Pronunciation of Head
/hˈɛd/, /hˈɛd/, /h_ˈɛ_d/

Antonyms for head

dis position, stop, commencement, extra, shrimp, re solutions, pursue, result, tailpiece, bird dog, follower, insect, polestars, caudal appendage, steward, nitty gritty, depth, follow, fag end, incompetence, less, least, base, nullity, inability, tailpieces, cardiac organ, re verse, waggers, under, ineptness, inferior, neglect, morsel, secondary, nonentity, twerp, second, lack, beginning, subsidiary, ignorance, bedrock, completion, rear, worker, coal ice, mislead, sensitivities, re-solution, hind ends, zilch, undersurface, slavey, incapacity, quicks, death, cardiac organs, minor, vascular organs, hind part, last part, finish, underbody, tickers, hind end, employee, bottom, coal and ices, lower, tail, number, empennages, basement, auxiliary, deputy, last parts, final, hindmost parts, rock bottom, heart, wagger, conclusion, nittygritty, last, underling, zero, ticker, nadir, start, tag ends, whippersnapper, end, hind parts, hindmost part, lesser, underpart, re-solutions, empennage, snippersnapper, under standings, under-standings, rudder, foot, vascular organ, dis positions, lowly, dis-positions, ancillary, ending, abandon, nobody, under standing, Insignificancy, underbelly, Palates, assistant, fag ends, caudal appendages, serve, coadjutor, effect, stupidity, submit, re-verse, cipher, subordinate, yield, coal and ice, unimportant, dis-position, opening, misguide, under-standing, obey, dwarf, junior, coal ices, underside, trivial, surrender, ineptitude, retainer.