Pronunciation of Inefficiency
/ɪnɪfˈɪʃənsi/, /ɪnɪfˈɪʃənsi/, /ɪ_n_ɪ_f_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_n_s_i/

Antonyms for inefficiency

pro-visions, dis charges, sub stances, specials, what it takes, advantageousnesses, power, re-presentations, de-finitudes, ex-pertness, efficiency, pro fits, wizardry, de finitude, dis position, lustiness, serviceabilities, leg ups, what it take, under standing, masterships, pro-fits, Re-turn, o, definiteness, re cognitions, horsepowers, workings, POWS, definitudes, up to it, over sight, carrying outs, virtuosity, applied forces, definitivenesses, in-tensity, wizardries, re views, re sourcefulness, sway, O's, re-cognition, skillfulnesses, capablenesses, TODO, the good, lustinesses, expertism, ex pertnesses, strenuousness, efficacy, might and main, re-source, voltages, what take, faultlessness, faultlessnesses, over-sight, ace the hole, stage show, dynamisms, ace hole, say so, de-finitude, energy, dis-position, dis-plays, know how, serviceability, validness, de-finitenesses, legup, governings, the goods, pre valences, re-views, over-sights, pow, definitenesses, directings, might mains, conductings, Definitiveness, peppiness, capableness, skillfulness, dis play, pre-dominance, birr, Imperium, re-turns, Oes, head-way, re turn, administerings, sayso, sub-stance, whip hand, pre valence, pro vision, pre dominances, Imperia, might main, rightness, effectualness, re presentations, prowess, ascendance, mechanical energies, pro fit, ex pertness, pre dominance, leg-ups, pro visions, dis positions, de finitenesses, qualifiednesses, re view, sub-stances, advantageousness, dynamism, under standings, de-finiteness, pre eminences, dis-positions, efficaciousness, Definitude, proficiency, utility, validnesses, over sights, performance, re sourcefulnesses, over seeings, pre-eminences, de finiteness, effectuality, get up and go, Re-presentation, powerhouses, super-visions, re source, strong arm, whip hands, effectiveness, dis-charge, might and mains, Forcibleness, cunnings, virtuosities, re presentation, ace in hole, to do, up it, super-vision, strenuousnesses, trump, imperiums, pursuance, re-sourcefulness, in tensity, under-standings, re sources, mastership, dis charge, super visions, pre eminence, knowhow, head way, dis-charges, re cognition, horsepower, powerhouse, re-sources, sub stance, might, de finitudes, capability, ex-pertnesses, under-standing, expertisms, administration, legups, birrs, effect, overseeings, pre-valence, sprightliness, get-up-and-go, potency, efficacies, dis plays, re-view, mastery, over seeing, revues, operas, dis-play, leg up, genuineness, what takes, pro-vision, capacity, re turns, pre-eminence, revue, stage shows, applied force.