Pronunciation of Labor
/lˈe͡ɪbə/, /lˈe‍ɪbə/, /l_ˈeɪ_b_ə/

Antonyms for labor

passivity, knock around, enjoyment, relax, ataraxias, adroitness, re-pose, be lazy, de light, manager, dalliance, Divertissement, in activity, art indolent, time one hands, time on one's hand, being slothful, are indolent, languor, re-laxations, inti, somnolences, unrestraint, pastime, be inactive, neglect, inter lude, fluency, joblessnesses, coast, triflings, play fool, jokings, is unoccupied, distraction, dis-order, field days, lounging, re-lief, dis traction, setup, inactivity, re quiescence, restfulnesses, re-quiescence, re-creations, Sauntered, buffoonery, dormancy, inertia, Gluttonies, bums around, piddles, kick around, idle, loosenings, inconstancy, hang out, inter-lude, dawdlings, Larked, lots laughs, lots of laugh, passing time, inaction, fickleness, whiled away hours, sit around, negligence, lounged around, goof off times, one own sweet time, not lift fingers, fun games, indifference, management, am unoccupied, play, one own sweet times, time on ones hands, is indolent, fool around, peace mind, ignore, Pottering, was slothful, be wilderment, not lift fingered, wast inactive, be unoccupied, un ceremoniousness, Puddled, bask, ROSES, re lief, de-light, bed roses, Leisure Activity, re-quiescences, one sweet times, un-ceremoniousness, sur-prises, relaxation, dilly-dallyings, regalements, turn-on, restfulness, is inactive, lolling, own sweet times, time kill, de-lights, timewastings, take it easy, diversion, in-formalities, turnons, junketings, lovings, whiles away hours, sur prises, played fool, time hand, passivities, sat around, passes time, decompression, sitting around, taking easy, mucked around, time on one hand, amused oneself, potterings, took it easy, wert indolent, be indolent, timewasting, lazings, motionlessnesses, one's own sweet times, loaf, standing around, laziness, time one's hands, beguilements, played the fool, art inactive, pre-occupations, not lift a fingering, dronings, fun, rompings, dillydally, Bummed, dis-tractions, time to kill, plays fool, leave absence, time on hand, stood around, sport, one's sweet time, sits around, toy, wast slothful, un ceremoniousnesses, selfindulgence, re quiescences, lounges around, pre occupation, enjoyings, art unoccupied, re pose, interest, slow down, vegetatings, duck soup, laze, un employment, re spite, time on one's hands, blow outs, fun gameses, re gards, merriments, was indolent, Leisure Activities, living up, am slothful, Otiosity, naturalness, un restraint, be-wilderments, re cesses, time one hand, idleness, spare time, own sweet time, smoothness, in-formality, non-sense, self indulgence, dally, lethargy, blow out, dreaminess, inter-ludes, child's play, loafing, Buffooneries, re laxation, Regalement, take easy, leisure, not lift a fingers, were slothful, facility, time burn, divertissements, Piddled, otiosities, Pottered, wert slothful, in activities, time wasting, sur-prise, mucking around, lots of laughs, lounging around, time hands, cutoff, time on ones hand, bum around, passed time, while away hours, joyrides, time wastings, idle hour, cinch, Fooleries, be wilderments, re-cess, being inactive, breeze, kid stuff, sloth, are unoccupied, Strolled, stream, spare times, fun and games, time-wastings, Puddling, pleasure, plays the fool, dis tractions, takes easy, ataraxia, sur prise, turn-ons, stand around, repose, mess around, loll, dawdle, goldbricking, playing fool, one's own sweet time, spare moment, bummed around, took easy, rest, re spites, are slothful, beguilement, check, were indolent, time-wasting, are inactive, wast indolent, Bumming, idles, mucks around, footle, wast unoccupied, re creations, dreaminesses, dis-traction, Hibernations, in to, supinities, slowed down, inertness, clambakes, gluttony, remissness, fooling around, play the fool, not lift a finger, ones own sweet times, turn ons, not lift finger, amusing oneself, was inactive, inattention, goofoff time, requiescence, slows down, time on hands, glide, pre occupations, re creation, quiescence, disport, wert inactive, entertainment, field day, being unoccupied, turnon, junketing, hindrance, un-ceremoniousnesses, being indolent, de lights, non sense, idle hours, in-activities, stands around, taking it easy, one's sweet times, teasings, requiescences, whoopees, un restraints, wingding, dilly dallyings, in-activity, lounge around, in formalities, hibernation, re lax, piddle, amuses oneself, gaming, living it ups, recreation, Larking, goof-off times, goof off time, not lift a fingered, one sweet time, fun and gameses, veg out, whoopee, unemployments, dillydallyings, inter missions, living ups, playing the fool, muck around, potters, unemployment, un employments, snap, merrymakings, obstruction, re-lax, un-restraint, bumming around, foolery, re-laxation, lots laugh, slowing down, somnolence, were inactive, amusement, RECS, motionlessness, slide, non senses, living it up, ones own sweet time, indolence, un-employments, whiling away hours, skim, loafings, re laxations, goofoff times, inter ludes, re-gard, joblessness, takes it easy, Idled, pre-occupation, un-employment, not lift fingering, amuse oneself, were unoccupied, be-wilderment, re-creation, loiterings, be slothful, REC, re-spites, wingdings, goof-off time, changeableness, good times, dis-orders, pass time, clambake, time ones hands, kick back, wert unoccupied, Vegetated, is slothful, was unoccupied, art slothful, skylark, clownings, sate around, recreate, r r, dis orders, dis order.