Give birth

Pronunciation of Give Birth
/ɡˈɪv bˈɜːθ/, /ɡˈɪv bˈɜːθ/, /ɡ_ˈɪ_v b_ˈɜː_θ/

Antonyms for give birth

de-composed, un does, dis-qualifies, Depopulating, make splash, de parted, am destroyed, Garroted, dis-patching, being killed, call all bets off, re-aping, were conspicuous, ex-terminating, mows down, pushed around, made roll aisles, grand standing, de-solates, destroy, de-spoils, be labored, re peals, called it day, de-solate, deep-sixes, pushing around, buy farm, re moved, dis join, de-feat, de-lighted, pull the plug, depopulated, Garroting, wert conspicuous, de taches, upping and die, abolish, puts death, make laugh, disestablish, de-ceased, impress, de throning, post-pones, bags it, casting out, ensorcells, Caned, clearing away, doing exterminate, assassinate, knocks dead, de-solated, am conspicuous, in spired, casts aside, xes out, call day, quitted cold, goes back on ones word, inter-posed, un-doing, give ghost, dis sever, ex-cite, losing life, wast destroyed, un loading, lose life, re-solves, withdraw, dis-mantle, blow away, hide, dis integrate, de-spoiled, brake down, calling quits, overawes, blue pencil, fractured, de cease, un loaded, sews up, dis-placing, am killed, cashing chips, makes roll in the aisles, call bets off, goes back on word, dis charge, slaughter, de solated, putting end to, deny, pulling the plug, puts the lid on, dis-missing, dis-charged, make hit with, Downs, Creaming, over-turning, refuse, xed out, knocking dead, garrotes, sawed, Ultimated, came a standstill, get done, de-stroys, work over, coming standstill, knock dead, root out, leave out, dis connect, blue pencils, un seated, casts a spell on, de-mise, calls it a day, making roll in aisles, over throwing, de lay, breaking one up, voodooed, calling bets off, sweeps feet, totalled trounce, de faced, wipes slate clean, knock someone socks off, were destroyed, taking a life, over-awed, art lost, over powering, de-stroyed, hung it up, Sawn, Worsting, dis continue, laid waste, Blacked, mis using, passes on, put away, puts to death, leaves out, de-parts, lift, ran its course, breaking down, ensorcelled, dusts off, xouted, scissor, put the lid on, went back one word, dis patched, mowing down, ex cite, making impression, Ultimating, takes for ride, dis-missed, make happy, re-moving, de laying, putting lid on, de-ceasing, de spoiled, de-laying, ensorcelling, over-awe, topped off, switching off, parting with, dis qualifying, want, Faceting, packing it in, de spoils, de-spoiling, Fracturing, dis-severs, be-witch, refrain, counter act, over-powered, torpedoing, re-gales, carting off, called it quits, wow, kill, gotten done, de composed, dis unites, be-guiles, blue pencilling, running out, sets aside, be-labor, wast over, knocked someone's socks off, is destroyed, hanging it up, upping die, total trounce, casting aside, counter-acting, Birched, locked up, calling day, setting aside, be guile, took for ride, thrash, gulped down, blowing away, render invalid, nixed, de-capitate, Hacking, dis regarded, over whelmed, be labors, tossed and turn, drave out, in spire, Torpedoes, be-heading, act, gave up the ghost, Tombed, knocked down, dis-placed, stamped across, sur-ceases, tickle pink, blot out, eliminate, dragged down, digged out, dis regard, crossed out, de-cease, de lighted, lost life, calls it quits, dis appearing, pack it in, knocked someone socks off, dis-connected, dis established, wert lost, over-whelms, counter-act, put lid on, take for a ride, re calls, de compose, re-moved, un-loads, dis-join, wolf down, go back on one's word, swallow up, break one up, exsects, spellbind, dis-patch, hanged it up, calling it quits, buffalo, be witched, dis regards, doing in exterminate, dis-place, break down, dis joined, disestablishes, expire, grand-standing, xing out, get rid of, laid open, un seat, oppose, Sabering, giving up the ghost, wiled, skives, de thrones, bagging it, art over, rabbets, ensorcell, cashed chips, perish, Slivering, putting the kibosh on, toss and turn, casts out, knocks someone socks off, swallows up, de faces, buffaloed, goes back on one word, decrease, in spires, de aden, drag down, Flitching, go over big, deep sixing, going back on one word, putting kibosh on, am over, quitting cold, carry off, de spoil, roots out, pulls the plug, cashes in chips, dis joining, torpedo, ex terminate, be conspicuous, in-spire, OFFS, cooling it, goes back ones word, Witched, knocked someones socks off, de tach, calls bets off, result, cast a spell on, made roll in aisles, were killed, calling all bets off, dis-establishing, be-witched, de-populates, counter acting, come a standstill, de adens, kayo, re-calling, carted off, tan one hide, came standstill, knocks someone's socks off, up rooting, de-parting, put kibosh on, quits cold, dis regarding, Hacked, making roll in the aisles, in spiring, in-spiring, lay open, pulled the plug, does exterminate, dis-mantled, broke one up, re-canting, re gale, ex-terminates, re-versed, re legates, Chined, deepsix, be-guile, switched off, knock someone's socks off, de-throne, gulping down, dis-joining, makes impression, garotting, re pealing, scratches out, up root, sur cease, abort, leaving out, buy it, Overawing, tanned hide, rooted out, give up the ghost, dis-connecting, dis-united, re moves, dis lodge, chines, shut door on, comes to standstill, over throw, exsected, de-pose, putting to sleep, gives over, de light, Scotching, give over, carrying off, deracinates, inter posed, de-posing, dis-joins, parted with, mis used, am lost, be guiles, scythes, lays open, dispatch, garottes, put the kibosh on, gat done, de throned, puts out of its misery, putting to death, call it a day, ex-cites, buying it, worked over, dis-patches, dis appears, dis charged, dis-appeared, made impression, dis continues, be over, packs in, doth exterminate, delectated, dis-integrating, dis-integrate, tanned one hide, dis integrating, de solates, over whelms, over powered, tickled death, toss turn, zap, be witches, be-heads, grand-stands, mow down, comes to a standstill, went back on one word, sickles, de mises, make roll in aisles, re fused, nixing, shun, go back on word, packs it in, veto, lays waste, pull plug, making hit, de-taches, art conspicuous, blacking, dis appeared, does in exterminate, goes back one's word, caning, dissuade, comes standstill, in validate, garotte, giving the ghost, re-verse, un seating, un loads, x outed, re-legate, washes out, dis establish, dis-established, de-lay, wiping slate clean, de posed, knocking down, de-face, dis connected, tickle death, hang it up, keep, de-stroying, ex-tracts, over-awing, are over, tickled to death, dis-charge, dis carding, making hit with, over comes, dis mantles, putting under spell, dis cards, dis establishes, de-faces, makes laugh, de feats, put to death, takes life, re-move, depopulate, de-lighting, ups and die, de-light, in validated, de lighting, dis-charges, neglect, ruin, makes hit with, calls day, Birching, ex pire, goes back one word, part with, up-root, ex-terminated, be headed, ex terminating, topping off, gunned down, extinguish, re create, crosses out, de-adens, refrained from, do in exterminate, dis solve, wash out, laying waste, electro-cute, over-powering, blew off, being over, de composing, brake one up, de-populated, signing off, extirpate, murdered, disorganize, tan hide, demolish, sur ceases, break, be lost, conceal, de-thrones, Trashed, make an impression, puts sleep, carrying away, amuse, up die, de solate, upped die, over-awes, pulls plug, halt, remove, dis-solved, dis-lodge, dis severing, hanging up, rabbet, deracinate, de stroying, tosses turn, post pones, gave the ghost, de stroyed, go back on ones word, sickle, inter-pose, over-turn, charm, breaks one up, exclude, up-rooting, deepsixed, making splash, grand stand, shrink, over turns, de feat, dis-solves, dis joins, counter-acts, dis placing, rendering invalid, dis qualifies, dis patch, carries away, dis-continue, gun down, making an impression, gives ghost, dis-regarding, re-peals, od'ing, dis lodged, counter acts, re fuse, de pose, cut, blotted out, enthusing, hexed, shrivel, dis-joined, prevent, de-ceases, came to a standstill, go back one word, goes back on one's word, dis-carded, took for a ride, dis places, stamps across, put end to, massed murder, taking out, dis-appear, make roll in the aisles, de parting, sign off, take, finished off, doest exterminate, dis-mantles, dis-lodging, Perished, tanning ones hide, fade, over whelming, kick bucket, over powers, junked, in-validating, giving ghost, switches off, Rabbeted, dis-mantling, over-whelm, dis integrated, grand stands, disestablished, ex terminated, doeth in exterminate, Scotched, ex tract, de ceases, made hit, was conspicuous, was killed, come to standstill, un done, re-called, ex-tract, refrain from, call it day, dost exterminate, xouts, be-headed, mis-used, re-legates, did in exterminate, in-spired, tickle to death, signed off, depopulates, over awe, puts out its misery, un load, de spoiling, in-validated, art destroyed, in-validates, over-power, gulp down, de-lays, sur-ceasing, mis-using, birch, re-moves, garrote, making a hit, gives up ghost, de composes, tans one's hide, ex cites, cashes chips, cart off, ex terminates, dis-cards, facetting, de solating, putting death, x outs, comes a standstill, didst in exterminate, with draw, re-calls, in validating, dis continued, deep-sixing, makes hit, makes roll in aisles, shutting door on, blotting out, cast out, bought it, give up, put under spell, made a hit, de-mises, calling it a day, tickles to death, in-spires, cashed in chips, disallow, goes back word, cross out, be heading, passed on, put sleep, de-compose, withhold, dis-solve, dis-connects, ex-terminate, sweeping off feet, over turning, recreate, run its course, sew up, digging out, blew away, tears out, blue penciling, deracinnated, made happy, finish, dis-unites, deracinnating, take life, gave over, totaling trounce, dis-qualified, with-drawing, dis-sever, de facing, sur ceased, win over, Negativing, carried away, tops off, knocks down, wolfed down, dis-severed, dis-lodged, calls a day, put to sleep, coming to a standstill, dis-uniting, are conspicuous, puts the kibosh on, over whelm, taking life, putting out of its misery, re solves, dis uniting, be destroyed, gunning down, Delectate, dis missed, making roll aisles, dusted off, offing, downing, dis placed, oding, wrought over, tickling to death, lock up, ko'ing, rip out, called it a day, re moving, de-throned, makes roll aisles, re pealed, is conspicuous, carries off, is lost, dis-severing, sewed up, de populate, Sabered, interred, Sickled, doest in exterminate, be-labored, dis charging, re versing, with drawn, dis card, call a day, making happy, puts under a spell, swept off feet, dis charges, dis-solving, didst exterminate, over-thrown, scotches, carried off, torn out, signs off, cool it, dis-regard, makes roll the aisles, make impression, dis-integrated, loses life, stop, inter posing, shutting the door on, de part, hanged up, Diced, tanning one's hide, make hit, de-posed, pulling plug, dis unite, dis patches, de populated, dis-connect, calling a day, tossing turn, took life, made roll the aisles, dis-lodges, facetted, over-throws, carry away, dis severed, kill off, sweep off feet, chine, inter ring, tanning one hide, took out, over come, are destroyed, worsted, re-canted, dis-appears, ex citing, over-coming, cancel, swallowed up, Demised, art killed, dis connects, crossing out, dis-charging, do exterminate, stamping across, put death, de ceasing, in-validate, dis-qualify, laying open, drives out, making a hit with, counter acted, dis integrates, un-seat, blows off, confine, over awed, de-populate, dis appear, deep sixed, breaks down, makes a hit, finishes off, de populating, making laugh, over coming, being lost, x-outed, was destroyed, dis carded, lay waste, re-fuse, runs its course, un did, discourage, x outing, disapprove, over-throw, end, Tombing, de-tach, de-solating, blow off, hurt, clear away, un-seating, enthuses, go back one's word, delectates, bag it, un-did, tan one's hide, dis connecting, hang up, dis-continues, puts to sleep, ripping out, Demising, push around, tanned ones hide, tans one hide, de posing, casting spell on, Exsect, ex cited, murder, lack, dis lodges, koing, over-throwing, finish off, totalling trounce, dis-patched, enchant, cashing in chips, called bets off, switch off, exterminates, slay, put under a spell, kayos, Creamed, pass on, ko'd, pulled plug, massing murder, re peal, with-draw, putting sleep, Flitches, de mise, re verse, blue penciled, over-whelming, dis lodging, scratch out, de-populating, de stroy, swilling, Slivered, broke down, Dicing, dis-regarded, be witching, Scythed, hold, quit cold, come to a standstill, packed in, un-seated, made hit with, give up ghost, drags down, od'd, gulps down, carts off, ex-cited, downed, went back word, dismantle, giving up ghost, wast lost, de face, blowing off, driving out, going back word, putting out its misery, dis-regards, went over big, drove out, re fuses, re-fused, went back on ones word, dis patching, deepsixes, re legate, be sting, gave up ghost, killing off, re aped, call quits, deepsixing, blots out, dis mantle, electro cute, took a life, need, de throne, scissoring, dusting off, puts kibosh on, cast spell on, dis solved, rendered invalid, go back ones word, Flitched, be killed, sur-ceased, de stroys, running its course, re-solve, going over big, sur-cease, dragging down, de-stroy, re solve, locking up, digs out, dis severs, in validates, takes for a ride, faceted, calling it day, being destroyed, re-pealed, de-facing, make a hit, made laugh, going back ones word, post pone, de-feats, Buffaloes, rooting out, clears away, re-call, wiped slate clean, ultimates, axe, de parts, overawe, dis place, re-aped, refraining from, call it quits, sweeps off feet, making roll the aisles, coming a standstill, be witch, over awing, counter-acted, over throws, knocking someone's socks off, de-spoil, was over, totals trounce, ex-pire, knock down, re canting, go back word, dis solving, tickles pink, offed, chining, going back on ones word, dis establishing, discontinue, up rooted, were lost, flitch, bagged it, called day, called a day, did exterminate, tare out, was lost, takes a life, un-load, dis-unite, cooled it, deep-six, Grand-stand, de-throning, de lights, exsecting, totaled trounce, be heads, skived, electro-cutes, de populates, re-gale, coming to standstill, dost in exterminate, dis-card, over-comes, washing out, overawed, dis solves, sweep feet, tickling pink, tanned one's hide, casts spell on, wipe out, cash chips, makes happy, un doing, with-drawn, de ceased, wast killed, inter-posing, skive, re-lax, cash in chips, raze, dis mantled, de-lights, with drawing, pack in, being conspicuous, with-drew, came to standstill, de-parted, kills off, ups die, inter-ring, tickling death, gets done, puts an end to, cleared away, taking for ride, buffaloing, dis-appearing, de lays, eighty six, packing in, dis-continuing, going back one's word, puts end to, put out of its misery, hexing, dis continuing, calls all bets off, wert destroyed, tossed turn, be laboring, swallowing up, dis-establishes, going back on one's word, knocking someones socks off, electro cutes, dis-integrates, voodooing, were over, blue pencilled, scissored, up and die, cools it, mowed down, getting done, un-does, dis-carding, made an impression, casting a spell on, dis-continued, die, be-laboring, Rabbeting, re move, kayoing, passing on, dig out, killed off, bite dust, re lax, put an end to, blows away, consume, de-composes, wiling, xouting, scratching out, re-create, witching, dis-places, delectating, works over, Birches, gives the ghost, made splash, called all bets off, xout, made a hit with, be-sting, Ods, tossing and turn, gave ghost, Killed, x-outs, deep-sixed, tans ones hide, put out its misery, re calling, re fusing, with draws, disestablishing, over awes, tore out, torpedoed, shut the door on, re-solving, de-part, re-solved, kayoed, over turn, calls it day, be-witching, scythe, masses murder, dis united, be-labors, dis missing, wert killed, dust off, with drew, make a hit with, knocks someones socks off, buys it, dis qualified, take a life, Swilled, called quits, wert over, hinder, finishing off, de capitate, give the ghost, is killed, dis qualify, come standstill, over thrown, inter pose, doth in exterminate, doeth exterminate, trans ported, Hashing, Negatived, are killed, be-witches, play, rips out, drive out, dis-qualifying, x-outing, kos, washed out, od'ed, quench, over-whelmed, renders invalid, de-aden, re gales, gives up the ghost, tans hide, ODED, de-faced, calls quits, putting under a spell, garotted, dis-establish, cast aside, de-composing, be labor, dis mantling.