Pronunciation of Indifference
/ɪndˈɪfɹəns/, /ɪndˈɪfɹəns/, /ɪ_n_d_ˈɪ_f_ɹ_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for indifference

ambition, de bate, be-holdings, in-justice, graspingnesses, enjoyableness, stick-to-itiveness, out-looks, munchy, force, spotters, lustiness, inquiring minds, heart, movement, re solve, fore thoughts, mis-calculations, inthings, up to minute, mental acquisitiveness, bygones, officiousness, get up go, community of interests, un-changeableness, mutuality, hysterics, in sanities, de bates, crows nest, eyeopener, liking, be-wilderment, fore sight, druthers, pre-conditions, reassurance, piggishnesses, impetuosities, re marks, de liberation, un-fairness, re cognizing, ear, piety, be loved, obsessiveness, fore-sights, compassion, mis calculation, willfulnesses, contrition, rage, journeyings, vigil, religiosity, Re-search, hang up, dis-order, hitting it offs, re source, over look, peppiness, wingding, courtlinesses, heedfulness, wellbeing, fore-cast, at-oneness, fore thought, in satiablenesses, un fairnesses, up-sets, inclination, get go, re-activity, onceover, cartings, in tent, searchings, tightness, something on the brain, pity, dis patches, Ardency, in crease, in equities, de liberations, long sufferings, truckages, judiciousnesses, nervous tension, the latest things, in violabilities, comfort, wiretap, over extension, intentnesses, pepper, singlemindednesses, persistings, picking ons, invalidity, canninesses, re-source, recognizings, vitality, aphrodisias, dis placements, in-spots, lookout, listen ups, inamorato, pro-viso, re-creations, vital spark, trustworthiness, dis-illusion, intentness, seriousmindednesses, picking up ons, transport, indefatigabilities, atonenesses, holding ups, get-up-and-go, cottoning tos, de-liberation, mindfulness, heart's desire, faintnesses, something else, pre cautions, application, in sanity, emotionalisms, de pendencies, turn ons, fire the belly, sedulities, watchings, disturbance, re searches, high regard, by gone, piousness, Gluttonies, de-bate, peeled eyes, love, stress, up sets, illicit loves, pre-disposition, dis-illusions, fire, verve, re-marks, re-solves, seriousmindedness, pro-traction, de light, involvement, serviceabilities, dependability, Re-mark, crow's nests, out bursts, hearts desires, inspot, pre-requisites, interestingnesses, dis-counts, good intentions, ginger, look-see, pro spects, mis-calculation, de signs, distress, Palates, Canniness, in-stability, trans-shipments, affair of the heart, comity, re-view, jones, buggings, ferocities, exoticisms, big eye, imperatives, permissiveness, normal course, conveyors, TLCS, pre-condition, bombshell, sweetness light, warmheartedness, re gards, in constancies, transplantings, out-look, long-sufferings, surveyances, Secours, in formations, overemotionalisms, under goings, traffic, humaneness, vital sparks, ex-plosion, validness, in-things, stiff upper lips, energy, tautness, post script, point view, endurance, tender feelings, guttiness, peeled eyen, thirst for knowledge, rhapsody, Propensities, aspiration, re-flections, in-flux, mis giving, zealotries, patience, over-extensions, tenderness, dis position, pungencies, ex cess, serviceability, covetings, community of interest, re-spects, lovings, in equity, in citation, evolvings, pre serving, hus, in-creases, close relations, true grit, haulings, goad, pizzazz, acuities, re activenesses, inti, in spot, Calenture, what it take, at-onenesses, greedinesses, pro fit, well being, inconstancies, sur prises, stick to itivenesses, in-fluxes, stake-outs, re-flection, arbitrariness, newest wrinkles, pro-tractions, surveillance, one for the books, fore-thought, undergoings, urge, in-dependence, pietism, post-scripts, emotion, single-mindednesses, something elses, crows nests, bug ear, sub-stances, in violability, de sign, apprehensivenesses, yen, mutual attraction, joyousnesses, acuity, subjection, picking upon, vibrancy, dis illusions, ruefulness, virtuosities, inquiringnesses, confoundment, un-rest, ardor, in sight, considerateness, affection, abidingness, close relation, gimmie, loyalty, be lief, out-breaks, bee in bonnet, affaires de coeur, keeping watch, affair the heart, animation, graciousnesses, self discipline, what-it-takes, high regards, re sources, mutual fondness, dis tress, up set, aesthetic sense, briskness, velleity, motilities, dynamism, conversation pieces, re velation, attentiveness, one track mind, stab of conscience, passivity, in-corrigibility, mutual fondnesses, devotion, one for books, Affectibility, liberalnesses, consideratenesses, de terminations, zest, sustainings, broadmindednesses, what take, vitiation, in-sanity, re sourcefulnesses, Devotement, eye, guttinesses, be wilderments, in-flexibilities, un-changeablenesses, fieriness, community interest, stiff upper lip, ex amination, staunchnesses, munchies, vitiations, un-rests, Surveyance, birrs, fixed ideas, re-liability, re-cognizing, un changeablenesses, romantic affairs, storm, transshipments, up minute, with-standings, perseverance, listen up, un failingness, conveyings, de-cree, impulsions, interestedness, warmheartednesses, birr, Pash, out-break, affair heart, consolation, enjoyablenesses, fire in the belly, in corruptibilities, body mikes, commiseration, un failingnesses, precipitousnesses, busyness, turbulence, stakeouts, tender loving cares, dis-placements, being there for someone, self-disciplines, carryings, thankfulness, romantic affair, in flux, broad-mindednesses, virtuosity, aesthetic senses, forebearance, in flexibility, broadmindedness, look, fondness, triangle, Leisure Activities, suddennesses, in-constancy, picking up on, re lief, heed, strength of purpose, pro-visos, stake outs, sub-missions, tautnesses, overemotionalism, ravishments, pre occupation, self confidence, dis-tress, under taking, pre-tension, penchant, serious mindednesses, tenderheartednesses, dutifulness, pro visions, scapes, conscientiousness, freightage, sapidities, self-reproach, fire in belly, changings, re-velation, dis-charge, courtliness, bee bonnet, Truckage, pro viso, wanderings, judiciousness, sprightliness, dis-appointment, dis appointments, dis-patches, O's, re-laxation, ex plosions, astucities, Movements, grabbers, worshippings, self reliance, out breaks, ex-action, super visions, feeling, under-going, size of it, flareup, un selfishness, head sets, transferences, hearts and flowers, good behaviors, ex-tension, dis-tresses, righteousness, dis illusion, beholdings, re views, tender loving care, over-extension, re-gard, in-constancies, at onenesses, in-tensity, cartage, Empressement, itch, firm-ness, newest wrinkle, honorings, get and go, dis-quiets, dis orders, aphrodisia, affectibilities, dis-quietude, sufferance, be-loved, say so, un-ease, in-citation, up-roars, de-termination, high spirits, trans feral, good intention, grabber, greed, in-tolerance, mind set, dis-position, tensenesses, Inamoratos, pre servings, something brain, good breedings, dis criminations, tirelessnesses, meddlesomeness, tenacity, pro fits, over-looks, out look, inquiringness, what it takes, piggishness, good vibrations, in toxications, in-stabilities, Desiderata, HU, un rest, dis patch, possessiveness, on brain, re solutions, excitement, in creasing, pre conditions, re-activeness, drutherses, in to, sur-prise, look sees, in-fidelity, hurtings, ravishment, sub-mission, dis-patch, in tents, frame mind, in citations, Religionism, serious-mindednesses, esurience, once over, possessivenesses, look-sees, being same wavelength, vibes, de-lights, pre disposition, pre mise, nonresistance, in-satiableness, devotednesses, out burst, pre-servings, joneses, enterprises, in fidelities, transshipment, acquittance, up-roar, in-sights, with standing, re assurance, intrusivenesses, suddenness, keeping watches, impressivenesses, head-set, de-liberations, zeal, softheartedness, illiberalities, watch, forbidden love, tenseness, willfulness, fore casts, way of thinking, stick-to-itivenesses, gallantnesses, run, what takes, dis charge, dis-charges, vim, pungency, latest wrinkle, in dependence, Oes, compunction, noticings, dis charges, joyousness, ruefulnesses, self reproaches, care, de-crees, re solves, in-corruptibility, good senses, liberalness, de lights, ravings, confoundments, pre mises, pre-mise, delirium, good sense, sur prise, dis-quiet, selfreliance, pre tensions, busynesses, pre-mises, emotings, Leisure Activity, sentiment, re-solve, hearts desire, pre-possessions, get goes, in-sight, good spirit, in-flexibility, hypo-thesis, pro-longings, bug in ear, un-reasonablenesses, vigilance, re-activities, ex tension, dis counts, dis-crimination, head-sets, under-goings, awareness, affaire de coeur, pursuance, religiousness, pastime, prizings, triangles, graspingness, community interests, ex action, dis tresses, agitation, thought, interestingness, illiberality, dis quietudes, regard, augmentings, re laxation, transferrings, pro-spects, surprise, pryings, out break, in fidelity, observance, in temperances, sensitivity, enthusiasm, withstandings, nightwatch, vinegar, cognizance, in-fidelities, in corrigibility, vibe, sub-stance, non-resistances, unfailingnesses, in toxication, pashes, watch person watchtowers, discretion, immoderation, de-sign, cottoning to, reactiveness, politesse, in thing, re-solutions, greediness, lenience, sore point, gluttony, lustinesses, longanimity, laboriousnesses, fanaticism, singlemindedness, passivities, caring, the last word, attention, in credulity, regardings, trans-planting, craving, ax grind, pre-cautions, crow's nest, veracity, Amore, re-morse, in temperance, anxiety, bombshells, reactivity, in-temperances, normal courses, obsessivenesses, selfconfidence, pre tension, dis order, pangs conscience, inquiring mind, single mindedness, single mindednesses, sub stance, re-liabilities, re-laxations, pro-visions, re spects, peculiar objects, over looks, fore-sight, be wilderment, responsivenesss, the last words, secour, tenderheartedness, in-spot, idolization, latest wrinkles, un-foreseen, in-toxications, un-eases, roamings, relish, single-mindedness, intrusiveness, docility, forebearances, mis trust, un eases, Rhapsodies, dis positions, dis crimination, re flections, eurekas, in-tolerances, mutual attractions, kindness, sexual relationship outside marriage, law averages, flame, indefatigability, life, headsets, NOWS, impellents, crow nest, industry, arbitrarinesses, forbidden loves, un-reasonableness, unchangeableness, mutualities, conveyor, warmth, un-selfishness, dynamisms, un reasonablenesses, dependence, hearts flowers, self disciplines, exoticism, solicitousness, brisknesses, flare up, re liability, in fluxes, post-script, continuings, thirst, in-violability, hearts flowerses, re flection, re assurances, willingness, Condolement, curveballs, over-emotionalism, rapture, bug, cup tea, amores, re cognitions, re creation, promptitude, love-affair, re sourcefulness, objet dart, de crees, empathy, onetrack mind, chics, unfailingness, mis-trust, indomitabilities, out looks, pro-longing, immovability, frenzy, wonderment, good behavior, Comities, savor, heart desire, desideratum, in flexibilities, enjoyings, Gallantness, good vibration, un-failingness, post scripts, in-crease, impetuosity, docilities, selfcontrol, re morse, susceptibility, hysteric, re cognition, chink in armor, trueheartedness, discrimination, staunchness, prolongings, graciousness, chink armor, non resistance, be-lief, ex-tensions, Sympathies, un expected, astoundments, sufferances, even temper, Elysiums, un changeableness, excitability, truenesses, ardencies, insatiablenesses, un-failingnesses, lifeblood, trans-feral, zealousnesses, pro-vision, Insatiableness, watch person watchtower, nonresistances, pre requisites, in-thing, in credulities, re velations, in tensity, stick to itiveness, belvedere, re-lief, monomanias, alarm, saintlinesses, Non-resistance, vehemence, softheartednesses, pre caution, broad mindednesses, re-sources, pro traction, re activities, re-activenesses, snoopings, re-solution, super-visions, officiousnesses, curiosity, over-look, interest, hangup, trustiness, sur-prises, stirrings, in-decisions, perpetuations, labor, adoration, in-equity, de termination, by-gone, cartages, monkey back, dis quietude, up to the minute, carings, perpetuation, sapidity, self-reproaches, mad for, meddlesomenesses, strength purpose, hypo thesis, cupidity, Permissivenesses, transference, longanimities, heat, marvel, kindliness, in-citations, latests, selfreproach, perpetuatings, motility, zealousness, un rests, gimmies, de-pendency, at oneness, affair of heart, pro spect, the gimmie, vinegars, heart's desires, movablenesses, conversation piece, broad-mindedness, pre occupations, in constancy, selfdisciplines, ex-aminations, atoneness, in tensities, in stability, Mouthfuls, re-velations, dis-quietudes, respect, high spiritses, dis placement, initiative, pertness, trans shipments, trans-portings, sexual relationship outside of marriage, intense desire, nightwatches, ex-cesses, in-formation, overextensions, validnesses, peeled eyne, looksee, pre-requisite, out-bursts, observation, faintness, Astucity, re-cognition, solicitousnesses, be-holding, carrying outs, evolution, Hungering, monitorings, craze, romanticisms, Impressionability, condolements, dis-placement, sentiences, Valuing, un-expected, in corruptibility, body mike, up the minute, thunderbolt, alacrity, headset, get up and go, determination, in-validities, Vitali, even tempers, re view, crow nests, obsession, tensities, reactivities, hearts and flowerses, self control, wholeheartednesses, persistence, o, movers, wiretaps, under standings, unusual object, dis quiets, de-terminations, firm ness, inthing, concern, big eyes, extremism, in validity, up rightnesses, responsivenessses, de-light, serious mindedness, out-burst, longing, fury, stab conscience, Astoundment, humanenesses, sensitiveness, ex aminations, cherishings, ex-cess, illicit love, Translatings, get and goes, de-pendencies, mis-giving, dis appointment, sensibility, heedings, non resistances, in-decision, epiphanies, broad mindedness, promptitudes, true grits, tightnesses, remorse, in-dependences, up-rightnesses, get up goes, size it, longsuffering, look see, under-standing, selfreproaches, ex actions, devotements, something the brain, abidingnesses, esteem, re mark, unusual objects, on the brain, concrete ideas, pro vision, fervor, firm-nesses, pro longing, unforeseens, tiger by the tail, eye-openers, vital part, mobilization, enterprise, keenness, be holdings, laboriousness, peeled eye, fierinesses, weakness, gruntwork, good breeding, dis-appointments, wingdings, un reasonableness, something on brain, under-takings, pre dispositions, reassurances, lovingness, zing, in formation, in justices, pro-fits, inconstancy, immovabilities, mania, intense desires, fire belly, bias, thirstinesses, in satiableness, calentures, serious-mindedness, ex-actions, cordiality, love affair, trueheartednesses, robustness, peppers, up-rightness, self reproach, over extensions, good spirits, curveball, un-fairnesses, pre-tensions, devotedness, under standing, earnestness, romanticism, over emotionalism, de-bates, sub stances, yieldings, unchangeablenesses, tirelessness, under going, de-signs, excitabilities, re activity, pre possessions, re laxations, tiger by tail, one for book, up-set, in decisions, re spect, pre-caution, re creations, re-spect, apprehensiveness, dutifulnesses, re-assurances, re-assurance, Incorrigibility, fore-casts, pro tractions, looksees, diligence, fore-thoughts, what-it-take, outlook, be-wilderments, re search, with-standing, taste, stake-out, dis-orders, empressements, in-formations, dis-criminations, passion, endurings, mis trusts, un selfishnesses, wholeheartedness, tensity, longsufferings, re morses, ex plosion, sub mission, dis-positions, pre-occupation, the gimmies, vibrancies, constancy, pre condition, in-corruptibilities, Thirstiness, heart desires, super-vision, in things, INS, indomitability, re-creation, self-discipline, being on same wavelength, sub missions, acquittances, de cree, self restraint, the latest thing, trustworthinesses, incorrigibilities, in creases, eagerness, belvederes, fore cast, zealotry, gusto, be holding, pre-occupations, in-tensities, in spots, pre-serving, vital parts, stakeout, over emotionalisms, re-sourcefulness, monomania, peculiar object, singular object, under-standings, maintainings, in sights, dis quiet, transition, de pendency, unexpecteds, ecstasy, under-taking, sympathy, concrete idea, amazement, in-satiablenesses, sedulity, in corrigibilities, inspots, mental acquisitivenesses, invalidities, one for the book, re-morses, re-views, up rightness, violence, dependabilities, in-sanities, fore sights, in decision, impellent, in-corrigibilities, desire, nervous tensions.