Pronunciation of In-Disposed
/ɪndɪspˈə͡ʊzd/, /ɪndɪspˈə‍ʊzd/, /ɪ_n_d_ɪ_s_p_ˈəʊ_z_d/

Antonyms for in-disposed

disposed, adequate, developing, pleased, rise, clear up, glad, help, certain, comfortable, immodest, careless, stimulate, heedless, fresh, cooperative, cool, extroverted, liberated, lengthen, good, amplify, compliment, heroic, courageous, cure, free, quiet, explain, nice, lucky, tending, unshy, honorable, hearten, respectable, promote, ready, brave, allow, clear, urge, happy, unworried, caring, advance, restored, aggressive, enough, give, comfort, inspire, upright, intrepid, elevated, affluent, lose, great, decent, precocious, well, sound, eager, increase, approving, unashamed, proud, increased, aid, kind, loving, outgoing, build up, unabashed, high, willing, unopposed, order, venturesome, prepared, inclined, fertile, assist, leaning, wholesome, moral, make happy, strong, confident, enlarge, egotistical, calm, intelligent, unafraid, for, Unfearful, enthusiastic, forfeit, bold, misunderstand, hold, perfect, fortunate, fail, wealthy, clean, sure, incautious, bent, rich, able, straighten, prominent, fearless, undaunted, please, composed, smart, above, tall, discourage, content, spur on, overthrow, stretch, friendly, fine, superior, place, fit, extend, approve, desirous, praise, permit, potent, gentle, inspirit, agreeable, unlimited, satisfied, pure, spread, invigorated, valiant, definite, make well, honest, dilate, indiscreet, gay, sympathetic, mend, forward, undismayed, hearty, liking, encourage, healthy, expand, settle, uncareful, break off, ahead, fast, unreserved, delight, support, conceited, facilitate, cheerful, untainted, to the front, disagree, soothe, anxious, sufficient, undiseased, let go, rash.