Pronunciation of Fresh
/fɹˈɛʃ/, /fɹˈɛʃ/, /f_ɹ_ˈɛ_ʃ/

Antonyms for fresh

uncertain, most wracked, kind, in operable, most unindustrious, strong smelling, more discomfited, calm, dis-colored, more beanpole, more moldering, un friendliest, mildewy, ante diluvian, Nidorous, in firm, stocker, in-fertile, more gray haired, disgusted, most down at the heel, un-kempt, in effectual, dead on one's feet, more oldhat, more beat up, lazy, most battered, purulent, bone-weary, most wellworn, long lasting, widely used, unkempt, most pinched, oldhat, most consumed, matter of fact, more bruised, dis-approving, un-kempter, injured, sub standard, respectful, tumble-down, dis-satisfactory, tasteless, dogeared, more down-at-the-heel, musty, more polluted, mass produced, more harassed, un romantic, out of it, most harrowed, more dead-tired, untidy, most careworn, dis approved, most worn down, out raged, un tidier, most used-up, more starved, hackneyed, most dogeared, age old, in-different, yester-day's, most mass-produced, more well worn, bonetired, soured, in disposed, gone seed, long lived, over used, more slow moving, dis figured, de testable, more fossilized, more satiated, asleep job, dog eared, most worn-down, untended, used-up, creaky, more curdled, playedout, cornfed, dis-loyal, de mode, the worse for wear, rickety, more burnt-out, uncared-for, more doctrinal, most putrified, tried and true, more consumed, most sapped, un fortunate, in firmest, well worn, dis-honorable, dis agreeable, triper, un healthiest, dulled, everyday, more fossil, pre conceived, most oldish, defiled, dried up, more sapped, gentle, past one's prime, most transmitted, most graveolent, be-draggled, most deteriorating, more mildewy, un indifferent, marred, more weathered, most dead tired, more old-saw, dis loyal, thrown away, oldsaw, in pain, gone to seed, pre historic, dis-gusted, most old fangled, old fashioned, most disused, un acceptable, time-worn, more oldish, more lusterless, most sylphlike, out of condition, dis-eased, more cliche ridden, more perished, ageold, more corroded, not modern, proper, more gray-haired, most castoff, most hasbeen, indefinite, de-parted, old-fashioned, un-trustworthy, most prostrated, noplace, hurt, oldfangled, more abhorred, un fairest, most galled, more long established, most dog-eared, bruised, most mass produced, grown old, most nowhere, inoperable, up to here, tainted, stereo typical, familiar tune, impaired, most collapsing, dead, un-tidy, sticker, un cleaner, dog tired, more geriatric, timehonored, dead-tired, more dried-out, old chestnut, in-adequate, over-tired, un-fairest, sick, scraggiest, down-at-heel, out-raged, un-suitable, more anguished, folkest, most done-in, un kempt, most slow-moving, most cliche-ridden, burntout, un-easiest, most burnt out, Folker, de relict, more old-chestnut, un-fortunate, more muddied, narcoleptic, most dinged, deadtired, fecal, unindifferent, more outworn, old goat, bushed, more dripping, obscure, shamefaced, more usedup, dis-contented, most bone-weary, cliche-ridden, most moldered, long established, un-tidiest, more fargone, old-saw, imitative, sick tired of, un easier, most pustular, dis-composed, most repulsed, done it all, most far-gone, most disapproved, moldy, most dulled, ancient, most chafed, most strong smelling, conventional, dis-pleased, dis integrating, sloppy, totaled, most gray haired, more relic, more careworn, unobtrusive, most evil smelling, in distinct, one sided, most perished, over hill, most overtaxed, most surfeited, no fat, out one feet, badsmelling, more repulsed, by-gone, old-chestnut, more warped, more wellworn, gloomy, usedup, less, more vitiated, most repelled, unready, most overtired, un becoming, out, most dripping, insipid, long-established, dis-reputable, most oldchestnut, more disapproved, most unstylish, more repelled, more discomposed, broken down, most sullied, more bad-smelling, un usable, un-creative, dis gusted, most fossil, dogweary, been around, messy, un healthy, antique, jaundiced, dis satisfactory, yester-day, drawn, oldie, out style, most grayhaired, not current, more tumble-down, stereotyped, re-gular, yesterday, rancid, most expended, most vitiated, most staying, most degenerated, more zestless, most frayed, more soured, de-relict, like a dinosaur, over-used, disused, most tumble-down, uncared for, dog weary, careworn, more galled, most tired out, most bonetired, most cornfed, most carious, sylphlike, haggard, out-dated, more forceless, more oldsaw, whiffy, more appalled, de filed, more tired-out, oldtime, more badsmelling, faltering, more overripe, most pigpen, over-ripe, anguished, most disquieted, nowhere, most sometime, grossed out, hand-me-down, more out of date, banal, most dogtired, more longestablished, over worked, cast-off, gray-haired, most dog weary, more dinged, most playedout, most putrescent, un comfortable, dis graceful, most tired-out, in adequate, more untended, most zestless, un suitable, most putrefactive, more putrefactive, most dinosaur, most polluted, time-honored, more bonetired, dry, ashamed, slovenly, most slowmoving, down at the heel, driedout, stereo-typic, more time worn, donein, worn thin, selfconscious, most busted, dull, fewer, yesterday's, more cliche, up here with, dis-appointing, putrified, more bone tired, un fashionable, more cliche-ridden, courteous, anachronistic, un tidiest, most outworn, slow, dis pleased, most driedout, more playedout, out feet, dis quieted, most satiated, most well-worn, lethargic, un-concerned, more far gone, more dried out, dull as dishwater, up to here with, most shadow, dime dozen, most boneweary, more scandalized, most well worn, unstylish, in-effectual, most bad smelling, most procrastinating, indistinct, de-generate, in elegant, curdled, most discolored, uncool, cloudy, most inoperable, more bilious, more driedout, most oldfangled, more down at heel, contaminated, un sound, dreary, chainer, evil smelling, mannerly, longlived, more has-been, frowsy, un-written, in-operative, dis colored, more inoperable, beat-up, more tumble down, most dog-weary, most played-out, un sounder, most warped, asleep on job, enervated, more evil smelling, most nidorous, overtired, most bad-smelling, most unpersevering, whiffier, derivative, in famous, scraggy, more dead beat, dis-gusting, tuckered, more frazzled, more reeking, carious, dis-integrating, most cliche ridden, pre possessed, more disintegrated, most deadtired, threadbare, humble, be draggled, back number, most lusterless, out-of-style, more disapproving, in sipid, bad-smelling, de solate, dirty, lifeless, most unenergetic, retiring, putrescent, more donein, fagged out, dis eased, more degenerated, in operative, most dead-tired, down-at-the-heel, most forceless, all gone, most dried-out, time honored, most wilted, out gas, under weather, trashy, un-imaginative, more nidorous, wan, well-worn, de parted, dead feet, more graveolent, most purulent, most old saw, more dallying, most fossilized, more demode, far-gone, more irked, unclean, most far gone, most festering, un fruitful, exhausted, more has been, aged, outmoded, most stressed, un-tidier, creakiest, most beatup, most oldie, soft, more bleached, most bilious, more bone-weary, stilter, more suffering, un happy, un imaginative, used, un productive, more zero, more sullied, in effective, more prostrated, at end, more burnt out, flexible, more mass-produced, demoded, more enfeebled, stiltest, disfigured, past prime, most down-at-the-heel, polite, yester day's, along years, most mildewy, un-fairer, played-out, more overtaxed, jadeds, most usedup, more down-at-heel, most enfeebled, most fretted, over-taxed, more etiolated, overtaxed, Dog-weary, more used up, ex-asperated, rotten, more pabulum, more totaled, geriatric, Unhandsome, more oldchestnut, Graveolent, un luckier, dis used, polluted, readymade, more strong smelling, most nothing, un-soundest, more putrefied, soiled, damaged, more dogeared, most bruised, established, normal, bone-tired, more crumbled, un-kemptest, wishywashy, harmed, Perished, most out-of-style, in fertile, more old saw, most uncaredfor, yecchiest, asleep on the job, most badsmelling, more putrescent, stereo typed, evil-smelling, more sometime, outta gas, dis pleasing, most longestablished, disheveled, doctrinal, more old fangled, most cast-off, old-hat, muddied, most scandalized, more strong-smelling, more disquieted, most uncared-for, snooziest, self conscious, most contaminated, most tumble down, most fecal, more vexed, bone tired, Dead beat, more time-worn, more cornball, dis tressed, un-healthy, slow moving, more fretted, in-effective, more beat-up, broken, most abhorred, run of the mill, more surfeited, most dead-beat, un persevering, most grudging, more dropping, more disfigured, more shadow, most oldsaw, in-tolerant, more dog-eared, more overtired, cheesy, most squandered, wellworn, un-comfortable, punker, more deteriorating, of long standing, Stenchy, most totaled, ho hum, in-operable, most fargone, uni-versal, had it, jaded, bilious, most unindifferent, un pleasant, mousy, more putrified, tiredout, more cornfed, most uncared for, most disfigured, re gular, de generated, more turned, more shattered, more decomposing, more worndown, most played out, ignorant, out of style, corny, warmed-over, not young, of old, antediluvian, stickest, more purulent, un easy, sated, un kempter, more harrowed, dinosaur, most dogweary, down drain, more festering, most narcoleptic, inconspicuous, most old hat, most bone tired, most burntout, de generate, timeworn, most cast off, spent, more feculent, out on one feet, dog-eared, pegged out, in-firmer, dis-approved, most reeking, un-tended, de composing, more played out, most olid, more noplace, traditional, down at heel, unbecoming, more dog tired, un substantial, un-friendly, tripest, most noplace, most dog eared, old saw, dead on ones feet, un-satisfactory, more boneweary, un industrious, old time, dis appointing, forceless, dried out, un clean, un satisfactory, run-down, deferential, full up, pre scribed, sick of, more used-up, out of date, blemished, un-usable, de-mode, more succumbing, most disapproving, old fangled, more smelling, inactive, shy, Mildewed, more dulled, dog-tired, evilsmelling, longestablished, most untended, more cast-off, most tiredout, more out-of-style, stereo-typed, more fagged, most cornball, un-productive, most bone weary, impure, most dog-tired, un-healthiest, motheaten, more evilsmelling, de-solate, most exasperated, most old-hat, most vexed, re-mote, sick and tired of, more busted, abashed, more dog eared, more dog-tired, most drenched, un healthier, more nothing, in-elegant, un luckiest, most burnt-out, unintelligent, more decomposed, most harassed, uncomfortable, in-attentive, more old-fangled, lusterless, dis honorable, more anachronistic, most outraged, un lucky, dis-ordered, more contaminated, most cliche, more moldered, dis composed, more bad smelling, most donein, modest, pre-conceived, more bone-tired, stereo-typical, putrid, most worn out, more preconceived, slow-moving, un easiest, de stroyed, most dead beat, worn-down, creakier, dis-pleasing, most has been, more transmitted, mossy, most slow moving, un-industrious, most unready, out of gas, de-stroyed, more grudging, lot of mileage, more infected, most anguished, most dirtied, most shot, most turned, more beatup, most feculent, lassitudinous, more frayed, in bad way, dis-integrated, Pustular, more nowhere, most soured, un stylish, more dinosaur, unenergetic, out-of-date, rumpled, more shot, mouldy, more narcoleptic, most revolted, de-composing, bad smelling, un cleanest, more evil-smelling, beatup, unimaginative, more unindustrious, more tired out, most sated, most smelling, fatally poisoned, out dated, tinned, un tended, dead one feet, most fagged, un-substantial, un-easier, most has-been, un fair, in tolerant, pre-scribed, more out of style, most succumbing, withered, dead-beat, bribable, pre-possessed, preconceived, more played-out, out on ones feet, old, by gone, more unenergetic, more squandered, dis-tressed, worse for wear, in-firmest, most long-established, along in years, more collapsing, more olid, most old chestnut, faded, unattractive, most beat up, petered out, un creative, more stained, bone weary, more fecal, tired-out, more uncared-for, out ones feet, in-disposed, more disintegrating, most frazzled, taken for granted, out worn, weary, pre-historic, de-testable, de-composed, most time worn, mild, more uncared for, more mass produced, asleep the job, un happier, sick and tired, ready to drop, burnt-out, horse buggy, un-energetic, more uncaredfor, lowgrade, more long-established, yester day, more unstylish, out on feet, more well-worn, onesided, feculent, overused, dead on feet, more staying, cliche ridden, stupid, longlasting, more oldie, un-cleanest, cornball, most worndown, used up, re-eking, more deadbeat, un-friendliest, at an end, old-fangled, un profitable, un-pleasant, over-worked, yester days, over ripe, re-pulsed, warm, graceless, veteran, fossilized, most etiolated, gray haired, washedup, more wilted, most demoded, stenchiest, more demoded, genteel, uncaredfor, limp, un-romantic, more tiredout, tired, second hand, debilitating, played out, un friendlier, un-original, most crumbled, most beat-up, dis reputable, vintage, not with it, had bellyful, most corroded, most putrefied, uni versal, sick tired, most time-worn, in a bad way, sateds, most preconceived, meek, more pigpen, more down at the heel, most zero, cliched, warmed over, most pabulum, most done in, un fairer, castoff, more weighted, more sated, stale, un-fashionable, dis-figured, dogtired, un-luckier, most doctrinal, more dogweary, un inspired, like dinosaur, most bone-tired, unfashionable, wishy-washy, brokendown, out on one's feet, yecchy, most senescent, zestless, sub-standard, dis-quieted, over tired, primeval, more sylphlike, up here, most disintegrating, snoozy, in firmer, wishy washy, most dog tired, more burntout, tried, past one prime, worn-out, most infected, more old-hat, un ready, inelegant, ex-pended, more battered, un kemptest, tumble down, dried-out, un-fair, yester-days, most evilsmelling, more worn down, senescent, ready drop, defaced, bedraggled, few miles on, re eking, un tidy, out it, scraggier, dis approving, most overripe, most bleached, out condition, un-becoming, most laggard, dis-agreeable, wrung out, most decomposing, tacky, demure, desiccated, un-indifferent, re pulsed, un-acceptable, un written, dis integrated, more slow-moving, more grayhaired, Taxed, most evil-smelling, over-wrought, most old-chestnut, dis gusting, experienced, more bone weary, povertystricken, quick-frozen, dis contented, more old chestnut, un-sounder, temperate, most gray-haired, un-stylish, lean, most disintegrated, more pinched, more unpersevering, worndown, more procrastinating, un-cleaner, more cast off, unchaste, boneweary, most beanpole, styleless, past ones prime, dead tired, out one's feet, most oldhat, blushing, more wracked, repetitious, chainest, washed up, Olid, dead ones feet, dead on one feet, un-friendlier, warmedover, dis ordered, dis-used, more discolored, most geriatric, embarrassed, un-persevering, most used up, washedout, slowmoving, un employed, most old-saw, in different, un original, most deadbeat, dark, more oldfangled, more hasbeen, low grade, washed out, mussy, worn, dead one's feet, un-ready, trite, de composed, hasbeen, overripe, more worn-down, most muddied, more pustular, poverty stricken, moderate, oldchestnut, dowdy, in-active, salty, rank, in-sipid, dis-graceful, un-lucky, done-in, oldish, wrinkled, bummest, most irked, time worn, had enough, more castoff, boring, most stained, has-been, un-inspired, of old school, un-sound, most long established, preserved, more unindifferent, weighted, snoozier, more massproduced, most weathered, backward, of the old school, whiffiest, most out of style, done all, most lassitudinous, behind times, more expended, of yore, all in, un-fruitful, exhausteds, most demode, beat, standard, in-distinct, oldfashioned, ante-diluvian, worn down, strong-smelling, most down-at-heel, more lassitudinous, fargone, most discomfited, shabby, most bribable, wornout, ex pended, has been, more old hat, fagged, satiated, un concerned, de-filed, stenchier, un happiest, most moldering, more dogtired, most decomposed, fatigued, un-happy, de-generated, most strong-smelling, more disused, sullied, most relic.