Pronunciation of Learned
/lˈɜːnd/, /lˈɜːnd/, /l_ˈɜː_n_d/

Antonyms for learned

name the game, in-adequate, un alienable, most bottom-line, most nitty-gritty, re-gular, more underived, most unread, un forced, most substratal, uncultured, in dispensable, in tuitional, green, substrative, by seat pants, in grained, in voluntary, constitutional, in-dispensable, more untutored, un-meditated, know-nothing, more second-nature, unknowledgeable, more inbuilt, Ingenerate, un talented, more unconversant, more in-built, unpolished, uninformed, most implanted, bottomline, mis-informed, unrefined, un-grammatical, un-cultivated, in-nocent, untalented, more inbred, uneducated, un educated, foundational, Unacquired, untutored, un-educated, more inerudite, un tutored, more unread, more chartered, more substrative, un conversant, more nitty gritty, un taught, most inproficient, more foundational, second-nature, axiological, un lettered, more secondnature, inborn, un ablest, in-built, un-civilized, in eradicable, most meat-and-potatoes, name of game, in competent, un acquired, by seat one pants, unlearned, more nittygritty, in-grained, most secondnature, most bottom line, un cultivated, in born, most chartered, un-learned, un-suspecting, benighted, cretinous, more unalienable, mis informed, un prompted, uncivilized, in experienced, unintellectual, more axiological, elementary, deep seated, apprenticed, more unequipped, catachrestic, in adequate, running family, blind to, in-eradicable, most unequipped, by seat ones pants, most second-nature, un civilized, in the grain, most unknowledgeable, un handiest, nitty gritty, un knowledgeable, not up to, un qualified, un initiated, un-conscious, most know nothing, underived, nittygritty, lowbrow, in-erudite, un-thinking, more unmeditated, intrinsic, un enlightened, un grammatical, undereducated, bottom-line, un-handier, by seat of one pants, in bred, most unalienable, most solecistic, in generate, un-developed, un witting, deeprooted, un read, Unmeditated, inexperienced, in-sensible, in grain, un-lettered, in erudite, un-schooled, un-tutored, un-forced, most in built, unequipped, un informed, un-premeditated, in separable, more intuitional, un handier, name game, most unconversant, more unprompted, un-conversant, more grass roots, emptyheaded, sub stratal, para-mount, most grass-roots, un-mindful, in-competent, un-equipped, un-read, un meditated, more untalented, unhandiest, know nothing, nubber, more apprenticed, in built, meat potatoes, more misinformed, essential, more sustaining, most second nature, unalienable, re presentative, more unintellectual, inherent, un conscious, most inbuilt, un learned, knownothing, unlettered, most lowbrow, most nittygritty, empty headed, stupid, uncultivated, un-refined, builtin, un instructed, unsophisticated, part parcel, more unknowledgeable, deepseated, under-lying, most axiological, un equipped, under lying, un derived, immature, un-trained, running in family, ill-bred, un abler, unprompted, running in the family, re gular, most unlettered, in most, by seat of pants, unskilled, most cretinous, genetic, built in, deep rooted, Unhandy, illiterate, in-proficient, most grassroots, un-witting, un skilled, most nitty gritty, in-expert, para mount, un thinking, un schooled, in-voluntary, unschooled, semiliterate, un scholarly, most underived, more knownothing, Intuitional, nubbest, un-qualified, most ensured, sub-stratal, most resident, un-knowledgeable, in dark, un handy, un-skilled, ignorant, more resident, by seat of ones pants, more know-nothing, re-presentative, un cultured, un-informed, inbuilt, most foundational, more lowbrow, in expert, most catachrestic, slangy, most unacquired, most know-nothing, most untutored, un-talented, most ingenerate, un-acquired, more implanted, un-enlightened, more in built, un-prompted, Unconversant, in nocent, dark, meat-and-potatoes, most knownothing, untaught, more catachrestic, in dividual, inproficient, innate, un-derived, in the blood, un refined, un-ablest, in-generate, more meat-and-potatoes, built-in, ingrained, un suspecting, in-dividual, birdbrained, instinctive, un-cultured, in sensible, un-instructed, by seat one's pants, un-scholarly, most untalented, most inbred, in-born, more unacquired, running the family, un-abler, most ignoramus, more know nothing, un-handy, chatty, most inerudite, more ignoramus, Inerudite, kneejerk, more grass-roots, in-experienced, in-bred, un-intellectual, more grassroots, more substratal, in-separable, un trained, Solecistic, most grass roots, un-taught, most misinformed, un intellectual, most unintellectual, more solecistic, more bottom-line, by seat of one's pants, un-alienable, unhandier.