Pronunciation of Local
/lˈə͡ʊkə͡l/, /lˈə‍ʊkə‍l/, /l_ˈəʊ_k_əl/

Antonyms for local

extra local, vacationists, broad-brush, not domestic, de-rived, incomers, weed, out-of-stater, party crasher, more wall to wall, johnny-come-latelies, weeds, voyager, out comers, uni-versal, un familiar, most transoceanic, fresh boat, in-congruous, more all over, odd one out, excursionist, more all-embracing, un-limited, unknown people, blowins, blow-ins, fresh off the boat, in-compatible, blanket, unknown person, naturalized citizens, visitor, daytripper, all around, be-ginners, far flung, inter mutual, un-related, more intercontinental, journeyer, farreaching, uncharacteristic, jet setters, traveler, un bounded, un-familiar, vacationist, from abroad, outcomers, out side, without charge, inter state, more immigrant, systemic, faraway, strangers, most nationwide, most allembracing, non native, visitors, all out, global, most estranged, more inapposite, worlder, worldwide, more irrelative, more inconsonant, more allover, most unassimilable, across board, more all embracing, odd out, social, adoptive citizen, undocumented aliens, inter-national, un knowns, jet-setters, late arrivals, migratory worker, blow-in, generic, over-seas, more transoceanic, outspread, pre vailing, trans-oceanic, day-tripper, most adopted, all over place, federal, allaround, jetsetters, newcomer, most irrelative, ex-patriate, on large scale, day tripper, extralocal, jet-setter, nonresident, new kid the block, multi national, johnny come lately, liberal, un assimilable, out-comer, most wall-to-wall, itinerant people, in-apposite, more estranged, in accessible, in comers, allembracing, party crashers, new kid on block, tourist, universal, be-ginner, un-known, most nonnative, inter loper, out-comers, undocumented alien, in-comer, broad, Incomer, most all embracing, in-consonant, ex tensive, Transients, on a large scale, foreigner, limited, jetsetter, all over, unfamiliar, foreign bodies, countrywide, opendoor, Non-resident, most federal, out of stater, all-embracing, inter-continental, more unassimilable, uni versal, out spread, not native, out-sider, inter national, more exiled, vacationer, sightseer, fresh the boat, nationwide, un-accustomed, INTER-STATE, far reaching, more adopted, johnny come latelies, allover, migratory workers, most countrywide, more all-over, most extralocal, most all-embracing, uninvited person, allinclusive, far off, most nonresident, itinerant person, across the board, naturalized citizen, all inclusive, more countrywide, non-citizens, un-knowns, non-citizen, un explored, in apposite, unrestricted, most conjunct, most intercontinental, all embracing, multi-national, voyagers, uninvited people, more wall-to-wall, out of staters, foreign, inapposite, journeyers, out-spread, noncitizen, blow in, foreign body, more federal, all-over, Intermutual, re-gular, overall, trans oceanic, non-native, international, re gular, floaters, most inapposite, inter continental, conjunct, in consonant, broad-minded, re-mote, most expatriate, new arrival, most outspread, floater, perfect stranger, johnnies-come-lately, more extralocal, un related, non citizen, more nationwide, most immigrant, express, over seas, immigrant, un-explored, public, worldest, in congruous, Inconsonant, out landers, out-lander, in-comers, in-accessible, day-trippers, un-disputed, documented alien, most wall to wall, more interstate, alien, daytrippers, new arrivals, extra-local, blow ins, be ginner, new kid block, government civic, widespread, out-of-staters, nonnative, national, outsider, be ginners, all over the place, stater, most uncharacteristic, un-restricted, un-assimilable, in-consistent, far fetched, ex patriate, latecomer, perfect strangers, stranger, intercontinental, more outspread, out comer, more nonnative, un-characteristic, un characteristic, un-bounded, jet setter, most allover, out sider, most government, more expatriate, out-landers, unassimilable, interstate, blowin, non resident, in compatible, most intermutual, most interstate, johnnies come lately, extrinsic, inter-mutual, statest, wall-to-wall, general, uninvited persons, adoptive citizens, most all-over, allout, un disputed, de rived, un known, out lander, farflung, most exiled, outcomer, documented aliens, unknowns, day trippers, late arrival, in consistent, unknown persons, un restricted, in comer, most all over, itinerant persons, inter lopers, more nonresident, outlander, common, fresh off boat, transoceanic, un accustomed.