Pronunciation of Laze
/lˈe͡ɪz/, /lˈe‍ɪz/, /l_ˈeɪ_z/

Antonyms for laze

walked through, under-takes, make every effort, breaking ones back, hoes, taking field against, didst job, ex-cites, applying oneself, working like a dog, pushes oneself, subserve, in-spired, haddest nose to grindstone, dost a job, dost ones best, limber up, FORDS, FAGS, misses one's cue, broke back, held a job, did one's best, moving restlessly, in-flame, adds fuel fire, stubbed toe, lighted in to, have ones nose grindstone, loosened up, bad for, stirred up, does one utmost, steamrolls, giving got, are up to, looked alive, overtaxed, shelled, were up and about, psyching, stubbing toe, takes a whack at, makes an attempt, taking crack, wast nauseated, cares for, be gun, brake ones back, have one nose grindstone, dis-tend, made an effort, in-spiring, plough, gave best shot, had a shot at, backing to the salt mines, un-earth, miss one cue, Subserving, dropped the ball, comes apart at the seams, moves restlessly, going at backwards, haddest nose grindstone, stubbing ones toe, leaves no stone unturned, feeding the fire, broke one's back, dis-agreeing, puts oneself out, gave it one's best shot, gives ones got, lifts finger, doth business, puts to the test, get a move on, ploughed, breaking ones neck, break one back, wrought to bone, having at it, put test, haddest one nose grindstone, engaging in combat, give all one's got, having a stab, Retching, eating heart out, un earthed, taking a stab, aspires to, in-spire, re fine, break one's neck, stir up, strive, makes attempt, earning a living, haddest a swing at, drying run, make run at, had one nose to grindstone, doing one's utmost, pushing to the limit, sweated it, pro-cess, has swing at, had shot at, goes at backwards, give all ones got, pro cessing, gives old college try, menials, took a crack, took the field against, wert to, putting arm on, knocks oneself out, breaks ones back, gave all ones got, had ones nose to grindstone, didst one best, works the bone, hadst a go at, did one utmost, drives for, did one's utmost, got moving, apply oneself to, sweats it, in-flamed, wrought bone, nose to grindstone, gives all one's got, goes up against, went against, puts up a fight, pushed to the limit, put oneself out, hold job, didst one utmost, takes it badly, torn in to, engages in combat, did job, driving for, worked to bone, making a bid, has shot, in tending, bidding for, freelanced, make one way, plug, doeth job, doest one's best, ex cavate, face, dost business, breaks one neck, wading in to, put through mill, hast at it, chipped away at, in-tending, takes stab at, come apart at seams, working to bone, break one neck, am up to, doeth ones best, went the limit, feeds fire, are gainfully employed, lift a finger, makes a bid, takes badly, setting to, lay on, come apart the seams, doest one's utmost, pitch in, take crack, steamroll, haddest stab, have nose grindstone, am up about, bobbles, rough-housing, mills about, cared for, ex-pends, dis agree, trying one's hardest, bids for, pushes the limit, were up to, breaks neck, looks alive, bends over backward, agonize, march against, pumps iron, gat stuck in, go after, break one's back, pro-pose, am to, back the salt mines, have one's nose to grindstone, be-stir, shoot for, apply to, sets about, got a move on, seek, dis-charges, overexerting, Struggled, having nose to grindstone, giving all one got, aspired to, putting the arm on, going for jugular, push limit, overexert, making a mess of, gave all one got, Bestirred, bobbling, labor, go for the jugular, be have, bobbled, exert oneself, hast shot, rough house, haddest a shot at, breaks ones neck, woken, works like a dog, look alive, ex-tend, took whack at, lifted finger, lit in to, under took, missed cue, doing one's best, does ones utmost, giving it ones best shot, had job, make waves, worked oneself the bone, slipping up, stir embers, holds a job, hadst nose grindstone, try one hardest, have it, having stab, puts up fight, work oneself to the bone, has nose to grindstone, tried hardest, endeavor, in spire, plodders, makes one way, drops ball, do ones utmost, doth utmost, give one's got, getting moving, crushes against, pro-cessed, lights into, ex-cavate, switched on, going for broke, get feet wet, pro posing, go the limit, moil, ex-tends, hadst swing at, ex pend, getting stuck in, rough-housed, breaking one's back, crushed against, break back, walk through, rising fall, giving ones got, holding a job, dis gorges, dis agreeing, make effort, stirred embers, pushing to limit, dis agreed, had one's nose grindstone, steamrolling, jumping in, under taken, miss ones cue, dis charge, does business, had one's nose to grindstone, hadst a stab, rise fall, roughhousing, exerts oneself, has a go, going all out, were to, takes a stab, does best, Disciplining, hath a swing at, be-have, making ones way, push, switch on, punched a clock, had a go at, de presses, has one's nose to grindstone, works to bone, in tends, re-ported, takes a crack, did ones best, pre-pared, marching against, has a job, hold a job, having ones nose to grindstone, fed fire, licks in to shape, sweat, switches on, de-press, dis agrees, wrought to the bone, giving the old college try, fine tooth combing, making run at, fag, gives it one's best shot, going war, ex-tending, hadst a job, hast one's nose grindstone, pro-bed, makes bid, wast employed by, hadst job, lifting finger, over exerting, haddest shot, doest utmost, Spading, in spired, stirring embers, are about, dis-tort, break ones back, came apart seams, grub, earned living, give one's best shot, put to test, hadst shot at, giving it best shot, making effort, had a job, work, wert gainfully employed, give it one best shot, slipped up, am employed by, Mulched, essay, trying one hardest, high pressured, made run at, didst a job, having go at, went for the jugular, pumping iron, drew tight, gave one best shot, overtaxing, knocking oneself out, took badly, setting about, gag, has shot at, giving all ones got, un-earths, having a job, dropt the ball, strong arm, doest one utmost, makes waves, Spraining, in spiring, punch a clock, haddest a go, makes a pass at, over-exerting, sieved, gotten feet wet, meet, ex cited, haddest one nose to grindstone, haddest shot at, goes limit, haddest job, psychs, were and about, aspire to, un earthing, goes backwards, go against, plug away, go up against, brake one neck, dis-gorges, raise crops, having a shot at, gives got, ex tend, going backwards, works oneself to bone, dis charges, tries one hardest, worker, backs salt mines, hast a go, had it, casting about, over taxes, put the test, campaigns against, got feet wet, dis-torts, keep nose to grindstone, backs to salt mines, dis-charge, didst utmost, puts to test, dis-tresses, hath one nose to grindstone, hath one's nose grindstone, having a go, overtax, did a job, having a whack, pre-paring, over exert, had nose to grindstone, engaged combat, make an effort, dropping ball, has ones nose grindstone, have a shot, go to war, sub serving, taking whack at, over-works, go all out, de-pressed, stubbing one's toe, earning living, tears in to, hast a shot at, dis gorge, drive for, taking stab, pushed limit, earns living, made ones way, pro-posing, apply, work like dog, campaigning against, torn into, gives all one got, fine-tooth-combs, made war, made one's way, gave it ones best shot, push oneself, doest one best, engage combat, has one nose grindstone, overexerted, adjying, holding job, hath a job, un earths, give all one got, pour it on, get moving, wast gainfully employed, licks into shape, lie on, hath nose to grindstone, sub served, marches against, had a stab, has a shot, applies to, making a run at, making waves, ex citing, hast a shot, Forded, plod, rest on, lighting into, haddest go at, knock oneself out, applied oneself to, re-fines, hath ones nose to grindstone, wades into, high pressuring, hustle, had a go, doeth ones utmost, hath one nose grindstone, has one's nose grindstone, gives one's got, dost ones utmost, does a job, dis gorging, missing ones cue, gave old college try, making bid, making one way, drops the ball, going the limit, puts the arm on, dis-tends, go at backwards, feed fire, brake neck, making way, was gainfully employed, dis-gorging, doing ones best, pratfalls, put up fight, punches clock, sweating it, having a go at, wages war, applied oneself, had crack, dis tresses, be-stirs, wert employed by, had go at, bended over backward, fall to, worked like dog, hast ones nose to grindstone, milled about, slipt up, have a go, cultivate, plow, bring in to play, warm up, giving all got, doing one best, went for jugular, dried run, is up and about, gotten a move on, takes field against, broke neck, haddest at it, had swing at, raising crops, hath a crack, wrought at, pushing oneself, hadst a shot at, ferret, haddest it, went backwards, went for broke, retch, rising and fall, wrought oneself bone, crushing against, gives the old college try, art gainfully employed, tore into, going against, being to, under-taking, hast go, do business, works like dog, has a whack, dis-tress, gets moving, tries hard, dis-agrees, hast a job, being and about, taking the field against, has a crack, ex-cited, putting to test, doing business, set about, give it ones best shot, made bid, hadst go, exploitationed, had one nose grindstone, taking stab at, works bone, give got, breaks one back, exploitationing, didst ones best, lick in to shape, takes whack at, over-exert, Joggling, backed salt mines, de press, have one's nose grindstone, gives all got, haddest whack, has go at, goes all out, be-haves, breaking one's neck, mucking, ex cite, go for broke, took up arms, make one's way, gets a move on, till, adjies, feeding fire, ex tended, pro posed, have crack, singing blues, makes an effort, got move on, dost one's best, having nose grindstone, grind, ploughing through, adjied, DO, in flame, make a bid, pre pared, made mess of, has crack, sub-serving, making an attempt, break ones neck, has whack, fagged, putting forth, left no stone unturned, slips up, dis torts, jumped in, brake ones neck, waded into, art up to, over taxing, hast job, singing the blues, are to, moonlighted, hath shot at, caring for, give ones got, be-stirring, dis-tending, brake back, pushes to the limit, try, make a run at, haddest one's nose to grindstone, wast up about, peg away, working oneself to bone, eats heart out, made a bid, making mess of, was up to, hast whack, workaholic, sets to, gave all one's got, hadst one's nose grindstone, hadst a whack, was nauseated, go backwards, have one nose to grindstone, wrought the bone, offer, disciplined, coming apart at the seams, putting through grind, hast crack, Joggled, giving it one best shot, working oneself the bone, lick into shape, earn living, exert, giving one best shot, makes effort, try hard, working like dog, gave one got, earned a living, light in to, having crack, had a crack, held job, having one nose grindstone, be-gun, casts about, worked bone, stubbed ones toe, workhorse, takes up arms, Travailed, sub serves, hast a swing at, feeds the fire, lied on, drudge, took stab, took a stab at, doeth one utmost, goes against, went war, getting a move on, giving it one's best shot, art to, Endeavoring, Fagging, tries one's hardest, doth ones best, campaign against, re fined, doth job, has a swing at, be stirs, retches, hast a whack, pushing limit, over exerts, going for the jugular, goes war, drave for, subserves, re-fining, earns a living, haddest ones nose grindstone, had go, lies on, crush against, come apart seams, Bestirring, shook a leg, sung the blues, dropping the ball, puts through mill, stirs up, lit into, chips away at, earn a living, eat heart out, had ones nose grindstone, pro cess, haddest a shot, haddest a job, hath stab, sang the blues, over tax, apply oneself, Muscled, in-flames, in flamed, missing cue, went limit, push to limit, take the field against, have stab, back to the salt mines, making every effort, makes every effort, haddest a crack, up rooting, dries run, moved restlessly, be up to, poured it on, sub-serves, stewed over, resting on, Martyred, having swing at, mill about, wrestle, missing one's cue, have a crack, makes one's way, go war, make pass at, doest job, doeth one best, was up and about, having job, dost best, be up and about, breaking one back, ex-pending, give all got, misses cue, plugs away, am and about, tearing into, misses ones cue, peg, breaks one's back, vies for, works oneself bone, having it, make an attempt, hast ones nose grindstone, lying on, take a crack, re-fine, gave ones got, had a shot, pre-pare, has a shot at, gat moving, pro-cesses, hadst crack, punched clock, re porting, stubs toe, giving old college try, dis tended, takes the field against, took arms, punches a clock, made a run at, am up and about, re-hearse, hath a whack, was employed by, knocked oneself out, ploughs through, be up about, pouring it on, cast about, backing the salt mines, gives ones best shot, give it best shot, shakes a leg, be stir, pegs away, having shot, stirring up, stubs one toe, serve, campaigned against, make ones way, adjy, trip up, taking pains, went up against, up root, Travailing, plugging away, re fines, broke ones back, hadst a go, pegged away, in-spires, breaks one's neck, putting fight, fording, shelling, ex-pended, going up against, hadst one nose grindstone, applies oneself to, doest a job, dost one best, pre pares, gave one's got, workhorses, having shot at, ex-tended, exerted oneself, put up a fight, missing one cue, hadst whack, stubs ones toe, nine-to-five it, un earth, lifts a finger, took crack, have go at, back to salt mines, came apart at seams, adds fuel to fire, overtaxes, wert up to, take stab, take a stab at, hadst stab, re hearses, bestir, wast about, takes pains, sings the blues, haddest a whack, wade in to, have shot at, looking alive, plodder, overwork, going limit, didst one's best, tripping up, doing one utmost, had whack, ex pended, made attempt, give the old college try, gives one best shot, holds job, made every effort, worked through, hath go at, are up about, hadst a swing at, ploughs, rested on, pushes to limit, engage in combat, gives all ones got, working at, came apart at the seams, bump heads, does ones best, were gainfully employed, punching clock, toil, dis charging, did utmost, was up about, plugged away, wrought like dog, is about, hath a go at, wage war, stews over, bade for, having go, hath crack, bending over backward, made a mess of, bobble, works through, freelancing, giving one's best shot, stub ones toe, hump, doeth one's best, hast swing at, exerting oneself, ex tends, hath ones nose grindstone, give ones best shot, makes ones way, dis tort, have shot, brake one back, applies oneself, brake one's back, over-taxed, railroaded, are and about, applying to, made an attempt, backing salt mines, shake leg, puts arm on, worked oneself to the bone, got stuck in, fine-tooth-comb, gave the old college try, backing to salt mines, hath swing at, worked to the bone, went at backwards, dis-charging, gat move on, rises fall, stubbed one toe, chipping away at, be nauseated, rough housing, goes for jugular, moonlighting, take badly, art up and about, doeth business, have ones nose to grindstone, leave no stone unturned, is nauseated, pushed oneself, pre pare, re acted, work bone, doth one's best, poured on, makes mess of, doing job, were about, brake one's neck, hadst one's nose to grindstone, pratfalled, puts through grind, falling down, ex cites, worked at, try one's hardest, under taking, de pressed, giving one got, misses one cue, chip away at, hadst shot, overexerts, re-acted, backed to salt mines, rough-house, hast nose grindstone, over exerted, menial, in spires, have a stab, hast one nose grindstone, leaving no stone unturned, be-ginning, having a crack, art and about, made one way, take a whack at, gives it one best shot, wrought through, does one best, give one got, hath a stab, moving about, stubs one's toe, hast one nose to grindstone, stubbing one toe, goes to war, haddest crack, putting to the test, lighting in to, hadst a shot, shake a leg, puts test, have swing at, tries hardest, put forth, toss, fed the fire, ex-cite, made effort, joggle, shaking leg, trying hardest, warmed up, drove for, dis charged, putting through mill, dis tends, railroading, rise and fall, buckle, gives one got, stub one's toe, took a stab, vied for, pegging away, hadst one nose to grindstone, dis-tressed, nine to five it, is and about, bumping heads, hast it, doing utmost, haddest a go at, tearing in to, was and about, tore in to, loosens up, over-taxes, put to the test, be haves, lifted a finger, taking badly, in tended, doth one best, snafuing, gat a move on, didst best, giving one's got, haddest swing at, pump iron, takes stab, wast to, tried one's hardest, be stirred, vying for, work through, works to the bone, vie for, punch clock, go limit, have a whack, shooting for, worked the bone, having one nose to grindstone, hadst ones nose to grindstone, taking up arms, bend over backward, snafued, didst business, hath whack, didst one's utmost, in tend, makes a run at, miss cue, has stab, re-hearses, take a stab, up-rooting, pre paring, loosening up, shot for, dis-tended, sung blues, hath it, exercise, jumps in, broke one neck, dis tending, comes apart the seams, dropped ball, loosen up, gets feet wet, art up about, working to the bone, over-taxing, make way, push the limit, fine-tooth-combing, coming apart seams, were up about, work at, pro pose, re-porting, hadst a crack, didst ones utmost, makes pass at, ploughed through, over worked, makes way, put arm on, does one's utmost, tear in to, joggles, make a mess of, had a swing at, strain, wrought like a dog, ate heart out, licking into shape, wast up to, comes apart at seams, tripped up, take pains, breaking one neck, Hoed, came apart the seams, be employed by, try ones hardest, Ferrets, back salt mines, tear into, did one best, went all out, drop ball, lighted into, in flames, sub-serve, pours it on, strongarm, in-tend, doth ones utmost, had at it, art about, work the bone, rough-houses, hath one's nose to grindstone, worked oneself bone, hadst go at, up rooted, under takes, up-root, went after, have a shot at, is up about, doth best, waging war, haddest one's nose grindstone, gave one's best shot, had nose grindstone, goes out, dis gorged, applying oneself to, flounder, be about, pro bed, doeth best, doing ones utmost, are up and about, hath a shot at, tried hard, pour on, work to bone, hast stab, mucked, gave it one best shot, doest ones utmost, gave it best shot, come apart at the seams, in flaming, doth a job, doing a job, gotten moving, un-earthed, coming apart the seams, took a whack at, backed to the salt mines, hast nose to grindstone, hadst ones nose grindstone, try out, dis tend, has ones nose to grindstone, dis-agree, hast shot at, have a job, doing best, jump in, be-having, gat feet wet, hadst nose to grindstone, broke one's neck, comes apart seams, has go, haddest ones nose to grindstone, give one best shot, hast go at, wade into, making pass at, war, switching on, has job, Hoeing, hath go, tare in to, ex tending, being up about, was to, have whack, has nose grindstone, breaking neck, ex-cruciate, un-earthing, tried ones hardest, bumped heads, Martyring, take up arms, backs the salt mines, put a fight, wert up about, had shot, making war, over-exerts, wast up and about, made pass at, is gainfully employed, taking a crack, dis-gorged, freelances, re acting, hath at it, break neck, set to, try hardest, de-pressing, doth one's utmost, tare into, ex cruciate, miss one's cue, engaged in combat, hath nose grindstone, giving ones best shot, de pressing, ford, lights in to, sang blues, wading into, working oneself to the bone, over-worked, be ginning, took field against, bestirs, makes a mess of, gets move on, shaking a leg, walks through, breaking back, travail, Retched, tries ones hardest, go for jugular, have job, draw tight, dropt ball, aspiring to, work to the bone, taking a stab at, haddest go, had a whack, bring bear, fine tooth combed, ex-pend, works oneself the bone, giving all one's got, bumps heads, ex pending, puts the test, working oneself bone, work oneself the bone, does job, making an effort, worked like a dog, walking through, putting test, struggle, be gainfully employed, ex pends, rough houses, engages combat, backed the salt mines, workaholics, having one's nose grindstone, pushed the limit, over-exerted, dis tressed, take stab at, lifting a finger, have a go at, do job, drop the ball, breaks back, bent over backward, Ferreting, having a swing at, trips up, work oneself bone, sing blues, work like a dog, do one best, are employed by, being nauseated, bid for, broke ones neck, warms up, stir, Spaded, be-stirred, working bone, pro cessed, is to, strife, dis-gorge, dost utmost, hast a go at, steamrolled, wade, dis-charged, doeth a job, being employed by, do ones best, take arms, doest best, wrought oneself the bone, be having, leaved no stone unturned, slip up, took pains, rises and fall, gives it ones best shot, putting a fight, Mulching, is up to, pushed to limit, give it one's best shot, make mess of, having ones nose grindstone, pouring on, trying ones hardest, dis tress, stewing over, pratfalling, have nose to grindstone, missed ones cue, drawing tight, has a go at, over working, worked oneself to bone, does one's best, get stuck in, did best, be and about, hast a crack, under-taken, applied to, wert nauseated, fine tooth comb, having a shot, Seeding, work oneself to bone, doth one utmost, takes arms, having one's nose to grindstone, makes run at, rests on, in-tended, missed one cue, licked in to shape, stubbed one's toe, punching a clock, sings blues, make attempt, make war, stub toe, waded in to, being gainfully employed, wert up and about, making one's way, go out, re ported, has one nose to grindstone, getting feet wet, dost one's utmost, gave ones best shot, doest ones best, wades in to, pratfall, being about, fine-tooth-combed, do a job, put out, sieving, have go, in-tends, under take, hath job, do one's best, have a swing at, do best, backs to the salt mines, be stirring, sub serve, make a pass at, gives one's best shot, fell down, takes a stab at, works oneself to the bone, get move on, taking it badly, hast one's nose to grindstone, were employed by, over-wrought, wert and about, go pieces, stirs embers, tried one hardest, take field against, licking in to shape, hast a stab, puts forth, being up to, over-tax, wert about, wrought oneself to bone, goes for broke, over works, wrought oneself to the bone, plough through, missed one's cue, hoe, dis-agreed, did ones utmost, de-presses, did business, rose fall, be to, give old college try, care for, stew over, milling about, nose grindstone, am about, waged war, wast and about, pours on, rough housed, being up and about, coming apart at seams, takes crack, trying hard, broke one back, working the bone, gives it best shot, making attempt, humped, shakes leg, art nauseated, dost job, doeth utmost, move restlessly, puts fight, was about.