Pronunciation of Indulgence
/ɪndˈʌld͡ʒəns/, /ɪndˈʌld‍ʒəns/, /ɪ_n_d_ˈʌ_l_dʒ_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for indulgence

weight-reduction plans, disciplinary action, re buff, soberness, changings, forgoings, disregard, Re-examination, de privations, dis possessions, revisings, reasonableness, abstinence, dis passionatenesses, un-happiness, un-intoxications, dournesses, fast, editings, rusticisms, spartanisms, self disciplines, prudence, pinions, re search, in-clemency, re view, self control, un-intoxication, weight reduction plans, de-terminations, self discipline, in-clemencies, abstainings, dis advantages, formalnesses, temperance, chastenings, rough treatments, disapproval, reasonablenesses, moderation, abnegation, chasteness, self-discipline, sedations, de creases, check, re formations, reexaminations, pro visions, nutritional therapy, dis possession, with holding, re-versal, in clemency, un happinesses, dis-appointment, straitjackets, giving ups, astringence, pinion, de-crease, re-modeling, restrainer, punitive measures, judiciousnesses, teetotalism, temperateness, re-strainer, hurdle, inclemency, disciplinary actions, in clemencies, rectification, un adornments, re modelings, dis appointments, un intoxication, un naturalnesses, weight reduction plan, de-terrence, inhibition, deprivation, spareness, selfdenial, inter dict, revisal, rectifications, un-happinesses, starkness, edibles, re-strainers, unintoxication, straitjacket, rereadings, dis-appointments, dis tress, in flexibilities, re dress, un-inebriations, obstacle, daily breads, selfcontrol, re verse, nutritional therapies, nixings, abstention, Punition, in-flexibility, divestments, re pairs, care, grubbery, eschewals, self denial, asceticisms, re-formations, selfgovernment, weightreduction plan, re-modelings, re buffs, dietary, with-holdings, restrainers, checkerboards, interference, dissatisfaction, re-dress, checkerboard, Dietaries, re-verse, dis passionateness, re-vising, weight-reduction plan, punitive measure, abstemiousness, in-flexibilities, what for, un-naturalnesses, de-privations, ascetics, withholdings, with holdings, sur-renders, re-readings, un intoxications, re-serve, astringences, selfdiscipline, temperatenesses, re strainers, re reading, re-pairs, requirement, Divestment, unintoxications, just dessert, re-serves, re views, dourness, dis-tress, punishment, fastings, re-strictions, un naturalness, correction, sedation, unadornments, un inebriations, pro-visions, dis-advantages, de privation, XS, self possession, intolerance, sparenesses, re-buff, re readings, impediment, dis tresses, re-formation, re-dresses, hindrance, fundamental, self deprivations, baldness, re-pair, tartan, un-adornment, dis-tresses, formalness, continence, dis advantage, Refrainment, re dresses, uninebriations, dis-passionatenesses, selfrestraint, weightreduction plans, rough treatment, self-disciplines, de termination, baldnesses, selfdisciplines, re-view, disfavor, refrainings, re vising, nixing, dis-possession, Inclemencies, un-adornments, need, unadornment, Re-search, self restraint, asceticism, de terrence, moderatism, un-inebriation, essential, re serve, de terminations, basic, sur renders, de crease, just desserts, re examination, re pair, sur-render, rightings, uninebriation, de-termination, selfpossession, self deprivation, chastenesses, re-examinations, self-deprivation, de-privation, self government, punitions, de-terrences, re strictions, primitivenesses, austerity, re-buffs, un adornment, re versal, dis appointment, judiciousness, what fors, re-views, frustration, daily bread, exactingness, selfdeprivation, re-striction, inter-dict, re striction, selfdeprivations, re searches, want, un-naturalness, dis-passionateness, rusticism, re strainer, moderatisms, in flexibility, astringencies, dis-advantage, de-creases, Spartanism, de terrences, revisals, astringency, dis-possessions, diet, eschewal.