Pronunciation of Improved
/ɪmpɹˈuːvd/, /ɪmpɹˈuːvd/, /ɪ_m_p_ɹ_ˈuː_v_d/

Antonyms for improved

immature, unrestored, worse, mis shapen, un reliable, most unaltered, de generate, de-based, dis carded, more ownerless, exasperate, out of shape, rudimentary, solitary, debauched, savage, unripe, unhealthy, more humpbacked, musty, old fashioned, uncleared, injured, re-probate, ill, more ill made, re probate, de-filed, de formed, un restored, un improved, de based, un-improved, out shape, primitive, mangled, de filed, most ill made, uncivilized, de solate, most illmade, most contorted, un-dependable, more relinquished, more vitiate, most mangled, old-time, most unrestored, un couth, uneducated, most scarred, mis-shapen, in the gutter, scrub, underdeveloped, derelict, more misproportioned, passe, de graded, more mangled, undersized, dis jointed, humpbacked, castoff, dis-carded, outworn, ill made, more vitiated, hoary, more unaltered, ill-made, most misproportioned, most hunchbacked, de-formed, knotted, more unrestored, un altered, rude, germinal, more marred, unimproved, past, de-generate, ownerless, more warped, dated, most vitiated, de-graded, in gutter, gone to dogs, un changed, primeval, most castoff, gone bad, antiquated, most ill-made, worsened, obsolete, deformed, more blemished, fusty, dis-solute, lower, mis-proportioned, un-reliable, un dependable, un-changed, more contorted, nonprogressive, low, most relinquished, de-solate, out-of-date, most humpbacked, more buckled, antediluvian, most vitiate, illmade, most warped, un-couth, old, embryonic, primordial, un-trustworthy, more scarred, early, gone to the dogs, warped, more illmade, worsen, un-altered, most marred, behindhand, hunchbacked, more castoff, de-relict, underweight, dis-regardful, un-restored, unripened, ungraded, dis-jointed, dis regardful, aggravate, most blemished, dis solute, damaged, Deteriorated, un-developed, mis proportioned, backward, misproportioned, de relict, green, gone dogs, malformed, neglected, gone the dogs, exacerbate, more hunchbacked, more ill-made, oldfangled, most ownerless, dirt, unaltered, most buckled, decline, undeveloped, antique.