Give up

Pronunciation of Give Up
/ɡˈɪv ˈʌp/, /ɡˈɪv ˈʌp/, /ɡ_ˈɪ_v ˈʌ_p/

Antonyms for give up

doest justice to, catch, didst a number, plead for, Make short work of, have a shot, inter-lacing, made pass at, being a team, puts up dukes, co wing, hoard, lucks out, did ones best, aspiring to, prearranged, inter-lace, jumped case, bring on board, were possessed of, be in force, hast whack, try for, playing to, knuckle with, schedule, de-spoiled, be quiet, pre sided, Padlocking, doth bang-up job, out-daring, switched on, puts screws to, gave ones word, comminutes, make a purchase, re-pairing, altercates, re-spect, prevail, pre-engage, out run, threw for loop, keeping bay, has hand, rolled over, exchanges views on, over thrown, made a buy, overborn, doest a bangup job, go south, calling it day, was usual, signed up, de riving, are just the ticket, does number, wert confronted by, hooks on, is charge, run off with, dost number, going distance, ex-plains, make a killing, is current, dost ones best, having a shot, working toward, HIT, Over-bearing, aspired to, sitting on, de-fraud, bumping heads with, move forward, living through, corked, re deemed, gat one hands on, socks one, start, pro-curing, were saddle, outrivalled, was in the driver seat, counter vail, de fend, squaring off with, in habited, turning the trick, in vested, sticking up, out runs, lookouted, calls the signals, jump on ones case, matching wits, wrought over, wert left, de liver, gains possession, hath a whack, pressed on, go up, go on with, wage war, pits against, KOD, pro fit, Personating, be a candidate, doing one best, doing a bang-up job, swearing up down, in validated, de scanted, wiling, sitting on top of, out-rivalled, putting finishing touches on, dost bangup job, Overtopping, laying finger on, being team, bring a close, accessing, dis-appearing, give all one got, threw together, dis cord, earns wings, making a comeback, grappled with, run show, drives for, taking apart, Regimenting, takes exception, Ultimating, doest to turn, cashed in on, dying hard, whops, agree, bringing down the house, under-took, presses on, lace into, Copped, making play for, doing a t, in-validated, gets there, stand fast, growing famous, doing to t, re peat, haddest stab, am just ticket, out-wore, is responsible for, being charge, Bandying, rein in, fill bill, de-scants, taking cleaners, shelled, making stand, covered up, have words, in cite, hitting bullseye, went over big, Cinching, object to, pulls out of it, out wore, Sweethearting, out did, did one's thing, introduce, gives all one's got, were in driver seat, build, vie with, secret, makes an attempt, going all the way, out-fox, trade in, re acted, gets under control, wiped map, putting the cuffs on, held true, rolled back, does thoroughly, go, hast out, gets to, doest honors, Graving, outgun, Bandied, gives got, neglect, sock it to one, spare no effort, take care business, dis harmonizing, pitting oneself against, ex-plained, was a candidate, kicked around, made good, taking the reins, are confronted by, fore stalls, call in question, stands up against, disagree, art in the drivers seat, sucking in, go limit, gotten someplace, is a team, de presses, blew away, call it day, Discept, compare with, attract, be effective, took wind out of sails, had fling at, brave, take out after, lays hold of, pro visioning, luck out, laying egg, ran with the ball, comes out on top, takes care of, being possessed of, be labor, are drivers seat, was in the driver's seat, Piloted, dis-hearten, ex celling, am effect, de creed, sending away for, went town, re adies, art victorious, out-jumps, with drew, crossing heart, gave comeon, rode shotgun for, spared no effort, inter-play, payed attention, didst best, groupthink, lived out, promise, dis sents, going well, gets hold of, art stubborn, is in effect, send away for, gets out the way, taking pains, making grade, puts up a fight, hurling defiance at, up holding, wast effect, hadst bearing, make hay, take cleaners, get to the top, pushing for, play to, pre vailed, frustrate, rule roost, de-liberates, goes south, pitting against, are tough, pro cured, got it together, skips out, am the drivers seat, makes with, jockeyed for position, wert resolute, move out, housebreak, end eared, hashes over, be have, gain, ducked out, de liberate, rode out, sew up, cutting it, out distanced, putting a fight, having shot, exercised power, make an impression, doing to a t, re presses, sit top of, be team, implement, get the top, takes under wing, win over, Pestled, lived through, prehending, taking possession of, gat hands on, be-fall, heisting, scouting out, takes effect, was in driver seat, made war, puts up fight, Dueling, dis appearing, pro creating, art the case, didst right, prevail up on, fail, getting hands on, re-moving, paying attention, are the drivers seat, Snowing, be widespread, poking around, outplaying, re peats, makes comeback, counter checking, gotten the upper hand, hanged in, hadst a crack, making an attempt, leave no stone unturned, pay court, stop, Dinned, caters to, Escaping, de legates, carrying through, carries completion, called tune, being possession of, brings down the house, go whole hog, hadst whack, pushes for, be-stow, causing setback, making a hit with, bouncing off, doth one's thing, be in the driver's seat, condone, take effect, saying one's piece, pitted oneself against, does a bang up job, dognapped, make a stand against, stick to guns, be witch, wert victorious, vindicate, impressing as, resulted in, try on for size, hung in, Mortgaging, am widespread, took cake, is driver seat, plays to, has being, wert prevalent, getting under control, wert charge, lay one's hands on, sweep one's feet, latching onto, sweeps one feet, out-fits, art in the driver seat, takes possession, out-classing, begin, mis-appropriate, were just the ticket, tend, take over, sub-due, de-siring, making progress, said one's piece, cuts and run, excels, dost one proud, taking one on, doest one's thing, Sentinelled, being stubborn, de tain, compared notes, rendered null void, hit the bulls-eye, standing up, signing on, being engaged in, swearing down, have a go, dis-approved, held the reins, lifting a finger, getting the upper hand, welcome, gives whirl, box up, mixes it up, ex-tort, bore comparison with, counter act, tossed and turn, hit the bull's-eye, hath bone to pick, malleates, shoots ahead of, end earing, doeth to a turn, counter checks, surmount, being current, being tough, counter poise, Maneuvered, re fused, does one's thing, sticking it out, over saw, capture, produce a result, gotten hands on, makes stand against, are on a team, hit the bull'seye, free, work toward, out witted, being effect, doing to a turn, wast at head of, taking steps, does one proud, knuckling with, toss turn, hooked on, lets have it, hadst go at, gives battle to, de barring, taking care of business, pulls it off, made attempt, staid the course, admit, sticks it to, doth job, didst the honors, came on board, in validate, aspires to, moots, re-deeming, am just the ticket, commence, art resolute, sticked it out, keeps safe, moves, pull out it, are driver's seat, gives the come on, re-solved, haddest go at, out-flanks, dis-patched, out-classed, dis-affirming, are the driver's seat, effect, impresses as, out-jump, gives ones all, haddest say, be in action, wast case, hath go at, outjumped, whelm, out lived, were widespread, perform, over-threw, am the running, hold out, doing all right, turning trick, in-vests, lives on, pre-engaged, brought to maturity, being running, getting out of way, searches for, holding reins, hit bullseye, carrying oneself, was in action, prevails over, did number, haddest a whack, ex tort, pulled it off, had rights, playing gig, gives sanctuary, re paired, re-fuse, being action, pulls a fast one, held to, de lays, doest to a turn, out-living, giving try, be speaking, Inked, de rides, keeping existence, re ported, carries off, am responsible for, gat done, didst the job, be witched, wert saddle, watch out for, disserting, shoots out, make with, kissing babies, over riding, gives one word, giving all ones got, did justice, art in charge, watched out for, de-fending, paying for, holds the reins, gave all one's got, pro cess, keeps view, arrived at, counter balancing, counter-plot, drive for, counter-checked, do best, sits and take it, keep quiet, doeth bang-up job, shoots it out, dost the trick, hast title, makes ready, over bore, turned the trick, am possessed of, be-speaking, give a whirl, Counterplotting, trading in, brook, runs off with, haddest a go, cramps ones style, give one got, wert driver seat, socking to one, being extant, sur-mounting, chipped away at, out smarted, giving it ones all, doth ones thing, boxed up, bringing fruition, be in the driver seat, carry completion, holding true, re deeming, watching out for, keeps eye on, in-dict, counter-vailing, out-foxing, get ready, puts through, ward off, scatters, force upon, deliver goods, de-rived, hast the say, ex-torts, co aching, de sires, controlled the affairs of, having shot at, begs borrow steal, take the field against, tans hide, keeping under surveillance, are case, are engaged in, come out on top, made hay, doest a number, makes fortune, standing firm, had say, take wind out of sails, calling in question, de-vising, have out, doing right, accessed, take exception, pre-serve, rid out, warrant, bringing to fruition, contributed to, beat off, has words, reined in, mix it up with, knocks dead, mixed up with, re straining, are driver seat, over powers, falling heir to, putting bed, moved out, kicking about, dis heartens, dirty, ex plaining, jumps on, in vest, hit the bulls eye, re solve, sees after, make possible, signs up, walked with, re-sting, has a shot at, gobble up, made impression, dis-patches, un-doing, entrammels, bitted the bullet, de pressing, getting ready, up-set, were force, de clares, ran the show, doing the job, am current, is on, knocking down, have go, did to a turn, kick around, made a fortune, being loggerheads, in-vents, did honors, did to a t, went against, flies coop, make fortune, have at, have stab, bounced off, shoot it out, housebreaks, pre vent, dis cusses, art a candidate, insists on, laid hold of, get one's hands on, chase after, making a profit, puts up an argument, hunts down, include, jumped ones case, giving battle to, parented, wast force, re-presented, piggybacking, wast on, puts the cuffs on, push for, perpetuate, get out way, insisting on, de limited, pre-siding, making with, mothballing, had a stab, took cleaners, am the head of, taking possession, getting with it, haddest a go at, ex-celled, comes near to, drops curtain, said piece, connect, gave one's word, taking out after, leave alone, dis-proved, had bone pick, be falling, over ridden, fight, switches on, hitting the bull's-eye, calls day, gave chase, pro cessing, art resolved, doeth job, de posited, floor, re-pulse, fight for, running circles around, hadst a shot, outflank, having crack, pays attention, bringing up short, open, doeth ones thing, over-borne, have rights, put end to, Gunning, running after, being force, gives one all, didst trick, inter meshed, stuck fast, housebroke, being prevalent, dis-sents, whomp, do proud, applying for, art case, left no stone unturned, coping with, Guarantied, fixing with, wast in the driver's seat, pro testing, be-labors, hooking on, ex-plaining, out-guns, pre-vails, am the driver seat, differ, re pulse, padlock, corroborate, having bone pick, inter locking, gotten upper hand, hits bullseye, inter lace, went all way, practice, putting into effect, steamrolled, buttoned down, with holding, over came, making a bid, fights over, Manacled, be-wildered, having it out, wert usual, dealt in, dognaps, did trick, Comminuting, in habiting, toiling on, keeping going, cramp one's style, dieing hard, ministered to, sub-jugate, mop up, wert current, re-move, gat going, earn wings, cashed on, are in the drivers seat, dogs it, ko'ing, with draws, is at head of, buttoning down, disobey, did bang-up job, out distancing, bringing short, pro-vides, earning wings, dis hearten, took to court, taking care of, came terms, de bars, dash ones hope, get hands on, delivering the goods, brings down house, mis appropriated, adopt, gives one's got, calls it a day, was widespread, nails it, discorded, have it out, dis agree, art in the running, rivetted, compensated for, doest one best, doth a bangup job, get with it, de lay, out-run, out-does, blow away, brings board, held on, leant on, is at loggerheads, hang it up, sub scribed, kos, gives all ones got, whistlestopping, counter-poising, gave come on, out does, engaged in, reject, go for gold, dissent, de scants, un zips, do a number, sit and take it, haddest out, hangs in, making effort, giving all got, gives all one got, cramp ones style, are in the driver's seat, art the running, hadst bone to pick, holds on, out perform, lay one out, hitting the campaign trail, kept under surveillance, standing ground, blowing out water, hitting bull's-eye, care, re-views, bringing to knees, holding the reins, lick, putting dukes, be spake, adhered to, haunt, figure, doth to turn, Mooted, apply for, pro-viding, re fined, tans ones hide, collect, putting lid on, out-lasts, taking field against, bringing a close, hold purse strings, over-throw, puts the snatch on, hem in, searches out, doest ones thing, thrashes out, making stand against, victual, be having, lit in to, cashes in on, wert determined, rise, dis courage, mothballed, caused setback, hits the bull-eye, hadst hand, be-haves, leaving a mark, disharmonizing, keeps in line, dis charge, pre dominates, re views, did job, didst honors, doing thing, begged borrow steal, consult with, put it over, re spects, lift, be witching, am a candidate, wast the driver seat, falling on, un-zipping, were in driver's seat, trample underfoot, doing best, bits bullet, kept eye on, makes a fortune, flaxes, lucked out, gave all one got, taking hold of, whistlestop, leaves no stone unturned, re-butted, out-distances, dis charging, doest job, got under control, cares for, making scarce, dost one thing, pre occupy, pro-visions, guard against, runs the show, hast a crack, leaving mark, re-peat, make a hit with, pre-occupied, gat out way, is loggerheads, go back to, ex plains, sticked to, come on board, re-pairs, have in hand, under written, lived on, cramps one style, entrammeling, doeth one best, dis appears, be guile, art common, giving one got, making my day, out-plays, pushed forward, doth the honors, dueled, engage in combat, ultimates, am successful, abstains from, made possible, out-runs, dis-cussing, limit, simmers down, matches wits, lives down, Ultimated, be valid, carry on, out dared, call it a day, has title, take prisoner, take one on, gat the top, leaved a mark, jousted, throwing for loop, Preengage, pro duces, praise, out-stripping, battening down, art in action, leaves a mark, forces upon, doest t, be saddle, getting top, taking to court, under-writing, pre-sided, am head of, dis proving, raise, put over, lifts finger, had bone to pick, make a stand, be-speak, is team, put cuffs on, cover all bases, lights into, in-validating, inter lock, bump heads with, has shot, torpedo, calling question, hath bearing, have a shot at, doing trick, haddest place, makes up, be stows, eyeball, fixt up with, in-vested, jockey for position, goes after, assist, re presenting, took off, shook hands, doest ones best, hit bull's eye, gat out of the way, prearranges, quarterbacking, assert, does trick, did ones thing, hauls in, being in the driver seat, put together, laid a finger on, pit oneself against, Negativing, standing up against, over tops, complied with, haddest being, re fines, dis agreeing, are in the driver seat, out flanked, make an effort, took prisoner, art in driver seat, inning the hunt, did justice to, swept off feet, is running, Sneezed, sit on top of, dis comfits, struggled against, Co-ordinates, hold fast, simmering down, inter-locks, made a break, gets hands on, art left, assume, go at, comes out top, out rival, be just ticket, casts down, comparing with, succeed, has it out, stayed the course, taking the bull by the horns, de vising, torpedoed, does to t, had in hand, camping doorstep of, made hit with, keep safe, follow up, go for jugular, put across, leaned on, begging borrow or steal, had hand, die hard, keeps in view, dissertated, bringing board, are running, have a whack, stick to, put lid on, dis-cept, nose around, making profit, affiance, padlocks, dis-comfit, validate, having go, art possession of, wert just ticket, dost one's best, hitting the bullseye, pre-scribes, making an impression, hammer, makes the grade, wipes map, de-limit, get top, reached agreement, mixt it with, give refuge, re-porting, gloms onto, out-smarts, be laboring, aid, in corporates, dis appointing, measured up to, pro created, over turns, call signals, got to, bringing maturity, camps the doorstep of, whopped, wert tough, dashing hope, finds fault, altercate, stabilize, doth to t, looking after, toil on, pre pare, struggling against, pro-cures, pro-fits, topped it off, un doing, get through, haddest a shot, are in force, gives one got, taking the field against, shelter, sub-scribing, tangles with, overpower, bring knees, search out, were successful, dis-appear, re-news, over-turn, overmastering, was successful, gave appearance, kept going, do bang-up job, exerting oneself, sur passes, swear up down, go route, searching high heaven, Victualing, knocks down, am common, de spoiled, nailed it, are in possession of, ward, powdered, didst bangup job, doeth a bangup job, de barred, held at bay, does turn, did one proud, were effective, re served, dis-harmonizing, fall heir to, put dukes, ran for, stand up to, dis-sent, has place, am on a team, make a comeback, pre-arranged, brings to close, puts on gloves, getting to, made off with, were drivers seat, Counterpoising, hast bone to pick, re fusing, was in possession of, gat one's hands on, be in possession of, de-vised, kept from, giving one all, giving it all, dis-harmonize, dashed ones hope, dost a turn, up-held, are action, carrying completion, latches onto, going at, be in drivers seat, engage combat, fly in the face of, keeping line, mothball, Malleate, made comeback, re-plenishes, put oneself out, over-powered, re-serves, are team, re-peats, dis-harmonizes, bumping heads, pre-vented, hath the say, give whirl, dis-courage, were loggerheads, defy, coped with, overborne, cramp style, dis-accord, pre engaged, rounds out, dis-posing, jumps on one case, pre engaging, brings to knees, cutting run, with drawing, play gig, calling the signals, live down, mixing with, cramps one's style, keeps under surveillance, making fortune, being responsible for, sells for, doeth proud, filling bill, hit the bullseye, coming board, gathering up, laces in to, give the run around, shuttered, hadst a go, knock oneself out, over ruled, makes a stand, mismatched, gave a whirl, took under wing, commit, Blanking, tread boards, sur-passing, doth all right, carry out, Experiencing, gotten fat, is successful, pinion, hold to, over-took, does a bang-up job, keeping view, sail through, gets tough with, dis-appeared, be wildering, pestle, is action, got one's hands on, going for gold, counter-vailed, makes a bid, dis regard, keep bay, applied for, made fortune, bounces off, ministers to, out classing, re deem, mis-appropriates, de livering, be-gotten, setting to, inter played, gat top, engaging in combat, re plenishes, being driver seat, condemn, bear, pre-served, release, fighting for, swore bible, gives rise to, deals in, dis-heartening, am saddle, re questing, challenge, co wed, had at, out witting, exchanging views on, be possessed of, looked after, flies in face of, over threw, sate and take it, blowing out of water, didst a t, flying in the face of, out guns, dost the honors, lay in to, held good, spiriting away, trying for, over-ride, haddest fling at, dashes one hope, gave battle to, stock up, brought knees, panoplying, gave grounds for, outfox, be wilder, go to war, over takes, put through, birddog, counter acted, goes the distance, confine, interplaying, scaring up, art charge, hast shot at, toughing it out, sticks fast, perdured, laced into, pre-serving, goes for gold, go on, obscure, keep alive, flies in the face of, get one hands on, penalty, held fast, de rived, are loggerheads, Preengaged, DO, art candidate, gives run around, haddest go, out-performing, make effort, doeth a number, blows out water, be engaged in, dis-ported, took pains, take part, wert in effect, prearranging, tie down, being the running, art steadfast, gives grounds for, pro tested, got out way, pre-serves, takes along, cracks down, de limits, being in force, dis affirming, counter-poise, were in the drivers seat, discoursing about, cramping ones style, OVERS, are effective, all-owed, graved, Subjecting, covers bases, am running, having a stab, was the case, Dragooning, re presents, love, counter-plots, gave the come-on, disserts, causes setback, dis-posed, permit, refuse, run with the ball, starve, getting someplace, pre-occupies, putting the snatch on, re-fines, applies for, art current, grow famous, abstain from, outdared, dashed one's hope, hast in hand, cater to, keep an eye on, sweeps one's feet, check, out-jockeyed, tangle with, be fall, producing result, go for broke, call shots, ex-tracts, dropped curtain, dost best, giving a whirl, re aching, got the upper hand, knock around, with hold, called in question, gets the upper hand, ride out, dost t, lays one hands on, consulting with, succeeding to, retry, takes arms, guards against, coming to terms, plug away, making use of, art action, hath title, care for, upset applecart, being in effect, dis sent, go over big, fended off, give ones word, hast a stab, bumped heads with, didst to a turn, up-hold, did thing, cracked down, mis appropriating, adheres to, give one's got, over master, produces a result, holding bay, being the driver's seat, stand up against, Creamed, is the driver's seat, knocks oneself out, doing the trick, sweeps feet, reaching agreement, copping, provide, protect, wert a team, gat ones hands on, doeth justice to, de limit, doth bang up job, gave sanctuary, being in saddle, ties down, be in the drivers seat, Personated, keeps on, keep in existence, give ones all, lift a finger, dashes one's hope, Mooting, re plenish, out smarts, are in the running, in duce, did thoroughly, hang up, trans acts, gotten better of, overmastered, give word, out strips, hits the bull'seye, make profit, taking to cleaners, ran in to, put in, stands guard, standing up for, walk off with, over-seen, doth number, flaxing, keeping at bay, in vite, Caned, putting it over, art at the head of, matches strength, survive, swears and down, hits bull's-eye, puts heads together, gives all, having fling at, didst a turn, art tough, corking, does one best, were stubborn, snap up, in-venting, hath done with, go forward, dognapping, were team, went all the way, face off, goes up against, has a fling at, in cline, were in action, stand by, de-feat, Sentinelling, re acting, gaining possession, leave, get it together, makes a stand against, governs, have shot at, was driver seat, stand to, out dares, pushed buttons, Sentineled, re mained, make an attempt, hold out against, give all one's got, hold on, re quired, out-distancing, out fox, takes apart, measuring up to, socking one, goes war, out-playing, doing the honors, have a go at, am the driver's seat, doth turn, gave a try, hit the bull eye, dashes ones hope, does justice, see through, having out, remains true, holding for ransom, koing, fixed with, pro-vide, fill, pro scribes, provide sanctuary, Travailed, protest, gat under control, de-clare, got out of way, playing up to, be labors, marching against, begs borrow or steal, restart, in-vented, doth trick, dis cussed, doing honors, Malleated, camp on doorstep of, keep line, puts across, leave behind, lace in to, is in the drivers seat, pull a fast one, am team, takes field against, gotten done, baby sit, giving all one's got, dis concerted, stocks up, am engaged in, mixed it up, gave ones got, fending off, de-creed, dost the job, going up against, gotten through, going through with, gets in there, de spoil, hit bulls eye, hang on, has stab, am in driver's seat, were extant, make war, re-dresses, make a fortune, made sure, is force, does the honors, over-whelm, do one proud, re dress, goes awol, keep going, art head of, kicks about, veto, sur mounting, drave for, de-barring, realize, is the running, unsettle, obey, make scarce, makes use of, lives through, are possessed of, organize, have bone to pick, inter-acts, be-witching, socked one, stands up for, hitting bulls-eye, standing by, has rights, was charge, accept, inks, over bears, participating in, over see, gathered up, Shipwrecking, filling the bill, counter plot, making it, going route, sub scribe, art force, did a bang up job, swept one feet, shakes hands, dis-affirms, give battle to, hit the bull's eye, knock dead, gives all got, gives the come-on, compared with, doing turn, going after, pre tending, kicking around, turned trick, doest one thing, de-livering, picks a bone, contributes to, socks it to one, run with ball, make a pass at, tanned one's hide, bring to fruition, intermeshing, sticked with it, watches out for, measure to, are force, gang upon, ducking out, wert running, took court, be ginning, took over, jockeying for position, de clare, giving one's got, stands up to, pro fess, art at head of, gained control, flies the coop, calls tune, treed, trailblaze, making a killing, dost a bang-up job, haddest bone to pick, walking with, left a mark, put up an argument, has go, takes cake, getting to top, pro fesses, sware down, poked around, personates, super-intends, delivering goods, seek, tramples underfoot, hadst a go at, had a crack, chivies, wast possession of, hath bone pick, came out top, were the head of, hadst place, dost to a t, gotten in there, out fitted, doeth all right, died hard, whipt out, had a shot, heads up, makes grade, nears, making killing, took the bull by the horns, takes care business, am the case, pre vents, put into effect, art at loggerheads, doing one proud, ex-acted, doeth a bang-up job, be, took along, give come-on, mousetrap, re-quests, keep at bay, be charge, forces up on, leaved alone, boxes up, giving word, have hand, are charge, preside over, goes at, pro-cesses, dis proved, gave ones all, de liberates, get out of the way, did battle with, came out on top, do trick, re-served, dis charged, shoot ahead, pro-duces, lock up, picked bone, compliment, de-spoils, essay, doth thoroughly, worked at, pro posed, doth thing, fold up, camped on doorstep of, button down, holding good, hits bull's eye, dis cording, taking an oath, were action, conduct, be-wildering, called question, advance, staying the course, hanged up, de-liberated, hast hand, re aped, Downs, being in drivers seat, doth a bang up job, pre sent, has fling at, de-lay, art in driver's seat, had a whack, set up, covers all bases, made fast, pushes buttons, dost thoroughly, rose above, be guiles, staid course, measure up to, faces off, be in saddle, wast in saddle, puts gloves, with-stand, take bull by horns, be alive, search high heaven, being in the driver's seat, out-running, up holds, Re-turn, pro-created, take on, getting there, mend, counter poises, dis-porting, re-aping, counter plots, swears on bible, lays low, holds for ransom, giving one's all, de-tains, aspire to, inter lacing, is in the driver's seat, holding on, de frauds, give one's all, carried off, climb, are at loggerheads, taking over, tan hide, be stowed, getting going, Neared, giving got, de press, dog it, folds up, took bull by the horns, plugs away, doing bang up job, dis-heartened, out-played, faked out, over power, art the head of, doth the job, dost thing, pro-moting, gotten it together, go all the way, wert in force, Pirated, wast loggerheads, engage in, over-bear, be-guiles, pro scribed, gets something done, be-have, control affairs of, brings on board, objected to, makes a purchase, is just the ticket, go in for, is saddle, outrivaled, represent oneself, re-gard, gives word, gave come-on, being widespread, vie for, art loggerheads, affiances, reining in, bumps heads, has say, picking a bone, pull strings, re plenished, pulled the strings, Garrisoned, dis-patch, gives it one all, delivers goods, wait, be case, holding office, persuades, fix, be fallen, hits bull-eye, are in charge, duck out, do honors, reigns over, leaved mark, wiped the floor with, Busied, super intending, appealing to, pre-occupying, figured out, in validates, pulls out it, co oked, over runs, dis approves, save, making break, shot for, compensating for, leaning on, fitting out, pro scribing, has a shot, making hay, jump in, comes terms, do number, claim, scrambling for, makes debut, pinioned, goes against, beats system, pro-tested, re pulsed, dis sert, whip, counter vails, bring down house, pre-tended, de cree, gives the comeon, go shopping, making an effort, ran show, cramp one style, counter-checking, aims for, went great guns, do thing, in-creases, wast just ticket, sur pass, cause, get something done, carried oneself, shoots ahead, falls on, laid finger on, direct, holding purse strings, steamrolls, lights in to, out-maneuver, contracted for, dost honors, thrashing out, out-done, traded in, had done with, giving the comeon, sware bible, is just ticket, abduct, out gunning, mixing it up with, usurp, control the affairs of, kept bay, do a turn, delivered the goods, be in effect, jumping one case, run with, gat with it, runs with the ball, gripe, triumph over, guarded against, prevailed over, re-main, has a crack, does t, fly face of, abstaining from, goes limit, lay egg, doth one best, keeps busy, got the better of, are successful, gotten results, re-pressing, pulling strings, stuck it out, made grade, gat to the top, didst t, didst bang up job, doing to turn, de vised, called the tune, re fine, keep existence, pre tends, make attempt, fixt with, pre siding, doeth to turn, fix up with, over-tops, leading to, was in driver's seat, head up, overed, compare notes, dis patching, shooting down, be speak, got upper hand, being at loggerheads, jumping ones case, take possession, swears bible, takes care of business, disciplined, steamroll, stuck to guns, mowing down, acceding to, doest a turn, getting better of, hast at, kept at bay, dis-approve, laying an egg, Bottling, seeking to displace, shoot for, re-deems, sock to one, restrain, bringing to close, make, outdares, held purse strings, re pulsing, doeth battle with, dis concerting, in-cited, doing one's best, cause setback, keeping an eye on, vamoose, hath out, making impression, steal away, engender, leave a mark, be-wilder, dis-charged, Disporting, over-master, Pinioning, ran after, Overtopped, chasing after, keep busy, fight off, laid hands on, win, puts finishing touch on, gives refuge, getting tough with, didst one thing, puts dukes, sticks out, over mastering, tossing and turn, participated in, dis-agree, repudiate, plowed under, trans acted, dashed one hope, de-riding, inter-acted, were usual, de feat, go war, are in action, lays finger on, unite, take to court, adhering to, striving for, transort, wast current, triumphed over, hadst say, dis ported, de-posited, exert oneself, co-wing, outplays, saying one piece, re presented, sub due, are saddle, was the driver seat, brought board, taking it all, hath a go at, does thing, flew in face of, comply with, counter balances, de-scanting, says one piece, dost a bangup job, keep in line, haddest the say, get in there, mis appropriates, buys out, Cresting, keeps in existence, ex acts, socks to one, hath fling at, defend, toiled on, out-rivalling, out playing, up set, be victorious, go all way, carry to completion, pour, pre-tends, doing a bangup job, am at head of, made the grade, make a buy, hit bull-eye, has the say, housebreaking, running for, keeps afloat, re-plying, pro mise, called a day, support, pre-paring, say ones piece, be-wilders, got better of, wast running, does all right, wast common, am confronted by, doth battle with, apply oneself, hauling in, performs, be in running, dis concerts, in-vent, hadst shot at, pro-visioned, makes possible, hitting bull eye, watch over, has in hand, out wears, add, did to turn, Trashed, grapples with, goes that route, sticking to, super-intending, whipping out, pre-scribing, engage, dashing one's hope, pre vailing, makes my day, fulfill, doeth a t, sware up and down, lay finger on, de-scant, mixt it up, covering bases, vied with, swear on bible, going south, out lives, swearing and down, pestles, under-write, nailing it, de camps, over seen, discourse about, outrivals, give ones got, hunted down, didst thing, ran off, doing number, stuck to, call day, took by storm, brings close, take up arms, sur-mounted, wert candidate, did a turn, overtop, hitting the bull'seye, pound, in-cite, take captive, haddest a crack, applies oneself, jump on one's case, rounded out, dis-heartens, sticks with it, walks off with, mixes it up with, beating off, has shot at, blew out water, mixes up with, Spatting, out fit, noses around, gave the come on, out rivals, inter-playing, be confronted by, pro-long, rides shotgun for, de laying, getting out the way, goes through with, has bearing, favor, is possession of, was resolute, compensate for, de camping, holds office, casting down, chokes back, trailblazed, lay hands on, wast in the running, over whelms, keep tabs on, gain control, remains alive, imbibe, sweeping one's feet, compass, counter check, haddest crack, Victualled, didst to t, intermeshes, make a bid, sweep one feet, blew out of water, marry, hath whack, be extant, covering all bases, bitting the bullet, out worn, re pressed, hits bulls eye, cloud, goes better, go town, keep, haddest a shot at, haddest bearing, duelled, went awol, re pairing, have being, dost trick, dis-agreeing, was in effect, wert on team, standing guard, were steadfast, doeth a bang up job, over-sees, wert possessed of, laid one's hands on, dognaped, haddest rights, carved out, in-creased, pre scribe, in-habit, insist on, went at, wast tough, took the bull by horns, got hands on, mousetraps, were in force, do one's thing, being drivers seat, makes progress, out-classes, am effective, fell on, sets to, repel danger, paid for, counterplots, prevails upon, out-strip, de-camping, sailing through, execute, didst one best, having stab, having a shot at, rising above, gave refuge, scraped up, encourage, took possession of, dis-corded, giving the appearance, jumped on one's case, doest proud, being determined, hadst shot, re-tain, art usual, wert in the driver seat, cramps style, made a stand against, fore stalling, coming out top, sweep feet, exerting influence, be the drivers seat, gets someplace, be resolute, work at, appeals to, keeps going, sails through, jumps one case, doing one thing, is usual, had shot, was team, flying in face of, makes hit with, coming near to, putting cuffs on, living on, were at the head of, winning out, co-ordinate, shoot out, pre-engages, de camped, produced result, are victorious, matching strength, carrying off, wert successful, outrivaling, hath hand, got there, wast in possession of, being steadfast, gives a try, pro-fesses, taking reins, sweeping ones feet, over-runs, make hit with, living to, counterpoised, over looks, un-did, keep under surveillance, strove for, is in the driver seat, wast stubborn, flying coop, treasure, jump one's case, makes effort, jumped on, de-rides, perdures, de scanting, gets it together, carry oneself, in-corporate, seeing to, be in driver's seat, grow, hadst bone pick, keeps from, over-coming, manage, out live, over whelming, doest bang-up job, mixed it with, de-tain, wiping map, doing job, takes part, flew coop, sanction, puts over, out-gun, played up to, haddest shot at, is engaged in, with-standing, left alone, pursue, hold sway over, withstand, come out top, went whole hog, come terms, bring maturity, giving chase, beg borrow or steal, gets fat, out-gunned, pull it off, keeps alive, am a team, contracts for, with-hold, taking captive, out-smarted, being in the drivers seat, moved forward, co-wed, over throw, flies face of, left behind, am on team, whistlestops, didst a bang-up job, sat on top of, tore off, taking part, dis-charges, got in there, in-duce, rolls over, dis-prove, doing a number, swearing on bible, inter fere, Dragooned, stands against, whomped, being effective, hammed, did bangup job, move, sits on top of, moved behind, campaigns against, keep driving, came to terms, cashing in on, de-positing, hook on, dis according, ex celled, sits on, caning, inter plays, hadst it out, pro-motes, pay attention, scouts out, come, de sire, out foxed, were in charge, having done with, over-born, doing justice, over-comes, holds at bay, working over, doeth trick, making waves, out maneuver, let have it, plays catch up, didst the trick, goes for the gold, come near to, dis affirmed, wast the drivers seat, making hit with, producing a result, take field against, give the comeon, torpedoing, haddest title, out-dare, keeping tabs on, doing justice to, got going, picks bone, make my day, takes cleaners, Dinning, end-earing, did to t, lays a finger on, dis accorded, stood by, plow under, be loggerheads, had shot at, wert the running, flying the face of, riding shotgun for, is possessed of, engages combat, lays hands on, doeth to t, scare up, am action, have fling at, turns trick, complying with, hath stab, leaves behind, searching out, jumped one case, mow down, toss and turn, blow out of water, snaps up, pre scribing, keep at, having authority, tops it off, say so, are the driver seat, sign up, dealing in, sweep off ones feet, nail, stands firm, score, Shepherding, rack up, engages in combat, make stand, takes the bull by the horns, contradict, groupthinked, trampled underfoot, detain, jump on case, runs with, duelling, gat tough with, held bay, secure, co-oked, de-rive, Repulsing, do a bang-up job, wert the drivers seat, be candidate, out performs, made an attempt, scrambled for, dispute, getting hold of, am at the head of, finish, spirited away, confront, having bone to pick, nosed around, being the driver seat, transorts, gets out of way, made it, prompt, knocking oneself out, be troths, pro-posing, co oking, doest right, do battle with, didst justice, de scant, give one's word, prevails, ran off with, sits take it, enter in to, art responsible for, gain advantage, inter-lock, mis-matches, made stand against, out strip, am charge, spirits away, pushing buttons, stuck with it, beats the system, socking it to one, are on, gives it ones all, counter vailing, cross swords with, re quests, re turns, rope in, be speaks, giving come on, de-rives, over-looks, makes a pass at, pre-occupy, hadst a stab, takes hold of, buying in to, is in force, cashes on, initiate legal action, joins battle with, goes route, went that route, putting end to, give all ones got, played part, re-cover, pulls strings, hits bulls-eye, shooting ahead, contribute to, over-bears, made a profit, knocked oneself out, re serving, court, goes one better, taking the bull by horns, gets the top, eyeballing, over-taken, stick it out, wast determined, hath it out, pro viding, gat hold of, doest the job, took hold of, up-holding, had authority, flaxed, are a candidate, rendered null and void, controlling the affairs of, doeth thoroughly, cover up, mix it with, gets done, pre-sides, are in drivers seat, with holds, making possible, pro-pose, persist, got someplace, in-validates, re-turning, doeth one proud, are in running, asservates, were prevalent, Inking, goes for broke, puts to bed, de-pressed, makes pass at, dis-concerting, came away with, outjump, over-bore, re-butting, was the running, did the honors, wert in drivers seat, inter-plays, re-ached, lays egg, objects to, let go, beating down, downed, lives out, was resolved, chips away at, withhold, dis prove, do to a turn, dis-cuss, making the grade, wast drivers seat, appeal to, were the running, over rules, were effect, Negatived, coming on board, engaged combat, sends away for, making short work of, re fuses, were current, pro-longed, Housed, making good, over ruling, initiating legal action, out gunned, be tough, control, makes sure, sur-passes, reign over, de camp, out-flank, pro duce, re quiring, counter poised, live out, went way, play role, socked it to one, dis cussing, keeping eye on, putting argument, stays the course, in duces, put to bed, cuts run, under takes, sneaks away, put finishing touches on, stays course, play catch up, forcing upon, lock horns with, having words, fasten, pulling out of it, renders null void, over-rode, outjockeying, be in charge, were victorious, brought a close, mismatching, de legate, make ready, run circles around, super-vise, go great guns, prevailing over, putting over, presides over, fore-stall, took steps, eyeballs, put struggle, going all out, worked over, noses out, inter laces, out jumped, pro-creating, ringed doorbells, waste, are on team, give got, scale, being in running, pick a bone, found fault, sticks up, taking up arms, says ones piece, hadst done with, acknowledge, keeps down, under take, prehends, swearing bible, saw through, wert common, dis regarded, laying ones hands on, reins in, tan one hide, repelled danger, battens down, out-smart, quarterback, put up a fight, shellacks, take oath, putting in to effect, keeps bay, doest number, took possession, are usual, under-takes, see it through, dost proud, wast a team, stick fast, advocate, out-lives, crossing swords with, Guarantying, get ones hands on, makes off with, leaves mark, being resolved, inter acting, in clines, wert action, be steadfast, seek to displace, art valid, keeps tabs on, gotten ready, stick it to, bought into, am stubborn, gave it one all, putting with, be running, are effect, rivalizes, dis-appears, was drivers seat, does ones best, doeth one thing, lean on, under taken, went for the gold, went well, overbears, swear up and down, dis appear, counter poising, be effect, have crack, lookouting, re plying, trucks with, get someplace, sweeping off one's feet, doeth best, was in charge, gained possession, mix it up, got through, re strain, take in, kept busy, in habit, gotten one hands on, make comeback, dis appoint, out-rivaled, dis-proving, had whack, being in the running, insisted on, over masters, letted have it, arrives at, pre-scribe, wast team, pre-dominating, was current, in creasing, Padlocked, fall on, sewing up, took to cleaners, were valid, doing a turn, over-mastering, hold good, chases after, flew in the face of, wast extant, walks with, order, wins out, chipping away at, mixt it up with, goes places, dis agreed, living out, having at, moves out, shot ahead, hold the reins, is in possession of, sur-passed, get out of way, gets with it, wert loggerheads, doth best, under-written, stood one's ground, went the limit, out performing, re-hearses, gave one's got, lighting into, swearing up and down, succeeded to, dashing one hope, re-adies, swear and down, sweep off feet, perduring, throw together, dashed off, gave it one's all, did one thing, trothed, do justice to, standing ones ground, endure, gobbles up, dropt curtain, feathered, have whack, was stubborn, picking bone, gets better of, re-curring, took up arms, be on a team, dis appoints, get the upper hand, carries to completion, strengthen, ex plained, kept in existence, dost bang-up job, pre served, go all out, being usual, take to cleaners, like, over looked, scramble for, inter-meshed, under took, out-dared, cash in on, takes the bull by horns, sweep ones feet, hadst fling at, de-limited, saying ones piece, has bone to pick, brings up short, cash on, stayed staunch, runs with ball, go through with, make it, art just the ticket, wast effective, conquer, be stubborn, acquire, get upper hand, over taking, brought to knees, camped on the doorstep of, art in drivers seat, camping on doorstep of, putting up dukes, squaring off, were responsible for, out jockeyed, re duce, be responsible for, fore-stalling, gather up, dis porting, does a t, succeeds to, puts fight, imprest as, Entrapped, sur-pass, cope with, goes all the way, re spect, bringing to maturity, didst number, inter play, works toward, pro longs, fly the coop, put the cuffs on, over-rides, revert, holds fast, fits out, doeth bang up job, strong arm, confuse, tans one hide, transport, re view, am resolved, strived for, dis appointed, art in the driver's seat, doeth honors, persevere, are candidate, outgunning, over-takes, simmered down, give it one all, Burlesquing, haddest authority, work out, wert on, under-taken, making attempt, torn off, doeth bangup job, stand one's ground, leaved no stone unturned, choose, pro fits, pre vails, sewed up, out-perform, whips out, are prevalent, is stubborn, is driver's seat, call a day, hadst in hand, living down, hits pay dirt, trucking with, toughs out, lifted a finger, prowled after, holds good, hast rights, operate, go the way, art the driver's seat, outplay, arrive at, laying hands on, make grade, wast in the drivers seat, going war, jumping on, keeping driving, out dare, doest turn, moving out, hold ground, be in the running, keeps existence, applied oneself, pre serves, out distance, consulted with, get going, busies, sweeps ones feet, over-rules, got the top, note, out wit, do justice, does bang-up job, out-fit, straighten, are extant, beat system, are current, took one on, put heads together, made a stand, doeth justice, Counterplotted, keeping in view, prowl after, over seeing, outhits, kept on, de-sires, sub-dues, provides means, tough it out, was loggerheads, re-serving, re hearses, force up on, campaigned against, re quested, sub jugate, trades in, am in driver seat, re-turns, harding, hadst a shot at, hunting down, wast the driver's seat, dognaping, hog tie, shopped for, square off, standing fast, go ahead, pro-testing, re pair, living up to, dashing ones hope, over-topping, super vising, rang doorbells, dognap, looks after, was action, bring, come to terms, de posit, re-plenishing, beat down, going limit, gotten the better of, hits bull eye, Snowed, bearing comparison with, being head of, covered bases, socking it one, re main, were the case, scout out, wast the running, got ready, carves out, has bone pick, ride shotgun for, give it one's all, re tain, hit bull'seye, were case, being left, want, fly coop, remaining firm, pre-scribed, gets upper hand, join battle with, imprison, am tough, made a killing, seeks prize, pre tend, re press, is steadfast, put argument, were in the driver seat, gotten under control, jump one case, over look, doth honors, re covered, acceded to, stood up, glommed onto, wiping off map, ratify, mis-appropriating, co ached, makes a break, dashes hope, is the head of, dis posed, stands one's ground, running with, prearrange, squared off with, does justice to, is in driver seat, be at head of, went better, reaches agreement, had a go at, adhere to, in-sure, re-hearse, sur mounted, rivalizing, lifting finger, out living, re-new, camped the doorstep of, is confronted by, makes break, hit bulls-eye, getting upper hand, doth t, wert the case, be sting, un-does, swore up and down, contracting for, had a shot at, impress as, re-aching, run against tide, go after, trothing, brings to maturity, over come, gets to top, ran with, work, pro-cure, carry off, take, doeth number, dis approved, ring doorbells, live to, with standing, over mastered, pre-venting, shooting at, Riveted, pressing on, hauled in, be just the ticket, mousetrapping, pre-vent, made play for, counter-plotting, seeks to displace, out-lasting, Persisted, did best, am prevalent, works at, call tune, out daring, tanned one hide, heading up, were candidate, out lasted, prevailing against, took apart, wast prevalent, tanning one hide, mops up, roping in, pulled out of it, wast usual, representing oneself, disharmonizes, go the limit, was case, do bang up job, being candidate, am at loggerheads, making comeback, is head of, played gig, dis-cording, made an effort, wast saddle, re-pair, taking along, over-come, dis comfit, in-habits, roll back, demur, mixes with, de bates, pro-cessed, is in drivers seat, make sure, topped off, controls affairs of, ex torts, wert at the head of, prevails against, gotten going, de fended, pre arrange, is in the running, seeing through, was responsible for, de-posit, provided the means, gets one hands on, employ, pro cures, poke around, runs in to, takes possession of, jumped on one case, out-foxes, out-jockeying, stole away, made my day, controls the affairs of, dis courages, put up struggle, hash over, run off, finish off, gotten with it, made ready, kept afloat, dis-affirmed, is victorious, said one piece, work over, fore stall, delivers the goods, making off with, doest trick, groupthinks, scrambles for, brings to a close, dragoon, preengages, pre dominating, approve, made debut, preserve, takes steps, bought in to, pro-cured, camp the doorstep of, arriving at, making a stand against, dost to a turn, bringing knees, gotten out of way, dost bang up job, pre pares, out gun, give grounds for, art running, going through, cross heart, is tough, haul in, out wits, get under control, being at head of, gotten the top, leans on, over-take, jumping on case, move behind, out-performed, out play, did a bang-up job, pre side, taking wind out of sails, give rise to, rises above, over rides, re-pulsing, out hitting, be-stows, is drivers seat, super vise, makes waves, jump on, called it day, took wind out sails, getting something done, comes to terms, providing sanctuary, jousting, ex-act, bits the bullet, makes attempt, gains advantage, brings short, stand firm, applying oneself, was in saddle, prevail against, make use of, discording, contend, outdaring, running in to, dis patches, de-ride, choked back, was engaged in, making war, brings to fruition, do the honors, does honors, transcends, shot down, gat out of way, re move, housebroken, over coming, pre-dominate, counter-balancing, de-legates, tossing turn, do one thing, bringing down house, hath a crack, kisses babies, mixed it up with, give appearance, didst proud, bring to a close, did all right, shoot at, jumps on one's case, puts cuffs on, hath rights, be-falling, de-cree, gives a whirl, made a comeback, gives ones got, wast on team, up hold, dost one's thing, calling the tune, conceal, under wrote, glomming onto, watching over, went limit, being in possession of, re-aped, seek prize, is in charge, take pains, arrive, de-bar, out maneuvering, doeth ones best, bring board, gets out way, running show, whacked, covers up, ritualized, re create, kept an eye on, stood firm, had crack, de-crees, remained true, art in saddle, counter-check, guard, call question, go in to, re-covers, pro create, stooging, overbore, sweeping off feet, re serve, light in to, give the appearance, objecting to, pokes around, pro mises, mixt up with, ex-acting, in crease, de spoiling, tries for, does a bangup job, turn trick, over take, tying down, art the drivers seat, wert in charge, doest one proud, measured to, puts snatch on, was possessed of, bring fruition, give it ones all, fill the bill, ins the hunt, hast go, doing ones best, dis-proves, gentling, wast action, ins hunt, de-camped, made bid, politicking, hits the bull eye, figure out, out-stripped, locking up, be action, attach, tears off, sate on, shooting for, make off with, finished off, out-doing, swears down, tan one's hide, is in driver's seat, Birching, prehend, pre sides, provides the means, having a go at, got ones hands on, art confronted by, have shot, put screws to, playing role, had go, glom onto, re gards, got hold of, march against, are determined, over-riding, re mains, achieve, kiss babies, flies the face of, took effect, doth one's best, hire, puts bed, was at the head of, hast it out, batten down, go the distance, putting to bed, holding out against, made progress, mixes it with, pre-dominates, re-moves, pre venting, cleans up, swore and down, buys into, shoots for, super-intended, be-troths, is the case, over-masters, doest the honors, giving grounds for, doing thoroughly, wast in drivers seat, be-witch, skipping out, be resolved, rolls back, hits the bullseye, pulled fast one, piloting, dost one best, conflict, bring to close, makes stand, gotten out way, jumped on ones case, over powering, make impression, out performed, initiates legal action, rid shotgun for, play part, engaging in, wast alive, re-dressing, de-bars, went route, had the say, pulls fast one, was determined, set to, do the trick, is in running, collar, de pressed, puts argument, go to town, going in for, gat fat, Pestling, makes bid, make pass at, being common, took care of, be-speaks, rendering null and void, crosses heart, over born, compares with, am case, de-fended, gives come-on, scraping up, switching on, wast driver seat, brings knees, buy into, wert in the running, having a crack, aiming for, swept off one's feet, Whelmed, am victorious, wrought at, hath a shot at, de-presses, sell for, gave it all, over-came, be prevalent, mixing up with, out-distance, Helmed, didst a bang up job, leaving behind, Provisioning, de bar, didst one's thing, in-clines, made an impression, is at the head of, does best, deal with, pro visioned, represents oneself, put finishing touch on, takes to cleaners, out-fitted, making bid, sweep off one's feet, re-presses, de posits, keeps driving, be troth, art a team, re-dressed, return, rivetting, dis-cord, exerted oneself, jockeys for position, co ordinates, out rivalled, Perdure, re-questing, making a break, shoot down, were possession of, went war, dis patched, am loggerheads, wert in running, gets through, de-bates, be stowing, played catch up, work for, give, re fuse, give run around, calls question, outrival, go bat for, am in action, out smarting, held office, makes short work of, appealed to, out-jumped, fakes out, goes the way, re covering, running off with, starring, pro-longing, lay ones hands on, be head of, de rive, are left, dis approving, dost all right, art widespread, am candidate, knocking dead, bringing on board, lacing into, stands by, lit into, cut and run, dis-appointing, caring for, hitting pay dirt, letting have it, made with, accumulate, re quire, inter-fere, sit take it, overcome, hast authority, wast charge, kept in view, de fends, out-jumping, mixt with, goes the limit, didst turn, dis approve, is determined, square with, stomping, resist, makes scarce, hold reins, toughed out, am resolute, wert resolved, give all got, were engaged in, get better of, pleaded for, out rivalling, rolling over, doest a bang-up job, were resolved, hast crack, putting on gloves, scraping together, ran things, scrapes together, take care of business, re-solves, restrict, scouted out, over-whelmed, shake hands, say one's piece, dost to turn, reigned over, were at loggerheads, were the drivers seat, get there, rides out, goes to town, payed for, went up against, be-spake, make good, putting screws to, taking oath, laying low, dis-regarding, dis regards, re plenishing, Burlesqued, make debut, bumped heads, Chaired, buttoned, dost job, dis-harmonized, pulling back, re-tains, shops for, super intends, sneak away, giving rise to, gets ready, tops off, tost around, over sees, counter balanced, made a bid, de-liberate, brought fruition, gat there, all-owing, forcing up on, did proud, dis-sert, dost turn, signs on, sub-scribes, came board, pre-vailed, making purchase, whomps, putting up with, Disciplining, mows down, pitted against, taking out, re-strict, over-saw, dis regarding, have bearing, shooting it out, hast a whack, calling a day, makes it, take up, de-liver, trans-acts, haddest bone pick, sweeps off one's feet, oppose, Altercating, haddest a fling at, are widespread, allow, sticked fast, snapped up, sneaked away, co-ached, inter meshes, ignore, switch on, be-labored, result in, takes captive, were in running, cutting and run, over-ruling, wipes the floor with, blows out of water, catering to, over-powering, has go at, re-view, pro-fess, outjumping, kept driving, out lasts, be labored, dis heartened, filled bill, grows famous, saying so, does the job, forced up on, asservating, be-witches, carve out, bears comparison with, topping off, pre-tending, finishing off, over bear, fixing up with, give come on, was alive, calls signals, sucks in, put in to effect, wast resolved, gets to the top, in-vest, fly the face of, said so, Birched, be-labor, wert in saddle, downing, lighted in to, bumps heads with, re-plenished, drub, take steps, outstrip, calls in question, participates in, complies with, with held, doest a t, stood behind, birch, haddest at, joined battle with, Altercated, up-sets, reasons about, jumped on case, locks horns with, be wildered, over bearing, scrape together, grip, re maining, out-shines, sticks guns, hit bull eye, being in driver seat, sware and down, truck with, beat the system, over-powers, were common, doest best, Bottled, outjockeyed, hadst crack, be-fallen, does one thing, take court, goes all out, does bangup job, Disported, am on, trying on for size, hit the campaign trail, see to, jumping on one's case, puts up argument, brings maturity, de-camps, dis-courages, takes up arms, earned wings, pre-engaging, pre-vail, held sway over, babysit, wast in action, dis-patching, over ride, falls heir to, stocking up, whacking, sets about, repels danger, went on with, signing up, deliver the goods, remains firm, sees through, goes shopping, took care business, carried completion, doest battle with, super-vised, were in possession of, counter-vails, dis accords, tosses around, Perpetrated, de-fends, shot out, Buttoning, with-drawn, wast on a team, give chase, de-riving, nosing around, stands to, sticks to guns, campaign against, goes for jugular, took the field against, ex-plain, de crees, laid one out, copes with, working for, gives it all, staying staunch, re-quires, pro moting, gat the better of, swore on bible, seize, standing against, holding sway over, politicks, take care of, counter-poised, subdue, being alive, hits the bulleye, over comes, plowing under, is the drivers seat, getting out way, re moved, ex-tract, de-limiting, de-clares, insist, re-presents, inter-feres, re moves, hath in hand, cramping style, undertake, give the come on, took the reins, gives it one's all, did one best, are at head of, art successful, perseverated, wielded baton, tried on for size, putting finishing touch on, wipe the floor with, shotgun, match wits, be-spoke, worsted, vied for, bring down the house, purchase, plays up to, making pass at, contract for, socked it one, out jumping, comes away with, pre-dominated, Struggled, shoots down, gat something done, over whelmed, are in saddle, help, sur mount, re strict, leaving alone, pinions, go back, hath at, were on, wast resolute, keep down, pulling fast one, running against tide, out-flanked, being on team, make progress, is a candidate, thrashed out, over-ruled, squared off, covered all bases, wast in driver's seat, are resolved, dis-regarded, outhitting, de-laying, Garrisoning, prevailed against, hadst at, all owing, trans act, took out after, over run, out foxing, being victorious, out fits, took arms, was valid, dissuade, went to town, wast possessed of, re-fine, brings fruition, were in effect, putting fight, dash hope, making buy, be driver's seat, measures up to, stay staunch, jumped one's case, driving for, fixes with, wast at the head of, de-scanted, dis-appoints, press on, didst to turn, dis appeared, disharmonized, pre-vents, giving come-on, deny, going that route, giving ones word, groupthinking, intermeshed, with-drew, Whelming, fights for, make fast, am drivers seat, sub scribes, rivalized, mis matching, didst thoroughly, over-whelming, be at loggerheads, grapple with, counterplot, kept line, get fat, squared with, jumping on one case, takes reins, re-quired, begging borrow steal, re-dress, be drivers seat, inter-laced, ministering to, steals away, dropping curtain, discepted, hold forth, keeps at bay, comminute, going whole hog, un zip, bitting bullet, super vised, trans pire, over took, makes a buy, pro-mote, tearing off, gets the better of, de siring, keeping in line, in vented, out last, sticks it out, pleads for, is common, starred, perked, haddest whack, gathers up, pays court, resume, dost ones thing, strongarm, ringing doorbells, hast a fling at, pro-creates, engaged in combat, doest bangup job, disapprove, pro cure, Re-present, shop for, match strength, hide, puts in to effect, dis harmonize, Lasted, counter-act, do the job, come board, mis appropriate, disallow, art determined, called signals, lay low, over turning, with stand, be-stowing, gets top, re-covered, Torpedoes, trans-pire, renders null and void, counter plotted, Overseeing, wert on a team, with stands, pre dominate, re-quire, inned the hunt, inter meshing, over-seeing, sur-mounts, moves forward, prosecute, flew the coop, counter-checks, ran against tide, doth a turn, in-cline, turns the trick, under write, up setting, had it out, carrying to completion, sit on, puts it over, mis matched, asservated, was at loggerheads, triumphs over, doth to a turn, compensates for, running the show, give it all, giving one's word, beg borrow steal, does right, presided over, preside, hadst go, flying the coop, de sired, create, made a hit with, wiping the floor with, Counterchecking, have a crack, bagging it, was prevalent, were charge, dis affirms, accedes to, standing one ground, out class, shooting ahead of, dissertates, hitting the bull eye, be spoken, prehended, obtain, were resolute, re butted, gets ones hands on, hast bearing, topping it off, gives the appearance, mixed with, trampling underfoot, buy out, went one better, decline, chip away at, go way, bear comparison with, moves behind, are steadfast, putting up fight, be haves, stood to, remain, be the driver's seat, wert steadfast, give sanctuary, sticked guns, hitting bull'seye, gunned, shot at, am driver seat, ex act, Affiancing, fixed up with, out smart, delivered goods, standing to, is candidate, wrought toward, get, did a bangup job, put on gloves, making a purchase, trucked with, Outdare, pro-scribed, re-ported, gotten to the top, knock down, didst bang-up job, doth justice, out shine, scrapes up, got fat, goes town, re-pulses, pre vail, re duces, mortgaged, gat results, hits the bulls-eye, doeth a turn, skip out, de-frauds, hold for ransom, leaves alone, re-presenting, goes in for, Birches, getting done, mis match, made break, out-flanking, heisted, is resolved, un done, be spoke, puts an argument, nosed out, stick up, re viewing, was saddle, gat better of, go against, dis affirm, be the head of, de positing, took the cake, does the trick, out-wearing, wiled, under taking, beating system, sock one, goes whole hog, over-power, going all way, de-limits, shellack, lacing in to, hold true, buys in to, existed generally, gave all, skunking, plays gig, fly in face of, put snatch on, sticking with it, gets one's hands on, rebuff, take bull by the horns, keeping safe, make a break, sur mounts, has done with, reasoning about, over-throws, pulling the strings, being case, ropes in, de-bating, cramping one's style, be getting, does ones thing, un-zips, pre occupied, giving all, Blanked, in-vesting, being in charge, was in the running, stood fast, got results, being resolute, being in action, begged borrow or steal, gat in there, Worsting, de-fend, was in drivers seat, exerts oneself, counter acting, re pressing, played to, taking bull by horns, de-sired, take the bull by the horns, having go at, re pulses, perseverate, put a fight, did the job, putting up argument, gat someplace, going for jugular, have say, over turn, cherish, take hold of, hashing over, art alive, tossed around, give one word, scared up, overing, am determined, hadst words, puts oneself out, pre serve, seeks displace, gave all ones got, called day, made a purchase, measures to, inter-acting, dogged it, take by storm, gat upper hand, dis pose, hold on to, gave one got, pre-arranges, quarterbacks, in hunt, campaigning against, sees to, dash one hope, de bated, overbear, doth the trick, roped in, takes pains, out plays, brings a close, have go at, out-wit, go one better, master, wipe map, sticks to, being just the ticket, hits bulleye, de-lays, being a candidate, carried to completion, being driver's seat, push forward, stay, sat top of, de-barred, makes a killing, shaking hands, making a fortune, over whelm, remove, under-writes, coming out on top, had bearing, moving behind, out-did, lays an egg, throws for loop, trans ported, am in drivers seat, go up against, hold, whelms, cramped one's style, give the come-on, out jumps, was candidate, ex tract, overflow, got tough with, out-rival, be-laboring, go places, reach, re porting, were in saddle, gather, squares with, didst all right, gave one's all, dis-according, in cites, transorted, compete, being the drivers seat, wipes floor with, cared for, filled the bill, making ready, be in driver seat, be the driver seat, doth a number, takes wind out of sails, live on, was in running, art just ticket, saw to, wert effect, tied down, are in driver's seat, ink, flying face of, mix with, sate take it, hitting bull-eye, gotten top, under writing, dis agrees, taking under wing, had a go, having place, went places, remain firm, counter-acts, re moving, out shined, was confronted by, calls the tune, crested, rediscover, be gotten, holds sway over, brought maturity, re-solving, disharmonize, lead to, socked to one, laid an egg, discuss, dis-cussed, toss around, cramped one style, beating the system, wipe floor with, throw for loop, give birth, sweeping off one feet, gotten one's hands on, doth right, de riding, do one's best, hold ones ground, being on, taking court, out fitting, staid staunch, goes way, dis-cusses, puts up struggle, pro posing, be witches, seek displace, gave word, round out, laid low, un does, holds forth, toils on, going shopping, putting up struggle, Chivied, pro-create, re-duce, Policed, cut run, was on, hung it up, run in to, jumping one's case, pro-scribe, knuckles with, controlled affairs of, going against, does battle with, dis charges, in-crease, suck in, being valid, dis-regard, in-habiting, kicks around, dis proves, dis accord, took part, command, gave it ones all, de liberated, re-pulsed, over-running, re turning, brought short, didst job, remaining alive, shuttering, keep on, skunked, un-zip, art possessed of, gives one's all, super-intend, out-strips, am in charge, controlling affairs of, overmaster, out-last, pro vision, locking horns with, sneaking away, stands ground, out shone, counter-balance, stands behind, hit campaign trail, dash off, struggle against, wert extant, are the case, de spoils, maintain, puts into effect, swears up and down, outhit, made profit, didst battle with, trans-act, with-stands, carries oneself, take along, run for, overmasters, render null and void, sweethearted, latched onto, with-draw, do t, de feats, calling tune, hast a shot, fake out, went through with, do bangup job, hold office, bags it, over-rule, hashed over, discourses about, dis-approves, counter plotting, best, do to t, wert case, took field against, be possession of, pay for, out-witting, de ride, took all, pro-vision, gets going, choke back, are possession of, made scarce, went all out, ex-celling, hadst rights, wast successful, triumphing over, went after, re quires, doest to t, art saddle, were in the driver's seat, mis-matching, be-spoken, politick, takes it all, carries through, doing t, fit out, make waves, works over, bring close, thrash out, wert in possession of, chivy, pro-vided, sticked it to, shoot ahead of, dost justice, calling signals, doeth right, takes to court, seeing it through, tosses turn, dis-approving, wast in charge, were a candidate, dis cuss, dis-concert, art team, dis-cords, wiped off map, stayed course, rumpusses, sat take it, took care of business, whop, counter, getting results, be-sting, hitting bulleye, pull back, giving refuge, inter laced, mount, scraped together, says so, up-setting, over-looking, repelling danger, pre dominated, shopping for, de bating, cramped style, went south, putting snatch on, inning hunt, re-acted, blows away, bring to maturity, giving whirl, dis-pose, hadst the say, were on team, counter balance, are at the head of, de fending, getting in there, runs off, going for broke, give all, go that route, war, art the driver seat, facing off, am possession of, Sentineling, Victualed, crossed heart, going AWOL, Comminuted, indulge, making debut, cleaned up, blow out water, co ordinate, exists generally, being successful, being on a team, hast shot, sticked up, be determined, shotgunning, was extant, out jump, are the head of, re-mains, did one's best, pre-arranging, wert stubborn, contest, counter-acted, cleaning up, up sets, vying for, counter-balanced, run the show, wipes off map, grasp, stood one ground, in vents, were in the running, trans acting, forced upon, shot ahead of, crosses swords with, in-corporates, am valid, covering up, plugged away, hast a shot at, did t, standing up to, didst a bangup job, dashed hope, faced off, art in effect, de livers, hurl defiance at, brought up short, holds out against, crack down, pre-arrange, pro scribe, shotgunned, contributing to, pro vide, grew famous, sock it one, dost battle with, takes all, re dresses, went out for, join, prowling after, counter-vail, took bull by horns, having title, hurled defiance at, out-play, pro vides, pro-longs, perseverating, discepts, was the driver's seat, aimed for, go for the gold, tanned hide, held forth, Chairing, makes hay, did the trick, is effective, fore-stalled, de-livers, fills the bill, throwing together, takes the cake, de-spoiling, taking the cake, camps on doorstep of, nose out, gotten to, am left, were running, does a turn, takes over, hast being, wast driver's seat, take all, holds bay, bought out, flax, reigning over, mousetrapped, said ones piece, Shotguns, pro longing, de vise, doeth the trick, over throws, lay one hands on, takes the reins, take an oath, wrought for, doeth one's thing, didst justice to, doeth thing, go out for, Entrammel, fought over, with-held, headed up, out wear, trying for size, taking by storm, search for, hast a go at, prevent, is left, playing catch up, takes wind out sails, stand up for, going over big, matched strength, make a profit, swore down, am alive, wast steadfast, pre-pared, be common, cast down, does one's best, seeing after, inned hunt, sticking it to, had words, counter-plotted, try, all owed, calling day, cut it, taking exception, gave try, re turn, trailblazes, out doing, de bate, did turn, being just ticket, taking all, calls a day, hast bone pick, Policing, bare comparison with, de-legate, pre-side, being confronted by, camped doorstep of, were tough, in vent, gives try, hast place, make break, dragoons, in vests, was in the drivers seat, went the way, transorting, coming away with, hogtie, took oath, complete, de livered, choking back, guarding against, hits campaign trail, Responding, doth bangup job, took out, catered to, dis-accorded, keeping afloat, top it off, going better, be-falls, spares no effort, re plied, re-create, stand against, in sure, does proud, vies with, dashes off, hanging up, do one best, pro-mise, ran roughshod over, finishes off, running into, dost to t, stays staunch, go distance, saw after, buying into, are just ticket, dost right, keeping alive, object, stand guard, receive, tangling with, forbid, snuck away, re solves, rise above, held reins, camping the doorstep of, hast a go, piggybacked, stay course, hast stab, keeping in existence, pull fast one, gives ones word, feathering, take possession of, stood up for, countercheck, re dressing, swept ones feet, over-look, pick bone, gat to, dis-concerts, counterchecks, inter acted, gives chase, riding out, keep eye on, searched high heaven, was tough, inter-locked, bring up short, doing bangup job, carry through, worry, whip out, having being, stood ones ground, counter-balances, left mark, stand ones ground, searched for, stands up, gat to top, be driver seat, bring pass, dost a number, out-shining, ascend, are valid, running with ball, be force, is effect, with stood, having say, re-duces, holding forth, going for the gold, tear off, re new, gotten there, pre serving, doth justice to, bringing close, taking cake, dis-appoint, chased after, Helming, gained advantage, beats down, sews up, de-bate, tossed turn, doest to a t, getting out of the way, putting struggle, battened down, went for jugular, am extant, quell, mixing it up, sub scribing, re-deem, re-viewed, picked a bone, gotten hold of, sware up down, accede to, were at head of, hanged it up, re pairs, keep from, art prevalent, re-straining, pits oneself against, do a bang up job, gat out the way, has whack, are common, re curred, outguns, rumpusing, had place, has a whack, combat, took it all, hast done with, lays one out, Busying, out foxes, de-sire, pushing forward, discepting, folded up, leads to, outjockey, was on a team, does a number, going the limit, holding fast, out-rivaling, lays ones hands on, gives appearance, skipped out, ran into, de-livered, counter acts, having a whack, mis matches, dis-appointed, crossed swords with, wast in the driver seat, be-ginning, beats off, provide the means, increase, makes good, put up with, Parried, quarrel, take the cake, has a go, sits top of, lucking out, cover bases, dis patch, under-taking, hitting the bulleye, out wearing, tanning one's hide, counter vailed, lighting in to, buying out, shoots at, re ached, remaining true, be the case, giving it one all, hath say, followed up, have authority, re sting, stood up against, pro-cess, got one hands on, gave run around, exchanged views on, was steadfast, went shopping, set about, takes one on, was common, tried for, knuckled with, putting heads together, fore-stalls, over rode, makes a profit, has at, shelling, runs against tide, with-stood, put fight, are the running, keeping down, camps doorstep of, beared comparison with, pre occupies, staying course, swore up down, in-duces, hadst a fling at, use, be gun, re strained, rounding out, over-throwing, doth proud, mowed down, dis-accords, re-fused, be on team, comes board, didst one proud, comes on board, run into, downpour, walked off with, joining battle with, going to town, walking off with, up held, be-fell, checkmate, dis heartening, dost a t, come back, has a go at, hath go, is extant, running roughshod over, bring to knees, wast victorious, tossing around, came near to, dis cept, be the running, did a number, take it all, sitting and take it, hitting campaign trail, wert head of, be at the head of, dost a bang up job, laying a finger on, taking prisoner, hamming, de limiting, shipwreck, wast engaged in, wert at loggerheads, Pirating, Dissert, had out, pre-sent, panoplied, pro-mises, de-liberating, retain, keep afloat, over throwing, live through, cramping one style, hath a fling at, exercising power, keeping on, hold bay, getting through, hit the bull-eye, doing a bang up job, attain, doest one's best, bounce off, laying hold of, with-holds, carving out, taking effect, get done, are a team, ritualizing, kept safe, with-drawing, in habits, re-curred, make play for, waging war, wast at loggerheads, goes great guns, kept tabs on, de-press, come in, occupy, put up fight, wiped floor with, continue, has out, brought close, were on a team, giving ones got, dis-agreed, pre paring, stay the course, dis-comfits, sticking guns, give a try, wast widespread, goes all way, wast in running, dis-agrees, with drawn, pro creates, doeth one's best, laying one out, consummate, Disacknowledge, pays for, wert in the driver's seat, brought to close, de-bated, under-take, doeth turn, art in force, parenting, throws together, gat it together, have bone pick, dis concert, wert widespread, kept down, live up to, are resolute, did a t, had being, doing proud, de-pressing, going way, doing ones thing, kicked about, were a team, bag it, art in possession of, up-holds, embrace, plugging away, mixing it with, over powered, brought down the house, had go at, went for broke, re-serve, re curring, lay hold of, out-maneuvers, Manacling, hadst title, wert in driver seat, didst to a t, put with, inter mesh, doth one proud, look after, re tains, reach agreement, pre arranging, pushed for, figures out, are alive, dis cords, marches against, in validating, suppress, calling it a day, de-vise, importing, sees it through, wast in driver seat, was effect, do ones best, gave one all, payed court, re-covering, re-fining, pre-sents, was possession of, over-ridden, Bulwarked, re-quiring, are in driver seat, stuck guns, laced in to, stick guns, dis-charge, co-aching, re-paired, doest thing, re-solve, hitting the bulls-eye, do a t, wert drivers seat, sur passed, are in effect, leaving no stone unturned, went distance, holding at bay, being the case, swept one's feet, were confronted by, rumpused, hath a stab, struggles against, snapping up, pre pared, outdo, get hold of, didst ones thing, am in effect, perseverates, bump heads, pre engage, is prevalent, prevail over, kept view, goes out for, setting about, do thoroughly, bitted bullet, going out for, discoursed about, am steadfast, putting across, puts end to, enter, didst ones best, co-oking, lifts a finger, drove for, gains control, led to, quarterbacked, have a stab, be-witched, inter playing, steamrolling, stood up to, does bang up job, getting to the top, stooged, super intend, over-taking, be usual, was head of, stuck up, keeps line, holds to, wert the driver seat, art in running, were the driver's seat, Cinched, fight over, recreate, dogging it, stand behind, sub dues, carried through, out-lasted, cramped ones style, tanning ones hide, cracking down, did right, sweeps off feet, gat through, de liberating, re-plied, stood ground, latch onto, gaining control, being the head of, out-jockeys, laces into, clean up, over-see, be falls, giving the come on, brought to a close, put bed, pulled back, stands ones ground, out-shine, doth one thing, stand ground, laying one hands on, disserted, counter-poises, nosing out, dis-charging, doest the trick, wert in action, Counterchecked, in corporate, runs show, give one all, ducks out, trounce, made stand, minister to, out-rivals, coming terms, jumps ones case, made short work of, rival, counter checked, doing bang-up job, Perking, provided sanctuary, shipwrecks, flew face of, de-spoil, enforce, makes buy, wert responsible for, out flank, in-validate, doth a bang-up job, dis-concerted, doth ones best, be on, play act, got something done, ko'd, call the signals, stuck it to, getting the better of, getting fat, in venting, hanging it up, doest bang up job, whomping, Creaming, knocked down, goes to war, wert at head of, out-hitting, de fraud, nail it, bird dog, hits the campaign trail, provided means, over topping, counter-acting, overthrow, pushes forward, own, re aping, was force, getting one hands on, go better, went in for, dissertating, locked horns with, pro visions, pulling it off, buy in to, call the tune, makes impression, plays part, oversees, mothballs, face, under-wrote, square off with, do a bangup job, rolling back, Provisioned, got to top, lived down, running things, inter-played, wert a candidate, have done with, wert alive, searching for, cuts it, run roughshod over, spirit away, wast candidate, pro cessed, ritualize, having a fling at, inter-laces, makes killing, Treeing, re-strains, re-strained, made effort, lighted into, pre arranges, remain alive, hit pay dirt, went for gold, made killing, makes profit, doest all right, Subjected, tans one's hide, locked up, outrivalling, ran with ball, rendering null void, take apart, in creases, mis-match, sucked in, wiping floor with, outplayed, sought to displace, brought on board, ex acting, Chivying, interplayed, asservate, hadst stab, pro curing, hold at bay, companioning, doest justice, over running, haddest it out, watched over, dis harmonized, exert influence, takes an oath, overtops, camping on the doorstep of, stick with it, holds reins, cashing on, called it a day, out-dares, Bulwarking, stands one ground, keep view, wipe off map, get the better of, pro pose, pre engages, un did, Shepherded, hit bull's-eye, wages war, are head of, got out of the way, be-gun, made buy, be current, bringing to a close, gentles, sticked to guns, be a team, sub-scribed, clasp, dis posing, doth a t, be-troth, sate top of, saw it through, initiated legal action, be-guile, stood guard, haddest shot, am driver's seat, giving run around, sitting top of, being in driver's seat, out jockeys, de-feats, bring short, pulling a fast one, make purchase, hitting the bull-eye, dissertate, mopping up, dis-affirm, re butting, go with, sneezing, outgunned, making a buy, over-mastered, hang in, de-posits, hadst a whack, having rights, out-shined, be-stowed, pre-pare, blowing away, out done, takes the field against, were alive, be-having, meet, hadst authority, fills bill, aim for, gat ready, going the way, camp doorstep of, remain true, inter feres, holding to, initiate, running off, mix up with, camps on the doorstep of, dis corded, make killing, super intended, put an argument, play, wert just the ticket, holds purse strings, am usual, hits bull'seye, doth to a t, giving ones all, called the signals, under writes, sticking to guns, wield baton, dis-regards, says piece, tangled with, re-strain, squares off with, comparing notes, uphold, un-zipped, lifted finger, over-run, be successful, doest thoroughly, take cake, hast go at, stealing away, regard, going great guns, re strains, pro vided, didst one's best, compares notes, doeth the honors, deal in, de rives, out-wears, giving the run around, pulled a fast one, sweep off one feet, take arms, working at, outjumps, personate, tough out, play up to, dies hard, get to, making a stand, re news, give try, beat, out-wits, outjockeys, get results, wast left, have title, companioned, runs roughshod over, re-turned, giving sanctuary, are responsible for, be fell, re present, over-turning, is resolute, having a go, folding up, being saddle, strive for, run things, be left, ex plain, have place, out-jockey, out-fitting, going town, sent away for, bagged it, out maneuvered, over-whelms, socks it one, sur-mount, doing one's thing, doest a bang up job, doing battle with, run, Hards, gotten something done, re-spects, take reins, abstained from, entrammeled, keeping busy, buttons down, get tough with, un zipping, haddest hand, giving comeon, being at the head of, calls it day, are stubborn, gobbling up, waged war, do ones thing, vies for, over topped, put up argument, tanned ones hide, boxing up, over-thrown, hath crack, act, wast a candidate, Preengaging, re cover, come to, did bang up job, de-camp, with draw, be-getting, hath shot at, out played, brought to fruition, inter act, brought down house, consults with, defeat, dis harmonizes, put the snatch on, de tains, goes on with, re viewed, giving it one's all, giving all one got, be stow, pro long, give comeon, be wilders, is in saddle, dashing off, flew the face of, swear down, dash one's hope, take the bull by horns, swept off ones feet, out-wear, having the say, doeth t, plows under.