Pronunciation of Lethargy
/lˈɛθəd͡ʒˌi/, /lˈɛθəd‍ʒˌi/, /l_ˈɛ_θ_ə_dʒ_ˌi/

Antonyms for lethargy

pre-eminences, de bate, purposiveness, pro-portion, get-up-and-go, vinegars, indomitability, pre-cautions, cross fire, self control, agitation, pro longings, cogency, in tuition, bite, tirelessnesses, zing, in tensenesses, radio activities, alarm, dis positions, excitability, ebullience, savorinesses, might main, strenuousnesses, ex-tents, Assertivenesses, diligence, Kidneys, ex plosions, continuousness, Religionism, dis tress, wattage, might mains, high spirits, snipings, industry, magnitude, un rest, Calenture, sapidity, muscle, commercial enterprise, pro-portions, convincingnesses, disturbance, one-two, mindfulness, sea of flames, fieriness, out breaks, Ardency, pro portion, after tastes, vivacity, ex actions, promptitude, salubrity, valorousnesses, tensenesses, gusto, kidney, running a temperatures, feeling, withstandings, staunchness, dynamism, spiritedness, pro-cess, de-sire, Oes, constraits, anxiety, de-light, propulsion, out break, pungency, might, in tent, get up and go, endurings, radio-activities, qualifiednesses, substantiality, dynamisms, re bounds, turbulence, briskness, interest, re solves, pith, push, zeal, might and mains, wholeheartednesses, nonresistances, solidness, in the work, powerhouses, big idea, subjection, Non-resistance, pursuances, dis-crimination, kilo-watt, care, dis-criminations, in tensity, Eupepsia, flame smokes, bombardings, momentum, strenuousness, out-breaks, stamina, multinationals, operativeness, might and main, de liberations, passion, in-sight, leg ups, potency, exuberancies, what it take, assertiveness, what it takes, with-standings, impellent, fierinesses, out burst, Cannonading, kilowatt, non resistance, sayso, eupepsias, good condition, stick-to-itiveness, pep, sprightliness, Sniping, shelling, out-fit, out fit, tanginesses, tenseness, sedulousness, de gree, sub-stances, de bates, stair, in tenseness, indefatigability, out-bursts, awakening, sum substances, vinegar, perseverance, what-it-takes, dis criminations, brawn, up smoke, bounce, purposivenesses, clean bill, virtuosity, flare up, endurance, Brawniness, re source, tang, violence, fore sights, Palates, whip hand, under-scoring, zealousness, HU, stick-to-itivenesses, in the works, dis-tresses, tolerance, immovability, solidnesses, ardencies, dovetailings, ex-cesses, vibrancy, INS, impetuosity, manufactory, brute force, devotion, radioactivity, taste, in-sanities, de-terminations, under lining, long-sufferings, with standing, gluttony, dash, pre-eminence, spice, tirelessness, storm, efficacies, multi-nationals, pre caution, one-twos, dis-patches, high spiritednesses, validnesses, cross fires, dis-patch, ex-tensions, fixed purposes, top form, re gards, full head steam, earnestness, puissance, re-sources, Muscularity, delirium, palatableness, pietism, salubriousnesses, keenness, true grit, burning up, pyrexia, lifeblood, serious mindednesses, hoppers, pre-tensions, incisiveness, megacorp, even tempers, frenzy, good conditions, out-look, mettle, high pitch, one two, o, zealousnesses, intensenesses, fire in belly, susceptibility, wakefulness, oxidation, dis-tress, re-pair, fury, wildnesses, healthfulness, cross-fire, dis position, labor, de sires, de liberation, get and go, slow burn, consciousness, intentnesses, brawninesses, charrings, birr, ex tents, flame and smoke, animation, de-grees, devotednesses, life, sea of flame, under-going, flame smoke, resolution, de-termination, attention, severity, pro-tractions, what take, get up go, in tuitions, joyousnesses, brisknesses, bug, selfcontrol, phlogistons, distress, effectiveness, radio activity, convincingness, in-sanity, sentiences, in-tuitions, re-morse, re-gard, sea flame, fine feather, punch, in-candescence, patience, underscorings, coreys, sedulity, robustness, sympathy, savoriness, hus, Devotement, rapid oxidations, medullae, vivaciousness, devotements, indomitabilities, stableness, in work, passivities, forebearance, serious-mindednesses, linkings, ex action, O's, full head of steam, indefatigabilities, heedfulness, Intenseness, incandescences, in-dentation, ex cess, devourings, out looks, passivity, crossfires, in-tuition, lustiness, pro tractions, kilo watt, conductivity, sufferance, self reliance, Prolonging, de termination, burning ups, febrile disease, powerfulness, re-sourcefulness, after taste, pre-caution, out look, de-bates, out-break, intensity, tanginess, valorousness, beefiness, in candescence, sufferances, incandescence, pepper, multi-national, fervor, say so, mechanical energies, in-tensities, aftertastes, dependabilities, wellbeing, wildness, vibes, sea flames, flame and smokes, continuity, energy, after-taste, campfire, kick, Forcibleness, whip hands, vibrancies, holding ups, in tensities, Exuberancy, vigor, power of endurance, hardinesses, even temper, beef, stoutnesses, fore-sight, weightiness, de lights, zip, peppiness, sub-mission, brute forces, joyousness, good health, wattages, immovabilities, staunchnesses, cross-fires, stick to itivenesses, longanimities, dis-position, pro-cesses, impetuosities, one twos, boiling point, ballgame, religiosity, stalwartnesses, re coil, highspiritednesses, re sources, re sourcefulnesses, greatness, religiousness, fore-thought, action, long sufferings, palatablenesses, the shakes, sub missions, pro positions, applied forces, re-source, pre cautions, ardor, inter relationships, re pair, re sourcefulness, pro-positions, re-bound, sub mission, pow, Pyrexias, re-solve, sureness, impressivenesses, commercial enterprises, inter-relationships, effusivenesses, lollops, powerhouse, under goings, yieldings, bitters, prolongings, lustinesses, non resistances, in-tensenesses, application, salubriousness, longanimity, tonicity, true grits, pro longing, multi national, conductivities, hardiness, re solutions, big businesses, well being, highspiritedness, busyness, spicinesses, substantialities, re morses, under-goings, Corey, tempestuousness, ex-cess, seriousmindednesses, continuousnesses, fire, de-sires, inter-relationship, pro-longings, voltages, crossfire, operativenesses, calentures, under-lining, in tents, continuings, re-pairs, degree, multi nationals, immobility, big ideas, Potence, pro-traction, in-sights, in dentation, ginger, excitabilities, ex tent, pertness, fixed purpose, manufactories, de light, activity, high spiritses, onetwo, vehemence, stick to itiveness, out-looks, boiling points, what-it-take, peppers, inter relationship, flareup, enterprise, validity, emotion, kilowatts, pro position, aftertaste, the shake, rampancies, un-rest, pungencies, ex-tent, out bursts, non-resistances, in works, capablenesses, underlinings, pizzazz, big eye, fitness, sub stance, beefinesses, kilo-watts, undergoings, what takes, industriousness, verve, vitality, sub stances, brio, dis tresses, out-fits, in-candescences, re-bounds, de-liberations, sedulities, longsuffering, ravings, promptitudes, shellings, validness, vital sparks, sub-stance, constrait, healthfulnesses, salubrities, re solve, authority, sum substance, in sights, re pairs, seriousmindedness, re-solves, drive, sensibility, de-liberation, sparkle, pro portions, kilo watts, pursuance, in-tenseness, re morse, pro-longing, applied force, big eyes, ex-action, concern, high degree, luster, pro traction, unitings, sum and substances, in sight, dis patch, fore-sights, dis-positions, phlogiston, excitement, sensitiveness, re-solutions, ex-plosion, re-coils, high pitches, ferocities, ex-tension, re actions, good healths, pro cess, under going, health, laboriousness, pre tensions, regard, de terminations, horsepower, intentness, dis crimination, after-tastes, in dentations, fever, in-tensity, fore thoughts, zest, turn ons, devotedness, serious-mindedness, virtuosities, birrs, fore sight, in sanity, in sanities, ballgames, out-burst, weightinesses, liveliness, de sire, power endurance, febrile diseases, head lines, emphasis, lollop, alacrity, re-coil, selfreliance, strength, dis patches, sub-missions, running temperatures, out fits, sum and substance, in-dentations, high spiritedness, onetwos, Head-line, cannonadings, Gluttonies, top forms, longsufferings, nonresistance, de-bate, effusiveness, under linings, fine feathers, ex-actions, gruntwork, frame mind, Vitali, campfires, sturdiness, in candescences, strong arm, clean bills, de-gree, ex plosion, rabidities, de grees, rapid oxidation, nerve, go, vibe, re-morses, de-lights, vital spark, piousness, genuineness, get and goes, high-spiritednesses, impellents, searings, horsepowers, wholeheartedness, POWS, dint, fore-thoughts, big business, initiative, ambition, force, busynesses, power, sapidities, leg up, high degrees, forebearances, eagerness, with-standing, efficacy, fortitude, dependability, serious mindedness, re coils, radioactivities, pre eminence, capableness, vim, re-solution, fore thought, enthusiasm, ex tension, laboriousnesses, un-rests, pre eminences, re bound.