Pronunciation of Gloomy
/ɡlˈuːmi/, /ɡlˈuːmi/, /ɡ_l_ˈuː_m_i/

Antonyms for gloomy

sunshiny, palmy, un-tarnished, animated, most agleam, more well kept, fresh, juiced up, un-demanding, most go-go, in distinct, more glad-handering, un-questionable, lighthearted, re-stored, festive, hardly any, red hot, Buoyed, coruscant, swell, Gossamery, cordial, encouraged, lightest, in-tenser, got head together, un-soiled, most floatable, un sullied, congenial, more popping, frisky, un obscured, pleasant, over-wrought, most razzle dazzle, more buddy-buddy, more off-the-wall, most uncontaminated, buddy buddy, un heavy, re-lucent, ex press, joyful, more forwardlooking, more warm hearted, kindly, eggheaded, well-lit, un-important, most conversable, most brighteyed, most fulgid, most glimmery, overjoyed, unexacting, most burnished, dis missed, promiseful, unconcerned, floodlit, most bucked, un clouded, in-tense, jocular, most uncensurable, jollying, phosphorescent, most gladhandering, downright neighborly, un troublesome, bright eyed and bushy tailed, most winsome, more jesting, in-spiring, un-polluted, dis charged, more well-lighted, more light-footed, optimistic, at ease, up beat, most unobscured, in-spirited, Transpicuous, well-lighted, Conversable, in-substantial, more comprehendible, more grooving, more jollying, un taxing, more buddy buddy, un darkened, joyous, time honored, well-kept, happy-go-lucky, Undarkened, more mild-mannered, most gladsome, more inspiriting, jubilant, un smudged, most untaxing, de finite, light-hued, more elating, re-solved, more true to life, more sunshiny, fun loving, silvery, more unhampered, on top of world, most grooving, most untroublesome, more rutilant, buoyant, more low pressure, un-hampered, more bleached, booner, more warm-hearted, bright eyed bushy tailed, light, more go-go, jokey, most resolved, most mirrorlike, more undimmed, more eggheaded, more tinsel, bushy-tailed, pro-vocative, glad handering, more fulgid, glitzy, most bouncing, palsy walsy, pre eminent, more unfaded, springy, more cleansed, lucid, un heavier, most jocose, uplifting, un-blemished, more coruscating, most rehabilitated, more whitehot, selfconfident, most lighttoned, spic span, more bantering, righteous, most fair skinned, fine dandy, backslapping, rose colored, shining, in high spirits, most imponderous, Conversible, most transpicuous, shimmering, white-hot, timehonored, more gogo, most well lit, Relucent, more emboldened, most cleansed, most invigorated, most warm hearted, de-lighted, fine and dandy, most hued, keeping faith, more chaffing, easy-going, well timed, more conversible, in fine fettle, zappy, sanguine, full of pep, campiest, ray sunshine, more razzle-dazzle, dewier, festal, most mild mannered, more bouncing, seethrough, over-joyed, fulgid, more welllighted, uncontaminated, most light-toned, on top world, undemanding, more rip-roaring, most fortifying, more peacocky, more gossamery, most whitehot, REDHOT, bushy tailed, more backslapping, more clear-headed, more up, most glistering, most light hued, most unblurred, clearcut, palmiest, true-to-life, most forwardlooking, clubby, sub lime, more sunlit, clean, most alight, more true-to-life, splendiferous, most fun loving, un-flagging, more esteemed, zappiest, hardly enough, apprehensible, most rip roaring, most carnival, most einstein, un-wearied, most frosted, in-candescent, re assured, warm hearted, dirtless, highlighted, happy, swimmy, more achromic, more reflecting, sub-lime, more alight, bright-eyed, more imponderous, in-considerable, fun-loving, clear cut, in spiring, most comic, most speckless, forward looking, bushytailed, most pussycat, in formal, most buddybuddy, Warm-hearted, snappy, zippy, speckless, full zip, sweettempered, looking forward to, resplendent, lots of laughs, most unsmudged, most eggheaded, more larking, most tow headed, sunbeamy, amiable, more moonlit, campier, full of zip, frosted, most light footed, up-lifting, more speckless, sunnyside up, most apprehensible, lightskinned, white hot, in controvertible, keeping the faith, Splendent, facetious, Saturnalian, jokier, Unwithered, un-spotted, light skinned, un-used, heartwarming, re-splendent, razzledazzle, more einstein, most arousing, mild-mannered, more white-hot, jaunty, de-finite, peacocky, excited, more inspirited, hilarious, scintillant, most undimmed, more light-toned, un-substantial, more bustling, most side-splitting, glorious, most coruscant, gladdened, unheavier, upbeat, farcical, in right mind, most auroral, gleaming, more fortifying, most back-slapping, ex-press, most absolved, more sunbeamy, most exonerated, more gladhandering, un-defiled, in-consequential, most off the wall, brighteyed, in adequate, most light toned, more laundered, dewy, trustful, most taintless, more razzledazzle, more absolved, un-heavy, most rocking, not stale, most bright eyed, more gladsome, in considerable, most flashing, more unobscured, showy, most jocund, more frosted, in significant, more unspotted, un blurred, all there, wellknown, more well lit, more mildmannered, heartiest, beaming, more fairskinned, genial, zingiest, un-faded, laughable, comforting, smiling, most unhampered, more splendiferous, more unexacting, moonlit, breezy, most gogo, unobscured, more buddybuddy, in good spirits, Clear-headed, wideawake, gagged up, perky, most white hot, more exculpated, gay, most illumined, more well-kept, bouncing, funloving, most tow-headed, more aglow, Undoubtful, in substantial, convivial, most conversible, welltimed, lighttoned, most unexacting, un-limited, more light-skinned, more uncensurable, more forward-looking, most light-footed, grooving, most forward looking, un-contaminated, crystalline, un-censurable, more untroublesome, most rip-roaring, most sweet-tempered, agleam, more brighteyed, see through, sunny, most light skinned, sparkling, most saturnalian, zappier, most moonlit, more refreshed, most anticipating, most bustling, most peacocky, more bucked, in-distinct, more go go, lightheaded, most tissuelike, more lighted, most forward-looking, exhilarating, unspotted, more easy going, heartened, un-troublesome, more transpicuous, most esteemed, most screaming, more funloving, clubbiest, un defiled, most joshing, more enraptured, un-stained, clubbier, re cognizable, scenic, encouraging, transparent, un-sullied, spic and span, most boffo, more flashing, flashest, zingy, brilliant, most enraptured, more coruscant, un impeded, most lowpressure, up-beat, most splendiferous, in-formal, more fun loving, aglitter, carefree, doing handsprings, in nocent, most fairskinned, welllit, good natured, most jollying, most welllighted, most go go, most relucent, most glad-handering, auroral, more conversable, most fluorescent, trans-lucent, most unwithered, thrilled, most mild-mannered, light footed, most light-skinned, for grins, neat as a pin, having smarts, most larking, clear, jolly, whitehot, more unpolluted, un polluted, most well lighted, most easy going, humorous, grinning, most silvery, riproaring, un doubtful, most reassuring, light headed, most back slapping, most bright-eyed, more off the wall, most wellkept, cloudless, trans lucid, un-obscured, dazzling, incandescent, most reflecting, razzle dazzle, good tempered, lustrous, unhampered, most emboldened, more glad handering, un equivocal, dewiest, Translucid, more smiling, more side-splitting, un-impeded, most grinning, Sprightful, boffo, more copacetic, glitziest, more untaxing, most rutilant, pro vocative, most coruscating, more rip roaring, white, most recognizable, most buddy buddy, most sunlit, laid back, full pep, undimmed, most fun-loving, most razzle-dazzle, selfassured, most festal, more promiseful, un obstructed, most promiseful, most graspable, aglow, more tinged, most smiling, well lighted, vivid, more boffo, un tarnished, good-humored, tissuelike, exuberant, most well-lighted, more tow headed, more dirtless, Imponderous, most off-the-wall, most razzledazzle, more grinning, tow headed, free easy, most laundered, un complicated, more relucent, more well lighted, un-troubled, more razzle dazzle, lit, most lightsome, palmier, shoestring, most radiating, well lit, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, goodhumored, swimmiest, lightsome, easygoing, re splendent, most low-pressure, Floatable, easy going, most riproaring, more uncontaminated, more exonerated, not rich, loud enough, featherweight, quickwitted, ray of sunshine, beamy, most inspirited, empty headed, chirpy, more lightskinned, more hyper, friendly, most carnivalesque, more mild mannered, most clear headed, most irradiated, careless, most splendent, forwardlooking, more festal, dis-charged, most tinged, un-smudged, light-footed, lighthued, over done, more lighthued, most joyous, more tralucent, most reassured, golden, hopeful, pussycat, rosy, most inspiriting, self assured, welllighted, in spiriting, more unwithered, un-withered, more wellkept, most bleached, most twinkly, most lightfooted, more shoestring, most sweet tempered, most light-hued, more illumined, most unfaded, most comprehendible, more resolved, jovial, un contaminated, mild mannered, more reassured, palsywalsy, most aglow, more glimmery, most sylphlike, un heaviest, most achromic, more burnished, back slapping, more mantling, un-darkened, more sylphlike, trans-lucid, more undoubtful, more translucid, GOGO, in candescent, un troubled, emptyheaded, more graspable, re-fulgent, most sunbeamy, most sweettempered, most clear-headed, more bushytailed, more lighttoned, more lightsome, most welllit, Unfaded, light-skinned, unblurred, vital, side-splitting, in spirited, insouciant, sunny side up, un hampered, un-equivocal, exultant, more undemanding, most winning, nice, in-adequate, graspable, gladsome, more joshing, re-cognizable, most undoubtful, un faded, untroublesome, more bright-eyed, home cooking, more sweet-tempered, most mildmannered, Uncensurable, more joyous, most well-lit, rip roaring, more mirrorlike, chirpiest, up lifting, low-pressure, more apprehensible, more bushy tailed, un-mistakable, more floatable, good humored, spirited, in tense, more anticipating, goodtempered, more bright eyed, jokiest, cavalier, more splendent, rosecolored, side splitting, more tow-headed, open shut, clear headed, more bushy-tailed, more rehabilitated, Mantling, tow-headed, most shoestring, off-the-wall, un-taxing, in-tensest, more low-pressure, forward-looking, most well-kept, un stained, un wearied, cheerful, more welllit, glimmery, trans lucent, lots laughs, more carnivalesque, re-assuring, more side splitting, campy, Tralucent, more tissuelike, trans parent, glossy, re lucent, more fluorescent, un-dimmed, most scintillant, most undemanding, most holiday, more arousing, most phosphorescent, re stored, re-habilitated, un mistakable, witty, un demanding, un-heavier, Rocking, tinsel, most true-to-life, most bushytailed, true to life, re habilitated, devil-may-care, light toned, ex citing, most gossamery, carnivalesque, more radiating, light hued, wide awake, more scintillant, un soiled, over joyed, like new, open and shut, un-exacting, boon, starlit, bright eyed, swimmier, sprightly, more screaming, more rocking, more irradiated, most exculpated, unheaviest, more unsmudged, more light toned, razzle-dazzle, fair skinned, un-obstructed, buddybuddy, un-heaviest, more lowpressure, more undarkened, un-blurred, too funny for words, in tenser, more recognizable, more buzzing, Larking, moony, bright, more saturnalian, more well-lit, most tinsel, un flagging, peppy, more holiday, more forward looking, bird brained, unpolluted, in-sufficient, in-nocent, glad-handering, quick witted, not much, go go, goodnatured, most bushy tailed, luminous, in consequential, well known, more pussycat, glaring, un spotted, merry, glistening, more carnival, trans-parent, most unspotted, neat as pin, most true to life, more easy-going, most copacetic, most trustful, un-complicated, fair-skinned, most undarkened, more reassuring, un dimmed, trans ported, more astir, un constrained, more invigorated, de lightful, more phosphorescent, most funloving, low pressure, well kept, sweet-tempered, most white-hot, light-toned, back-slapping, most side splitting, in-controvertible, birdbrained, sunlit, pre-eminent, sunny-side up, sylphlike, more sweettempered, more silvery, go-go, more back slapping, hued, most dirtless, re-assured, more agleam, de-lightful, un ambiguous, more lightfooted, in-spiriting, dis-missed, buddy-buddy, most buddy-buddy, sweet tempered, vivacious, more white hot, more light footed, boonest, content, energetic, lively, most sunshiny, more trustful, comprehendible, more sweet tempered, copacetic, most up, un substantial, more riproaring, bright-eyed bushy-tailed, Rutilant, chirpier, most astir, de lighted, glistering.