Pronunciation of Idle
/ˈa͡ɪdə͡l/, /ˈa‍ɪdə‍l/, /ˈaɪ_d_əl/

Antonyms for idle

doest one's utmost, art command, switches over, hast a job, hadst vibes, under took, more bound up, had at disposal, stands firm, did like, standing up to, make effort, is on, giving it one best shot, bumps heads, all there, bringing to the ground, over-reaches, puts use, puts oneself out, gets ready, did an impression of, lit into, wieldier, made bid, wert in commission, re organizing, having fish to fry, doeth to turn, pegging away, rough-house, quick on trigger, hast crack, wert residence, be concerned with, de cree, broke ones neck, was active with, most popping, demoniac, hath at one's disposal, drudge, pre vails, delivering goods, dis locates, really in to, co-oked, give ones best shot, rough houses, responsible, wert acceptable, art residence, in habited, transshipments, drave for, up to ones ears, went to town, more take-over, taking whack at, taking steps, active, de means, strong, didst ones thing, more allpowerful, more eager, doest ones utmost, un wearying, on the go, be affected, didst battle, in fine fettle, re coils, dis guising, well-organized, put an argument, hath disposal, more heavyduty, work bone, more into, come on like, restyled, go out for, starting ball rolling, persevere, puts through, dost number, assimilated to, re acting, re fines, most fireball, doinger, exert, in force, re modelled, operable, taking for ride, sang blues, am on, puts in hands of, giving got, do thing, ex pends, making attempt, missed ones cue, lit in to, had ones nose to grindstone, dis locate, has go, Perking, are aware of, works oneself to bone, de-meaning, Umpiring, doing an impression of, re-coiled, did turn, stand firm, hammed, putting hands of, zesty, has ones disposal, had shot at, being running, keep going, grant authority, dost one's thing, most livedin, answers back, up-holding, came apart seams, re-plying, hold attention, rosy-cheeked, having a crack, have a shot, on the job, does one utmost, wast engaged in, working the bone, hold on, dost takeoff, doing number, get feet wet, practical, goes limit, re solves, missed one cue, depute, breaks one back, fiend for, be command, does an impression of, de coded, haddest job, does justice to, make like, did a job, answers the purpose, put up a fight, goes for broke, at work, dost to turn, stopt in, haddest ones nose grindstone, re-solve, Ferreting, are command, gives whirl, looked like, tore in to, having enough on one's plate, pantomimed, give a whirl, dis tended, most brighteyed, had a shot at, deal with, pro cessing, does take-off, re-fine, up here in, most shifting, had at ones disposal, powerhouse, sedulous, bringing down house, seeing light, de coding, freelanced, giving one best shot, are engaged in, hadst a funny feeling, pushing to limit, breaking one's back, most harefooted, Strengthy, casts about, broke ones back, haddest at one's disposal, backs to salt mines, grinder, un-earthing, passes oneself as, till, most inked, do honors, re moved, more speeding, drove for, living in, wrought like a dog, dried run, re-vise, hast nose grindstone, has disposal, holding fast, doubled as, staggered along, was born again, comes on like, Retched, going to town, try, Martyred, de livers, took whack at, over tax, pitched into, gave all one's got, backing to salt mines, am determined, delivers goods, goes to town, skivvies, pantomimes, fireball, apply oneself, luxuriate in, more harddriving, coming like, on job, head long, mis-represented, inter change, put freeze on, trans-muting, re-moves, hast stab, got stuck in, gives back, give a try, carry oneself, fagged, does turn, bringing to ground, more take-charge, Travailing, dis-tends, tries ones hardest, loosening up, having nose to grindstone, give it one best shot, dost business, important, productive, is in commission, all-powerful, putting it over, more utile, re-curred, more bushy-tailed, de porting, conferred trust, was gainfully employed, copycatted, doeth like, sings the blues, am born again, re solute, making effort, de clares, am command, held attention, flippest, sub-merged, doing justice to, plays gig, stub one's toe, being enough, had being, goes backwards, am in action, haddest one disposal, ex tract, render role, re hearses, tangled with, re organize, devote to, doeth best, whizer, re-bounded, bidding for, most bound-up, come apart at the seams, hadst one disposal, came apart at the seams, art born again, act a part, gave ones got, go-getting, on payroll, changes in to, haddest go, ran with ball, Hoeing, dis charge, Umpired, working bone, more mesmerized, re legate, give it one's best shot, de-cree, carried to completion, carried completion, Peopling, de-livers, answered the purpose, pre tend, do duty, didst honors, put the freeze on, makes attempt, went backwards, did one's best, pushes the limit, make progress, are enough, sharp as tack, at it, doing utmost, have whack, doest one's thing, stays course, Enacting, being commission, bring to the ground, takes badly, hath at ones disposal, takes care business, buckle, inter changes, goes like, more all-powerful, pert, more go getting, pro-mote, wast in residence, has nose to grindstone, up-held, dost thing, most speeding, didst to turn, dead set on, most electrifying, tear, trans muted, doing one's utmost, doest one thing, doeth duty as, in fine feather, trans-literates, getting feet wet, works bone, doest one utmost, am concerned with, are running, re-formed, occupy, pre-sent, up-root, ex act, doing to a turn, more enlivened, slog, passes through, are in operation, art servile, dis gorged, bids for, all wound up, am established, misses ones cue, haddest nose grindstone, ran with the ball, hath whack, breaking one back, over-wrought, take over, re-plied, make a run at, re move, doing ones best, downed, is good enough, poses as, coming on strong, well-built, carrying through, sieved, coming apart at the seams, dost to a turn, be-ginning, over-reach, jazzy, stands up to, lay egg, put it over, doeth justice to, most laboring, breaks back, pushed the limit, were residence, are employed by, stand up to, most heavy-duty, re generating, doest take off, have a shot at, going for jugular, dropped the ball, hold job, advantaged, doeth take off, jumps in, didst takeoff, Forded, having at one disposal, in-tended, Perpetrated, am active with, were engaged in, doest duty, impersonate, say ones piece, most enthralled, punch a clock, doest thing, take in hand, be ginning, re-acted, commit, making stand against, tried for size, giving a try, acts out, doing one utmost, puts to use, more bullish, answered purpose, caused adopt, saw to, play hard ball, doest an impression of, hell bent, be active with, Thumbing, most astir, wert gainfully employed, have disposal, in-trust, wast established, making an effort, bright eyed, dost an impression of, Tenanting, doth utmost, re-modeling, embarked upon, most meddling, re presented, loosened up, harddriving, Deputing, knead, sang the blues, being resolved, haddest one nose grindstone, re warding, mis represent, going up against, trying hardest, earns living, be alive, doth one's best, are alive, did to a turn, turning to, dost take-off, break neck, having at disposal, hangs in, come grips with, doeth one thing, licked in to shape, devoting to, are active with, in vented, have a go, doing take-off, wast in commission, full pep, Chairing, got with it, are in action, doeth honors, pre-occupying, pass oneself as, ball fire, do a job, restyles, de meaning, going at backwards, safe and sound, up sets, be servile, holding on, hadst at one's disposal, zappy, break ones back, looked at, more overloaded, re generate, gave it best shot, more takecharge, make a stand against, work through, have swing at, brake one's back, had a stab, gave old college try, did honors, take, hast swing at, didst one thing, sieving, trans-posed, working on, work for, work at, having a shot at, bushytailed, re-coils, had a crack, most slaving, did one thing, making use of, more turning, simulate, trans shipments, dost duty as, giving all got, in-tends, answer purpose, do a take off, full of pep, nebby, misses one cue, hadst job, re-fines, art adequate, bend over backward, goes for jugular, un-remitting, takes a stab, didst the honors, works fingers bone, re styling, comes apart at the seams, gives do, makes an attempt, are use, saying one piece, is established, give one best shot, is useful, hadst nose grindstone, trans figured, light in to, truckages, gives ones got, chirpier, bring ground, doing duty as, being command, passes oneself off as, wrought through, making mess of, over-exerted, puts in to effect, put oneself out, didst job, assuming character, ex-tracts, wert of use, Downs, de-posit, was servile, being of use, turn hand to, taking a shot at, Spaded, does duty, gotten ready, lifting finger, do number, causing to adopt, re-generating, gat there, made an attempt, has one nose grindstone, peg away, doeth to a turn, forcible, carrying oneself, having enough on ones plate, have vibes, heavy-duty, doing takeoff, Caricaturing, backing to the salt mines, taking stab, glosses over, go for jugular, occupied, breaking ones back, are good enough for, re turning, embarking up on, being action, gets feet wet, are in command, hyped up, hast job, Hoed, most go-getting, laid an egg, pass as, trans-porting, changing heart, going town, had one's nose grindstone, worked at, hast shot, be on, art alive, takes for ride, fell down, Mulching, give whirl, doth one thing, hath one's disposal, mis represents, re-solute, Truckage, off color, didst a turn, on track, re-plicates, hadst a shot, pro-bed, wrought bone, get with it, having a whack, re coiling, go pieces, hadst swing at, pitches in to, doth a turn, coming apart seams, with a customer, bends over backward, have one nose grindstone, making debut, dis-gorged, doest the honors, be in commission, ex citing, press on, hath go, go backwards, were concerned with, mucking, dost impression of, holding a job, caused to adopt, carries completion, clocked up, with customer, stood up to, go like, is affected, doeth takeoff, more captivated, quick uptake, haddest disposal, wrought for, kept busy, brings down the house, get results, trans posing, doeth one utmost, pitches into, did ones utmost, re-ported, taking possession, hoe, said ones piece, pulling, has a whack, shooting for, takes hold of, gave one's best shot, dealing in, hadst a shot at, most impelling, was concerned with, familiar with, puts up argument, be engaged in, acts part, putting through mill, dis lodges, co oked, made a run at, took steps, under-taking, more bushy tailed, in-vented, coming strong, over exerting, over-ruling, de positing, doth a takeoff, plugs away, stay course, dost battle, acquits oneself, more bright eyed, over-works, did take off, more well-organized, hadst ones nose to grindstone, doest job, see through, look after, dis-guises, wert employed by, tearing in to, in laboratory, hadst whack, taking crack, put in practice, cares for, rosy cheeked, were in action, zestiest, pours on, run, bound up, more peopled, efficient, hadst go, lay in to, doing one's thing, being useful, looking at, gave a whirl, play for keeps, start ball rolling, were command, ex-tract, officializes, gogetter, was command, doth one's thing, doest ones thing, hard-working, keeping going, doth the honors, jump in, makes stand against, fine-tooth-combs, upped and do, answered back, trans pose, too much on plate, labor, more overruling, turned one hand to, putting in practice, re-sting, put the hands of, de codes, bring the ground, dropt ball, trans ported, create anew, thumbed, more slaving, pro-cess, get in there, being in command, re-coil, giving old college try, having one disposal, jaunty, hath nose grindstone, humped, was adequate, act like, was established, dost ones utmost, zippy, gave all ones got, work to bone, confers trust, having nose grindstone, were employed by, produced result, de-code, carrying completion, more wellbuilt, goes in for, un-available, in-vesting, devotes oneself to, puts up a fight, works like dog, in-habiting, stay the course, dis-course, in the laboratory, back to the salt mines, re plicating, de-cipher, be in residence, have a whack, most plugging, re form, doest a number, does one best, hadst at ones disposal, went the limit, worked to bone, in-trusts, Hustling, psyched upon, ex-tended, being good enough, transshipment, doubling as, having swing at, does a take off, saw the light, stew over, giving whirl, re presenting, trans acts, doing best, perform, art resolved, do one best, un-earthed, do a takeoff, takes it badly, do one's best, took pains, in collar, doest ones best, in the field, didst number, de-ported, pro bed, doeth impression of, passed as, subserves, stays the course, stuck with it, doing battle, pre vailing, makes a stand against, gave appearance, gives a whirl, de-clare, acting part, more impelling, be commission, pre-paring, puts up fight, de-livering, try hardest, intrust, are operation, make a bid, doeth one best, is residence, put in hands of, re bounded, cultivate, talk back, rough go, trying one hardest, answering the purpose, living to, didst business, do take-off, in tends, more brighteyed, delivered the goods, threw down, making responsible for, quick trigger, under take, Immersed, de-means, hath one's nose to grindstone, took possession, starting the ball rolling, played a role, dis course, zappier, Metamorphosed, haddest at disposal, dis-guise, have a stab, work oneself bone, conveyors, pro pose, were stubborn, safe sound, does number, turned one's hand to, go getting, functional, doest take-off, hast one's nose to grindstone, conferring trust, eats heart out, giving snappy comeback, breaking one's neck, art in command, overexert, make an attempt, gotten results, made a mess of, staid course, devoted to, set to, giving to do, re-styled, dis tressed, dressed as, stalwart, haddest one's nose grindstone, keep on, earning a living, stubbing one toe, over-reaching, passed through, punch clock, brake one back, in-vent, look at, doeth utmost, toil, de-positing, perpetrate, pumping iron, more bouncing, Fagging, doeth a takeoff, does like, plod, see it through, hectic, put an act, having a job, most gogetting, stubs ones toe, more powerhouse, keeps going, pratfalls, inter-changing, deliver goods, dis-located, de crees, giving the old college try, had one's nose to grindstone, work, goes town, did battle, put practice, re-solves, re organized, is use, up setting, in tend, in place, more practicing, had one nose grindstone, dress as, answer the purpose, are residence, ex tending, having a funny feeling, in-trusted, is in action, wieldiest, ball of fire, didst a takeoff, athletic, having being, ex-tend, dis lodged, in habit, servicing, hadst crack, peppy, more well built, play gig, more persisting, pouring it on, doing one's best, jigsaws, more nimble-witted, playing gig, be good enough, had whack, de-posited, made a stand against, de frauds, do best, doth a take-off, hast go, taking stab at, most takecharge, puts over, most boundup, depending upon, pouring on, slipt up, over-taxed, chouse, de-coding, un remitting, re-presenting, on go, doth a job, dis tress, dis-coursing, get there, have at one disposal, going that route, took for ride, do a turn, diligent, sees it through, push limit, enter up on, pressed on, give the old college try, putting to use, pro posing, re style, trans-figured, re-warding, was nauseated, devote oneself to, with stand, dis-locate, worthwhile, is aware of, acted a part, talking back, tripped up, over-run, hadst a crack, taking hold of, meta morphoses, do one thing, going all out, made over, got feet wet, talked back, did duty, goes all out, had vibes, eat heart out, took effect, pre-sided, laborious, didst one utmost, knocks oneself out, pre tending, am of use, gat ready, over-exert, be operation, in trusted, bring down house, taking part, have nose grindstone, wert active with, de code, evulses, are good enough, dis-charge, rendered role, filled bill, un relenting, dis-charges, for a face, in to, more bound-up, evulsed, hath one's nose grindstone, being in residence, worked oneself to bone, head-long, haddest shot, eat sleep and breathe, drives for, fine tooth comb, having job, pitching in to, push forward, over taxes, gag, tried hardest, were born again, gave a try, does one's best, works oneself to the bone, casting about, turn ones hand to, more boundup, dost job, warm up, dis-courses, under takes, super-intending, moil, turns hand to, un faltering, hast being, Seeding, Struggled, kept on, un-flinching, overexerted, goes that route, passed off as, turns back, in habits, pre-pared, re coil, hath crack, getting results, punched clock, take-charge, be good enough for, dost a turn, doing take off, pre-siding, quick draw, hadst shot, embarks upon, being nauseated, wrought to the bone, more bustling, having stab, dost a takeoff, did to turn, passing through, hast a go, de mean, gave it ones best shot, came apart at seams, went up against, change heart, carrying to completion, pre sent, wert running, bang away, play act, led believe, has place, lights into, fills bill, gives appearance, brings the ground, keeps driving, fine-tooth-combed, having a go, more utilized, de legate, looks after, re-modelled, in tenser, wast nauseated, putting to the test, hath ones disposal, re-legates, make, sings blues, pitch into, hast place, more populated, going the limit, being on, ex pending, heavily in to, be in operation, on the move, has being, engaging in, making a stand against, dost a take off, run with the ball, under taken, haddest at one disposal, up-setting, drops the ball, made an effort, most constraining, is action, doth ones thing, did job, supported, get up and go, made pass at, officiate, are adequate, un-earths, hadst a stab, do duty as, hath stab, wrought oneself to the bone, doing a turn, art responsible for, most wellbuilt, doth a take off, go all out, in decent, putting practice, assumed character, most lived in, haddest swing at, Snowed, works oneself bone, drest as, lived in, red blooded, over reach, in the pink, dries run, over-runs, having a shot, pro-motes, delivering the goods, downing, backs salt mines, upping and do, wrought the bone, dost a number, ambitious, doeth ones best, break one's back, lifts a finger, more well-built, doest justice to, Deputed, doth justice to, quick on the trigger, took a shot at, under-take, keeps busy, give it best shot, going for the jugular, hast disposal, luxuriating in, re-move, transliterate, got there, busies, dost honors, having disposal, did duty as, panto-mime, works to the bone, brought the ground, in gear, wast servile, wast born again, inter-cept, re-plicate, change in to, under-taken, holds job, un yielding, most nimblewitted, give all one got, art determined, pre-vailed, agonize, ex cavate, doth job, tried ones hardest, did best, having many irons fire, dis-tend, hanged in, turning one hand to, gives the old college try, in tent, quick witted, wert commission, transferences, inter-changes, haddest a shot, doest takeoff, gave it one's best shot, doth duty as, passing oneself as, warmed up, gave do, sees light, doeth battle, bushy-tailed, feasible, miss one cue, is in residence, trans-mute, fag, staggering along, is of use, hast one's disposal, retch, was determined, pushed oneself, do a take-off, live in, doth to turn, creating anew, stub toe, square off, tore, spirited, most hyped-up, de-clares, has at disposal, held job, wast action, be useful, Careering, more heavy-duty, trans-forms, getting ready, dis-gorges, puts through mill, ex acting, had at one's disposal, stick with it, put through, used, re-hearses, put to use, fill the bill, drudging, going for broke, more astir, more plugging, starts the ball rolling, hath a funny feeling, in-cline, in someone else possession, ate heart out, does one's thing, evolutionary, hath at disposal, more hard driving, post haste, more hyper, pro-duces, chipped away at, haddest ones nose to grindstone, gave the old college try, acts like, loosen up, was in operation, haddest funny feeling, have a swing at, sticked with it, sets to, am adequate, working oneself to bone, re produces, made mess of, up held, squared off, with-stands, gives all ones got, un tiring, stubbed one's toe, re models, answering purpose, more all powerful, thumbs, doeth a number, missing cue, hoes, having at one's disposal, work to the bone, most steamroller, pro-posing, essay, hadst stab, left to, assimilating to, up to one ears, transorts, pro mise, having at it, in-tend, gives ones best shot, do ones thing, try hard, panto mime, lick in to shape, more utility, delivered goods, most powerhouse, turning one's hand to, trans-shipments, turning back, come like, un flinching, drew tight, perky, is enough, having many irons in fire, giving the appearance, un-impaired, hath nose to grindstone, brake back, rough-housed, tears in to, pre-sides, had crack, does thing, up ears, was alive, have being, held on, wert enough, doing business, am aware of, doeth duty, live up to, drawing tight, brighteyed, has a job, more fireball, roughhousing, re generated, acting like, relied up on, exerts oneself, takes a stab at, is acceptable, more swamped, haddest a shot at, bobbling, quick on the draw, did a take-off, go that route, ex-acted, haddest stab, dis patched, had nose to grindstone, connected with, embarking upon, pre-vails, didst take off, have crack, are affected, de ported, Experiencing, dis-coursed, ply, bring down the house, take a whack at, caught in, de-ciphering, re forming, re-main, engaged, re generates, put test, re presents, in process, pushes oneself, tangling with, turn one hand to, full life, staying course, wrought oneself to bone, personates, de-creed, sing blues, specializes in, mis representing, doing the honors, plug away, redblooded, turns to, hast at one's disposal, doeth job, haddest one nose to grindstone, do justice to, doeth a take off, pour it on, do the honors, earn living, ex-pend, had shot, singing blues, re present, walk through, worked oneself the bone, push oneself, give snappy comeback, worked through, brought ground, de-porting, in delicate, pre-occupies, more bugged, in-decent, is nauseated, in conference, posing as, mis-represents, movers, work fingers to bone, pre paring, dis-tressed, physically fit, pre vailed, de-liver, get up go, came apart the seams, in play, caught up, allpowerful, is determined, overtaxing, wert nauseated, has whack, too much plate, Caricatured, ex pend, Maneuvered, be gun, take possession, made run at, trans-formed, de-codes, nose grindstone, poured it on, doing turn, trans form, dost the honors, has nose grindstone, makes mess of, represents oneself, wast determined, doth honors, wellfounded, ploughs, has a shot, have one's disposal, hadst one's nose grindstone, pro-mise, jumped in, haddest a go, were of use, missed cue, breaking back, wield, pushed limit, are concerned with, dis located, breaks one neck, gives try, intrusts, staid the course, wert in command, spare no effort, changed into, put up argument, hath vibes, does one's utmost, am action, tries one's hardest, Rhapsodies, subserve, go against, keeping on, put in the hands of, hadst a go, carryings, ex-press, working like dog, goahead, try for size, in field, in-tenser, having a full plate, un-tiring, relies upon, has ones nose grindstone, works oneself the bone, granting authority, frisky, takes stab, am good enough, pulling apart, brought to the ground, un wavering, wert resolved, emcee, has at one disposal, am good enough for, push the limit, having enough plate, more hard-driving, most rocking, re plying, usable, is commission, super-intended, worked oneself to the bone, pump iron, hast at it, turns one's hand to, de-fraud, re vise, in-tense, puzzled out, hath a crack, more well organized, wert useful, was stubborn, over-exerting, is resolved, hast ones nose to grindstone, more buzzing, take steps, puts fight, tried hard, dis patches, dis-guising, licking into shape, in a job, were on, causes adopt, having one's disposal, Busying, nine-to-five it, turning ones hand to, most go-getter, give ones got, a move on, make mess of, hadst nose to grindstone, lively, being responsible for, is concerned with, pro-mises, hath ones nose to grindstone, sub-serves, takes hand, chips away at, acts the part, am in commission, re-generated, am resolved, made effort, makes over, altering conviction, in vest, most mesmerized, art nauseated, up do, in-vest, applied oneself, backs the salt mines, putting the hands of, comes apart seams, brisk, co oking, taking it badly, didst turn, most consumed, took hold of, be established, de ciphers, try out, punching clock, being engaged in, go the limit, trans shipment, had a job, in-habit, looked after, smart as whip, Re-present, super intend, dis patch, putting fight, had a swing at, brought to ground, under taking, art operation, trans-act, play role, devoted oneself to, Rifted, more hyped up, lighted into, changed in to, says ones piece, fight, am engaged in, making progress, having enough on one plate, walking through, springy, makes use of, takes a whack at, doest to a turn, gloss over, took a stab at, most hyped up, most practicing, over exerted, hath a job, more hyped-up, seeing through, up to one's ears, wrought oneself bone, wrought on, doeth ones utmost, zingy, do ones utmost, downlinked, art running, trans-muted, works like a dog, switching over, over-taxing, take hold of, take a crack, is gainfully employed, puncher, being acceptable, have a job, more livedin, un-flagging, doest a turn, saying ones piece, gave whirl, re ported, Garrisoned, skivvying, lays an egg, phonies, slipped up, quick on uptake, working oneself the bone, makes a run at, in pink, super intending, didst a take off, wast use, bound-up, go up against, try one hardest, putting through grind, art active with, dis lodging, ravishment, acquitting oneself, having many irons the fire, re modeled, Responding, carried through, taking in hand, make run at, engages in, has one's nose to grindstone, was use, go for the jugular, tear in to, stubs one's toe, re-generates, cartings, tries on for size, act part, personate, emceeing, have one's nose to grindstone, played gig, was in commission, hold a job, re-deem, doing one thing, de livering, gives all one's got, went route, doing to turn, make use of, has a crack, playing role, trans-figuring, be responsible for, aggressive, saw through, doing thing, gives the appearance, hath one nose to grindstone, ex acts, had swing at, giving try, up-rooting, wast good enough, was affected, passing off as, lead believe, de fraud, ploughed through, having one nose grindstone, earning living, hath job, putting in the hands of, rough-housing, takes the part of, panto-miming, brake neck, does takeoff, de-finite, stomping, in-vests, more hard-working, brake ones back, put up an argument, putting use, has stab, did utmost, already taken, did one best, did ones thing, gave one best shot, dis-locates, applying oneself, puts up an argument, passes off as, dropt the ball, delivers the goods, stop in, un earthing, being born again, acted like, dis patching, have job, re porting, doest utmost, putting into effect, pass off as, pushing limit, bobble, masquerades as, making every effort, re coiled, wert aware of, say one's piece, backed to salt mines, most redblooded, un mistakable, doeth a job, re deem, giving a snappy comeback, work on, hung in, re solve, most red-blooded, backing salt mines, re acted, depends upon, art acceptable, are in residence, most hard driving, doth impression of, more demoniac, the lead out, over exerts, wert action, wert stubborn, be in command, am useful, come apart seams, evulsing, over works, dis coursing, seeing it through, bobbled, took a stab, held a job, be acceptable, gives old college try, most bright-eyed, punching a clock, hadst at disposal, do an impression of, have place, be haves, in a meeting, gotten feet wet, good at, holding attention, brake ones neck, pre-sents, vivacious, do a number, were servile, taking effect, does battle, re-stored, dost take off, un-yielding, squares off, pull apart, strife, was engaged in, were good enough for, in vests, being gainfully employed, didst take-off, was aware of, most go getter, doth number, pro-moting, had one disposal, doth takeoff, have it, Careered, wast residence, put a fight, being concerned with, gives one best shot, Chaired, most takeover, trans forms, most unwearying, giving one's best shot, set about, sub serve, trans-acting, re-mains, wrought fingers bone, most utilized, gets in there, giving all one's got, tried one's hardest, takes care of business, hang in, gives it one's best shot, tare into, have shot at, more go getter, rough-houses, hast it, pro-pose, on double, have stab, be running, did one's thing, most into, was in residence, are resolved, puts in the hands of, going in for, didst justice to, trying for size, are in commission, fine-tooth-comb, tear into, miss one's cue, altered conviction, keep nose to grindstone, in the saddle, most rosycheeked, in clines, specialize in, do business, took crack, throwing down, pegs away, drop ball, puts to test, turned to, assimilate to, re-style, doest to turn, did one utmost, holding job, zealous, has a shot at, re main, industrious, does ones thing, masquerade as, wert command, pro fits, hadst ones nose grindstone, toiling on, giving it one's best shot, be in action, hast whack, relying upon, does a takeoff, makes a pass at, were established, re-models, depends up on, go town, is servile, granted authority, re-deems, produces a result, makes responsible for, was action, wert in operation, dost utmost, transliterated, Rifting, in trusts, re-forms, work like dog, was on, dis charges, miss cue, put forth, giving one got, acquitted oneself, being active with, most take-charge, wert concerned with, have funny feeling, take stab at, trans-literate, Burlesquing, art in residence, haddest place, doth to a turn, dis gorging, re deeming, in-tending, filled the bill, re turn, are determined, giving all one got, doth ones utmost, is operation, back the salt mines, well made, be adequate, doubles as, sees the light, starring, gets with it, really into, trans literate, gat in there, toiling, de-legates, takecharge, most bound up, haddest shot at, take care business, wast alive, transort, spared no effort, having enough ones plate, de clare, up holding, more diligent, misses one's cue, trying one's hardest, puzzles out, most utile, more monopolized, running, does one thing, made progress, did a take off, panto mimed, be born again, Transgressed, most bushytailed, shooting from hip, giving all ones got, stubbing toe, take a stab at, took part of, tare in to, hast ones disposal, Ferrets, hard as nails, is in operation, bent over backward, has a funny feeling, pro-cessed, be enough, earns a living, having full plate, brought down the house, more bushytailed, didst an impression of, assume character, turn one's hand to, come apart the seams, in someone elses possession, up-holds, hast a shot at, taking care of business, was in action, Pirated, knock oneself out, relies up on, works the bone, art in action, trans-posing, go limit, wast affected, looking like, making an attempt, dis-guised, hath a whack, have ones nose grindstone, getting in there, worked oneself bone, has one's nose grindstone, more inked, chirpy, pro duce, relied upon, pratfalled, dis tends, ablebodied, being good enough for, Exertive, bade for, turn over to, hast a whack, Mulched, had job, restyling, trans-shipment, lifts finger, nine to five it, smart as a whip, grindest, do like, sweated it, mucked, de-posits, serviced, passing as, pre occupied, FORDS, busy, re-turned, am affected, act the part, up hold, having go, haddest at it, torn into, held fast, most bushy tailed, specialized in, more electrifying, miss ones cue, pre-tends, was employed by, be stubborn, leaves no stone unturned, doing ones utmost, Advantaging, did justice to, quick on the uptake, engage in, luxuriated in, playing a role, over reaches, no mistake, puts practice, haddest a job, up-set, dis-patch, doest a job, taken up, panto-mimed, didst duty as, makes run at, up one's ears, leave no stone unturned, un impaired, backed salt mines, most demoniac, racy, mis-represent, up rooted, bullish, was residence, on the payroll, doing duty, acted the part, takes effect, ex cruciate, had ones disposal, up-hold, slipping up, quick the uptake, take pains, has one's disposal, most leased, re styled, re-solving, was commission, making a mess of, hath it, get ready, are acceptable, draw tight, exuberant, keeping busy, raising crops, overtax, leaved no stone unturned, did a takeoff, break one back, does honors, re-curring, metamorphose, backing the salt mines, embarked up on, am acceptable, plugging away, ups and do, able bodied, pitched in to, raise crops, having it, pushed to limit, re organizes, ex tends, sung blues, overtaxes, changed of heart, vies for, live to, licks into shape, most hyper, most well-organized, stood firm, laboring, de-ciphered, take part, didst a take-off, Intrusted, dis charging, taking shot at, de ciphered, having fish fry, work oneself to bone, depend up on, art affected, haddest a funny feeling, carries to completion, doeth ones thing, did impression of, stood to, try on for size, having at ones disposal, answering back, gets there, pre-eminent, more rocking, makes debut, wast employed by, un earth, is responsible for, re-produces, giving ones got, grapple, turns over to, doing impression of, red-blooded, flipper, de posits, had go, makes pass at, whizest, be employed by, be of use, endeavor, did business, haddest at ones disposal, broke one's neck, plow, do job, Inked, dis-charged, came on like, exert oneself, more in to, didst impression of, re-deeming, changes heart, Personated, most assertory, earn a living, is stubborn, made debut, puts freeze on, taking pains, toiled on, doth duty, most nimble-witted, doest turn, ravishments, slip up, is engaged in, put over, make pass at, knocked oneself out, wast adequate, got results, most peopled, doth turn, hellbent, re-bounding, trans-acted, lick into shape, did the honors, punches clock, acted out, de-mean, said one's piece, zestier, shoot for, panto miming, most hard working, making a bid, haddest one's nose to grindstone, rosycheeked, livedin, plays part, most overloaded, driving for, hardy, running with ball, brings down house, is good enough for, did a number, didst ones best, officializing, being stubborn, taking part of, pre sided, tore into, giving it ones best shot, doeth thing, takes a shot at, wast operation, up one ears, slips up, transorted, un-earth, were use, re fine, most gingery, de posit, stub ones toe, gives one's best shot, dis tending, stubbing one's toe, said piece, put act, exploitationed, hath ones nose grindstone, hath a shot at, ex-acting, skivvied, conveyor, sets about, passed oneself as, more red blooded, deputes, wast active with, vital, Personating, re sounding, took badly, took care of business, enact, setting to, in meeting, transliterating, inter changed, goes out for, giving one's got, have one nose to grindstone, worked fingers to bone, strain, try ones hardest, went for the jugular, rendering role, rendering the role, super-intends, sticking with it, didst one's best, re turns, re bound, gotten there, re-turning, wert alive, break one neck, took a crack, strive, over-worked, in else's possession, see light, psyched on, dis-tort, knocking oneself out, stewing over, pre pares, doing a job, pass oneself off as, re-fining, flounder, bringing the ground, hadst a swing at, hath at it, most swarming, Re-turn, re-vising, hadst at one disposal, gave to do, spares no effort, give one got, tough job, standing firm, am use, putting forth, take shot at, glossed over, haddest crack, over-loaded, left no stone unturned, hast at ones disposal, alter conviction, were resolved, more go-getting, saying one's piece, doth take-off, breaks one's back, had one's disposal, working for, puzzle out, puts argument, most snowed, tries one hardest, in trusting, over exert, laying egg, see to, eat sleep breathe, went against, in-delicate, having a swing at, transformed, most take-over, doeth the honors, un flagging, representing oneself, give all ones got, functioning, psyched up on, officialize, rely up on, go for broke, hold fast, break ones neck, re maining, be-gun, gat results, bending over backward, stubs one toe, dis tend, pre pare, banged away at, wade, says piece, were running, art action, de-legate, apply, doth take off, in-clines, trans-mutes, be use, sub-serving, more popping, broke one neck, lighted in to, give got, putting test, turns one hand to, dis gorge, gave it one best shot, hast a shot, re curred, de creed, re fined, Assertory, doth ones best, pre-occupy, doeth a take-off, hast a crack, re-bounds, doing a takeoff, stop nothing, on assignment, turned back, takes shot at, have ones nose to grindstone, turned ones hand to, in-venting, puts test, more takeover, wert on, work the bone, over runs, went like, am stubborn, kept going, taking a stab, took for a ride, stooging, more steamroller, broke one's back, trans forming, gives all one got, more hypedup, trying ones hardest, are born again, trans mutes, lifted finger, re styles, trans-figure, haddest nose to grindstone, puts it over, had a go, acting the part, doth one's utmost, most hypedup, earned living, ex tended, does best, pro posed, renders role, take badly, ploughs through, re-moving, Busied, fine tooth combed, pre sides, dis-locating, haddest it, has swing at, dost duty, ex tend, were in commission, acts a part, puts the test, gave ones best shot, do to a turn, made like, didst duty, dis-patching, started the ball rolling, leading believe, doest a takeoff, over reached, up to here in, wast responsible for, back to salt mines, turning over to, wrench, taking badly, gives a try, worked fingers bone, made ready, in control, impresses as, have go, has one nose to grindstone, re-styling, art commission, pre-occupied, art good enough, filling bill, Martyring, bring to ground, pre siding, licking in to shape, went town, getting stuck in, inter changing, pre-side, doest duty as, alters conviction, convert, busy as a beaver, brings ground, depended upon, freightage, take up, overexerting, pushing oneself, lighting into, in vent, Travailed, setting about, kept driving, powerful, chip away at, hath one nose grindstone, in-trusting, in trust, hast a swing at, drying run, putting a fight, over worked, trans acted, bound determined, re vised, put up fight, in cline, most go getting, trans muting, with-stand, makes a mess of, does a job, make an effort, fill bill, copycatting, Intrusting, brake one's neck, was useful, pre pared, chirpiest, strong as an ox, acting a part, embark up on, throws down, were action, wellmade, acting out, DO, art in commission, earned a living, most well-built, hadst one nose grindstone, tread boards, coming on like, re-vised, Pirating, transorting, art aware of, creates anew, un-wearied, looking after, pre tends, de livered, goes against, wast resolved, was enough, turning hand to, most overruling, re bounds, goes up against, represent oneself, dost turn, makes effort, bringing down the house, hadst shot at, pro moting, most bouncing, re bounding, didst thing, is command, bouncing, tearing into, wast gainfully employed, making pass at, engrossed, are gainfully employed, Ribboning, doth like, plough, answers purpose, vigorous, be resolved, Retching, in good shape, going against, fills the bill, breaks one's neck, breaking neck, get and go, be-haves, pushes to limit, more snowed, ferret, FAGS, putting to test, doth battle, punched a clock, over taxing, practice, am servile, stopped in, re-plicated, para mount, pre occupies, dresses as, puts forth, does a turn, coming apart at seams, re legates, hath a stab, bid for, saw light, re model, played part, were gainfully employed, hard working, ploughing through, most bright eyed, workable, hast funny feeling, most take over, changes of heart, says one piece, had at it, dis-torts, breaks ones back, makes a bid, wast running, were in operation, hast shot at, having shot, wellbuilt, manipulate, broke one back, trying hard, evulse, gives got, didst a job, most wellorganized, were acceptable, puts into effect, de ciphering, wrestle, cared for, most activating, on board, Proselyted, freelances, more expeditive, de-ciphers, am in command, causing adopt, were alive, generative, go out, with-standing, vying for, punches a clock, employed, quickwitted, in job, most captivated, backed to the salt mines, puts the freeze on, wast command, unwearying, make a pass at, give access, bad for, un earthed, sweats it, most cracking, carry completion, pro duces, dis coursed, art concerned with, more nimblewitted, re-producing, re-organize, doth one best, re-turns, take charge, gives one got, were aware of, pumps iron, is running, tangles with, tried one hardest, chouses, doth an impression of, quickest, re stored, gat with it, iced, holds on, transliterates, worked to the bone, gives it one best shot, doeth number, pre-tended, made a bid, more gogetting, re-model, having enough one's plate, dittoing, ex-tends, exerting oneself, puts to the test, moves, dis-patches, rough housed, trans figure, staying the course, trans-figures, exploitationing, Persisted, get stuck in, bringing ground, take a stab, stooged, co-oking, lead to believe, dis-tended, staggers along, lived-in, shooting from the hip, pre eminent, be-having, jigsaw, sung the blues, dis-tending, wrought like dog, Lasted, doth thing, doth a number, wert in residence, being servile, pushing to the limit, bring bear, re-presents, was good enough for, dynamic, re-solved, takes for a ride, on move, hadst one's nose to grindstone, takes crack, presses on, over ruling, being in operation, trans-pose, pose as, perked, changing into, most bustling, coming apart the seams, producing result, laying an egg, mimic, more take charge, confer trust, giving it best shot, trans mute, hast ones nose grindstone, stands to, animated, in else possession, re-organized, un earths, rhapsody, depending up on, hath one disposal, taking care business, were affected, went out for, making bid, in tended, give all one's got, lead out, hast one's nose grindstone, does job, go after, impress as, puts through grind, filling the bill, be determined, leaves to, standing to, ford, going out for, offend, most zestful, do takeoff, seeing to, freightages, does the honors, doeth a turn, making ready, more activating, make attempt, take crack, takes stab at, give to do, dis-charging, brought down house, pro cessed, rough house, un available, acquit oneself, wast concerned with, has vibes, gives it best shot, loosens up, wert determined, didst to a turn, didst like, Cribbing, being adequate, super-intend, over-taxes, is adequate, having shot at, give old college try, carries oneself, renders the role, make every effort, impressing as, stopping in, poured on, in full swing, more streaming, turns ones hand to, pulled apart, punchest, went all out, move it, am alive, pratfalling, was in command, indefatigable, re formed, did thing, re-organizes, in vents, puts an argument, nimble-witted, strong as ox, went at backwards, up to ears, didst one's thing, are on, worked bone, offcolor, dis guises, tireless, most generative, dost best, dis torts, over-exerts, didst best, gives to do, had a whack, doing job, moonlighting, give back, does business, drop the ball, wast in command, hadst one nose to grindstone, ex-pends, more cracking, work like a dog, mis represented, tackle, am responsible for, up holds, leading to believe, drive for, dost a job, stewed over, up ones ears, gotten in there, was operation, have a crack, put through mill, more take over, run with ball, sharp as a tack, makes progress, snafued, doing a number, most monopolized, equal to, phonied, zestful, moonlighted, switched over, are servile, goes out, lays egg, most nimble witted, turn to, re-produce, hast one nose to grindstone, imprest as, fording, making over, acted part, having enough one plate, stops in, got in there, play part, gave back, quick on draw, dis-tress, energetic, gave access, worked like a dog, misses cue, in elses possession, trans literates, lifting a finger, breaks ones neck, had ones nose grindstone, in vested, did take-off, wast commission, start the ball rolling, does ones utmost, putting in hands of, doing honors, give all got, wast good enough for, fine tooth combing, utile, Chousing, go at backwards, exerted oneself, tries hardest, quick the trigger, most rosy-cheeked, re vising, wieldy, hyped-up, most stressed, are action, more enthralled, be aware of, was resolved, most take charge, being aware of, being operation, took a whack at, in tense, drops ball, up set, broke neck, took shot at, takes a crack, most red blooded, breaking ones neck, doeth turn, plugged away, deliver the goods, dis-tresses, smart, take-over, makes ready, takes part, trans late, more constraining, have nose to grindstone, ploughed, dis-lodged, sub served, wast in action, vibrant, gives it ones best shot, dost one thing, bump heads, wast useful, carry to completion, giving do, go to town, double as, give one's best shot, doeth business, take stab, ex-cruciate, over running, bumping heads, putting freeze on, going limit, stubbed one toe, most expeditive, stubbed ones toe, dropped ball, re moving, was responsible for, ex-pending, give, more nimble witted, starts ball rolling, put the test, in someone else's possession, made attempt, dost one best, be nauseated, bobbles, super intends, most well organized, being employed by, art in operation, most submerged, give the appearance, more submerged, rely upon, look like, comes apart the seams, sticks with it, tries for size, take hand, had nose grindstone, push to limit, getting there, bang away at, dis-lodges, un-wearying, does ones best, holds fast, are established, try one's hardest, bring in to play, with standing, more gingery, rough housing, in exhaustible, assimilates to, over reaching, change into, care for, art good enough for, brings to ground, took care business, takes pains, was of use, re producing, devotes to, pushes forward, hadst a whack, hypedup, make over, smart alecky, dis-patched, trans-portings, pour on, am running, has at ones disposal, limber up, more laboring, working oneself bone, masqueraded as, up root, trans posed, lift a finger, saw it through, most all powerful, talks back, taking hand, hast nose to grindstone, gingery, didst utmost, made every effort, tied up, strengthiest, doth one utmost, engaged in, pratfall, stubbing ones toe, dittoed, cause adopt, hast one nose grindstone, re modelling, dost one's utmost, taking the part of, goes route, viable, retches, ex-cavate, re-legate, re-porting, make responsible for, said one piece, switch over, quick, more redblooded, de-coded, haddest a crack, in venting, give try, does duty as, re-generate, causes to adopt, were active with, give a snappy comeback, serve, snafuing, be having, most heavyduty, did takeoff, being in commission, hadst place, most enlivened, having a stab, strengthier, haddest ones disposal, does a number, re forms, dis charged, tried on for size, keeps on, wert established, more swarming, went that route, high spirited, giving back, has one disposal, snappy, inter-change, working like a dog, lights in to, more hard working, see the light, forceful, in habiting, going like, turned hand to, re plicates, make debut, function, art use, para-mount, worked like dog, doing a take off, in tensest, working oneself to the bone, torn in to, work oneself the bone, break one's neck, doest number, Burlesqued, am operation, were operation, gave all one got, turned over to, takes in hand, brings to the ground, freelancing, are useful, most hard-working, had it, holds attention, giving satisfaction, cause to adopt, taking a crack, are stubborn, brake one neck, nebbiest, working, didst ones utmost, re produced, doth business, haddest whack, de-crees, super intended, works to bone, am residence, wast aware of, break back, vied for, lets in, puts the hands of, devoting oneself to, de legates, backed the salt mines, am enough, stubbed toe, trans acting, re-plicating, re-organizing, most gogetter, ex pended, stubs toe, missing one's cue, am commission, ups do, embarks up on, over loaded, more accented, eating heart out, tripping up, banging away at, give appearance, take the part of, un-mistakable, keeping driving, more bright-eyed, wert good enough, transference, most swamped, re-coiling, leads to believe, pre-tending, meta-morphoses, holds a job, under-took, changes into, toils on, looks at, beaver, doest a take-off, trying on for size, take effect, art stubborn, ex press, hadst funny feeling, stews over, being alive, zingiest, dropping ball, do one's thing, hath a swing at, bumped heads, dost ones best, keep driving, more heavy duty, sub serving, pegged away, didst one's utmost, with stood, more lived in, most well built, got ready, mis-representing, pushing forward, trans figuring, make ready, were commission, has ones nose to grindstone, de-livered, upping do, trans-acts, didst a number, highpowered, un-faltering, be gainfully employed, hath shot at, did number, up-sets, transferrings, having crack, having many irons in the fire, wert responsible for, gave one's got, keep busy, haddest a swing at, went for jugular, lighting in to, gives snappy comeback, has shot, haulings, takes whack at, conveyings, falling down, took in hand, giving ones best shot, doeth take-off, works through, were adequate, boundup, dost one's best, doest best, useful, stagger along, under-takes, work fingers bone, hadst a job, Garrisoning, stayed course, hast a stab, take care of business, took stab, emphatic, enterprising, doest honors, makes every effort, having place, pre side, missing one cue, puts in practice, looks like, pulls apart, having ones nose grindstone, up rooting, leads believe, trans act, dis courses, skivvy, wast on, leaving to, dost like, dropping the ball, were responsible for, back salt mines, wast stubborn, runs with ball, be residence, in harness, go route, changing in to, had funny feeling, re curring, have shot, highspirited, re sting, more rosycheeked, doest a take off, Spading, trans formed, nose to grindstone, sees through, went after, put hands of, doest one best, haddest one's disposal, took part, broke back, did one's utmost, changed heart, in tending, gat stuck in, makes bid, has job, hadst ones disposal, be-have, doeth one's best, busy as beaver, rendered the role, answer back, pre vail, most bugged, dis locating, going backwards, taken up with, chipping away at, put on act, changing of heart, pitching into, were in residence, pre-vail, does a take-off, re deemed, pitch in to, created anew, dis-gorging, Spraining, getting with it, sweating it, over working, came like, act out, more lived-in, takes steps, pushes to the limit, led to believe, dis guise, give one's got, ex-tending, plug, dis tresses, carry through, operate, put to the test, shot for, am employed by, dis-lodge, re plicated, didst one best, warms up, pre-pare, trans porting, did a turn, ex-pended, are commission, act, struggle, hath funny feeling, pro cess, comes like, turn back, with stands, doth best, dost ones thing, stayed the course, dis gorges, hard-driving, un wearied, doeth one's thing, caring for, transport, pre occupy, toil on, pushed to the limit, worked on, being residence, comes apart at seams, most hard-driving, sub serves, cast about, put use, making run at, vie for, doing one best, de liver, disciplined, having one's nose grindstone, hath swing at, had a funny feeling, re-presented, doingest, gives one's got, nimble witted, nebbier, having ones nose to grindstone, gotten with it, doing like, gave one got, were enough, walked through, dis tort, worked the bone, being determined, in-habits, licks in to shape, being use, more harefooted, wrought to bone, gave best shot, most harddriving, goes at backwards, Disciplining, trans-form, has shot at, haddest vibes, most accented, haddest being, missed one's cue, depend upon, passing oneself off as, does impression of, in use, upped do, pass through, inter cept, well organized, going route, pro fit, wrought fingers to bone, having enough on plate, making a run at, Riveted, hamming, went limit, art useful, applies oneself, overtaxed, works fingers to bone, re-bound, passes as, most streaming, backs to the salt mines, quick the draw, pushed forward, heavily into, good for, haddest a whack, strenuous, un-wavering, having one's nose to grindstone, being in action, re-sounding, is active with, are responsible for, having ones disposal, in-vested, slave, overexerts, giving a whirl, working to bone, pro mises, more red-blooded, dis-lodging, wast of use, exercise, playact, re mains, pro-fits, de-frauds, bushy tailed, art gainfully employed, Re-forming, Subserving, re-modeled, squaring off, being affected, wert operation, wrought at, re-hearse, had a shot, had one nose to grindstone, leaving no stone unturned, bended over backward, doest one's best, pantomiming, give do, de posited, taking a stab at, ex-act, be have, sees to, be, overwork, singing the blues, wert in action, wert born again, hast at one disposal, breaking one neck, go in for, in-vents, puts hands of, assumes character, take for a ride, went in for, gave try, tenanted, doing ones thing, officialized, went for broke, bright-eyed, missing ones cue, dis lodge, re-produced, do impression of, work oneself to the bone, gives all got, hast at disposal, re-styles, doest battle, give it ones best shot, put to test, over-tax, living up to, putting in to effect, plough through, runs with the ball, most utility, starred, trans-forming, make a mess of, emceed, working fingers bone, walks through, working at, be action, sub-serve, doeth an impression of, had place, producing a result, in-tensest, fine-tooth-combing, wrought oneself the bone, depended up on, being established, hard driving, takes possession, carried oneself, Cribbed, come apart at seams, have one's nose grindstone, de cipher, stand to, relying up on, took hand, having vibes, breaks neck, dis-gorge, pressing on, carries through, tries hard, having one nose to grindstone, did ones best, dis guised, letting in, restyle, bangs away at, signed up, working to the bone, lifted a finger, take a shot at, do ones best, made stand against, trips up, wast in operation, has a go, hath at one disposal, downlinking, leave to, works on, de finite, well built, re mained, produce a result, embark upon, trip up, trans-lated, Choused, pro-cesses, effective, gat feet wet.