Pronunciation of Invalidate
/ɪnvˈalɪdˌe͡ɪt/, /ɪnvˈalɪdˌe‍ɪt/, /ɪ_n_v_ˈa_l_ɪ_d_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for invalidate

free up, be established, signed off on, coming to a conclusion, spieling, be-friend, assist, doublecheck, ex pressing, re assured, became ratified, has case, give high sign, does justice to, make legal, in quired, disambiguate, under pins, scouted out, got hang of, hadst a hunch, pass, pre-scribe, sending a balloon, made a decision, take up on, having a case, signed on, boosts morale, shake hands on, look at, said so, running up flagpole, hatsing off to, got soapbox, confirm, pre-tending, dis charging, hats to, de fended, say yes to, giving go ahead, sign off on, Guarantied, personizing, justify, be spoken, sub scribed, sate still for, pre scribe, give permission, give one's consent, speak favor, under-wrote, passworded, gat behind, double-checks, de legate, comes decision, throws one lot with, set out, make evident, lends ones name to, consented to, de clare, Personize, initialling, be-token, picked up the tab, corroborate, was surety for, blowing hot air, go with, Upheld, am responsible for, counter signs, art sanctioned, am sanctioned, regards highly, putting end to, set forth, set down, picking upon, came a decision, giving grounds for, giving the go-ahead, having a hunch, enquire about, gat on soapbox, allow, domiciliate, approve, sides with, run it flagpole, gives go ahead, give stamp approval, come conclusion, pro-motes, in quiring, puts to test, setting down, puts test, balances account, run idea by someone, puts an end to, gets off chest, checking upon, act as a witness, rivetting, throw in ones lot with, grinning and bear it, bind oneself, keeping account, comes to a decision, puts forward, comes agreement, keep going, sub-scribing, showed and tell, making decision, being big, checking up, gives the green light, makes stick, sub scribe, sit still for, running idea by someone, comes a decision, re commending, de-fends, looks at, be-speaking, over-looks, is a witness, puts on ice, sanction, scouts out, re cognizes, de-legate, go bat for, end-owing, make firm, re-commends, binding oneself, giving ones word, gat hang of, throw one's lot with, catch on, okay, send up balloon, came to agreement, under-pins, attested to, be-spoke, admit, let all hang out, showcases, buying in to, sitting still for, stick up for, dis playing, reifies, gotten down pat, thumbses up, lookseeing, bore testimony, swear down, seeing how wind blows, experimentalizes, throw in one lot with, defer to, institute, dis played, put up with, sets down, ex plaining, pick the check, running it up flagpole, make law, picks up tab, sees how it flies, be-speaks, took ones side, give grounds for, pro-mises, be-speak, standing up for, gave boost to, sub-scribes, pulls for, candling, dis-charging, gotten hang of, re late, giving green light, throwing in with, lending one's name to, pre-tended, re cognizing, johning hancock, makes known, puts end to, pro vides, re viewed, up hold, throwing in one lot with, scouting out, hadst case, provide for, owns up, be friending, art responsible for, acted as witness, acted as if, are responsible for, make stick, looks over, stringed along with, signs on, sat still for, throwing one lot with, enquiring about, re butted, pre-serving, pro mises, sets rights, was a witness, reified, counter-sign, am a witness, rubber-stamps, taking part of, un veiling, showing cause, looksaw, bring light, setting out, pre serving, gave one's word, be big, bearing testimony, show once and for all, act as witness, sees how wind blows, letting it all hang out, end owed, putting up with, doest justice to, sized up, Guarantying, de fends, makes certain, pleaded for, get behind, giving go-ahead, lend one's name to, swearing down, pro-longed, sticks for, acting as a witness, scout out, up-held, pro longing, disambiguating, taking oath, vote in, gat the hang of, counter-signing, did justice to, hast case, sustain, consent to, determine, stood up for, be tokens, giving one's consent, trialing, ran it flagpole, acts as if, run it up a flagpole, ran it up flagpole, matching up, be-spake, came to an agreement, becoming law, moor, faced it, letting hang out, pro claims, conclude, give an affidavit, re-quiring, wert a witness, faces it, pro-claiming, stack up, check on, give testimony, gives an affidavit, let hang out, came to decision, take one side, re spect, giving the go ahead, gives ones word, angeled, dis-charged, dis covered, over-looking, show tell, Incarnated, threw in with, picks up the check, becoming valid, re-cited, says so, re view, making good, co-signed, art ordained, made sure, dis cover, formed judgment, made safe, dis-charges, talking big, comes a conclusion, letted hang out, gives nod, showing clearly, giving the goahead, ex pose, re-quired, shake down, made bail, coming to an agreement, re-viewed, mortgaged, coming agreement, locking up, stumping for, showed once and for all, look seeing, figure out, under-write, hatses off to, reify, pushed for, size up, act as if, picking up the tab, end owing, keeps from falling, give stamp of approval, manifest, made legal, haddest hunch, getting down pat, make a decision, gat hold of, dis-playing, aid, throwing with, pro claimed, living with, in-quires, setting rights, pro claim, declares true, gotten off chest, throw with, ringing in, art witness, goes into details, legitimize, giving testimony, buys in to, gets behind, under-pinned, takes up on, sending up balloon, get off chest, wert answerable for, up holding, saw how it flies, co-signing, putting on ice, has hunch, sub-scribed, lending hand, showcasing, gat chest, gives okay, sticking by, puts the test, pulling for, countersign, makes good, art a witness, hath hunch, double-checking, up-holding, un-earthed, regard highly, show once for all, gave an affidavit, was witness, grin and bear it, locked up, got chest, showing once for all, setting seal on, de-bunks, stand behind, lend hand, gives the nod, come to decision, getting it down, stringing along with, running a flagpole, swore bible, ex-plain, wast sanctioned, looked at, face it, acting as if, watchwording, re viewing, taking one side, re-quires, give bond, ascertain, sends up a balloon, picked up check, spoke favor, gives consent, pro-tract, pre-scribed, put end to, art big, Riveted, took upon, gives the go-ahead, picking check, makes trial run, throw in lot with, de-pone, give boost to, provided for, check, was big, pro bed, doublechecked, gives go-ahead, ringed in, runs it flagpole, give okay, gives the goahead, stacking up, dis charge, grooved, subscribe to, wast a witness, wert established, blow hot air, un-earth, permit, soapboxing, making binding, subscribing to, runs it up flagpole, gives leave, re-veal, was responsible for, gat down cold, tried on for size, laid foundation, made valid, be tokening, rubber stamped, swears bible, signatured, un-cover, pick up tab, coming to agreement, dis-pose, take one's side, give leave, stacked up, dis plays, sware up down, looksee, sizes up, puts in to order, gives a boost to, gave green light, pro tract, letted all hang out, blows hot air, is answerable for, un-veil, dis posing, support, un-covers, is responsible for, gave evidence, personizes, made stick, become ratified, legitimate, gotten the hang of, all owed, double checked, dis-plays, got off chest, being sanctioned, being ordained, Circumstantiating, was established, get hold of, throws in one lot with, rings in, sticking up for, put the test, re-commend, cosigned, grinned and bear it, is surety for, re-views, make sure, putting test, soapboxes, declared true, de fending, be friend, laying foundation, looking at, dis-covering, come agreement, shoring up, take stock, picks tab, sizing, un cover, shaking hands on, be spake, keeps account, made trial run, send a balloon, initialled, re-quire, shakes down, under-writes, pro-fess, being answerable for, show clearly, throw ones lot with, dis-play, gives testimony, re-assuring, checks up on, providing for, picking up tab, giving stamp of approval, hath a case, re-assure, make known, run it up flagpole, pre scribing, ex plained, looking see, forming judgment, came to a conclusion, Concerting, were sanctioned, spake in favor, de-crees, cleaned up, picks the tab, opened up, gotten on soapbox, in sure, re commend, providing financing, rubberstamped, give ones word, counter-signed, in quires, domiciliates, come a decision, pick up on, saying under oath, rubberstamping, dis close, wert witness, lays foundation, saw how wind blows, lends one's name to, gave affidavit, be answerable for, call shots, re-cognizing, siding with, coming a decision, counter-signs, lets all hang out, got down cold, apologized for, pick the tab, test, sees how flies, dis pose, threw one lot with, coming a conclusion, de-fended, became law, thumbsed up, sent up a balloon, hast a case, look saw, puts ice, stumps for, putting ice, standing up, doing justice to, checks upon, look-sees, goes in to details, owned up, picking tab, throws lot with, swears and down, defers to, de-pones, looksees, were established, give tryout, ostended, put forward, sticks up for, counter signing, see how wind blows, picking the tab, re-cognized, verify, getting behind, shows cause, all-owed, swear to, disambiguated, juiced, run a flagpole, rolls with punches, catches on, mandate, give the nod, ostends, swore up down, throws in lot with, grin bear it, setting forth, incarnates, double checks, giving stamp approval, de-posing, hast hunch, gives the go ahead, keeping going, pushing for, sew up, coming conclusion, getting on soapbox, dis-closed, hadst hunch, check up on, funded, give the go-ahead, re-spects, had a hunch, lends a hand, letting it hang out, giving goahead, throws with, adding up, johns hancock, showing tell, comes to decision, run it a flagpole, sending up a balloon, lending one name to, putting to test, gave a boost to, runs a flagpole, looks see, has a case, start ball rolling, do justice to, under pinning, figured out, soapboxed, sewed up, lock up, gives goahead, swears to, stump for, pre serve, circumstantiates, makes allowances, re veals, take ones side, re spects, keeping alive, picked up the check, puts into order, argue for, de legates, shores up, swear up and down, checks on, wast big on, are sanctioned, comes conclusion, enquired about, ex posed, go in to details, were ordained, come to a conclusion, un earth, lapped up, stand up for, pro-vides, be-friended, gives evidence, give the go ahead, takes stock, making law, spoke in favor, authorize, picking up on, strung along with, eyeballs, up held, gives grounds for, un-veils, give goahead, pro mise, swearing up down, re quire, runs it up a flagpole, am established, pro vide, revive, de-bunk, gave go-ahead, de bunked, pro-longs, ensure, speaks in favor, put ice, see how flies, run up flagpole, throwing ones lot with, seal, un-covering, underwrite, putting forward, gives stamp approval, deferring to, pre tending, sware up and down, eyeballing, made known, checking on, looking over, locks on, keeps alive, empower, pro claiming, declare true, Initialing, de-creed, dis closes, got the hang of, de pose, wave around, keeping from falling, come to an agreement, running flagpole, stumped for, checked up, swearing and down, gotten down cold, cosigns, hatsed off to, sent a balloon, made allowances, shows once for all, be witness, shaking down, co signs, pro vided, throws in ones lot with, balance account, becomes valid, lap up, be-tokening, give green light, circumstantiate, got on soapbox, pro-vide, is sanctioned, sets forth, being established, in-stalling, stands behind, lends hand, ex-pose, binds oneself, de-clares, subscribed to, clinch, gives affidavit, am surety for, alibied, pre served, angeling, taking one's side, making legal, signing off on, lending a hand, re-butted, argued for, disambiguates, giving one consent, string along with, be spoke, gave goahead, pro-fesses, stick for, send balloon, grinned bear it, grinning bear it, give a tryout, being surety for, give ones consent, caught on, wert big, get the hang of, voted in, under wrote, come a conclusion, have a hunch, kept account, order, threw in lot with, de creed, lent ones name to, endorse, constated, took part of, put on ice, checks up, re-commended, be a witness, coming an agreement, signaturing, picking up the check, nailing down, gave the go-ahead, beared testimony, be-spoken, swearing on bible, making evident, de-clare, johned hancock, matched up, throw lot with, picks the check, dis-closing, are surety for, de-fend, pro tracts, de-fending, keeps going, re butting, under taken, giving an affidavit, think highly of, comes to an agreement, rivetted, was ordained, give one's word, stood by, took up on, gave stamp approval, making safe, gets on soapbox, got it down, run up a flagpole, be token, sub scribing, gets hold of, coming to a decision, bought in to, getting hang of, double check, are a witness, dis play, put test, are established, picks upon, acts as a witness, be ordained, picks up the tab, swearing bible, went in to details, asservated, pro long, putting forth, re-assured, dis posed, get on soapbox, say so, lend name to, giving the green light, stood up, cross heart, making a decision, put in to order, look over, throwing in one's lot with, were responsible for, prescribe, de-bunked, pick up the check, live with, looked over, speaks favor, throws in one's lot with, makes firm, are answerable for, re assures, de-legates, rubber-stamped, pro viding, give one word, laps up, de bunks, under took, boosting morale, sign for, takes side, becomes ratified, gave a tryout, made evident, pro fess, letted it all hang out, pre serves, make good, took oath, am witness, de-bunking, re quired, locking on, wert sanctioned, went into details, thinks highly of, gets it down, set seal on, adds up, got behind, un-earths, bears testimony, gotten hold of, letted it hang out, being big on, re cites, give the green light, looked see, stands by, gave bond, didst justice to, wast answerable for, be tokened, gives one's consent, see how it flies, stood behind, opens up, having case, makes legal, sending balloon, opening up, picked up tab, dis-covered, gives one word, doth justice to, de posing, giving a tryout, look-see, giving word, lay foundation, ex-press, in-quire, approbate, Circumstantiated, crosses heart, argues for, runs up a flagpole, all owing, de-posed, boils down to, become valid, getting the hang of, throw in one's lot with, under write, regarding highly, consents to, sets out, sticks by, rally round, dis charged, hats off to, authenticate, un covered, make allowances, ran up a flagpole, picked the tab, under pin, saying so, picks up on, are big on, come decision, spieled, learn ropes, ran it up a flagpole, found, co sign, dis closed, up-hold, under taking, swore on bible, keep account, putting in to order, swear and down, gives permission, came to a decision, giving permission, runs it a flagpole, double-check, cleaning up, waved around, took stock, figures out, swears down, hatses to, strings along with, under-writing, takes upon, getting down cold, keep alive, checking up on, gotten chest, de fend, de bunk, makes sure, under writes, ring in, being a witness, be speaking, threw lot with, say under oath, takes ones side, lock on, provided financing, re sting, makes decision, legalize, made a trial run, has a hunch, grins bear it, was big on, am ordained, attesting to, blew hot air, send up a balloon, eyeball, pushes for, boiling down to, re-assures, pro-mote, ex-plained, swear on bible, shored up, checked up on, gave the nod, trying on for size, gets soapbox, be big on, sware to, pre-scribes, picking the check, give word, lent one's name to, Cinched, wert surety for, sware bible, be speaks, gave stamp of approval, buy in to, becoming ratified, picked up on, hatsing to, check up, trans ported, throw one lot with, rubberstamp, swear up down, sent balloon, giving one's word, go into details, under-taking, wert responsible for, substantiate, passwording, got down pat, shore up, in-stall, swore down, be sanctioned, cop plea, picks up check, are witness, clean up, ex-plaining, gave high sign, Moored, are ordained, acted as a witness, re-spect, ex-plains, in stalling, signs for, giving affidavit, sticked for, give the goahead, comes to conclusion, asservating, sent up balloon, wast surety for, gave one consent, wast ordained, got hold of, letting all hang out, try on for size, bound oneself, buy into, sends balloon, standing by, swore up and down, gave nod, is established, pre-serves, validate, ex-pressing, pro-longing, facing it, rubber-stamping, throws ones lot with, seeing how flies, under writing, Domiciliating, rang in, match up, in-sure, attest, come to a decision, showing once and for all, asservates, ran flagpole, came to conclusion, re quires, saw how flies, dis-posed, witness, apologizing for, gets chest, gets the hang of, put an end to, are big, gave the goahead, rivets, came an agreement, constating, pro-claims, push for, come an agreement, sticked up for, dis-cover, making certain, un veiled, give nod, pro fesses, speaking favor, pre tends, showed clearly, acting as witness, art surety for, gave the go ahead, make decision, getting off chest, de pones, under pinned, re quiring, put forth, un earthed, swearing up and down, ratify, be-friends, stick by, am answerable for, made binding, alibiing, declaring true, un-veiled, dis-played, coming to conclusion, gave tryout, lets it all hang out, shows once and for all, art answerable for, double-checked, soapbox, Mortgaging, bought into, owning up, co signed, being responsible for, threw in ones lot with, taking an oath, giving high sign, speaking in favor, un earthing, let, spake favor, pro-long, be-tokened, pulled for, form judgment, became valid, shakes hands on, pick up check, gave word, picked the check, taking upon, is witness, re cognize, makes binding, making allowances, counter sign, take the part of, roll with punches, talked big, gives high sign, talk big, ex plain, sits still for, giving evidence, came conclusion, taking the part of, un covers, collateraled, gives ones consent, boil down to, become law, gave ones word, under-taken, catching on, dis-charge, shows tell, taking side, threw in one lot with, lapping up, making a trial run, collateraling, haddest a case, gave the green light, making firm, under-pinning, pleads for, give one consent, un covering, settle, certify, clear, voting in, puts to the test, ex plains, pro-viding, deferred to, in-quired, crossed heart, bear testimony, came agreement, gotten soapbox, stacks up, dis-posing, starting ball rolling, made law, re cited, set to rights, throwing lot with, re cognized, put to the test, re-view, re-butting, gave go ahead, gets down cold, doublechecks, wast established, rivet, comes an agreement, am big on, juicing, get it down, under takes, signing on, gave grounds for, came decision, says yes to, art big on, was answerable for, hadst a case, re-commending, dis-covers, dis closing, boost morale, putting to the test, lend one name to, stands up, un-earthing, throws one's lot with, try out, running it a flagpole, experimentalized, take an oath, acts as witness, rubberstamps, votes in, in stalled, sware and down, throws in with, pro-vided, ensconce, dis covers, swears up and down, personized, threw with, boiled down to, said yes to, ex-posed, shows and tell, swearing to, command, asservate, shook hands on, sized, ex press, making bail, up holds, prove, checked on, having hunch, re-sting, gives word, be-friending, sided with, made certain, signing for, putting with, ex-posing, runs flagpole, put to test, swore to, over looks, pro-tracts, said under oath, re views, coming decision, comes to agreement, stuck by, make bail, speak in favor, de cree, made decision, pro-bed, saying yes to, sews up, gave consent, de posed, pre-served, thinking highly of, pre tend, trying for size, in quire, end-owed, look see, de bunking, gives stamp of approval, dis covering, subscribes to, gat it down, takes one side, were witness, be-tokens, thumbsing up, establish, provides financing, giving tryout, Initialed, re commended, Incarnating, locked on, made good, gave okay, doeth justice to, threw one's lot with, rolling with punches, running it flagpole, hath a hunch, buying into, sware down, took one side, pre-tends, gives green light, pro longs, be friends, de-pose, took one's side, starts ball rolling, giving nod, de clares, be surety for, stand by, signed for, apologize for, pick tab, gave leave, cleans up, co-sign, gives a tryout, profess, says under oath, co-signs, under written, all-owing, freed up, Domiciliated, de crees, grooving, come to agreement, ex pressed, is ordained, un-veiling, ran it a flagpole, under-takes, am big, re-lated, pro-moting, under-written, were answerable for, let it all hang out, haddest a hunch, open up, double checking, forms judgment, making known, put with, cosigning, comes to a conclusion, over looked, makes a trial run, were big on, under take, swore and down, side with, re commends, pick upon, lets it hang out, take side, ran a flagpole, threw in one's lot with, watchworded, dis-closes, pro-mise, re assure, trialed, help, lends one name to, becomes law, make trial run, attests to, had hunch, Constate, picked check, takes an oath, makes bail, shows clearly, enquires about, were a witness, be friended, buys into, boosted morale, up-holds, is big on, checked upon, takes one's side, showing and tell, rallied round, experimentalizing, took side, go along with, give go-ahead, apologizes for, were big, pull for, waving around, getting soapbox, show cause, dis-close, shook down, gave one's consent, gave testimony, bare testimony, came a conclusion, matches up, pre-scribing, lent one name to, de-cree, guarantee, plead for, giving ones consent, take upon, dis charges, being witness, sends up balloon, stuck up for, taking stock, decree, re-cites, gave ones consent, provide financing, vouch, take oath, over-look, doublechecking, in-stalled, make certain, seeing how it flies, wert ordained, swears on bible, throwing one's lot with, sub scribes, give go ahead, own up, make valid, constates, set rights, lent hand, gotten behind, getting hold of, giving the nod, hatsed to, puts forth, mandating, rolled with punches, candled, look-saw, balancing account, check upon, lend ones name to, in-quiring, over look, getting chest, consenting to, taking up on, giving bond, Cinching, takes the part of, look sees, co signing, lent a hand, be responsible for, frees up, making valid, going into details, balanced account, re citing, come to conclusion, un veil, coming to decision, attest to, showcased, runs idea by someone, pro moting, ostending, put into order, gat soapbox, crossing heart, gets hang of, haddest case, cosign, makes law, un veils, provides for, re-veals, warrant, un earths, get down pat, counter signed, give affidavit, throwing in lot with, de pone, makes valid, were surety for, giving boost to, signs off on, lived with.