Pronunciation of Injury
/ˈɪnd͡ʒəɹi/, /ˈɪnd‍ʒəɹi/, /ˈɪ_n_dʒ_ə_ɹ_i/

Antonyms for injury

almsgivings, lightenings, in vulnerability, re-dress, instrumentality, re examination, egg ones beer, grappling iron, combined efforts, re-establishments, load one's minds, comfortings, embellishment, do one's part, healings, pre cautions, financial aids, therapy, pro-fits, editings, para-professional, re-modeling, processings, re novations, fore-sight, invigoration, re-assurances, pre eminences, re gards, assistance, inspiritments, meaningfulnesses, re form, pro positions, re dresses, re-gard, pre-eminences, be-quest, re forms, playing balls, Almsgiving, counter measures, load off ones minds, curings, egg beer, usabilities, salve, succorer, counteragents, egg in ones beer, support, palliative, counter-measure, help, cutoff, grapnels, re missions, stand-byes, in formation, re-laxation, helpfulness, safety measure, de-terrence, aid, symbiosis, benefaction, Home Remedies, pre serval, pre-ferment, pre-sents, de-terrences, unsusceptibility, guarding, countermeasure, hand-out, frill, self defenses, ministration, out works, re-treat, floridities, opportuneness, in-junctions, protective wall, re habilitations, re-laxations, health, Teaming, in come, re buffs, re-doubts, re spect, re visions, repair, co-operation, dis suasions, facilitation, domestics, leg up, ministrations, logrollings, impedings, emolient, worthiness, pro mises, counter-action, re-sort, re-leases, up holding, withstandings, over-statements, load mind, co loring, co action, morality, fellow worker, a hands, rightings, sustentation, fore-thought, para professionals, healing agent, icing on cake, pulling together, benisons, meaningfulness, hospitalization, co-adjutant, usability, a hand, asset, re course, somnolence, de-fenses, Hospitalizations, Re-examination, flattery, parryings, peace mind, write offs, de-light, invulnerabilities, re creations, anchor, inter-ludes, inter ludes, championings, wardships, up swings, restfulness, re reading, delight, subsidy, in-crease, guardings, Temps, trump, freezings, therapeutics, joy, striking back, mollification, in comes, re-assuring, financial aid, tip off, fore-thoughts, alleviation, alms givings, shot the arm, confunction, up-swing, facilitations, re working, restora-tive, re pose, treatment, Sympathies, ace hole, rectification, up swing, offsettings, right, re-mission, Reestablishment, good, un susceptibility, behalf, re establishment, egg one's beer, cricket, meliorism, counter measure, input, fore sights, pre-ferments, be-quests, co-actions, enlivenings, temporary workers, weaponries, counteractants, preferment, remedy, preserval, icing on the cake, fore warnings, re-pose, flowery speeches, alms-giving, pre-eminence, re placements, pro-positions, re-source, working together, in-susceptibility, preventative, re lief, opportunenesses, redress, do parts, re vision, with standing, pleasure, sub ordinates, egg one beer, out-work, remedial treatment, revisals, re vising, profit, Soother, counter actions, in-creases, restora-tives, pro visions, legups, preservation, pre eminence, re-placements, re courses, word the wise, embroiderings, with-standings, mollifications, biologic, pro-duces, bulwark, participation, counter-actions, coadjuvancies, kindness, tipoff, invulnerability, renovation, right hand manwoman, dreaminess, re-modelings, re novation, Canniness, de fiances, re-establishment, impedance, Symbioses, re commendation, load off ones mind, re presentation, two cents' worth, de terrences, facility, gildings, in junctions, re workings, re construction, re doubt, Secours, in creases, self-defense, be quests, re-course, secour, re-treats, pro-vision, counter-irritants, medicants, paraprofessionals, pro fits, allayments, reexaminations, up grades, Home Remedy, emolients, boon, healing agents, counter actives, moral support, doctorings, hyper boles, discreetness, fore-warnings, re-sources, under-pinning, sub ordinate, re-formation, precaution, re modelings, encouragement, extrication, icing the cake, meliorisms, pre caution, time saver, re leases, right hand manwomen, parapet, in-put, pre-valence, re doubts, load off minds, re spites, pro vision, de-fiances, favor, counter irritant, doing business withs, ancilla, palliation, backing, outwork, haltings, use, amelioration, re-commendations, re-commendation, counter irritants, sub-ordinates, strengtheners, ceremonials, right hand persons, writeoff, egg in beer, re-habilitation, pro-mise, in vulnerabilities, in susceptibilities, alms, de fiance, up beats, eudaemonia, behavior towards, re pair, be quest, outworks, philanthropy, coziness, blessing, head way, load one's mind, nostrum, helping hand largess, counter action, co-loring, helping hand largesses, pre valence, serviceability, mobilization, relief, re-formations, load off one's minds, advice, re-buffs, hyper bole, dis-suasion, up grade, encompassment, rectifications, supportings, Coadjuvancy, re-dresses, fandangles, grapnel, re assurance, counter-active, restoratives, dissuasions, re-pairs, panacea, time savers, extrications, re treats, stroke luck, re-habilitations, Allayment, preservals, load one mind, re-cess, rest, motionlessnesses, de light, load off one mind, recourse, Cureall, pharmacons, counteractant, Re-turn, out-works, equity, Re-presentation, worth, in-come, salvings, imperviousness, over-haul, pre valences, anti dote, combined effort, logrolling, protective walls, standbyes, counteragent, pro duce, co operations, re-solutions, gooses, healing, medicament, co lorings, somnolences, pro mise, re-generations, warding offs, pre sent, desirabilities, balm, Pharmacon, doing business with, re buff, in puts, Equitableness, recovery, re formations, in-puts, selfdefenses, in crease, legup, alms giving, counter agents, catholicons, re cognition, solacings, pre-cautions, re-readings, dreaminesses, re-assurance, re presentative, stand-by, cheer, alms-givings, co adjutants, praise, load off one minds, boost, pre servals, abetment, Counterirritants, weaponry, hand outs, do one part, vallations, co actions, replacement, protectings, security, perpetuation, picklings, correction, palliatives, new parts, writeoffs, changings, egg in one's beer, achievement, re lease, in-vulnerabilities, Subsidiaries, rereadings, re source, right hand person, over-statement, restora tives, patronage, blockings, in junction, quack medicines, sub-ordinate, over hauls, earnests, pro-visions, pulling togethers, re laxations, defense, self defense, encompassments, convenience, bed roses, dissuasion, un-susceptibilities, fandangle, prop, advantage, Obligement, snugnesses, fore thoughts, co-action, flowery speech, re-working, re-pair, revisal, revisings, utility, load ones minds, taking part, do part, action toward, pre-caution, under pinning, soothers, pro-motion, pro cessing, shot arm, re-visions, working togethers, counter agent, counterirritant, cerates, icing cake, re-spects, re-sorts, gingerbread, giftings, load ones mind, proprietary, succor, paraprofessional, cure, restfulnesses, leg-ups, dis-suasions, taking parts, reworkings, give and take, good works, re-cognition, re cognitions, in formations, re-workings, re-constructions, Counter-agent, co-operations, righthand persons, teamings, telltales, Vallation, pro duces, re assurances, self-defenses, up holdings, pro motions, Kedge, re turns, de lights, re-courses, righthand manwoman, protection, bastilles, re commendations, servicings, over statements, re-vising, re-spites, Tannings, medicant, re-missions, contentednesses, up-beat, contentedness, comfort, leg ups, Floridity, re laxation, upbeats, fore sight, co-lorings, goodness, hand-outs, re cesses, co adjutant, re-solution, wellbeing, secondment, hyper-bole, right-hand manwoman, consolings, right-hand persons, de terrence, well being, right hand man woman, re establishments, re pairs, right-hand man-woman, righthand manwomen, curatives, do one's parts, counter steps, up-beats, Wardship, re sources, balancings, re-lease, team efforts, largesse, co-adjutants, fix, pro position, re dress, re spite, guard, re-creations, pro fit, hand, counter-actives, biologics, load minds, grappling irons, pre ferment, re-turns, mud hooks, right-hand person, re mission, happiness, invigorations, compliment, discreetnesses, re creation, lift, cure all, justice, fairness, fore-sights, service, right hand people, out work, anti dotes, reassurings, teamwork, fellow workers, Froufrou, satisfaction, over haul, strengthener, re readings, moral supports, perpetuations, elixir vitaes, Catholicon, new part, shot in arm, Counterstep, re presentations, with-standing, Counter-irritant, up-swings, re spects, striking backs, redoubts, reestablishments, correctives, pro-motions, reassurances, joining ins, inspiritment, fore-warning, re-forms, un susceptibilities, counter active, dis suasion, behavior toward, impedances, re generations, pick me up, re-generation, fore thought, benison, right-hand people, physic, cooperation, de fenses, countersteps, re-presentations, eudaemonias, pre ferments, ancillas, cerate, donation, team effort, pre-serval, pro motion, remedial treatments, relievings, re solutions, up-holding, reassurance, load off one's mind, up beat, anti-dotes, anti-dote, head-way, crutch, inter-lude, uppings, in-junction, bastille, righthand people, temporary worker, de-lights, re-creation, load off mind, re-novation, serviceabilities, salvation, gain, re-examinations, virtue, worthinesses, desirability, re-presentative, lifeline, re-spect, counter-measures, re-lief, in-vulnerability, de-fiance, countermeasures, selfdefense, propitiations, re-construction, action towards, improvement, exercisings, co operation, right-hand manwomen, froufrous, wonts, pre-sent, well-being, re-placement, re turn, in-formations, up-grades, charity, Gifting, ace the hole, pro-mises, egg in one beer, assist, inter lude, over-hauls, joint efforts, shot in the arm, servicing, load one minds, benefit, cozinesses, re-vision, rehabilitation, gingerbreads, do ones part, preventives, kedges, canninesses, re placement, ace in hole, do one parts, stand by, redoubt, re habilitation, good fortune, counter-steps, counter-agents, reliever, safety measures, inter missions, sustentations, pre-servals, up-holdings, safeguard, hyper-boles, in-formation, re-novations, confunctions, re-doubt, in susceptibility, motionlessness, preferments, synergism.