Pronunciation of Laziness
/lˈe͡ɪzɪnəs/, /lˈe‍ɪzɪnəs/, /l_ˈeɪ_z_ɪ_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for laziness

Intenseness, non resistance, ex cess, under taking, toil, set-to, do's, dynamisms, in-constancy, vinegar, in work, fury, in-tensities, de scents, efficacies, care, vital spark, palatableness, transience, industry, inconstancy, jumpiness, re actions, one darnedest, pizzazz, tryons, energy, pepper, un-rests, in conveniences, set to, high pitches, dis quiet, research and developments, high spiritses, push, dis-criminations, excitability, briskness, hardinesses, power, dis patch, pro-longings, sufferance, ex amination, dis quietudes, trial, pro positions, pep, fire, in jury, out-look, full head steam, research developments, Movements, kilo-watt, work, longanimities, bitters, fore-thoughts, hurly burly, drive, Research and Development, dash, brawninesses, aftertaste, un-eases, dis-tress, re-bounds, de light, valorousness, ferocities, flareup, pre-tension, long-sufferings, under-going, R&D, un-rest, calentures, potency, weightiness, dis quietude, multi-national, dis tress, de sire, efficacy, severity, multi nationals, all got, pre cautions, zip, product, pain, sub missions, sub stances, de-termination, heedfulness, strong arm, activeness, fitfulness, Oes, big idea, indefatigability, pow, in-roads, dis-quietude, follow throughs, wildnesses, longsufferings, mechanical energies, fore-thought, line business, savorinesses, wattages, intentnesses, dis crimination, dis-tresses, out-fits, out fit, in tensity, wellbeing, out looks, Unsettledness, showcases, under-taking, set-tos, action, in-tensenesses, hardiness, radioactivity, de sires, sloggings, nine-to-fives, one's darnedest, hard pulls, aftertastes, stick-to-itivenesses, pre-cautions, brisknesses, tirelessnesses, conductivities, de bate, nonresistance, pungency, tirelessness, boiling point, dint, sedulousness, full blasts, re solves, transference, lifeblood, tensenesses, full steams, forcings, fitfulnesses, stick to itiveness, pursuance, up roars, set tos, thrustings, sentiences, re-coil, de termination, un easiness, Potence, get and go, all one's gots, animation, in the works, activenesses, in juries, motion, fire in belly, passivity, sub stance, grindstones, out-fit, Ants, yieldings, re gards, settos, essay, stick-to-itiveness, stoutnesses, under takings, dis tresses, love, self reliance, in constancy, with-standings, aspiration, what takes, commercial enterprises, restiveness, brio, ex-aminations, spicinesses, re solutions, impressivenesses, test run, rabidities, unease, kilo watt, in dentation, kilo watts, re coils, life, carrying ons, all one got, brute forces, diligence, power of endurance, kilo-watts, tensity, endurings, re-bound, endurance, Vitali, tensities, multi-nationals, re-solves, try, one's level best, enterprise, immovabilities, ant, tempestuousness, try-on, de liberations, re-sourcefulness, with standing, in-tensity, valorousnesses, transferences, dis patches, nonresistances, ones all, power endurance, big businesses, dis order, one's level bests, full court presses, full head of steam, powerfulness, continuings, re-coils, hurlyburly, fore thoughts, in tents, de-predations, vitality, Assertivenesses, setto, intensenesses, trans-action, pro duct, one all, Calenture, long pulls, get go, all ones got, full court press, re coil, dis position, in-conveniences, de-sires, sapidities, frame mind, resolution, verve, dis-patches, fore sight, pro longing, industriousness, out fits, ex-cess, peppers, longanimity, what-it-takes, vibrancies, sur mises, fortitude, in the work, purposiveness, operativeness, inquietude, savoriness, de-predation, sur-mises, assiduousness, forebearances, un eases, fore sights, Hurries, haste, de-bate, muscle, big ideas, re-solutions, in-dentation, manufactory, re-gard, de-scent, re bound, laboriousnesses, trans-actions, re sourcefulness, sub-mission, megacorp, fire the belly, biggie, pertness, re sources, application, fretfulnesses, ones alls, sprightliness, activity, bustle, after taste, trans action, trouble, what it takes, taste, voltages, pre-tensions, out-looks, dis-quiet, kilowatt, dis-patch, with-standing, under-takings, selfreliance, in road, nine to five, jazziness, nine to fives, patience, POWS, pro-cess, holding ups, intensity, dis-quietudes, pro-positions, tautnesses, spiritedness, hard pull, what it take, ex-cesses, zeal, up-roar, effort, operation, operativenesses, pre-caution, shovings, fierinesses, under going, sedulities, in tensenesses, un-easiness, perseverance, kick, in-jury, birr, de bates, pro-ducts, fore thought, ambition, full steam, dis orders, exercisings, busyness, sur mise, ballgames, prolongings, in-dentations, in-road, pro-cesses, gruntwork, weightinesses, salt mines, out look, fretfulness, applied force, pre caution, rampancies, tanginess, purposivenesses, specialization, tautness, un-ease, impellents, in tensities, fieriness, ones darnedest, attention, pro-duct, big business, de liberation, one's all, all ones gots, de lights, de-scents, assertiveness, staunchnesses, ones darnedests, re sourcefulnesses, get-up-and-go, tanginesses, propulsion, in works, pro cess, tryon, powerhouses, de-light, slow burn, vinegars, peppiness, dynamism, foray, enterprises, de scent, lustinesses, what take, in roads, one level bests, free for all, manufactories, true grit, virtuosity, vibrancy, un-settlednesses, zest, initiative, Prolonging, stamina, pre tensions, pungencies, un-easinesses, immovability, up-roars, de-liberations, pre tension, dis-crimination, zealousness, un settledness, even tempers, struggle, well being, ex aminations, transiences, ballgame, exertings, under goings, salt mine, research development, fire in the belly, o, fore-sights, trial error, high spirits, radio activity, test runs, in-tenseness, forebearance, liveliness, pro position, bounce, line of business, un-settledness, hoppers, hard work, pro longings, shot, enthusiasm, O's, high pitch, attempt, get up go, de predation, impellent, birrs, worriednesses, exertion, Non-resistance, restlessness, pet projects, assiduity, un rest, multinationals, dis-orders, in stability, antsinesses, get and goes, endeavor, in tent, re-sources, up roar, dis-position, staunchness, radioactivities, dos, laboriousness, stalwartnesses, under-goings, sur-mise, tang, wattage, fixed purpose, vigor, drivings, robustness, dis quiets, palatablenesses, selfcontrol, vim, zealousnesses, in-stability, get goes, virtuosities, labor, non resistances, get up and go, dis criminations, mindfulness, intentness, try-ons, Ardency, long pull, to do, re source, in-constancies, pro ducts, de predations, de-lights, one's darnedests, get up goes, longsuffering, commercial enterprise, de-terminations, sapidity, re solve, vivacity, re bounds, biggies, dis-order, dis positions, bid, in-stabilities, wildness, Brawniness, busynesses, vital sparks, passivities, fixed purposes, multi national, tenseness, TODO, after tastes, powerhouse, all one gots, horsepowers, withstandings, whirlwinds, inconstancies, one's alls, horsepower, sedulity, in-convenience, non-resistances, sub-stances, kilowatts, after-tastes, one darnedests, in-quietudes, sub-missions, one alls, radio activities, indefatigabilities, edginess, true grits, fire belly, zing, crash project, de-sire, ones level best, even temper, in dentations, in constancies, pursuits, radio-activities, flurry, re-source, sufferances, all one's got, ones level bests, de terminations, fore-sight, undergoings, dis-quiets, pet project, pro-longing, flare up, ardencies, pursuances, one level best, antsiness, re-solution, go, excitabilities, brute force, boiling points, re-solve, de-bates, self control, applied forces, r d, in tenseness, sub-stance, lustiness, dis-positions, strain, crash projects, trans actions, de-liberation, conductivity, all gots, sub mission, grindstone, after-taste, long sufferings, stick to itivenesses, unsettlednesses.