Pronunciation of Freeing
/fɹˈiːɪŋ/, /fɹˈiːɪŋ/, /f_ɹ_ˈiː__ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for freeing

serfdom, inculpation, recrimination, incarceration, pre cept, intendance, condemnation, re criminations, yoke, deadweight, intendances, stink, re probations, in-junctions, internment, out-breaks, in-tendance, hit jackpot, Enchainment, run in, exprobation, taking in to custodies, servitude, over-sight, super intendency, re probation, out breaks, be hests, dis approvals, graspings, takings, obtainings, be-hests, re-prehension, in-criminations, in junctions, objurgations, dis favors, charge, pre-cept, be hest, dis-approbations, over sight, deadweights, laying hold of, gainings, dis-favors, dis-approbation, in criminations, subjugation, ex postulation, ex-probations, super-intendency, out lay, pick ups, re-monstrances, re prehensions, snatchings, reprobation, in-tendances, ex-postulation, over sights, taking into custodies, dis-approval, dis approbations, dis favor, committal, ex postulations, sentences, conquest, super-visions, in-junction, ex probations, bondage, re monstrances, plaints, falls, chidings, knock offs, out-lay, objurgation, oughts, super-vision, re monstrance, exprobations, ought, re-crimination, winnings, laying hold ofs, impeachment, superintendencies, ex-probation, inculpations, re-criminations, appropriatings, plaint, ex-postulations, commandeerings, in crimination, capture, thralldom, super-intendencies, enslavement, dis approval, reprehension, dis-favor, imprisonment, be-hest, taking captives, out break, muggings, seizings, super visions, impeachments, super intendencies, over-sights, dis approbation, re-monstrance, taking captive, captivity, in junction, in tendances, out-break, committals, ex probation, dis-approvals, recriminations, ensnarings, in tendance.