizes, brings to a close, tosses around, doth sly, Perdure, signs up, tuned in on, re cites, beats off, out-stripping, in-spiriting, under stand, psychs out, kicks around, art convinced, intromit, hast a look-see, rang a bell, sprung for, ins the hunt, psyching out, put finishing touches on, passing in to, swore up and down, minds one p q, with-draw, have no doubt, re-asserting, re-canted, Allineate, wert aware of, in-fringes, did one thing, stood in for, came terms, shuts in, had a mind to, riveting eyes on, live up, make stink, put test, has go, freezes to, giving attention, Scribed, dost ones utmost, haddest one nose to grindstone, hast sneaking suspicion, being cautious, under taking, be in residence, oughting, bore hard on, de-picturing, takes up on oneself, ground, hast information, make one remember, uses ones head, doest one's utmost, roofed, be-wares, getting beam, addressing oneself, de-posits, strook note, blueprinting, keep promise, wast affronted, signed off on, re-curred, made inquiry, in lays, living it up, gat a workout, brings into being, re-living, make a pass at, try on for size, makes clear, taking as gospel truth, be made of, gotten the hang of, saying no, doest one's duty, sit up, Speared, making much of, re-visits, was cognizant of, art convinced of, sware up and down, make clear, makes pass at, bethink, put through mill, gotten to, goes at, run with the pack, trans ported, making firm, keeps account, sets down, is in the running, appeals to, Provisioning, ideating, under-gone, got down to brass tacks, being mid air, did level best, digs into past, blows steam, beating brains, emphasize, re clines, enchains, break one back, calculates roughly, bringing the ground, wert brown study, dis-missing, setting foot in, re cited, diagramed, wrought on, stacks deck, applied oneself, headlined, was opinion, doing bidding, resign oneself to, look and down, kick around, wast established, sur mounted, art attentive, re-straining, patted the back, pass in to, go the limit, riffs, haddest down pat, watches one's step, rides shotgun for, hanging words, re siding, were sufficient, gat out of way, sweated out, brooding over, dis-agreed, tabbing, has a look see, pre-mises, under-taken, hits bull eye, dug in to the past, get load of, carries off, was in midair, eat ones heart out, lives past, co-hering, wrought hand in glove, lights in to, re-volt, take stock, mused over, sur mise, pitting oneself against, call it a day, enchained, feast one eyes, matches wits, re collects, gets to know, Helmed, meditate on, trans late, puts in to order, pre occupy, cleave to, gat eyeful, re ached, up set, comes to an agreement, in-spects, over-look, have a get together, dis-criminate, hanged it up, wast in mid air, affirm, minding one's p's and q's, hitches up, are one duty to, came an agreement, pre planning, puts up fight, drunk to, had nose grindstone, up date, drive the wall, gat the picture, Bracketing, puts in mind, turn one hand to, getting in shape, sets one's sights on, sketch, make attractive, turns over mind, be loose, fore cast, art loyal to, gets oneself into, feasted one eyes, hath in mind, musing on, roping in, get lowdown on, does the trick, be held, re-affirms, be of opinion, are schooled, recap, catch sight of, re-furbishing, re-captured, watch one step, put up a fight, gets picture, drives for, re curring, re-ported, saw the light, typecasts, seeing after, severalized, hitch up, put mind to, becomes lost, drum in to, mis-trusted, curling up, planking down, intro-duces, be-leaguers, goes in for, in sert, takes in sights, art devoted to, laying provisions, enamours, worked in, Mortised, pro pose, take at ones word, gat the idea, took notice of, is against, holds dear, art poised, haddest faith, is active with, over comes, get through ones head, put forward, re-call, are in mid air, were responsible for, am acquainted, hath mind, reconciliated, being apprised of, pro-pounded, un-fold, slicked, delivered the goods, am cognizant of, remains firm, swept off feet, writ in book, routined, is mid-air, gat through one head, re versing, fudge together, calls the turn, defend, putting one over, delivering goods, be deviled, slope, re took, re lax, was constant, do again, am conversant in, gains entree, ins hunt, pick upon, dis agrees, dove in to, are established, heard tell, sur rounding, was solicitous, have look see, drags in, takes plunge, turned over in mind, votes in, gaining entree, wert prone, put the lid on, being interesting to, takes advantage, Provisioned, wert slanted, face-lifting, super posed, riding out, be in running, pro-vides, gave a try, stretch out, gave it one best shot, cared for, dis-courses, pour it on, coped with, moves over, hath go, give it one's best shot, feasts one's eyes, put in practice, dropping away, is big on, up-dates, re collect, apply to, have a stab, make fast, over spread, pick up check, write in book, lifted a finger, re generating, believed in, reflecting on, de bugged, gazing open-mouthed, crossed heart, hath do, ecstasize, case, do to a turn, got out of the way, pitches into, making stand against, lighting in to, being the running, taking the helm, decided on, racks brains, railroading, digged into the past, lean on, de lighted, de-duces, re iterates, dis-agreeing, takes stand, Skeletonizing, puts in line, re vamped, get done, line, de legate, was ones duty to, be have, pencils in, gives it one's best shot, re hashing, takes for, working for, wast conversant in, works on, un derwent, pro cessing, reckon with, Animadverted, wert just ticket, puts to test, gotten in shape, doth a t, started the ball rolling, de clines, re conciliated, gets hair, Experiencing, de-scend, pull it off, set on, whipping in to shape, providing for, gotten through one head, Precontrive, firm up, Shepherding, giving a whirl, getting down to brass tacks, hath hand in, put an argument, under-takes, were made up of, pitting against, gat in one hair, re-generated, pour on, pro spects, re quires, show the ropes, saw about, puts on thinking cap, re-capitulated, pro claimed, get in one's hair, wrought for, out-fits, electro cutes, had do, re storing, becoming involved in, make into law, doeth a number, super-intend, blinded, hast whack, passes up on, transfix, gat lowdown on, perlustrating, stand for, is lost in thought, are up to, picking the check, matching strength, have nose grindstone, inter lope, be-wared, beating drum, pushed forward, re served, makes presentable, over hauls, de picture, pre-scribes, precontrived, in tends, got hang of, kicking up one heels, pre plans, boards up, write one's book, sur-faced, haddest a care, pre-paring, dis-cussed, voting in, give try, fall into, lace in to, super imposed, saw through, pre-fab, laid provisions, taking helm, crack books, falling in with, in-spect, eagleeye, muses on, bring in to use, tickling to death, runs with the pack, being devoted to, gat the hang of, concussing, dost what is expected, gotten in one's hair, paid tribute to, taking heart, wert acquainted, sets in order, paint the town red, ex-celling, driving up wall, commit to memory, swearing down, doest ones bidding, slicks, dopes out, racked ones brains, under-lines, have dealings with, took ones word, wast hung, Predesign, ensure, hast dealings with, had a stab, having a look-see, had nose to grindstone, individuates, out lines, getting one's sights, give a try, balances account, stacking against, am lost thought, ring a bell, in forming, re-telling, calling up, goes for gold, resigned oneself to, art one's duty to, were due, using ones head, smelt rat, came to a conclusion, re captured, were prone, fixt the mind, worked hand glove, going town, re-cognized, minds p and q, throws together, ups on, wast faithful, ran up a flagpole, pre-occupy, got on ones nerves, mind ps and qs, fixed to, recall, transpierces, am resolved, de signs, drive up the wall, tend, driving up the wall, giving fling, ran show, does one best, went on with, came to agreement, doing over, retro-spect, out shone, regularize, having shot, calls attention, censusses, Cantoning, learn one part, having lock on, gets out way, re pairing, being all ears, wast devoted, heel up, ad lib, under-going, was in cahoots, being acquainted with, art informed, fixes to, put screws to, navigate, pondering, have propensity, bring a close, applies to, says oneself, held to, pre-vail, live with, strong arm, re collecting, talks about, shoot the works, get oneself in to, saw as, pro-mises, ruminate, swears on bible, umbraged, wrote a critique, going the way, over-spreads, doth number, art interesting to, telling of, made it, banging away at, with holds, count upon, Differencing, Gloomed, were devoted, Hooding, screen, re-conditioned, re viewing, pro-longs, getting the picture, doth one's bidding, made pass at, held at bay, gotten lowdown on, put place, Individuating, delivered goods, caught sight of, starting the ball rolling, read between lines, ex torts, taking a shot, has a gettogether, sets against, knocking oneself out, become aware of, reenacting, read, is engrossed in, pre meditates, re-asserts, bang away at, brings a close, hath swing at, rides out, doth ones best, lived it up, note, taking in the sights, auscultates, sur passed, haddest a get-together, pre contrive, bring fruition, taking care of, puts death, stuck together, hang one's hat, de-fined, hath stab, are forced to, have a shot at, cognizing, dis missing, brake ones neck, doest what one is told, re covering, resigns to, go for jugular, had looksee, hadst faith in, fix the mind, handing to, dig into, am just the ticket, took best shot, gets one's hair, unsay, ausculting, tailor-make, back-talked, takes care business, payed tribute to, did ones thing, ministered to, un ravelling, re thinking, figure out, ratiocinate, de clares, take care business, shoulding, hazards a guess, allineates, are host, hath every intention, lives in the past, laud, re asserting, in-corporates, dis-solving, keeping eye peeled, catching on, reedit, became embedded, sets forth, kudize, dost one thing, make ones mind, alluding to, had knowledge of, up dated, got the hang of, pre-venting, Stringing, re cording, confides in, gotten ones nerves, un earth, was compelled to, dis close, looking through, sweeping off feet, pressed in to service, looks through, dis-simulates, stewed over, take stock of, fixt in mind, ceremonializing, being the opinion, penciling in, pre-determine, steamrolled, re instating, under stood, in-stalling, getting a workout, putting bed, were midair, timing, laid foundation, took a stand, are poised, are true, gotten into, minds one's p's and q's, hadst swing at, saw daylight, took in hand, art inclined think, wert mid air, are prone, pushed around, super intend, stacked deck, pre-occupied, being stubborn, think up on, counterpoised, gat oneself into, seeing to, dost to t, made every effort, knows again, are compelled to, fore saw, re-commencing, up setting, rid out, is certain of, eating ones heart out, brought in to being, dis patch, eat one heart out, have nose to grindstone, showing ropes, eats one's heart out, crafted, am ears, mind p's and q's, gets an eyeful of, set out, looked up to, crack one's brains, runs it up flagpole, figures on, being up to, re-assert, be devilling, tried hand at, struck a note, rested with, under-went, Disculpated, dis patches, co-here, write in one's book, pre engaging, gave thought to, pre-dict, inquires into, gives it one best shot, hang it up, focuses attention, wast sufficient, gotten drift, doth trick, made a bid, lived up, singling out, hazards guess, getting impression, toiled on, lighting into, went for gold, will, plot, re lived, gets lowdown on, re-examines, swear and down, pre-engaged, wert in command, onned top of, squares off, gives a fling, am the opinion, doth research, Superposed, beating ones brains, serves purpose, kept view, drinking to, worked like dog, didst number, in-sinuating, ringed a bell, warm up, was recumbent, getting in sights, take gander, puts thinking cap, sub joins, bring back to, have faith in, be-hold, setting on, doing ones thing, taking to heart, re strict, having a look, counter poised, placed formation, doth one bidding, out-lines, keeping track of, re conditions, didst again, hast a fling at, takes over, call arms, de-fended, doest number, puts mind, tips off, making an entrance, be command, re furbish, ex-plains, am opinion, having go at, pencilled in, does to t, lied obliquely, signing on, doing one utmost, throw party, goes on with, puts to bed, polishing up, art true, being forced to, re-counts, going all out, haddest a try, re-touch, stopped to consider, de-picture, in spirits, with-drawing, give the old college try, gave eye, shared ideas, humoring, is made up of, were engrossed in, make an attempt, nosing around, re generated, pre plan, wert in cahoots, fixed attention, lines up, try one's hand at, was of the opinion, has in view, comes an agreement, feasting ones eyes, throws down, live to, in spire, has the impression, gives a try, re fine, skippering, looking up and down, re cord, re-quiring, rests assured, Trussing, running it flagpole, harboring suspicion, forms judgment, hast memories, over-cast, does best, de lineated, making merry, haddest a hunch, kept the faith, cover up, hast a look, lamped, carried through, doing one duty, have it, gat in line, de livers, picking out, dis-charged, be certain of, be displeased by, install, got one sights, didst thoroughly, giving precedence, wert running, believing in, were guided by, sur mounts, plugging away, doeth to a turn, de-vote, being attentive, set a figure, calling turn, doth what one is told, succeed, under stands, re membered, haddest hunch, are certain of, out strip, picked check, re-constructing, kept count, are effective, be resolute, has hand in, re-paired, breaks neck, delivers goods, dis believed, haddest visitors, co oking, keeping safe, getting on nerves, head lines, took the sights, be learned, wiretaps, transorted, putting across, watches out, remember, kick off, taking up on oneself, served the purpose, hangs ones hat, jogging memory, turning over in mind, treasure, holding reading, make an effort, catches the drift, weighted, squeezes in, reckons on, wast just ticket, cling like ivy, didst job, hit the bulls-eye, are bogged down, cried out, haddest charge of, de scribe, do sly, breaking ones back, make sure, had a swing at, getting on ones nerves, in spires, re-new, pre serve, pro curing, run it flagpole, went for the jugular, Gassed, believes in, do thoroughly, go all the way, giving it one best shot, co-oking, having feeling, labored the point, art the running, gat the floor, gets with it, were afraid, pre order, fore-cast, being constant, coming terms, Depicturing, makes the grade, fixing attention, be in cahoots, did justice to, tell apart, skinning alive, re-enacted, back-talk, re instated, take stab, prettying up, take under consideration, re freshes, writ a critique, draw from, importing, seeing daylight, limelighted, presume, haddest look-see, leave holding the bag, doing what is expected, was familiar, pro portion, de-ciphers, re iterating, chaperone, re-pose, haddest a hand in, Bunked, stacks the deck, using one's head, hast a whack, obey, leaf through, standing in for, boarded up, labors the point, having a hand in, sing praises of, Differenced, re-tracts, be thinking, endeavor, dost one duty, in quires, doing the honors, build in, patting on the back, brazes, makes a bid, reflects on, became involved in, is up to, called in, give ones best shot, has lock on, hath fling at, be-stowing, loosen up, get on the beam, pro vision, made decision, conforming to, whips in to shape, teems with, told apart, lays foundation, set, numbering among, got shape, is faithful, Perking, de light, in stances, trans pierce, has one's nose grindstone, working on, putting finger on, took account of, gave way, brainstorm, re asserted, pre-determines, minded ps qs, turns one's hand to, was composed of, art acquainted with, having a go at, concoct, runs with ball, got lay land, tickle pink, have shot, authoring, tried on for size, lifts a finger, hang one hat, took stock, undertake, got on the beam, wert to, design, indoctrinate, be read, is cautious, thumbed through, de-ciphering, pre serves, moves on, reconciliates, am recumbent, staying course, writ down, individuated, putting up with, lugging in, going that route, dried run, art the opinion, getting through ones head, doped out, breaking down, devote oneself to, un-tangled, didst ones best, throws party, shot works, re-touches, re-collecting, refreshed one's memory, flipping through, curl up, in duces, reaches agreement, be of the opinion, bringing back to, get in one hair, makes emphatic, plan, rivetting eyes on, pegs down, un raveling, streamlines, steamroll, got an eyeful of, super vise, wert up to, being command, get sights, feasts eyes on, putting with, broke one's back, re-introduces, do one utmost, over whelm, set side by side, re fines, is resolved, occupies thoughts, in-stances, de liver, places juxtaposition, scrutinates, de voted, Sheering, essay, Concentering, wert host, makes one remember, cite, ordinated, living by, discrepates, raising hell, being composed of, feast ones eyes, gets through ones head, hast a shot, set motion, wast concerned, doest ones best, re-calling, stashing away, is in cahoots, under took, follow, plonked, in laying, lays in provisions, feasted one's eyes, wert true, hath a gettogether, zeroed in on, putting in force, plays game, tried one's hardest, re straining, cleans up, rooses, specialized in, match wits, mousetrapped, doest the trick, wast prone, out-lining, go all out, dis coursing, makes mind, kicks up heels, practice, be in midair, re-cords, sur rendered, breaking one back, with-drew, being loyal to, crosses ones heart, does justice to, were to, de-liberating, gives key to city, putting one on, re capitulates, taking at one's word, pre determines, be-thinking, toughens up, thinking deeply, be stubborn, thinks through, didst what is expected, fixing in mind, puts one finger on, eat heart out, gives precedence, scratching the surface, puts force, did what is told, gives one's best shot, has a lock on, commits oneself, doth one's best, re-cites, hit bullseye, call up, strikes note, nosed around, trading last, dreams of, cooked someone goose, stop consider, kept mind, domiciliates, oughts, re tells, out fitting, making decision, were pendent, inter-lope, takes shot at, staid line, take a different look, sets at, wast loyal to, hang words, bring in to being, be concerned, gave nod, looked upon, trans-piercing, falling into, making certain, re reads, taking one's word, re-vise, breaks ones neck, making attempt, de ducted, go by the book, pegged down, un tangle, sewed up, de-bating, preorders, thinks over, drinks to, re cognizing, work toward, bearing hard on, doth on the sly, doth honors, gets on nerves, reassert, sweep off one's feet, was acquainted with, was bogged down, counts heads, skippered, downing, re examine, hitting the bullseye, re edit, putting lid on, electro cute, gaze, went over with a fine-tooth comb, being read, doest one bidding, re experiences, goes route, entertained idea, doest one thing, got ones nerves, mull, catching glimpse of, figured out, prepping, sub joined, over casts, had a crack, dig into the past, gat floor, picking up the check, brings to ground, took at one's word, rank, hazard a, wast stubborn, getting out way, searching in to, think, Retold, looking at, took in sights, give the onceover, pre occupies, wert composed of, did ones bidding, tried ones hand at, de brief, draws bead, re claimed, concentrate, re establishing, pre-designed, un fold, ringing in, haddest view, do honors, sharing ideas, laid course, held down, wade in to, wast learned, risks assuming, were poised, look in to, wast resolute, working in, haddest go at, being midair, adhered to, sketch out, write critique, standing firm, determinated, micro waves, be ware, sweating over, get the hang of, stacks against, buttoned, hadst company, pre siding, making clear, re establishes, de-terminate, counter-balancing, were inclined to think, was brown study, participated in, be wared, be forced to, get one hair, doth ones bidding, headed out for, went for the gold, have doubt, pulling it off, be-leaguered, letting down hair, giving ones opinion, re experiencing, conformed to, thought of as, learnt one part, Machined, socking it to one, get in ones sights, re canting, minds p's and q's, clung like ivy, PREPS, hast hand in, grinned and bear it, re-iterates, flirted with, called it a day, gat on nerves, re introduces, clings like ivy, re reading, dost what is told, hadst impression, over-laying, follow orders, pass through, ecstasized, splays, working hand in glove, get it, made up one's mind, got with, de fending, took care business, break neck, did best, in-stilled, makes an attempt, gave go, re peats, re told, be leaguer, clean up, writing ones book, de-positing, re-generates, are apprised of, makes waves, ex plained, hast in view, Cudgelled, makes room for, am enough, recommenced, gives one opinion, checked up, art in cahoots, staid the course, re store, cooks someones goose, pre meditating, hast look-see, squeeze in, are faithful, nurture, serving purpose, re-gale, rivetted, re-hashing, caught the drift, get out of the way, engross, runs it flagpole, trans-pierce, mark with red letter, smarten up, re main, move over, dost duty, pricking ears, dis believe, brake ones back, re-views, shows the ropes, getting ones nerves, re-spects, do one thing, re-solve, were loyal, shake-down, commit memory, haddest stab, Havened, shoots for, took upon oneself, applying to, glorify, takes heed, took pains, flash on, dis qualified, stuck to guns, in-stating, re viewed, rough in, hadst knowledge of, mind one p q, setting a figure, calender, hammering away at, came to terms, allowing for, wishing joy to, dis-believed, take a shot at, puts in, run the show, re strain, having one's nose grindstone, got out of way, feast one's eyes, strive, make a point of, wast command, condition, doth best, puts the test, gets shape, riveting the eyes on, preplanned, committing oneself, firming up, being positive, hath a crack, haddest a shot, dis-patch, getting ones hair, sublimes, get line, running a flagpole, dresses rehearse, guesstimate, hast knowledge of, being one's duty to, be adequate, gets one hair, weighting, Billeted, wast credulous, didst utmost, having fling at, arrived at, pre-engages, shape up, be willing, locked horns with, wast displeased by, guards against, put to, off the cuffs, beat the drum, putting test, pits against, make effort, re side, watched one's step, over-lays, palinoding, gassing, does one utmost, under score, are just ticket, have stab, beats the drum, has hunch, have a look, provide for, socks it to one, re touch, sur-facing, cracking ones brains, tells between, pre vent, having gettogether, prearrange, draw bead, passed upon, kicking one's heels, gives eye, played games, ringing a bell, sweep off one feet, put in, throwing together, dis closing, throwing down, wast ones duty to, focus attention, re pealing, re-conciliates, resting on, taking a shot at, zeroed in, art resolute, be the running, is host, syllogizes, re-stored, take into consideration, crack down, am of the opinion, making up one mind, monumented, gat workout, are displeased by, were all ears, taking sights, gotten oneself in to, gets on one's nerves, jogged one memory, wert interesting to, bringing a close, ex-cogitating, try hard, had a get together, saying so, taking care of business, re-strain, perpended, sub dues, forming opinion, piloting, puts to, gotten out way, doeth as says, participates in, am familiar, stick like barnacle, ex plains, fit out, contrive, takes a stand, taking for granted, put up an argument, wert familiar, rubbed down, exerting oneself, was engrossed in, came know, made presentable, have every intention, putting in to effect, getting the impression, stayed in line, swearing bible, being wary, takes advice, drive up wall, do ones duty, spoke highly of, has look, get on one nerves, giving eagle eye, is prone, calling up on, overhear, dont rock boat, takes offense, were loose, re-instating, mind p's q's, ex-cogitates, ran with ball, wert affronted, made a run at, go for the jugular, gave key city, am interesting to, acting upon, tees off, kicked tires, hast at, hast ones nose to grindstone, being responsible for, de-note, rivetting, haddest a look-see, gotten something done, pours on, getting lay land, being opinion, taking from top, hanged ones hat, nails it down, was convinced of, re gale, got workout, fixt in the mind, regularized, press in to service, making bid, listened up, take in sights, inquisited, dis mantling, re new, was off, do one's bidding, directed attention, labored point, re opens, wert informed, set foot in, gets on the beam, re visits, sets in context, gat through ones head, plank down, works in, wisecracked, candled, envelop, rolls out red carpet, takes in to consideration, make grade, took plunge, pick the check, re-told, wert attentive, haddest gettogether, hath one nose to grindstone, brought to mind, in ducts, dis-patched, hark back, turns ones hand to, carry through, haddest bone pick, bring forward, dis pose, gotten on line, use head, take stock in, reward, having one's nose to grindstone, call the turn, talk about, tampering with, art schooled, do ones utmost, was faithful, writ one book, hold, re-established, harbored suspicion, re-hearses, am bogged down, give the eagle eye, in-quires, sur mount, cooking someone goose, honor, un-folds, has look see, does one duty, take plunge, refreshed memory, wast attached, make way, re-hash,