Pronunciation of Limitation
/lˌɪmɪtˈe͡ɪʃən/, /lˌɪmɪtˈe‍ɪʃən/, /l_ˌɪ_m_ɪ_t_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for limitation

dis-charges, Vastitude, lack restraint, comprehensivenesses, earshots, pro portions, pro mises, run of, in-dependences, unconstraint, headroom, Freedoms, ability, ex tent, assistance, pro-portions, re-sourcefulness, re cognition, de-liveries, in dependences, head-way, ex tension, empowerment, dis-respect, support, head rooms, plenty rope, capacity, overfamiliarities, lack of restraint, sanctification, re lief, dis-imprisonments, un-restrictednesses, para meter, entitlements, own accords, scope, extensity, license, head-rooms, advantage, in-formalities, full play, un restrictednesses, in-dependency, citizenships, wideness, permission, ex-tension, ex-tent, elbowrooms, out-looks, dis charge, infinity, ex tensities, leavetakings, ingenuousness, dis engagements, be-yond, condonances, help, ex-tensions, pro mise, abolitionism, what it takes, in finitudes, unconstraints, ex pertnesses, condonance, representative government, un constraints, over familiarity, sweep, extriction, ex tents, leave-takings, in-finitude, in formalities, unrestrictednesses, full swings, leaf, what take, infinitudes, self government, stamp of approval, pro vinces, in dependencies, head way, field reference, de-livery, over-familiarity, in-formality, ex-pertness, disimprisonment, flexibility, re-cognition, holding power, extent, holding ability, re sourcefulness, mind for, laissez faire, leave takings, forthrightnesses, in-finitudes, head-room, re cognitions, pro portion, pro vince, un-constraint, in dependence, re sourcefulnesses, dis imprisonments, directnesses, spaciousness, expanse, beyonds, widenesses, knowhow, canonizations, representative governments, allowance, skillfulnesses, pro-vinces, rampancies, holding powers, disimprisonments, infinitude, re-leases, out look, pro-mises, un constraint, run ofs, mind fors, ex tensity, diapason, release, vastitudes, over-familiarities, ingenuousnesses, sufferances, out-look, in-dependence, dis-charge, un-restraint, standing room only, unlimited space, what it take, in finitude, pro-portion, forthrightness, under standing, leave absence, the good, sanctifications, enfranchisement, purview, facility, extrictions, range, selfgovernment, dis-respects, standing room onlies, reach, skillfulness, ex pertness, stamp approval, un-restrictedness, dis respect, re lease, dis imprisonment, headrooms, endless time, canonization, independency, space, latitude, ex-pertnesses, aid, directness, pro-vince, un-constraints, diapasons, ex-tensity, own accord, under-standings, unlimited spaces, ex-tents, dis-engagements, freedom, abolitionisms, liberty, dis charges, out looks, spaciousnesses, opening, plenty of rope, in-dependencies, Self Determination, pro-mise, lack reserve, Elbowroom, overfamiliarity, what takes, un restraints, leave taking, full plays, under standings, liberation, re-lease, full swing, para-meter, dis respects, the goods, un restrictedness, dis-imprisonment, re-lief, leave-taking, the right stuffs, leavetaking, de liveries, lack of reserve, particular activity adeptnesses, sufferance, uninterrupted spaces, leave, unrestrictedness, un restraint, comprehensiveness, ex-tensities, dis-engagement, re leases, para meters, dis engagement, goahead, over familiarities, de livery, earshot, under-standing, citizenship, particular activity adeptness, be yond, endless times.