Pronunciation of Freedom
/fɹˈiːdəm/, /fɹˈiːdəm/, /f_ɹ_ˈiː_d_ə_m/

Antonyms for freedom

don't, grain of salt, dis tresses, religious convention, de-limitations, Enchainment, de-limitation, far outs, catch-22's, pro mise, dis-allowance, re buffs, custodianships, a thou-shalt-not, psychological baggages, be lief, holding the bag, repression, de terrence, predomination, reserve, restrainers, end points, quicksand, de-lays, pre-occupations, withholdings, re-sort, un-communicativeness, comeon, Cumbrance, MITTS, menial labor, seducements, subjection, tute-lage, have the brain, obligation, absolutes, re striction, up-rightnesses, self-disciplines, inter diction, deadweights, impedance, with holding, ex-tent, ball chain, containment, delimitation, immurations, immuration, jamup, dis approval, drivers seat, ex-pertness, gaffs, a thou-shalt-nots, with-holdings, nono's, hangup, inter dependence, detainings, Villenage, predominations, locking up, tiger by tail, restraint, re-straining, answerability, dis advantages, self control, ought, custodianship, no-no, cloggings, wire pullings, jam-ups, de pendency, re-striction, up rightnesses, catch22's, in jury, holding pens, driver seat, constriction, clampdown, thou shalt nots, catch 22's, re-liability, confinement, pull ins, captivity, villenages, social conventions, de pendencies, the maxes, oppression, no no's, time the river, keeping ins, thraldoms, compass, de-pendencies, de-bit, under-standing, preventive custodies, de-pendency, stenosis, de lays, nono, internments, tightness, mosts, dependence, full court presses, re buff, communism, mis fortune, devoir, tute-lages, sub ordinations, holding backs, charley horses, retardments, re-serve, pro-mise, shooting pains, self disciplines, pre domination, bondage, in-dentures, tiger by the tail, limitation, durance, constrainment, jam up, re strainers, pinions, mitt, ex tents, un communicativenesses, detention, re strainer, self-consciousness, sur face, levelheadedness, de-creases, duress, expertisms, holding bag, un-communicativenesses, un naturalness, sublimations, entrapment, dis-advantage, re-sorts, circumscription, be-lief, taciturnity, re-verse, cutoff point, sensiblenesses, farthest point, selfdenial, arrestations, durances, dis-advantages, narrowness, serfhood, custody, dis appointments, wardships, quellings, self consciousnesses, deadweight, pre-possessions, thraldom, pro positions, over sights, dis-approvals, mis-fortunes, pre occupation, hold, subserviences, vassalage, subjections, impoundments, de crease, de-coy, small difficulty, in-junctions, impoundment, under-standings, out bound, selfcontrol, de terminations, tute lages, handicap, quicksands, restrainer, dis appointment, peonage, re-strictions, pre-domination, trustiness, dead weights, incompetence, pre-dominations, gloms, up-rightness, in-denture, weakness, compulsion, un-responsiveness, capturings, dis-tress, quarantinings, a must, panelings, nippings, dependablenesses, bourne, peonages, cramp, un-naturalnesses, serfhoods, difficulty, due bill, oughts, curbings, selfpossession, ex tent, in juries, dependabilities, barrier, chains constraints, inter-dict, inter dict, helotries, religious conventions, de termination, charley horse, foot draggings, under standing, dis-appointment, de bits, utmosts, farthest points, ex pertnesses, Wardship, no nos, delimitations, stayings, inter dependences, prohibitions, pro-mises, boundings, interdiction, Helotry, de-lay, straitjackets, dependableness, trustworthiness, impellings, feudalism, re sources, responsibleness, de bit, excess baggage, chains constraint, remand, pro position, immurements, pre possessions, proscription, Bilboes, re-serves, the max, have brain, un responsivenesses, feudalisms, incarceratings, catch22, self consciousness, capablenesses, impedances, a thou shalt nots, with holdings, responsibility, time up the river, slimness, wall, entrapments, de-terminations, dis-tresses, sensibleness, serfages, due bills, humility, inability, re strictions, slavery, internment, knowhow, over-sight, de-coys, pick ups, imprisonment, re liability, measure, responsiblenesses, enslavement, charge, re-strainer, sub ordination, constrainments, foot dragging, selfgovernment, re-liabilities, out of bound, de-terrence, remands, shooting pain, pre occupations, small difficulties, ex-tents, ex pertness, de limitation, impotence, un communicativeness, donts, vassalages, graspings, thou-shalt-not, re straining, de-privations, dead weight, have on brain, re-versal, immurings, cutoff points, selfdisciplines, straitjacket, Arrestation, dis advantage, self-discipline, serfdom, inter-diction, de limitations, preventive custody, un naturalnesses, wire pulling, snare, accountablenesses, immobilization, sub-ordinations, Obligatoriness, tightnesses, social convention, locking ups, slimnesses, curb, committal, arrest, hindrance, smotherings, no-no's, constraint, bullwork, dis-approval, impulsions, in junction, de-termination, ex-pertnesses, psychological baggage, over sight, re serve, command, Detainment, off limit, self restraint, inter-dependences, stenosises, dis-allowances, self government, drivings, de-terrences, self possession, inhibition, selfconsciousnesses, hang up, cumbrances, keeping in, de lay, de privation, protective custody, full court press, tute lage, re versal, pinch, expertism, time river, obligatorinesses, boundnesses, check, imprisonings, de creases, don'ts, suppression, Exigencies, in dentures, dis approvals, max, have on the brain, de-privation, de-bits, pinion, super-visions, mis fortunes, jam ups, protective custodies, dis allowances, pro mises, off limits, trustworthinesses, constipation, trustinesses, limit, de coys, villeinage, subjugation, subjugations, time up river, devoirs, obsession, the mosts, servitude, sur faces, immurement, ultimates, answerabilities, restrictions, un-responsivenesses, a thou shalt not, necessity, control, pressure, the most, re source, servility, containments, sur-face, a musts, bournes, Accountableness, jamups, pro-positions, impediment, thou shalt not, paneling, preventives, bullworks, fetters, dis-appointments, boundness, capableness, re-sources, super visions, stallings, dis tress, over-sights, Serfage, re-source, committals, restriction, incarceration, retention, in junctions, in-junction, superstition, excess baggages, sublimation, un responsiveness, un-naturalness, re verse, Heteronomy, up rightness, chokings, subordination, selfconsciousness, Retardment, menial labors, de privations, de-crease, pre-occupation, in-jury, super-vision, trusteeship, holding pen, government, grain salt, self denial, de terrences, jam-up, inter-dependence, under standings, re-strainers, dis allowance, extreme, re-buffs, in denture, catch 22, self-consciousnesses, constipations, dependability, de coy, uncommunicativeness, self discipline, pre dominations, checkings.