Pronunciation of Liberty
/lˈɪbəti/, /lˈɪbəti/, /l_ˈɪ_b_ə_t_i/

Antonyms for liberty

ukases, duress, dependence, sayso, Wardship, government, orderings, tute lages, up rightnesses, detainings, immurings, in-junctions, durance, vassalages, impoundments, cool, slavery, serfdom, in-junction, subclass, self-discipline, a musts, servitude, pro cessions, codification, duty, remands, selfdisciplines, no nos, capturings, de-grees, pro-cession, de crees, imprisonment, up-rightnesses, in junctions, law orders, delimitations, incarceration, be hest, delimitation, restraint, distance, pre possessions, self possession, have the brain, no-no, restriction, necessity, Enchainment, confinement, a must, pinion, limitation, effort, force, de-gree, Exigencies, wardships, un naturalness, re serve, straitjacket, order, pinions, subjugation, subjection, nono's, kidney, de-terrences, repression, no-no's, custodianships, difficulty, sub class, re-serves, un-naturalnesses, pro-cessions, re-serve, reserve, withholdings, pre-cept, with-holdings, vassalage, de crease, work, de creases, alignings, self discipline, quellings, hangup, with holding, de limitations, locking up, de privations, nono, oppression, de-limitation, no no's, drivings, dis-position, say so, law and orders, de cree, tute-lages, immurations, inter-dict, captivity, pre cept, pro cession, imprisonings, self government, constrainments, committal, pre-occupation, de gree, de-terrence, de-crease, sub classes, selfpossession, perplexity, dis position, in junction, un-naturalness, inter dict, re-strictions, de privation, up rightness, de terrences, obligation, de-creases, selfdenial, impellings, up-rightness, denial, Heteronomy, de-limitations, de terrence, pre-occupations, dis-positions, immurement, compulsion, Kidneys, pre-possessions, have on the brain, remand, constraint, subclasses, constrainment, de-privations, suppression, locking ups, smotherings, tiger by tail, prohibition, re strictions, subordination, veto, tute lage, de-privation, with holdings, dis positions, coercion, frigidity, self restraint, Hobson's Choice, de grees, quarantinings, committals, be hests, law order, incarceratings, be-hest, thraldoms, aloofness, communism, impulsions, internments, selfgovernment, arrest, tute-lage, hang up, de-crees, de-cree, refusal, self-disciplines, codifications, boundings, have on brain, superstition, responsibility, sub-class, internment, taxonomic groups, hold, pre occupations, Detainment, pre occupation, inhibition, durances, unfriendliness, self denial, ukase, have brain, law and order, impoundment, re striction, straitjackets, immuration, subjections, trusteeship, re-striction, de limitation, tiger by the tail, custody, be-hests, thraldom, self disciplines, obsession, custodianship, un naturalnesses.