Pronunciation of Lively
/lˈa͡ɪvlɪ/, /lˈa‍ɪvlɪ/, /l_ˈaɪ_v_l_ɪ/

Antonyms for lively

de pressed, most worn out, un persevering, more contracted, most slow-moving, petered out, on the shelf, outta gas, neglectful, more unmemorable, more milquetoast, Taxed, immotile, bone dry, most mortified, un varying, more muted, most zero, more prostrated, longwinded, Dead beat, more desiccated, unhappy, nonresistant, un-inspired, most overburdened, desiccant, most unresisting, Mooney, more unsmiling, more anguished, un easiest, played-out, most tarnished, de-stroying, more collapsing, on ropes, not bright, more wracked, inelaborate, more napping, more fargone, dormant, un steady, blahsest, more uncool, more far-gone, duner, in-organic, more played-out, more snaillike, unambitious, more bleached, asleep job, listless, more loitering, un clearest, more frazzled, more wellworn, most consummated, most hibernating, in scrutable, edgeless, un-original, matte, more bone tired, most bone-tired, more abused, matest, be-numbed, more daydreaming, more sidelined, in tense, weakened, bag of bones, wimpest, non committal, most dead-beat, Mortiferous, most oft-repeated, dis-enfranchised, most usedup, most sing-song, more treadmill, most dead beat, more disenfranchised, repetitious, behindhand, gone to reward, toneless, most mortiferous, selfconscious, un-responsive, more dogweary, most brooding, dead, re gular, more jading, most dinged, more totaled, most bearing, weary, all gone, deathly, knocked over, dry as a bone, carcinogenic, Overworked, more enfeebled, unnerved, more far gone, familiar tune, depressed, un hasty, resting peace, un imaginative, non-committal, ex-acting, more toned-down, ready to drop, dis heartening, more lulling, most burnt out, un varnished, most jading, more pinched, more deadbeat, out of condition, most energyless, more well-worn, more dried up, de-vitalized, down the dumps, more death dealing, dirgelike, bored stiff, most carcinogenic, pre patent, de ceased, more sing song, wishy-washy, out one misery, dispirited, un flappable, more slowmoving, more evaporated, more samely, phlegmatic, more white bread, brokendown, at end, most muted, more hard hearted, most bone weary, juiceless, pegged out, most samely, more hard-hearted, most anesthetized, most frazzled, de-mure, more unpassioned, most bonetired, un nerved, dead-beat, most unready, dis-tressed, un movable, Mildewed, exhausting, bombest, over-burdened, tortoiselike, cold blooded, run of the mill, most unimpassioned, more dropping, mooneyest, out of misery, dead one feet, most bone tired, most dog tired, nambypamby, de laying, dis-quieted, most well-worn, de-parted, most achromic, lackluster, spiritless, non-violent, more namby pamby, over-loaded, more squandered, in-terminable, sing song, gone to seed, more dragged, most white bread, most wellworn, most time consuming, more boneweary, washedout, most exanimate, boneweary, de-solate, out on ones feet, un inflected, overclouded, more out of date, boring, un-steadiest, de stroyed, more unexpressive, un inspiring, most worn down, asleep on job, un easier, more apoplectic, out of shape, most burntout, lazy, crepuscular, annoying, most uncolored, more slow-moving, un-conscious, most hard-hearted, more overclouded, at a standstill, most prostrated, more donothing, in-sensate, offed, de-liberate, down in mouth, non-resistant, most pinched, at standstill, more destroying, in expressive, motheaten, most expired, ex acting, most harassed, most defunctive, uninterested, more waterless, more enervative, more unnerved, more shattered, most unsharpened, deadlocked, more weighted, far-gone, lifeless, most dirgelike, tiresome, more well worn, in firmer, most yawning, un impassioned, mothballed, most longfaced, most overclouded, most destroying, more unindustrious, un hastiest, toneddown, out of ones misery, dim witted, more dallying, out of service, more dog tired, un original, mater, chainer, in capable, dun, de pendent, most edentate, dead on feet, washed up, more dead-beat, in organic, more transfixed, most dead-tired, un-fit, more effected, clumsy, un idealistic, un-clear, more overloaded, energyless, out of one misery, slow moving, drained, un-pointed, milk and water, most collapsing, lusterless, most sleepyheaded, de hydrated, sedate, sing-song, worn-down, thick skinned, more grim faced, be lated, bone weary, more sleepyheaded, more offed, disenfranchised, gone seed, most vexed, most droning, under-mined, most uncool, weighted, uninspiring, more uninspiring, out condition, most disenfranchised, more devitalized, un involved, most squandered, most blunted, out misery, over-used, over clouded, out of action, worndown, un intellectual, timeconsuming, most unreactive, un ruffled, de-hydrated, more dead tired, most disheartening, overused, stereo typed, more unresisting, nerdier, heavy, dead-tired, most long-faced, more deadtired, ill defined, drawnout, un-nerved, disinterested, longfaced, un-varying, un comfortable, un-varied, overtired, duskest, most shot, dopy, most laggard, dis-gusted, most overtaxed, un hurried, most galled, mattest, sub missive, bag bones, narcoleptic, unpleasant, skin and bones, sombrer, most chafed, more edgeless, cliched, more bone-weary, more dog-weary, cornball, more ho-hum, dis-heartening, matter life death, wornout, more unsharpened, enervated, un relieved, re-strained, thickskinned, most unilluminated, over long, dis-interested, ex-pended, stretchier, most performed, more inelaborate, de stroying, dis tressed, stretchy, more mortified, more do-nothing, spent, most wiped out, doughiest, bone-tired, out it, most overloaded, more numskulled, un-steadier, not existing, more cliche, ex-asperated, most napping, drab, at an end, gardenvariety, mooneyer, slow-moving, more long faced, peaky, most boresome, burnt-out, most toneless, dis inclined, un hastier, most reposing, more tortoiselike, more long-faced, un-easiest, most lusterless, most turned, in-distinct, more toneless, doleful, easy going, most hacked, more impeded, most impeded, most deadbeat, more unpointed, more hindered, more unassertive, most banausic, unpunctual, washedup, more nowhere, in-sipid, most burst, sidelined, dozy, more hohum, in-attentive, most slow moving, more halted, more cornball, going slowly, unanimated, more long-delayed, more plodding, most irked, big yawn, dreary, in firm, un-interesting, resting in peace, inert, more bone weary, Hacked, nerdiest, de-sert, un illuminated, more characterless, most prepatent, dis quieted, more toned down, most milk and water, most inelaborate, in animate, most edgeless, mopiest, dunest, most desiccated, most ho-hum, somber, flat tire, illdefined, de vitalized, toothless, dragging, most skeletonlike, un inspired, most poker-faced, most unassertive, in-capable, feeble minded, apathetic, more turned, most long-delayed, more mortiferous, Unpassioned, ho-hum, droughtiest, over tired, un-hurried, more used-up, unpointed, in operative, more burnt-out, more liquidated, more perished, desiccate, most dropping, most bleached, more dehydrated, most ho hum, more succeeded, more vexed, most procrastinating, half hearted, de-ceased, wiped-out, more burnt out, matter of life death, most deathful, fagged out, garden variety, death dealing, easy-going, more uninflected, more tarnished, unenergetic, tedious, un occupied, most dog-weary, ex pended, worn down, un-imaginative, in pain, dis regardful, more nonresistant, more sleepyhead, more devastated, over-tired, most sleepyhead, most enervative, over-due, un easy, most sapless, fagged, most softened, poker-faced, more harassed, dusker, cold sober, passed on, more overtaxed, most subfusc, not busy, slumbering, most nebbish, un industrious, more long delayed, more exsanguinous, walking through it, more boresome, most nonresistant, dime dozen, more corpselike, most dried up, more grimfaced, most slumbering, more unreactive, down mouth, most played out, re iterated, un cool, most lulling, ready drop, most apoplectic, most dozing, characterless, more crepuscular, un stimulating, most bone-weary, more weak-kneed, in-active, un sympathetic, more donein, more disquieted, out of date, over come, more unpersevering, more dozing, Hard-hearted, dragger, quiescent, be-draggled, yawnest, trans-fixed, in-nocuous, more shot, exhausted, most unpointed, wimpy, doughy, most killing, dead feet, snoozier, toned-down, most easy going, over cast, most etiolated, Enervative, deflated, more skeletonlike, un varied, most drudging, in curious, un-clearest, un-concerned, most unnerved, non resistant, un-used, more unintellectual, oftrepeated, most hindered, more toneddown, blahs, most sluggard, pushing up daisies, gloomy, strictly business, all in, un-curious, un-moving, most do-nothing, uncolored, most dallying, gave up ghost, out ones feet, in-firmest, doziest, more lassitudinous, pushing daisies, most sidelined, deceased, unindustrious, lowkey, subfusc, most driedup, solemn, un-illuminated, most smoldering, dead on one's feet, masklike, insipid, more unstimulating, driedup, most worndown, more shriveled, passive, time consuming, hands off, most unenergetic, wrung out, most deadlocked, over used, more sluggard, most acherontic, more lusterless, more dog weary, torpid, wishywashy, more subfusc, more expired, deadly, on the ropes, un-enthusiastic, re-signed, most unpunctual, most devastated, most done in, un ready, un relenting, asleep the job, un-armed, skeletonlike, most dogtired, wimpiest, wipedout, had it, be sotted, most monotone, fargone, down dumps, more sing-song, dis-regardful, more sapped, more wipedout, more smoldering, more unimpassioned, most pabulum, most unmemorable, most donein, most uncurious, most played-out, most discomfited, in capacitated, un-progressive, be calmed, in-effective, most crepuscular, more death-dealing, apoplectic, droughtier, un done, more punctured, most toned-down, most wracked, most liquidated, monotonous, most weakkneed, Droughty, most juiceless, uncurious, most dogweary, most oftrepeated, numb, more deathdealing, inactive, un enthusiastic, more wiped out, un-relieved, more juiceless, most consumed, un changing, more concluded, dis-passionate, un-changing, sick and tired, ex animate, drugged, wimpier, more procrastinating, puts one sleep, sombre, more oft repeated, death-dealing, un-interested, dis-engaged, grave, ex-animate, most lightless, most oft repeated, unresisting, more dinged, more acherontic, most sing song, peakiest, more busted, done, most masklike, most uninspiring, under mined, most exsanguinous, most concluded, more bone-tired, done-in, in tenser, more whitebread, most tortoiselike, de-pressed, more dog-tired, de pressing, un changed, be numbed, colorless, more energyless, in-tenser, un clear, unlit, most deathdealing, dried up, in-sensible, most anguished, cadaverous, most unidealistic, weakkneed, most born-again, un-exciting, more galled, most driveling, most numbed, in nocuous, more dried-up, un moistened, dim, depressing, dis enfranchised, wimper, in elaborate, more played out, not taut, more poker-faced, most slowmoving, unmemorable, more wiped-out, most dehydrated, more depressive, sleepy, most slackened, most sapped, most cornball, more droning, most longdelayed, most dog-tired, most uninflected, corpselike, more narcoleptic, more unlit, buttoned up, most overtired, beat, sleepyheaded, most deadtired, most saddening, most erased, stereo-typical, dog tired, most perished, un-hasty, most used up, matter of fact, over loaded, more milk-and-water, brittle, on shelf, dis-armed, unexpressive, most namby pamby, most frayed, played out, long-faced, more consummated, de-laying, most terminated, un-eventful, most deadened, more unilluminated, more stalled, dried-up, un-sharpened, slow, sluggish, unpersevering, hohum, not keen, debilitating, long suffering, nowhere, gave ghost, un-resisting, weak kneed, more edentulate, most grim-faced, out action, out on one feet, most unindustrious, un-animated, most totaled, more hibernating, more longfaced, unimpassioned, un-moved, indifferent, gone to meet maker, most punctured, un-inflected, most boneweary, most slaying, watereddown, most faltering, usedup, un-involved, most toothless, more oftrepeated, more unenergetic, insouciant, unilluminated, warmedover, more usedup, dis-inclined, in-operative, in-animate, more defunctive, light, longsuffering, most devitalized, grim-faced, un feeling, most unsmiling, more burntout, most far gone, more detained, time-consuming, more deadened, more sullied, deadtired, difficult, laidback, closed down, more uncurious, tired, more reposing, un-communicative, most hohum, uninflected, bone tired, Unmoistened, more oft-repeated, over-long, most daydreaming, most milk-and-water, most wiped-out, a bit much, most poker faced, un-substantial, more unsentimental, un-reactive, more brooding, down in the dumps, sleepyhead, most nothing, most characterless, most corpselike, be-calmed, more sourpuss, out of gas, more erased, more lightless, be draggled, most treadmill, un assertive, dis-contented, matter-of-fact, un-varnished, most transfixed, uneventful, more slow moving, lackadaisical, lacklustre, in-tense, more dogtired, milk-and-water, long-delayed, bereft of life, re-mote, snooziest, over due, in holding pattern, most busted, most mopish, un colored, more worn down, depressive, in effectual, un-smiling, out one feet, stereo-typic, dis gusted, halfhearted, readymade, more bearing, most undermined, white-bread, singsong, burntout, more reiterated, out on feet, bleary, out work, bone-weary, un-energetic, unsharpened, Dog-weary, be-lated, exsanguinous, more laggard, desiccated, more white-bread, unassertive, most desiccant, over-taxed, pro-longed, down, slowmoving, more sagging, more mothballed, most offed, in-curious, dead one's feet, dis armed, dog weary, un concerned, more driveling, most narcoleptic, most waterless, most unvaried, most stressed, in-consolable, morose, over-worked, MOPY, most dragged, most numskulled, more faltering, sombrest, more numbed, stereo typical, re-iterated, sickest, over-cast, more monotone, unvaried, most toneddown, be-sotted, usual thing, un productive, stock still, more immotile, un-sentimental, used up, unintellectual, unready, most snaillike, puts to sleep, poorly lit, more drudging, most done-in, warmed over, unidealistic, low key, bonetired, most fagged, more slumbersome, stagnant, out shape, in-effectual, all over, more driedup, least, well-worn, half asleep, dis-composed, finished, at rest, fatigued, un conscious, un-persevering, unenthusiastic, in firmest, out gas, out one's feet, peakier, most wipedout, uni-form, ho hum, powerless, most nowhere, de-relict, more undermined, gave the ghost, trans fixed, self conscious, un interesting, in attentive, bonedry, un pointed, acheronian, more weakkneed, without incident, most unsentimental, dead on one feet, boresome, in effective, not irrigated, most enfeebled, unstimulating, more vitiated, more deadlocked, un-idealistic, most sullied, going through motions, edentulate, dog-tired, gave up the ghost, draggier, a wrap, out on one's feet, most do nothing, grimfaced, un employed, pro longed, dead tired, out feet, thrown away, most unstimulating, leisurely, un moving, sapless, earthbound, re signed, more chicken, most dried-up, most donothing, sad, un resisting, more saddening, unfunny, most white-bread, more anesthetized, un-sympathetic, dead ones feet, more worndown, wellworn, washed out, chainest, oft repeated, dull, un interested, un-movable, un affected, faint, dogtired, un sharpened, more slaying, snoozy, dis engaged, draggiest, in sipid, gone reward, dry, re strained, tiring, skin bones, asleep on the job, exanimate, more poker faced, in-tensest, puts one to sleep, de sert, most detained, most unpersevering, most dead tired, more discomposed, prosy, more zero, more pabulum, mopier, fair, more nambypamby, poker faced, more playedout, more suffering, more acheronian, inelastic, more bonetired, un-memorable, un-expressive, most lassitudinous, vapid, more blunted, more unidealistic, anguished, laid back, searer, more dirgelike, un-inspiring, more dawdling, in-sentient, more disheartening, pre-patent, de-stroyed, sick of, oft-repeated, in sensible, most vitiated, sick tired, more milk and water, most hard hearted, indolent, wishy washy, most pining, flat as pancake, in terminable, in distinct, more worn-down, prostrate, languid, in-firmer, most halted, most acheronian, more pining, over worked, most nambypamby, more slumbering, un-palatable, de-pendent, doughier, most expended, out of it, most worn-down, funereal, most unlit, stiff, most becalmed, searest, acherontic, no nonsense, most unanimated, hardboiled, more sapless, more hacked, idle, longdelayed, dozier, uncomfortable, namby pamby, over burdened, snaillike, out-of-date, more edentate, most sagging, un-intellectual, most burnt-out, un-inhabited, more singsong, matter life and death, yawner, un smiling, most toned down, more blurred, un-comfortable, most unexpressive, more longdelayed, more discomfited, stretchiest, most evaporated, most fargone, un-ready, prepatent, un expressive, un progressive, most contracted, more unanimated, most disquieted, more used up, de mure, more achromic, down drain, in-elaborate, dry as dust, motionless, in-different, un-ruffled, non violent, no fooling, blahser, impassive, more exanimate, most succeeded, more disarmed, most milquetoast, most namby-pamby, most immotile, cast down, out commission, more uncolored, un steadiest, prosiest, un substantial, most reiterated, waterless, un-cool, drowsy, un energetic, uncool, more unmoistened, more immobilized, bereft life, un-changed, long delayed, whitebread, more fagged, stocker, un-moistened, more ho hum, more deathful, humdrum, most well worn, gone meet maker, with drawn, banausic, most dawdling, un inhabited, long drawn out, more weak kneed, Defunctive, re current, nerdy, white bread, un exciting, more becalmed, broken down, most plodding, cool as cucumber, de relict, most chicken, more postponing, down in dumps, in-expressive, tuckered, more dead-tired, most unintellectual, no more, in-capacitated, having spring fever, blank, lethargic, most exasperated, most cliche, most weak-kneed, under stress, stockstill, down the mouth, out cold, dis passionate, un responsive, more time-consuming, more mopish, un-impassioned, well worn, more easy-going, un steadier, on hold, worn, unhastier, more hurting, with-drawn, most far-gone, Deathful, more expended, dis interested, unexciting, long winded, more nothing, more prepatent, most stalled, deathdealing, in sensate, unreactive, most abused, hard boiled, limp, un animated, puts sleep, de-pressing, draggest, more nebbish, more unvaried, un-industrious, un-occupied, in active, un-easier, dis composed, out service, un curious, mono-tone, in-decisive, un sentimental, in different, spring fever, draggy, more overtired, used-up, more desiccant, slack, lassitudinous, lightless, anesthetized, hard hearted, unsentimental, re-gular, dogweary, out of one's misery, most long delayed, quiet, wastest, Numskulled, un-assertive, inter-minable, more dead beat, most playedout, most unpassioned, samely, most singsong, most whitebread, bland, donein, de parted, uni form, de liberate, most death dealing, more easy going, Mopish, in-scrutable, do nothing, more namby-pamby, re-current, prosier, coldblooded, long faced, more banausic, donothing, most immobilized, un reactive, drawn out, overtaxed, dull as dishwater, in decisive, nononsense, simple minded, de solate, slumbersome, un memorable, un-productive, dis contented, more grim-faced, dead on ones feet, most dog weary.