Pronunciation of Forsake
/fɔːsˈe͡ɪk/, /fɔːsˈe‍ɪk/, /f_ɔː_s_ˈeɪ_k/

Antonyms for forsake

ex plain, headed up, being sure of, Overseeing, assist, undertake, proved a case, had being, boxing up, co wing, re-lied, vindicate, lays money on, swear and down, locking up, head up, in habit, knocking on wood, re commend, swears up and down, clove to, hath hand, haddest dibs on something, hang in, put in a good word for, hogtie, are case, get, are blessed with, have hunch, Subjecting, re covered, was born with, came defense of, runs show, covers for, watching out for, calls the signals, be blessed with, gotten one hands on, occupy, was given, cornering the market, hold sway over, Nurtured, keep out, vising, re deeming, de-clares, acknowledge, scrapes together, wast equipped for, prosecute, got one's hands on, be-friending, super-vise, de-limits, has sneaking suspicion, holds reins, sweat it out, ex-plained, uphold, keeping safe, kept an eye on, being in possession of, wast receipt of, gat ones hands on, getting in to, art case, were force, bet bottom dollar, are given, is equipped for, hath sneaking suspicion, being effect, are in possession of, Manacling, art saddle, looking forward to, are equipped for, held out for, puts in good word, stick up for, gat one's hands on, re-strict, in sure, making use of, scraping up, take care of, are in saddle, art possessed of, re straining, are force, not let go, being force, swore up down, are born with, has rights, re deem, ex-plain, reigns over, crossed one's heart, clutch, be in possession of, holding good, pre side, watch for, pleaded for, are endowed with, sur mise, recover, stay put, de fending, sweating it, cleaves to, got hands on, scrapes up, haddest faith, puts in good word for, reined in, am case, looking at sunny side, staying staunch, fore seen, promise oneself, getting from, depended on, re-covers, pre vents, were given, pulling back, haddest title, in-habits, be loyal, quarterbacking, pro testing, champion, seeing to, de-tains, getting into, holds high esteem, with held, are receipt of, be possessed of, over-sees, re quires, de tain, sits on, gets ones hands on, called signals, had dibs on something, pre serves, fight for, Lasted, corked up, being alive, come to defense of, latching to, maintain, puts the snare on, choking back, running things, Viseed, being in saddle, wert in saddle, haunt, am receipt of, Reverencing, co-wing, being born with, begs borrow or steal, reign over, were effect, re strain, art alive, proved case, begs borrow steal, stood up for, panoplying, holding bay, super vised, de clare, shored up, came to defense of, fore-see, depends on, sides with, cross ones heart, Palming, cover for, look forward to, re-serve, holding in high esteem, am valid, hold reins, pre vails, putting lock on, go in for, watch out for, corner the market, keep safe, art in effect, puts in a good word, pre siding, sware up and down, fore saw, got from, hold, apprizing, up holding, haddest place, putting in a good word, being given, art force, says defense, cork up, beg borrow steal, accede, coming in to, goes in for, de clares, held true, stands behind, be given, keeps line, take possession, get one's hands on, hast sneaking suspicion, de bars, under pinned, has dibs something, has to name, am saddle, sate on, haddest dibs something, be faithful, swore down, governs, hadst faith, put a good word, over see, chokes back, de sire, restrain, re quired, standing up, wast effect, holding high esteem, holds bay, holding out for, spoke up for, have rights, took stock in, stays staunch, call the signals, having hunch, hath faith, art receipt of, locked up, pushed buttons, art given, proves case, proving case, over sees, bearing one out, take as spouse, wert in receipt of, wast in receipt of, keep to, lapped up, ex-acted, shore up, Manacled, crosses one heart, pre venting, hast hand, co-wed, wert alive, watching for, de rives, de rived, over-look, de limits, favor, run the show, puts snare on, haddest to name, was the case, held reins, were possessed of, be receipt of, obtain, re-serves, retain, being saddle, with-standing, hugging, be-friended, feeling confident, de-fend, were in possession of, pre-vail, re-main, swearing and down, held high esteem, sub jugate, re deemed, put a lock on, gotten hands on, re-quires, run things, crack down, pro-cure, gotten one's hands on, thought to, with standing, re porting, pre tending, hold dear, apprizes, wert receipt of, art told, saying in defense, possess, re strict, lay money on, de-siring, comes in to, linger, cleaved to, putting in good word, was in effect, ex plaining, hold good, minister to, super intending, holding the reins, holds out for, re quire, keep in line, box up, is in receipt of, de-sired, cornering market, guarding against, corners the market, wast born with, latching on to, claim, be-troth, sticked for, stand up for, gets one's hands on, having faith, haddest sneaking suspicion, pro-moting, provide sanctuary, beg borrow or steal, hits up, kept line, art in possession of, remained true, putting a lock on, is informed, haddest bearing, art in receipt of, hast place, swearing up and down, cleft to, re-aping, bare one out, apologize for, crossing one's heart, gat into, be friend, de rive, with-hold, re-commending, beared one out, deemed likely, gat hands on, holding at bay, hath to name, cater to, lays claim to, holding reins, swears up down, were in saddle, swore up and down, are sure of, with-holds, think to, pre-tended, held the reins, assert, pro-cured, simmering down, deeming likely, gobbling up, haddest name, repelled danger, de-rive, held sway over, was force, had place, pre-vent, corked, come into, run show, getting ones hands on, be saddle, shoring up, pro scribing, heading up, teems with, pre-vents, de-barred, looks after, crosses one's heart, de sired, pre dominates, pro fess, bears one out, de siring, hold out for, stayed staunch, pro-scribed, crossing ones heart, is possession of, promised oneself, haddest rights, with holding, crossed one heart, were informed, scraped together, pursue, over-see, get into, were in effect, cornered the market, came into, have title, are possessed of, corks up, de fended, proving a case, knock on wood, re-presses, is in saddle, Shepherding, be in saddle, wert case, felt confident, de-rives, sweated out, takes stock in, hadst place, getting one hands on, simmers down, in-sure, has faith, Subjected, pro-motes, continue, taking stock in, pre-dominating, laying claim to, looking after, clings to, re-ached, stay staunch, pop question, are told, cross heart, re-straining, be friended, holding sway over, gobbles up, revert, fore sees, wert in effect, be endowed with, am possessed of, babysit, holds purse strings, boxed up, ran show, begging borrow or steal, art blessed with, getting one's hands on, keep close, clinging to, hath in hand, deems likely, were endowed with, be troth, wast case, be alive, freezes to, ex-plaining, wast blessed with, up held, repel danger, comes to defense of, sticking up for, holding dear, keeps safe, Pinioning, pinioned, keeping line, get hold of, seek, keeping tabs on, pre dominated, makes use of, apprize, is born with, pre vailing, gat from, was saddle, keep eye on, thumps for, putting good word for, de fends, spake up for, plead for, get hands on, de-fending, oversees, were case, co wed, pro-scribe, cracks down, gat in to, re-covering, up-hold, re-strain, stood behind, have dibs something, up-holding, pro moting, stay, be informed, am endowed with, got in to, has being, adopt, re covers, hadst hunch, Piloted, have hand, corners market, puts a good word, pro fesses, being possessed of, re tains, fore-saw, hath dibs on something, de-rived, hast name, advocate, pre serve, cross one heart, hast rights, under-pinned, laid money on, having to name, holds dear, ran the show, is given, are the case, wast in possession of, coming defense of, pre vent, swearing down, baby sit, under-pins, held in high esteem, keep line, put good word, art sure of, Copped, super intended, be sure of, looked after, Garrisoned, ex act, reins in, took over, have, be effect, art possession of, thumped for, cared for, sided with, confess, over saw, guards against, latch to, was case, crossed ones heart, said defense, doted on, make use of, sub-dues, put in good word, has hand, wert in force, art born with, keep down, staking out, de-sires, re serving, sub due, put in good word for, teeming with, having dibs on something, re-pressing, art in force, have place, up holds, put a good word for, were valid, keeps in line, speaks for, pro curing, up-held, staid staunch, standing up for, gets into, de-bars, being told, is in force, wert effect, accessed, putting the snare on, laying money on, guard against, kept down, boxes up, pre-tends, watches for, re-deeming, over seen, hast bearing, keeping down, cherish, knocks wood, go back, pre dominating, is effect, stick for, re press, de-tain, get ones hands on, sub-jugate, wert endowed with, sweats it, Palmed, pre-serves, sweat out, re-serving, begged borrow or steal, keeping out, over looks, holding purse strings, takes possession, affirm, staid put, holds in high esteem, hem in, pre-venting, cares for, art the case, have being, having being, being the case, with-held, come in, palms, had rights, was alive, swears down, be possession of, ride shotgun for, de-sire, crosses heart, is told, keeps down, keep, dote on, pro-mote, clave to, hadst dibs on something, be friending, guarded against, having rights, save, was blessed with, crosses ones heart, pre-vailed, re presses, taking under wing, hast dibs something, withhold, had bearing, provided sanctuary, ex-plains, concede, runs the show, stand by, Revering, re ported, quarterbacked, lapping up, gloms, pushes buttons, looked at sunny side, de-limit, cracked down, re-quire, quarterbacks, re lying, pro tested, being in receipt of, apologizing for, kept close, re-aching, am possession of, haddest hunch, wast told, hold in high esteem, de limiting, with holds, scrape together, gobbled up, super-vised, re ached, having name, crossing heart, providing sanctuary, catered to, pulled back, keeping in line, over look, simmered down, stood by, pre tend, am in effect, getting hands on, rediscover, being blessed with, Bulwarked, putting a good word, re-cover, re aching, sweating it out, Garrisoning, set store by, pre vailed, de-clare, speak for, crossing one heart, proves a case, haddest being, fore-seen, pick up, go along, over-seen, stood up, re-commends, am effect, re-mains, hold the reins, gotten from, re-tains, having title, seeing after, catering to, hast title, wert informed, going in for, stands up, is the case, re mains, hast being, return, pre dominate, re-quiring, puts lock on, watches out for, putting in good word for, pro-tested, lock up, keeps tabs on, gets hold of, running the show, being equipped for, feels confident, re-lying, stakes out, control, take stock in, got into, were sure of, pre-dominate, holds the reins, re-strains, re pressed, takes under wing, were alive, wast alive, reigned over, puts good word, pro cures, hadst sneaking suspicion, pre tends, corroborate, swear up down, hold purse strings, was possessed of, pull back, takes heart, sub dues, wast possession of, de-fended, re quiring, Housed, ties down, ministered to, latch on to, coming into, hung in, kept safe, sweating out, re tain, own, re covering, ex-act, pro-fesses, gets one hands on, beats off, hath name, remaining true, were possession of, with stands, watching over, are valid, shores up, latches on to, de bar, call signals, stands by, watched out for, have dibs on something, tied down, crossed heart, over looked, re-porting, pre-dominated, come back, am told, de-barring, putting a good word for, came in to, scraping together, sets store by, up-holds, hast hunch, having place, being valid, has hunch, pro cured, gotten ones hands on, pinion, had name, stand behind, heads up, wast endowed with, pro-curing, hath hunch, was valid, kept out, art valid, puts a lock on, is in effect, vised, accessing, held purse strings, calls signals, Shepherded, are alive, de-limiting, say defense, having dibs something, be the case, in habiting, clung to, see to, come in to, is saddle, re pressing, cleave to, depend on, coming to defense of, sticking for, de limited, over-looking, was possession of, were blessed with, kept eye on, am sure of, takes as gospel truth, have to name, took heart, ex acts, being receipt of, had in hand, under pin, wast force, in-habit, pushing buttons, de-bar, side with, latched on to, taking possession, support, am the case, watched for, re-covered, be in receipt of, said in defense, swear down, watch over, bear one out, tie down, taking as gospel truth, fights for, sur mises, wert sure of, de-fends, got ones hands on, ward off, rode shotgun for, take over, deal with, stuck up for, gat one hands on, pre-tending, sit on, be-friend, swear up and down, taking as spouse, apologized for, are saddle, pre-dominates, put in a good word, sees after, had hand, be lieve, getting hold of, were receipt of, Disciplining, pro-testing, hitting up, not let goes, spake for, de-limited, caters to, held good, with stood, get one hands on, wast given, be born with, sitting on, approve, hast faith, hadst dibs something, receive, was in possession of, re-strained, feel confident, re main, over seeing, beating off, re mained, super-intended, hath dibs something, sware down, looked forward to, re aped, super vising, speaking for, sweats it out, keeps out, super intends, pinions, went in for, super intend, pro-cures, re-ported, promising oneself, swore and down, wast saddle, keeps close, froze to, wert in possession of, sub-due, sweated it out, deem likely, copping, be told, pro-fess, have in hand, tying down, ex plained, be troths, re cover, were in force, am alive, take as gospel truth, are in force, wert saddle, had dibs something, re-quired, defend, hadst name, piloting, sticked up for, put the snare on, have faith, hit up, aid, wast informed, promises oneself, having sneaking suspicion, pre-siding, is force, stayed put, be, sweated it, hadst hand, cling to, hast to name, speaking up for, re strained, was in receipt of, being informed, super-intends, being endowed with, join, re maining, sware and down, say in defense, glommed, taking care of, are effect, scrape up, am equipped for, falling heir to, re strains, pre serving, scraped up, pre-side, has dibs on something, remain true, with hold, was informed, was in saddle, pro scribes, re serve, are in receipt of, hadst rights, rein in, comes into, keep an eye on, kept fingers crossed, pre-vented, were the case, puts a good word for, re-deems, reserve, pre-serve, fore-sees, ministering to, has in hand, re commended, hanged in, laps up, held dear, super-intend, apologizes for, reigning over, look after, de tains, keeps eye on, calling the signals, come defense of, remains true, holds sway over, palm, gotten hold of, wast in saddle, caring for, had hunch, pre-vails, fore seeing, being in force, sticks up for, holds good, pro scribed, are informed, thumping for, am born with, lay claim to, re gards, saying defense, hold high esteem, re-served, held at bay, putting good word, wast possessed of, being in effect, have bearing, reclaim, have name, thump for, sticks for, was told, saw after, Bulwarking, took possession, gat hold of, cracking down, wert born with, in-habiting, says in defense, be equipped for, be-lieve, takes over, hadst bearing, look at sunny side, was effect, wert equipped for, spoke for, took as gospel truth, hold true, took as spouse, has name, help, being case, keeping close, looks sunny side, holding true, pre-served, covered for, was sure of, Viseing, speaks up for, was endowed with, gobble up, were born with, hadst in hand, harbor, quarterback, hangs in, re-tain, choked back, cross one's heart, got hold of, riding shotgun for, look sunny side, protect, gets hands on, de-riving, staying put, sees to, gets in to, re sting, falls heir to, re-deem, hadst title, allow, be-friends, in habited, de sires, corner market, re-gard, put good word for, corking, wert blessed with, grant, pre-serving, over-seeing, embrace, holds at bay, re-commended, be in effect, apprized, lap up, ex-acting, art informed, wast sure of, standing behind, care for, agree, de riving, panoplied, stays put, wait, takes care of, begged borrow steal, keep tabs on, not let went, covering for, corking up, had sneaking suspicion, re commends, called the signals, bore one out, espouse, keeping eye on, is in possession of, re-sting, stands up for, repelling danger, haddest hand, re-aped, am blessed with, re-commend, put snare on, taking heart, puts in a good word for, pre vail, fall heir to, hast dibs on something, comes defense of, prove a case, with-stand, sware up down, de barring, keeping an eye on, kept tabs on, were in receipt of, stuck for, go bat for, redeem, taking over, re commending, reining in, re served, putting in a good word for, up hold, took under wing, watched over, ex acting, knocking wood, Regimenting, hast in hand, hath bearing, ran things, thinking to, gets from, super-intending, got one hands on, rescue, laid claim to, rides shotgun for, de barred, fighting for, takes as spouse, under pins, have sneaking suspicion, be valid, wert the case, wert told, prove case, de fend, setting store by, sur-mise, hold bay, ex plains, has bearing, be-troths, get in to, be in force, be friends, hope, gotten into, disciplined, tend, cleaving to, in habits, with stand, put lock on, super vise, cornered market, speak up for, has place, art in saddle, court, be force, pro cure, Valuing, over-looks, ministers to, took care of, hath rights, was receipt of, over-saw, running show, under pinning, take heart, under-pinning, are in effect, teem with, is possessed of, sur-mises, swears and down, with-stands, swearing up down, has title, being possession of, teemed with, standing by, choke back, were saddle, be case, hath title, rid shotgun for, de limit, wert possessed of, latched to, are possession of, repels danger, pleads for, calling signals, latches to, gotten in to, pre served, saw to, admit, pro scribe, siding with, freezing to, beat off, begging borrow steal.