Pronunciation of Inhuman
/ɪnhjˈuːmən/, /ɪnhjˈuːmən/, /ɪ_n_h_j_ˈuː_m_ə_n/

Antonyms for inhuman

graceful, death-dealing, alluvial, charitable, in-tensest, soft, Geotic, elegant, more creatural, hominal, sensitive, non-spiritual, ethnologic, more nonspiritual, feeling, more mortiferous, mild, warm-blooded, more anthropoid, un-spiritual, more anthropological, most uncelestial, benign, sympathetic, genial, refined, sub astral, cozy, comfortable, hominine, humane, more humanistic, under the sun, Terraqueous, most terraqueous, more ethnologic, most bipedal, more ending, most geotic, luxurious, anthropological, pacific, generous, Uncelestial, most ethological, most subastral, pro fane, restful, understanding, peaceful, un spiritual, most hominal, moderate, tellurian, gentle, polite, peaceable, most deathdealing, sophisticated, painless, pleasant, good-tempered, gracious, more bipedal, in-dividual, balmy, agreeable, superior, most ethnologic, light, more alluvial, in tense, in-tense, Mortiferous, in dividual, pitying, pre carious, indulgent, more hominid, pre-carious, fond, educated, humanistic, urbane, easy, good, delicate, loving, ecce homo, tolerant, reposeful, good-natured, fleshly, demonstrative, compassionate, merciful, in-tenser, friendly, most hominine, more biped, more terraqueous, lenient, sublunary, hospitable, more death-dealing, bearable, animate, unspiritual, more hominine, un relenting, Creatural, most humanistic, impermanent, most hominid, more geotic, personal, tolerable, kind, more ethological, most creatural, death dealing, warm, pro-fane, most anthropoid, in tenser, civilized, human, most death dealing, deathdealing, most mortiferous, temperate, cordial, most anthropological, bipedal, hominid, more death dealing, most killing, endurable, nice, calm, courtly, more subastral, more hominal, most alluvial, Ethological, most sublunary, snug, under sun, most unspiritual, more deathdealing, biped, bi-pedal, most nonspiritual, un celestial, most ending, affectionate, in creation, in all creation, nonspiritual, relaxing, clement, cultured, sensate, mortal, most biped, more sublunary, bi pedal.