Pronunciation of Important
/ɪmpˈɔːtənt/, /ɪmpˈɔːtənt/, /ɪ_m_p_ˈɔː_t_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for important

un profitable, most unusuable, small scale, most half pint, most imprecise, most pocket-sized, not much, more unmeaning, more cut rate, most shadow, branchest, more unelevated, in consequential, super abundant, moderate, noncompulsory, in effective, scurvy, un-commoner, not pertaining to, in-visible, most itsy-bitsy, small-scale, runty, runtier, most truncated, more procured, un important, nongermane, in-tangible, more abased, most rockbottom, acquiescent, most peanut, in appropriate, next order, most well worn, most pocket-size, scrappest, most diminished, in-apter, most inappurtenant, offcenter, most second string, half pint, unmixed, in-significant, de based, in complete, most low lying, off topic, in direct, non-material, most zero, most epitomized, more sideward, most minuscular, Unfrequent, most selfstyled, most confirmatory, most low-down, more nongermane, in competent, more secondstring, un-earthly, unheaviest, in-competent, most subalternate, nogood, imponderable, smallminded, unskillful, under-neath, more powdered, un-obtrusive, more verging, spiritlike, petite, pocket-sized, disposable, optional, most inapposite, entry level, more undersize, zilcher, co incident, de tailed, most token, tiny, more inapposite, most excess, more truncated, pro found, excess baggage, most purportless, un-thinking, collateral, short lived, unembodied, in fertile, negligible, un-related, retiring, un workable, more used up, sur-plussest, tip of iceberg, penny-ante, most wellworn, placer, more low-hanging, more low-down, most penny-ante, tissuelike, inapposite, most subaltern, un-fruitful, de-pendent, under sized, more reserve, dependent, most cliche, most quickfix, most sideways, microbic, most lessened, penny ante, more satellite, superfluentest, halfpint, superficial, incompetent, peewee, not prayer, pro cured, more adjunctive, un-notable, pygmier, more asomatous, most sidewise, skindeep, mini, scant, pocket size, most used up, sur-face, trans parent, in visible, more fine spun, most unfrequent, cut rate, most nickel-and-dime, emptyheaded, small minded, most rock-bottom, more penny-ante, pro founder, tributory, more second-string, most runnerup, Discarnate, doesnt cut it, pocketsize, irrelevant, un adorned, few and far between, Floatable, close to ground, not large, hardly any, most low down, scratcher, re-placeable, more runner up, un-mitigated, most fine-spun, subnormal, most nickel and dime, not worth mentioning, chainest, immaterial, most slashed, more reproduction, in distinguishable, unpolluted, un-necessary, sub sided, most verging, expendable, co incidental, un critical, undiscriminating, un embodied, most entry level, more rockbottom, most undiscerning, de-rived, unsubstantial, in discernible, more second banana, un necessary, more scaleddown, not too many, teensy weensy, cowering, fine grained, super-fluentest, Minikin, most noncompulsory, un informed, scrimpest, more evolved, mere, introverted, most depthless, self centered, below mark, super fluenter, more nonfunctional, over-flowing, un sustaining, most half-pint, Purportless, un meaning, dis tressed, most cornball, most bottom rung, sub ordinate, cut-rate, in apter, sub standard, most good for nothing, in efficacious, un-wanted, more feeding, no never mind, most garbage, more pint sized, re maining, co-ordinate, sylphlike, Shucker, more low-lying, unobtrusive, re-lated, un-equal, more second-hand, most secondbanana, sub-sequent, un wanted, not original, most unhelpful, subber, shrimpier, more half-pint, most wraithlike, more compendiary, impotent, more secondfiddle, diffident, unassuming, more subnormal, more obtained, more light-footed, under average, close to the ground, tributary, run of the mill, shoestring, most groundlevel, down-to-earth, un fleshlier, co ordinate, sub altern, more decreased, de rived, un-functional, in-distinguishable, hairline, reedy, Mildewed, not germane, unskilled, most small fry, easily pleased, inconsequential, most underneath, re liefer, superfluous, most finegrained, least, more lowlying, unmeaning, nickel-and-dime, light as feather, most procured, most residuary, more zero, empty headed, more nether, more quality, most second-fiddle, skimper, more contributing, de-pressed, more self-styled, most time-wasting, derisory, co-incidental, under-size, trite, confirmatory, scrapper, in-fertile, most abbreviated, boiled down, time wasting, more bottomrung, shrinking, tied to apron strings, zippest, more nothing, doubletalk, dis embodied, most junior, in-firmer, niggardly, more causeless, appurtenant, in accurate, ordinary, around circles, more halfpint, more unfunctional, more half pint, more below, un-purposed, bashful, un-worldly, more groundlevel, under-average, un commonest, more unmixed, more minim, of no use, submissive, in expensive, pro-found, most deadwood, good for nothing, most derisory, short sweet, most purported, co-operative, wimpy, bottom-most, of no avail, more abetting, in-considerable, more lowranking, more fine-spun, most beneath, more semioccasional, more interposed, unimpressive, more disposable, more floatable, rock-bottom, quickfix, ex-act, shrimp, un-common, most fairish, more pennyante, un sounder, common, more smallfry, fine, most no-win, most disposable, un satisfactory, fine-grained, more crouched, most light-footed, trivial, back seat, more substract, hardly enough, most loitering, most smattery, most another, more epitomized, more bottom-rung, cornball, more fewer, counter-productive, lower rung, sidelong, un-needed, unassertive, more underaverage, more small-fry, un discriminating, un-critical, low, more noncompulsory, unselective, side, motheaten, more ground-level, over flowing, out of place, in corporate, off center, more bracketed, in-considerate, most niggardly, tip iceberg, unfit, brief, most shoestring, un-frequent, Unpurposed, dis advantageous, more self styled, more resulting, yea big, most low hanging, un-availing, more tissuelike, runner-up, low-set, uncalledfor, socalled, weak, un thinking, most reproduction, to point, more runner-up, in-applicable, more undiscriminating, Substract, more penny ante, more replaceable, small time, Non-essential, more low set, more no win, most satellite, most tributory, pee-wee, un-discriminating, more unnotable, most ittybitty, Unsustaining, extrinsic, most bottom-rung, more humbled, more finedrawn, most sawed-off, more nickel-and-dime, in-sipid, finegrained, light, un equal, low grade, residuary, un-apter, more entry-level, more subsided, second hand, un-heavy, most small-scale, shrimper, more accessory, un earthliest, more skeleton, un fleshliest, most nothing, in appurtenant, more time wasting, small fry, few, squattier, non physical, most assistant, more subpar, more doublespeak, in applicable, Bracketed, un fruitful, co operative, most reserve, sur plusser, low down, more spiritlike, stickest, lowpriced, Fine-spun, most nowin, scrimpy, more uncostly, un-polluted, piddling, pro-cured, most interposed, more nonmaterial, most pint-sized, more under, itsy-bitsy, second-fiddle, timid, most crouched, semi occasional, more discarnate, more runnerup, most mini, most itsybitsy, most sidelong, more smattery, most penny ante, super-fluent, inessential, superfluenter, most pettifogging, Self-reproving, of no consequence, scarcely any, in consequent, un related, cliched, more irrelative, un-earthlier, snubber, most derivate, miniature, un-essential, no good, most imperceptive, fairish, more unpolluted, in operative, most entrylevel, more second string, subordinate, bittier, most fewer, low-ranking, most adjunctive, secondclass, most self-styled, below the mark, re liefest, cutrate, de-creased, more warped, undersize, more double-talk, on surface, more undiscerning, more lowhanging, ex cess, sub-alternate, most humbled, most by the way, most lowset, more minority, most cutrate, Finedrawn, more itsy bitsy, more second-fiddle, more rimming, unpretentious, Depthless, sidewise, most semioccasional, more qualifying, in distinct, most caused, bittiest, as advertised, not high, most peewee, counterproductive, most itsy bitsy, in considerate, small-fry, most quick-fix, used up, most resulting, most small scale, more younger, more token, more unconsequential, usedup, un helpful, more button, more quick fix, minorleague, smattery, in adequate, timewasting, most fine spun, most accessory, humble, un-earthliest, twobit, be neath, most spiritlike, in-complete, more hairline, un common, pre-tended, most featherweight, little, more plagiaristic, un exceptional, most nonfunctional, most gossamery, more purportless, more derivate, more skirting, more itsy-bitsy, more shortened, in-conspicuous, more imperceptive, most adjuvant, re-mote, most usedup, unhelpful, more pee wee, short, onedimensional, Toyer, more microbic, most lowhanging, re-serve, most small-fry, light footed, passive, un costly, super fluent, more unpurposed, reserved, bottom rung, super numerary, more tributory, most double talk, most doubletalk, more quick-fix, more second hand, un productive, sticker, most skirting, more unimpressive, most pocket size, in-audible, pygmiest, most excepting, more rock bottom, not rich, super-natural, wellworn, wornout, on treadmill, in-effective, most light footed, most subsided, few far between, fine spun, in conspicuous, most incident, un usable, second-hand, most abetting, non-germane, small, useless, unfleshlier, un-heaviest, of no importance, most second fiddle, most quality, out order, most breviloquent, entrylevel, more subtracting, most sylphlike, more unselective, in parenthesis, most abased, un-developed, narrow, minute, unimposing, ex act, inferior, nonessential, more nickel and dime, runnerup, in-firmest, overmodest, uncritical, un impressive, most low-ranking, in sipid, super natural, more pettifogging, most second-string, meek, most good-for-nothing, most nongermane, more underneath, bottom most, more fine-grained, un-original, underaverage, less, unheavier, un essential, un-sound, shelfest, voluntary, dis-advantageous, bottomrung, sideward, un-fleshly, non-physical, not a prayer, more cornball, worthless, more minikin, semi-occasional, most pee-wee, re-liefest, quiet, in-essential, inappreciable, un notable, doublespeak, runtiest, un mixed, most puppet, un-meaning, unnotable, powerless, more nowin, more puppet, more appurtenant, un perceptive, more ittybitty, frothy, in tangible, half-pint, most secondstring, un interesting, un worldly, adjunctive, sawedoff, unknown, pocketsized, most appurtenant, slight, most unconsequential, most plagiaristic, Gossamery, more inappurtenant, next in order, in vicious circle, shy, most pulverized, un-consequential, more by the way, most hairline, Imperceptive, most lightfooted, ground-level, most secondfiddle, dis-embodied, un earthlier, un-elevated, most scaleddown, un-pretentious, bottom-rung, un frequent, un availing, low ranking, most hairsplitting, more sidelong, un needed, more scaled-down, bitsy, un heavy, more pocket sized, co-incident, in frequent, bushleague, of no account, paltry, shuckest, most unexacting, more sidewise, sawed-off, in discriminate, runter, more second-banana, un-selective, most well-worn, unelevated, most fine grained, wishy washy, under neath, most without, fluker, no biggie, lowranking, so called, more resultant, most timewasting, unnecessary, causeless, more wraithlike, non functional, un-perceptive, mis leading, un-sustaining, well worn, more sawedoff, most dwarfed, in-different, demure, more lowset, re placeable, in-adequate, in significant, most time wasting, un discerning, more diminished, second class, in-admissible, in-corporeal, counter productive, not main, most subnormal, more arousing, most quick fix, nonfunctional, big zero, more lowdown, un-informed, on the surface, in considerable, de creased, more low lying, infinitesimal, in apposite, in-apropos, most particularized, more imponderous, petty, breviloquent, pint sized, nowin, not the main, un-desirable, more another, most skeleton, un-available, most second-hand, mousy, nominal, most tissuelike, toyest, most irrelative, more undetectable, not long, dis-tressed, derivative, most evolved, tip of the iceberg, un-successful, un earthly, Subalternate, more deadwood, blow by blow, more assistant, zilchest, secondary, undetectable, bitsiest, more wellworn, most unmeaning, non compulsory, idle, more light footed, second-string, most undersize, in-frequent, without reference, inter posed, most floatable, un adulterated, scaled down, most finedrawn, most minikin, used-up, most fine-grained, more scaled down, not big, in firmest, runner up, flukest, lower, most used-up, most imponderous, most abridged, shrimpy, more subaltern, in corporeal, un observable, in-appurtenant, pro-founder, un mitigated, lowset, not pertinent, more no-win, squattiest, un polluted, ineffective, baby, more by-the-way, chainer, ittybitty, selfcentered, incidental, more time-wasting, infirm, more curtailed, un-soundest, Brancher, narrowminded, sub best, low-lying, dis bodied, more entry level, most undiscriminating, scurviest, fine-drawn, most by-the-way, stereo typed, trifling, most arousing, meta physical, mis-leading, trans-parent, sub-altern, most fine drawn, de-based, in-effectual, more featherweight, inter mediate, most second banana, most warped, scratchest, un-helpful, un substantial, more incident, more sylphlike, close the ground, most undetectable, placest, diminutive, non-functional, Deadwood, more well-worn, more quickfix, more aiding, most powdered, un obtrusive, dull, super-numerary, in-corporate, more small fry, un-sounder, insignificant, most unpurposed, un desirable, matter of indifference, more finegrained, in-consequent, un elevated, subbest, pocket-size, unimportant, skimpest, dis-bodied, on the edge, more subalternate, needle in haystack, sawed off, to the point, sub-normal, non essential, re-production, more bottommost, unaggressive, over much, subsidiary, cringing, pee wee, off point, Imponderous, most curtailed, marginal, sur-plusser, peoner, anonymous, de pressed, ex-cess, most inapropos, teeny weeny, reliefer, shooter, plagiaristic, most itty-bitty, parenthetical, more mini, beside point, more disbodied, by-the-way, uncostly, most rock bottom, pocket sized, under thumb, non material, most minority, most runner-up, most low ranking, more low down, un worldlier, puny, un exacting, forget it, in-direct, apparitional, Clocklike, scrimpiest, inept, fine drawn, super fluentest, pure simple, auxiliary, more low-set, most cut rate, most pee wee, non germane, un-worldliest, more timewasting, no-win, un functional, smallscale, more low-ranking, un sound, more grudging, pennyante, too little too late, inapropos, re serve, un imposing, super-abundant, more pocket size, more without, shrimpest, more shoestring, more abridged, more broomstick, yielding, un fleshly, sur face, re served, sheepish, semioccasional, re-lief, un selective, most self styled, in-efficacious, most smallfry, teenyweeny, un-usable, un-imposing, most double-talk, more pee-wee, more loitering, subdued, un-exacting, matter indifference, Disbodied, more cut, re fined, no big deal, Unfleshly, in sensible, re-served, more slashed, junior, lowgrade, lowhanging, un-substantial, most itty bitty, one dimensional, un required, uninfluential, more fine grained, most entry-level, un-detectable, most plagiarized, most sawed off, undiscerning, wishywashy, more lessened, selfstyled, more peewee, more pint-sized, most subpar, in-distinct, feeble, more well worn, sur plussest, more rock-bottom, un asked, piffling, in-discriminate, most pennyante, more lightfooted, most unmixed, nickel and dime, self styled, more pocketsize, un-satisfactory, close ground, more fine-drawn, most lowranking, un finished, well-worn, not serious, most aiding, unusuable, shoaler, subpar, most minim, most broomstick, un-inspired, low-down, pitiful, scrimper, un apter, most declined, flashest, minor, most pocketsized, most rehashed, most resultant, in-apposite, more cliche, un consequential, more used-up, bottommost, most cut, tip the iceberg, in excess, shelfer, most pint sized, narrow minded, most lowlying, sub missive, more hairsplitting, adjuvant, more depthless, warmedover, super-fluenter, un available, reedier, light-footed, un considered, on a treadmill, most unsustaining, replaceable, more breviloquent, more apparitional, reliefest, wraithlike, extraneous, around in circles, bitsier, in audible, Unconsequential, un original, most no win, unneeded, more excepting, by way, un-important, in-sufficient, un-costly, ground level, un heavier, most minimal, un-discerning, in-ordinate, most younger, scurvier, un-productive, un noticeable, most sideward, sub normal, more unexacting, most obtained, most substract, meaningless, more residuary, most rimming, most doublespeak, minuscule, shrimpiest, most under, scaleddown, minuscular, most unembodied, de-tailed, low priced, episodic, more low ranking, more declined, unexacting, tied apron strings, more gossamery, more second fiddle, more adjuvant, more abbreviated, more derisory, secondbanana, in essential, most unimpressive, un detectable, in different, un heaviest, smallfry, superfluent, incapable, be-neath, featherweight, more suffering, most second hand, lightweight, pure and simple, out place, more shadow, low set, un-asked, un-workable, in-utile, in effectual, most feeding, most backup, un commoner, warmed over, pint-sized, wimpiest, most unelevated, off the point, un-finished, more fairish, most unnotable, most contributing, more low hanging, more unhelpful, most seldom, bitty, not lineal, needle haystack, in firmer, normal, in-attentive, in-sensible, un-connected, more cut-rate, self-styled, snubbest, more entrylevel, poor, most low set, nonmaterial, re-liefer, scaled-down, pared down, no big thing, in-substantial, more attenuate, un-fleshlier, inappurtenant, runtest, un-exceptional, pro-fuse, broomstick, sub-best, un-mixed, in-operative, more garbage, noaccount, in-consequential, most runner up, unqualified, un inspired, most sawedoff, compliant, Asomatous, imprecise, most profitless, in apropos, un-impressive, shortlived, more unfrequent, Irrelative, unfleshliest, most nether, entry-level, deferential, un-adorned, pointless, un-heavier, time-wasting, marked down, familiar tune, in name only, out side, more itsybitsy, most uncostly, un-inventive, meta-physical, most incorporate, most grudging, most bottomrung, un aptest, most lowdown, Rimming, in-appropriate, more backup, in substantial, most decreased, ignorable, wimpier, usual, un-considered, most bracketed, occasional, frail, shoalest, more good for nothing, sub alternate, most unselective, vain, shootest, more particularized, wastest, off the topic, pro fuse, more confirmatory, weightless, re hashed, inter-posed, un-adulterated, lowly, most second-banana, lowdown, unusable, unfunctional, re lief, widely spaced, pocket, more dwarfed, most underaverage, Derivate, more shriveled, more fine drawn, skin deep, secondfiddle, un-fleshliest, most fine-drawn, sub-ordinate, readymade, most below, under-sized, most ground-level, more usedup, most straggling, the point, more unusuable, most replaceable, compendiary, in utile, more sawed-off, itty-bitty, teensyweensy, in-expensive, more seldom, sub-standard, more excess, light as a feather, most pocket sized, secondstring, in firm, sub sequent, inexpert, second-banana, de pendent, more bottom rung, un successful, not connected with, most attenuate, more peanut, most scaled-down, more unembodied, more itty bitty, most ground level, more profitless.