Pronunciation of Former
/fˈɔːmə/, /fˈɔːmə/, /f_ˈɔː_m_ə/

Antonyms for former

in view, final, result, lastmentioned, fruit, even now, development, re-cent, in the end, issue, unborn, in attendance, by and by, creation, end, for the time being, ongoing, on hand, on deck, subsequent, prospective, in process, at a later date, made the scene, late, sub-sequently, modern, infra, terminal, more already, be gun, more commenced, contemporary, at moment, following, more subsequential, in fra, on-the-spot, recent, posterior, beinger, latter, last, there, be-ingest, in end, later, latest, sub-sequent, most subsequential, advanced, most last mentioned, presentday, most commenced, more resulting, last-mentioned, closing, last mentioned, made scene, nowadays, re cent, sub sequently, future, more today, outcome, effect, under consideration, most nowadays, up to date, most today, succeeding, more last-mentioned, in aftermath, ensuing, more last mentioned, today, on the spot, most postliminary, red hot, outgrowth, after, most resulting, extant, more nowadays, at later date, ultimate, hind-most, sub sequent, most resultant, by by, be ingest, pre sent, new, in the aftermath, subsequently, more lastmentioned, concluding, laggest, most already, postliminary, for time being, subsequential, most on-the-spot, after while, current, consequence, sub sequential, event, in-fra, more on the spot, beingest, most on the spot, sub-sequential, therest, in duration, most lastmentioned, pre-sent, most last-mentioned, hind most, be-gun, more postliminary, product, just now, present day, present, at this moment, on board, more resultant.