Pronunciation of Incapacity
/ɪnkəpˈasɪti/, /ɪnkəpˈasɪti/, /ɪ_n_k_ə_p_ˈa_s_ɪ_t_i/

Antonyms for incapacity

dis-honesties, quick wittedness, cunnings, witchery, expertism, un naturalness, pre eminences, suitability, captivatingness, speciality, applied forces, pro-mise, trump, a way with, endowment, quick wittednesses, mind for, birr, Re-turn, mind, birrs, weightiness, dower, fore sight, mastership, quick-wittednesses, power, might and main, instinct, adequacy, re turn, skillfulnesses, leadership, head-set, magistracy, mental ability, pre-eminence, might and mains, dis positions, one thing, re course, conductions, one's things, effectualness, paramountcy, fore-sights, knowhow, re lief, know how, fore sights, carrying outs, the formulas, efficaciousness, in tuitions, fore-sight, ability, faculty, ace in hole, mis fortunes, dis tresses, marbles, one things, pre-dominance, applied force, ex-tent, under standing, dowry, reach, Prepotency, facility, horsepowers, ace the hole, pro-mises, dis-honesty, proneness, pro-vince, Giftedness, aheads, turn, thing fors, out looks, dis position, Monopolies, weightinesses, importance, wisdom, virtuosity, gift, quick-wittedness, touch, mind set, strength, powers that be, mesmerism, dynamism, childs play, handinesses, pre-potence, re-lief, sense, re cognition, pilotage, pressure, ablenesses, voltages, Oysters, say so, proficiency, headsets, preeminence, ex-pertness, pre valence, pre-potences, in tensity, adepts, re-sources, super-intendency, magnetism, aptitude, dynamisms, head way, einsteins, re-source, out-look, re serve, effectiveness, pre potencies, artistry, ones thing, directorship, habilitations, docilities, superintendencies, ex tents, knowing way around, canninesses, Dowries, pro fit, re-percussions, pre-disposition, dis tress, head, qualifiednesses, re sourcefulnesses, dis-positions, re percussion, ex tent, druthers, super-vision, sagacity, out look, head-way, giftednesses, pro-vinces, capability, efficiency, advantage, re-serves, astuteness, pro-fits, transcendence, un-naturalness, a way withs, hang it, effectuality, ex-tension, pre-dominations, fitness, superabilities, mis fortune, powerhouse, dis-position, pre dispositions, conduction, art, quickwittedness, mis-fortunes, powers-that-be, super intendencies, talent, POWS, predominancs, Habilitation, skillfulness, ex pertnesses, dis honesty, re sourcefulness, suitableness, in-tuitions, head-sets, pre potence, one's thing, numina, pro fits, craftsmanships, judicatures, pre-valence, mind fors, ex tension, particular activity adeptnesses, pre-potency, jurisdiction, intelligence, re-courses, pre disposition, the right stuff, whip hands, dis honesties, horsepower, get up and go, oyster, adeptness, head sets, pre eminence, hang of it, whip hand, pro mises, Imperium, re courses, Intellectuality, predominanc, virtuosities, influences, wiliness, craftship, what it takes, judicature, cleverness, weakness for, re-course, pre dominance, governance, re-nown, aptness, directorships, the makings, captivatingnesses, the right stuffs, smooth sailing, child play, pre-potencies, the making, out-looks, the formulae, numen, pre dominances, dis-tresses, precocity, particular activity adeptness, Canniness, flair, smooth sailings, re-gard, puissance, powers that bes, genius, ex-tents, re source, sayso, skill, super-intendencies, superiority, drawing powers, soundness, pre-domination, promise, leg ups, what take, common sense, up it, knowing way arounds, Specialities, sub stances, potency, ingenuity, reign, superability, handiness, dominance, stomping grounds, un naturalnesses, re cognitions, predomination, powerhouses, powers-that-bes, the goods, what takes, in-tuition, ace hole, full court press, up to it, political practice, dexterity, pro vince, re turns, stomping ground, quick wits, might mains, smartnesses, wilinesses, ex-tensions, strong arm, super visions, re gards, Witcheries, pre dominations, might main, seductivenesses, re-cognition, craftsmanship, pro vinces, re-serve, full court presses, political practices, drutherses, re-turns, quickwittednesses, brilliancy, masterships, competency, pro mise, Magistracies, potentiality, persuasiveness, drawing power, bringing abouts, effectings, capacity, sinew, predominations, good omens, mesmerisms, in tuition, pre domination, ex-pertnesses, thing for, under-standing, Ableness, acuteness, effect, eminence, headset, bent, competence, re-percussion, craftships, un-naturalnesses, super intendency, schemings, re percussions, sub-stances, expertisms, leg-ups, capablenesses, legup, re sources, the formula, pow, what it take, prepotence, ones things, Forcibleness, transcendences, craft, influence, docility, re-sourcefulness, pre potency, under standings, INS, ex pertness, renowns, the good, re nown, weakness fors, in-tensity, leg up, pre potences, dis-tress, knack, good omen, capableness, sub-stance, artifice, pre-eminences, super-visions, under-standings, Imperia, chics, legups, pre valences, sub stance, pizzazz, mechanical energies, seductiveness.