In crease

Pronunciation of In Crease
/ɪn kɹˈiːs/, /ɪn kɹˈiːs/, /ɪ_n k_ɹ_ˈiː_s/

Antonyms for in crease

collect, join, injury, mix up, release, dishonor, push down, degradation, discredit, abbreviation, wait, injure, disadvantage, raze, further, reveal, condemn, compose, close, depletion, surrender, disenchant, detachment, reduction, block, advance, compression, go down, demote, mislay, dispersal, make happy, upset, discontinue, debt, blunt, retard, spurn, disapprove, discourage, disdain, debase, exit, need, placate, extreme, connect, dampen, mar, hindrance, depart, keep, disgrace, inaction, lose, refrain, forfeit, ignore, fail, damage, deaden, deflate, demotion, die, melt, squander, dissipation, darken, contract, hinder, abbreviate, improve, hide, suppression, want, take back, expedite, distribute, deplete, weaken, undernourish, curtail, confuse, suppress, hold, fall, cave in, disect, decline, failure, subtract, cut, agree, base, pale, dispute, hurt, quieten, leave, misfortune, kill, give up, step backward, go to sleep, break down, soothe, use, end, destruction, handicap, hate, cool, retrogress, uncomplicate, curtailment, soften, scattering, dull, denounce, destroy, distress, undermine, lay, help, shrink, dishearten, demolish, stunt, disagreement, blow, reproach, lessen, belittle, let down, harm, result, dislike, cessation, abstain, stop, weakening, descend, diminish, condense, pass, shrivel, exhaust, humble, decrease, languish, blockage, collapse, sit, miniaturize, corrupt, falter, cease, deteriorate, criticize, lower, narrow, unite, poverty, thin, delay, please, expenditure, depress, restriction, shame, diminishing, disperse, pollute, quench, lie, separate, calm, stoppage, fill, pacify, gladden, shorten, retreat, deduction, relieve, degrade, maintain, back up, trouble, alleviate, gather, underdevelopment, prohibit, conceal, plant, hesitation, minimize, lighten, let go, regression, bore, comfort, abatement, miss, lack, bills, withdrawal, Diminishment, spend, recede, tangle, go, dispersion, concentrate, whole, wither, disorganize, stagnation, dwindle, divide, ruin, contraction, scatter, quiet, contradict, cramp, fix, termination, restrict, drop, shrinkage, reject, impediment, procrastinate, dissuade, slump, forfeiture, abridge, give in, tranquilize, disprove, worsen, slow, refuse, mollify, reduce, neglect, wane, free, shortening, repress, simplify, indifference, delight, deterioration, extinguish, body, deter, castigate, straighten, step back, humiliate, combine, appease, take away, recession, decelerate, halt, lull, narrowing, have, repudiation, dirty, constrict, yield, finish, aid, play down, compress, censure, spread, deny, subtraction, retrogression, impede, withhold, abridgment, loss, complete, depression, original, lessening, throw away, deprecate, liquefy, waste, worsening, poorness, rest, halve, prevent, fade, dissipate.