Pronunciation of Liberation
/lˌɪbəɹˈe͡ɪʃən/, /lˌɪbəɹˈe‍ɪʃən/, /l_ˌɪ_b_ə_ɹ_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for liberation

logjam, de-privations, farthest point, remand, cunctations, checkerboard, checkings, trusteeship, gaffs, impedings, apprehension, inhibition, headstall, pro-rogation, head stall, grain salt, entrapment, farthest points, de terrences, Cumbrance, de coys, protectings, hold ups, dawdlings, counter action, ball chain, de limitations, de-limitation, in-tendances, jam-up, servitude, the mosts, Re-search, re straining, Retardment, catch 22's, de-creases, head-stall, seducements, self disciplines, pull ins, selfdisciplines, collarings, delimitations, selfconsciousness, re-strainers, Bilboes, uncommunicativeness, showstopper, hindrance, constraint, checkerboards, immuration, striking back, dis continuations, gloms, re versal, de-coys, de-crease, impedances, demurrals, over-sights, re-views, re-view, cumbrances, commandeerings, over-sight, custodianships, delay, de-lays, pinion, restraint, jam-ups, committals, circumscription, holding backs, stallings, bourne, utmosts, dis-continuations, dead weight, nono, holding pens, pinions, foot dragging, committal, bournes, impoundment, Enchainment, selfpossession, immobilization, dis-advantages, inter dict, Arrestation, self-consciousness, sur-cease, counter-actions, hackamore, catch 22, cooling-off period, yoke, Wardship, cooling off periods, wardships, re-serve, un-naturalness, straitjackets, withstandings, repression, re missions, preventive custody, restrainer, re striction, subjection, seizings, de-fiances, quicksand, un-communicativenesses, entrapments, delimitation, mitt, arrest, putting offs, jam ups, the max, reserve, cooling off period, protective custody, de-limitations, time up river, striking backs, foot draggings, un communicativenesses, de-fiance, self restraint, re-mission, de privation, pro rogations, grabbings, protective custodies, sublimation, limitation, un naturalnesses, impoundments, de-lay, taciturnity, withholdings, sur cease, mosts, with-standings, selfdenial, confinement, in junctions, thralldom, straitjacket, coolingoff period, tartan, un susceptibility, hold-up, remands, incarceration, dis appointments, re serve, no-no's, captivity, re verse, time the river, un-responsiveness, dis-advantage, dis-appointment, dis appointment, small difficulties, the maxes, dis-appointments, re mission, de lay, intendance, re-striction, prorogations, counter actions, in-susceptibility, immurements, cloggings, jamup, selfconsciousnesses, snare, in junction, halter, re-buffs, excess baggage, XS, no nos, serfdom, retention, enslavement, takings, holding pen, keeping ins, self possession, internments, cutoff points, preventive custodies, self discipline, over sights, hackamores, parryings, de crease, immurations, in-junctions, intendances, haltings, un-susceptibilities, counter-action, sur-ceases, un naturalness, keeping in, with standing, in-tendance, re view, impediment, boundings, pro rogation, re-strainer, self denial, demurral, de terrence, cooling-off periods, loiterings, catch22, de fiances, in tendances, halters, de-privation, re-versal, constrainments, prohibitions, re-missions, excess baggages, re strainers, custody, catch-22's, logjams, seizure, selfcontrol, quicksands, fetters, time river, dis advantage, un susceptibilities, thraldom, vassalages, tute-lages, prorogation, showstoppers, custodianship, de privations, un responsivenesses, de creases, de limitation, pro-rogations, curbings, Detainment, tute lages, impedance, re views, containments, imprisonment, re searches, stayings, comeon, in susceptibility, de-terrence, self consciousnesses, in susceptibilities, de-coy, un communicativeness, thraldoms, de-terrences, sublimations, hang up, dis advantages, over sight, re strictions, arrestations, blockings, re-serves, head-stalls, detention, procrastinations, max, dis continuation, with-holdings, sur ceases, re strainer, tarryings, immurement, un-naturalnesses, obstruction, un-responsivenesses, vassalage, quellings, inter-dict, MITTS, tute-lage, smotherings, jamups, ultimates, with holdings, coolingoff periods, tieup, conquest, internment, with holding, the most, re-buff, containment, limit, re-strictions, self-consciousnesses, cutoff point, restriction, pick ups, head stalls, bridle, check, de fiance, no-no, self control, in tendance, re buff, duress, re search, dead weights, restrainers, grain of salt, self-discipline, Halteres, tute lage, imperviousness, durance, bondage, re-straining, self government, end points, un responsiveness, nono's, constrainment, durances, de coy, oversight, selfgovernment, catch22's, dis-continuation, re buffs, un-communicativeness, de lays, hangup, self consciousness, re-verse, self-disciplines, retardments, time up the river, absolutes, with-standing, no no's, warding offs, far outs, cunctation, jam up, in-junction.