Pronunciation of Fraction
/fɹˈakʃən/, /fɹˈakʃən/, /f_ɹ_ˈa_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for fraction

ampleness, rounding-offs, counter-part, co-ordinations, great deals, plena, sum, pendant, collectivities, Collectivity, unit, whole shooting matches, finishing touches, whole shooting match, system, terminality, entity, complement, entirenesses, makeweights, adequatenesses, whole ball of wax, lock stock barrel, the work, extensivenesses, frame reference, un-dividednesses, quartets, plenum, omnitude, fixed orders, lock stock and barrel, Irrevocability, greater part, logical orders, amplenesses, lock stock and barrels, satiation, unavoidabilities, engorgements, pro fusions, omneity, Extensiveness, hook line and sinker, choirs, omnitudes, distension, inevitablenesses, unavoidability, Quiddities, full amounts, distensions, wideness, universality, whole shebang, whole nine yards, entirety, Allness, hook line sinker, collectivenesses, dis-tension, finishing touch, plenums, co piousnesses, comprehensiveness, roundingoff, hook line and sinkers, absoluteness, sub-stances, sub stances, Collectiveness, counter parts, whole enchiladas, sextet, allnesses, Ones, choir, greater parts, sub stance, counter part, sextets, quartet, great deal, pendants, quintets, fixed order, curvaceousnesses, dis-tensions, comprehensivenesses, tumescence, whole enchilada, out-fits, co ordinations, undividedness, out fits, irrevocabilities, lion share, aggregate, tumescences, out-fit, widenesses, pro-fusions, pro-fusion, octets, co-piousness, mass, undividednesses, staples, ensemble, rounding-off, Integrality, whole bits, co-piousnesses, re-solutions, makeweight, totality, coordinations, co ordination, dis tension, whole bit, adequateness, coordination, filler, terminalities, counter-parts, un dividednesses, co-ordination, absolutenesses, integralities, multiply, sub-stance, intactness, roundingoffs, octet, un dividedness, entireness, universalities, whole schmear, dis tensions, omneities, total, the works, full amount, lions share, hook line sinkers, finality, logical order, un-dividedness, curvaceousness, re-solution, re solutions, whole nine yard, flat outs, whole ball wax, whole shebangs, out fit, co piousness, intactnesses, integrals, whole, rounding offs.