Pronunciation of Imprisonment
/ɪmpɹˈɪzənmənt/, /ɪmpɹˈɪzənmənt/, /ɪ_m_p_ɹ_ˈɪ_z_ə_n_m_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for imprisonment

walkout, caesarian sections, re creation, re-lease, dis-possession, ex-plosion, over-familiarities, impunity, re-creation, voidings, dis-engagements, dismissal, requiescence, forthrightness, unladings, plenty rope, dislodgments, non-liabilities, conges, sufferance, impartments, re-spites, dis placement, liberty, dis-patch, immunity, acquittances, de-position, forthrightnesses, entitlements, cartings, deposals, brush offs, exudation, Geniture, in-dependence, unemployments, lyingin, bringing forths, dis missals, the boots, brushoff, out looks, nuts bolts, out-looks, kissoff, remittance, citizenship, trans-mission, ex plosions, un ladings, in flections, handing overs, dis respects, Freighting, selfgovernment, ingenuousness, ones own sweet time, nonliability, unburdening, dis imprisonment, suppuration, trans missions, out-look, ex plosion, Familiarity, ex-patriations, re-legation, in vulnerability, independence, one's own sweet times, dis-placement, let offs, Elbowroom, in dependences, trans mission, un-restraint, disburdenings, lack of restraint, re-creations, re laxation, pro mise, license, one's sweet times, one own sweet times, emancipation, lifesaver, one's own sweet time, overfamiliarity, re-laxations, dis burdening, self government, over familiarities, old heave-ho, pro-mise, unconstraint, dis-solution, delivery, disimprisonments, dis-placements, dis engagement, Self Determination, requiescences, emptyings, re-lief, dis-charges, abolitionism, dislodgment, ex-tensions, brushoffs, kissoffs, un-constraints, demobilizations, re cognitions, re lief, de mobilizations, un restraint, old heavehos, un-lading, re leases, power of choice, laissez faire, parcel post, directnesses, nonliabilities, de positions, letoff, dis-respects, in trusting, un restraints, dis-lodgment, invulnerability, de position, own accord, representative government, de-positions, suppurations, Remittances, dis-solutions, liberating, sanctification, in-trusting, ex tension, directness, ones own sweet times, over-familiarity, dis-respect, de liveries, dis-possessions, bums rush, condonances, giving overs, un-ceremoniousness, in-formalities, idle hour, firings, re-legations, letoffs, ingenuousnesses, leaf, un-employments, stamp of approval, de livery, re quiescence, re-cess, walkouts, dis-burdening, plenty of rope, lifesavers, canonizations, invulnerabilities, relegations, empowerment, re-laxation, lack reserve, non liability, in-formality, kiss offs, comprehensivenesses, fulfillings, lifeboat, in-flection, sanctifications, sur renders, one's sweet time, one sweet times, wideness, dis-imprisonments, dis respect, in-vulnerabilities, enfranchisement, un employments, Freedoms, re spites, inter missions, the boot, flexibility, dis solutions, dis lodgments, un-constraint, dis-imprisonment, representative governments, idle hours, dis-patches, dis imprisonments, full play, spare moment, dis charges, dis placements, comprehensiveness, brush-offs, dis patches, setting free, elbowrooms, housecleaning, field reference, manumission, conge, full plays, de-liveries, relegation, portage, old heave hos, abolitionisms, re pose, dis-lodgments, stamp approval, unemployment, re-pose, in-vulnerability, un constraints, dis solution, acquittance, canonization, the doors, un constraint, re laxations, own accords, the door, in vulnerabilities, un ceremoniousness, liberation, non-liability, ex-tension, brush-off, floater, out look, sur-renders, parcel posts, dis engagements, dis-missals, bum rush, pro mises, un lading, non liabilities, re legation, setting frees, Impartment, extrictions, sur-render, dis possessions, re cesses, re legations, rampancies, un ceremoniousnesses, dis patch, redemption, condonance, re creations, disimprisonment, release, one sweet time, citizenships, widenesses, Intrusting, old heave-hos, de-mobilization, in-dependences, goahead, spare times, un-ladings, un-burdening, un burdening, over familiarity, dis lodgment, dis-missal, demobilization, discharge, leave absence, scope, in formalities, unburdenings, leisure, old heaveho, Deposal, in dependence, sufferances, re lease, floaters, re-quiescences, re-leases, overfamiliarities, freightings, dis missal, dis charge, re quiescences, de-mobilizations, de mobilization, kiss-offs, spare time, one own sweet time, re-cognition, full swing, dis-charge, freedom, lifeboats, exudations, power choice, dis possession, let-offs, execution, re spite, full swings, ex-patriation, re-quiescence, un-ceremoniousnesses, bringing forth, intrustings, extriction, re cognition, de-livery, ex patriations, dis-engagement, unconstraints, pro-mises.