Pronunciation of Gloom
/ɡlˈuːm/, /ɡlˈuːm/, /ɡ_l_ˈuː_m/

Antonyms for gloom

guffawing, de-sire, joyrides, palliative, effulgence, joyousnesses, play, Yuck, re-creation, soothingnesses, joviality, de sire, foolery, rhapsody, self confidence, dis traction, at-onenesses, selfsufficiency, load off ones mind, joy, turn ons, amourpropre, jocoseness, merry making, clambakes, merriments, blow out, contentedness, merry-making, self trust, hurrays, buffoonery, Elysiums, re leases, positivisms, re-creations, load one mind, consolings, glitter, wellbeing, blitheness, jokings, idealisms, gladdenings, good spirits, delectation, mirthfulness, Jollies, divertissements, light heartednesses, glistening, skylarkings, har-de-hars, dis tractions, jeu desprit, enjoyings, smile, trust, hysteric, inspiritments, idealism, de-sires, shot in the arm, rompings, rapturousness, showiness, howlings, hurray, showinesses, do's, fickleness, self-indulgence, invigorations, clear consciences, colorfulness, merry makings, carefreeness, merriment, yucks, wingding, selfglorification, sport, good times, at onenesses, re laxation, warmheartedness, triflings, har-de-har, gladsomeness, looking bright side, palliatives, palliation, jocularity, shot in arm, contentment, selfconfidence, merry go round, mirth, roarings, contentednesses, re pose, joyfulness, selflove, Cheeriness, shimmer, Tehee, huzzahs, looking on bright side, load ones mind, extrication, Regalement, good cheers, coziness, sunshine, geniality, cheerinesses, quiet mind, crack ups, soothingness, self sufficiency, moonlight, mummery, lovings, selfesteem, gaiety, supportings, pleasings, daylight, Self-admiration, pro-motion, good spirit, gloatings, de light, re-assurances, sunlight, enjoyablenesses, cozinesses, Laughters, lots laughs, well being, self-worths, self trusts, luminousness, whoopee, re laxations, rapture, felicity, self-glorification, self worths, re-assurance, ravishment, vivaciousness, gregariousnesses, blow outs, revelings, jollifications, crackup, self admirations, comfortings, re-solution, Light-heartedness, field day, reassurances, fun games, fun and games, shot the arm, joyousness, re-assuring, happiness, pro motions, field days, enlivenings, warm fuzzies, re lief, merriness, load mind, de-lights, exuberance, delight, self glorifications, lots of laugh, hopefulnesses, extrications, shining, dos, jauntiness, merry go rounds, load off minds, re spite, Leisure Activity, sur-prise, jeux desprit, jauntinesses, sweetness light, load off one's mind, sparkle, content, satisfaction, de lights, rosecolored glasses, facetiousness, fun gameses, living up, re creations, laughter, re-pose, re-solutions, living ups, re-dresses, selfworths, re-laxation, selfworth, amusement, mollification, re dress, gaming, re spites, chucklings, re-lief, self-glorifications, non-sense, solacings, Buffooneries, re dresses, Rhapsodies, Jeu D'esprit, self glorification, har de har, titterings, revel, har de hars, light heartedness, restfulnesses, living it ups, load one's mind, gleaming, load off mind, kiddings, merrymaking, re-missions, living it up, load minds, re assurance, sur prise, pleasure, selfindulgence, peace-mind, invigoration, light, atoneness, junketings, camaraderie, brilliance, lightheartedness, de-light, self satisfaction, fun and gameses, confidence, Gluttonies, day, ravishments, self admiration, levity, regalements, warmheartednesses, selfsatisfaction, bed roses, non senses, peace of mind, at oneness, jubilance, reassurings, sur-prises, jocundity, turn-ons, hopefulness, jollification, lots of laughs, clambake, revelments, good fortune, jubilation, colorfulnesses, selfadmiration, Fooleries, re-mission, re-lease, sanguineness, fun, good cheer, encouragement, positivism, cheerfulness, self love, merry-makings, inspiritment, load off one mind, Mummeries, re-laxations, Leisure Activities, selfglorifications, selfrespect, fruition, festives, propitiations, re missions, self indulgence, jollity, hysterics, enjoyment, glee, load one minds, brightness, starlight, quiet minds, selftrusts, crack-up, restfulness, turn-on, re-dress, beguilements, grin, peace mind, re mission, clownings, re creation, relievings, tehees, re-spites, re solutions, sur prises, turnons, high spirits, re assurances, enjoyableness, clear conscience, chortlings, turnon, exultation, gregariousness, dis-tractions, optimism, festivity, crack-ups, self-admirations, mollifications, snortings, luminosity, whoopees, shot arm, crowings, re lease, reassurance, light-heartednesses, pride, beguilement, re-leases, pleasances, wingdings, comfort, Allayment, self-trusts, at-oneness, sanguinity, crackups, guffawings, de sires, entertainment, self worth, cheer, sunniness, facetiousnesses, gigglings, load one's minds, jeux d'esprit, rose colored glasses, companionability, radiancy, merrymakings, gluttony, atonenesses, self respect, ficklenesses, high spiritses, Self-trust, allayments, selfregard, companionabilities, Divertissement, gladness, lots laugh, load off one minds, load off one's minds, carefreenesses, teasings, humor, snugnesses, self esteem, dis-traction, glistering, zest, lightness, sunninesses, self regard, self-worth, non sense, junketing, velleity, animation.