Pronunciation of Gay
/ɡˈe͡ɪ/, /ɡˈe‍ɪ/, /ɡ_ˈeɪ/

Antonyms for gay

more bottommost, more foul mouthed, ultra marine, more tumbled, un becoming, heavy, melancholic, more illbred, un cleanly, down in dumps, most ripped, most low down, more low lying, in dumps, bottom-most, broken up, dis-concerted, most ruffled, dis mayed, un glued, more low-down, brutish, dis-honorable, mopiest, un-couth, most ground level, most cut rate, down the mouth, in the doldrums, un-cultivated, more brooding, pro-founder, most shot-down, twoton, more beryl, bottom most, gloomy, ground level, more ruffled, in-tolerable, foul-mouthed, most rattled, most vulgarian, un-becoming, in the toilet, topheavy, off color, un chaster, most indigo, most lowhanging, more cerulean, more muted, scurvy, more cut rate, low set, more bummed-out, most foul mouthed, pro fane, un-costly, more subsided, in-expensive, more bummedout, un happy, illbred, Acroamatic, more shot-down, over-wrought, in decent, scurvier, in disposed, down mouth, dis ordered, more saddening, co pious, most low-down, unhappy, lowdown dirty, most brutish, more two-ton, low spirited, most bummedout, over-cast, un worthiest, most leadfooted, more acroamatic, most lowlying, most rock bottom, un wieldy, more low set, un-cleanlier, more dragged, inculter, bluegreen, most lead-footed, navier, most brooding, most blue-green, pro-fane, more brutish, more daunted, most bluegray, dirty, most saddening, in different, un cleanliest, more bummed out, dis appointed, philistine, singing the blues, lowborn, more zaftig, most foul-mouthed, be-neath, unglued, more chapfallen, down in the dumps, scurviest, most sapphire, mirthless, in pain, singing blues, more crouched, pro founder, most ill bred, cast-down, upsidedown, more cut, low, in blue funk, not high, un-elevated, most muted, bottommost, more ground-level, depressed, un settled, low-set, dis heartened, un civilized, more rock bottom, heterosexual, in the pits, un-pretentious, more weighted, un-wieldiest, more lowborn, more low hanging, downcast, uncostly, most disquieted, most uncostly, most two-ton, in expensive, most bummed out, un costly, more cast down, over-weight, more low-set, most dragged, more rattled, un dignified, more ill bred, in elegant, more grieving, more low down, un-worthiest, most cerulean, un cleanest, ill-bred, crumbiest, bluegray, lowdown, cut rate, more cobalt, undignified, more down in the mouth, most ground-level, un-cleaner, lowgrade, un worthier, down in mouth, more cast-down, more toppled, un cultured, most groundlevel, low-lying, in pits, ill bred, more groundlevel, most illbred, un chastest, ultramarine, more cut-rate, in delicate, un-zipped, woebegone, co-pious, un-cleanest, most low set, most castdown, dull, un couth, most lowbred, dis concerted, more roughneck, chapfallen, dis-heartened, plain, most lowdown, down dumps, mopier, more mirthless, more disheartened, more turquoise, more low-hanging, up-set, cerulean, more twoton, more low-lying, un-cleanliest, most crouched, un-washed, over cast, more dismayed, straight, marked down, uncolorful, un washed, more castdown, in significant, most shotdown, un chaste, more rockbottom, lowbred, most cobalt, dis-ordered, most disheartened, in-different, more blue-green, dis honorable, low down, more nether, indigo, castdown, be neath, in culter, un-happier, most slashed, cut-rate, colorless, most cast-down, offcolor, dis-reputable, un clean, torn up, top pled, dis-tressed, most unglued, more lowhanging, un wieldier, un happier, calm, dis-graceful, most turquoise, worried, more lead-footed, blue-green, most blue gray, most lead footed, un-happy, dis tressed, tealest, in-elegant, most cut, bummed-out, come apart, un-glued, un-worthier, upset, shot down, un-manageable, more below, in-delicate, more ultramarine, sub-standard, more down-in-the-mouth, most zaftig, Incult, tipped over, beryl, dispirited, un elevated, low grade, lower, most ultramarine, sad, most rock-bottom, naviest, in cult, bummed out, most bummed-out, most twoton, un-wieldier, more unglued, down and out, most nether, dis-quieted, de stroyed, down out, more saddened, most tumbled, more two ton, more rock-bottom, more blue-gray, lowset, more amazed, most unzipped, most roughneck, most shot down, un-chaster, more foul-mouthed, de graded, most rockbottom, more undignified, un-civil, in tolerable, un-chastest, discouraged, de-stroyed, teal, more unelevated, most lowset, most undignified, down-in-the-mouth, foul mouthed, heavy hearted, sub standard, more unzipped, on downer, most blue green, in doldrums, ground-level, blue, in adequate, pro found, de-pressed, in toilet, more disquieted, over weight, incultest, un manageable, more shot down, most two ton, bummedout, most under, in-decent, in-culter, pro-found, blue green, more blue green, most acroamatic, more bluegreen, un worthy, more indigo, most low hanging, de-solate, most dismayed, un-refined, most below, dis-mayed, un cultivated, more lowset, un cleaner, more lowbred, up set, most lowborn, cutrate, psyched out, dis reputable, dis-appointed, modest, tealer, more ripped, more hurting, most beryl, more ill-bred, un-happiest, more shotdown, more uncostly, more lowdown, most beneath, most low lying, un refined, lowhanging, un happiest, un civil, most grieving, rock-bottom, more slashed, more bluegray, crumbier, un-civilized, most amazed, de-graded, cobalt, squattier, sub sided, un-chaste, all torn up, low-down, in-disposed, more lead footed, two-ton, most bluegreen, cast down, blue-gray, more lowlying, ultra-marine, most at, most ill-bred, unelevated, most mirthless, un-cleanly, most subsided, dis graceful, most cast down, squattiest, un-settled, de solate, lowspirited, melancholy, most sunk, most cutrate, most down-in-the-mouth, in-cultest, lifeless, most unelevated, down the dumps, un polished, un-cultured, most toppled, on a downer, dis quieted, zaftig, top heavy, de pressed, weighted, crumby, in-adequate.