Pronunciation of Lying
/lˈa͡ɪɪŋ/, /lˈa‍ɪɪŋ/, /l_ˈaɪ_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for lying

up for discussion, straight stuffs, uncolored, be lief, more securable, more attached, selfexplanatory, earnest, honest to god truths, unequivocalness, trueness, most unfaked, verisms, outspoken, more unburdened, more confiding, reasonablenesses, conscientious, reputabilities, trueheartednesses, on the up, more unfolded, trustinesses, not posted, ingenuousness, incorruption, dependabilities, true, made passable, abidingnesses, sub-missions, ex-act, Veraciously, saintest, more disclosed, pre-tenseless, most plain-spoken, more unbolted, more unbarred, unequivocalnesses, more undisguised, un sophisticated, there, Undissembling, incorruptions, most attached, trusty, sure-enough, more man-to-man, fair square, law-abiding, reputability, un folded, outspokennesses, un cluttered, uncluttered, simplicity, dis interest, un-wavering, upstanding, more law abiding, dis interestednesses, Ringent, most uncluttered, transparent, candor, un failingness, in dubitable, wholeheartedness, more plain dealing, re-solute, factuality, lay it on line, un-settled, trustable, straight stuff, dependability, truenesses, verity, trueheartedness, unfailingness, non partisan, most above board, most flat out, loyalty, un-changeableness, in-corruptibilities, ingenuousnesses, un prejudiced, un-equivocal, re liability, respectable, trustiness, dis-passionate, more straight-arrow, boy scout, in-corruptnesses, staunchnesses, sincerity, direct, re-gular, un-biased, call a spade a spade, un barred, un-doubted, more sure enough, most uncolored, veracity, credulity, call a spade spade, on end, dehiscent, dis interested, more undissembled, naturalism, un-cluttered, most unburdened, honestnesses, most flatout, non discriminatory, up rightnesses, most law abiding, de termination, un varnished, un-corrupted, re-liablest, un shut, un-failingness, un-deniable, fly right, most heart-to-heart, self-respects, dis passionatenesses, re cognizable, opendoor, de-terminations, un pretended, in corruptness, in-corruptions, most rent, un-qualified, in-corruptness, lay on the line, most up-front, lawabiding, in corruptions, evenhandednesses, more law-abiding, more lawabiding, more right-on, on up and up, un-mistakable, honorable, incorruptness, lay it the line, Objectiveness, more stand-up, true-heartedness, single-mindedness, non partisanships, fair mindedness, clear cut, trans parent, dis-passionatenesses, un stopped, most sure enough, candid, most getable, most righton, honesty, behind one, un-colored, square deals, open, sincere, dis interests, no lie, end on, more right on, truthfulness, un wavering, upfront, therest, re liabler, stand-up, un-swerving, un-feigned, truthful, in-nocent, dis-interests, de-voted, more bare-faced, most standup, integrity, more agape, un-restricted, de cent, un impeded, dis passions, most unfolded, forthrightnesses, un bolted, more straight arrow, just, most upfront, principled, more plain-dealing, sub mission, dis passionateness, on up, un-pretended, un deniable, most stand up, dis-passionateness, telling like it is, fairmindedness, de-termination, un furled, plainspoken, un-equivocalness, re-spects, most plain dealing, most right on, getable, re-liability, straightforwardnesses, flatout, most pretenseless, credulities, truth telling, in-corruptibility, subjection, most patulous, most trustable, more straightarrow, re liablest, un occupied, re-spect, more man to man, probity, more up-front, more squareshooting, out righter, most peeled, un changeableness, Undissembled, un-equivocalnesses, lay it on the line, unstopped, selfrespect, heart-to-heart, on the up up, dyed in the wool, de voted, un-faked, truth, re gular, un swerving, most straight-arrow, easily seen, like it i, ethical, on up up, ex act, unpretended, un-occupied, abidingness, more recognizable, more flat out, single-mindednesses, Securable, more trustable, up-ended, most unsealed, telling it like it is, un-burdened, trueblue, high minded, in corruptibility, ex-tended, openmindedness, more rent, bluntness, dis passionate, pre tenseless, unfailingnesses, true-heartednesses, un failingnesses, un-dissembled, lay the line, singlemindednesses, lay on line, honorableness, incorruptibility, more standup, un-concealed, lay it line, re velations, open and shut, plainne, most unshut, un-blocked, more unfaked, dutifulness, dis-interest, dependable, self respect, standup, out-right, un-questionable, most expanded, more upended, decent, facticity, more getable, most unstopped, right-minded, re velation, guilelessnesses, most squareshooting, non-partisanships, most unpretended, most agape, more heart to heart, un conditional, up in air, most dehiscent, un equivocal, dis passion, un faked, up ended, veracious, nondiscriminatory, most right-on, most frontal, most recognizable, un doubted, square, plain dealing, bluntnesses, straightforward, sincerenesses, forthrightness, faith, from the hip, fair, staunchness, out right, most truthtelling, more truth telling, trans-parent, reputable, un-locked, re-velations, un-failing, un settled, un feigned, un resolved, more bare faced, up right, ingenuous, impeccabilities, un-stopped, un-disguised, un-failingnesses, laid on the line, glasnost, upended, most ringent, most truth telling, honest, un erring, bona fideses, more ringent, dis-closed, more undesigning, most straightarrow, most emptied, un changing, un-impeded, right up front, straight from shoulder, un obstructed, most undissembled, un equivocalness, call spade a spade, yet to be decided, Patulous, most plain spoken, in violability, wellknown, more up front, in-violability, most upended, unchangeableness, Impeccability, in-dubitable, un changeablenesses, dis-passions, string along with, man-to-man, unburdened, bare faced, fidelity, de-cent, most square-shooting, more flat-out, un disguised, on the up and up, openness, Sincereness, on level, moral, most unbolted, re-velation, most lawabiding, righton, more unshut, more unplugged, un-shut, wholeheartednesses, most disclosed, on the and up, most square shooting, dis closed, spread out, verism, directnesses, more peeled, straightness, most law-abiding, right-on, un ambiguous, dis interestedness, most straight arrow, in-decisive, single mindedness, most stand-up, un colored, un failing, more cocked, plainnes, in-corruption, laid the line, square deal, most cocked, un biased, re solutions, re solute, out rightest, incorruptnesses, un-reserved, devotednesses, most bare faced, glasnosts, trustworthinesses, up-front, un-furled, re spects, upright, up-rightness, more expanded, nonpartisanship, on target, more above board, un-varnished, most truth-telling, non partisanship, un-plugged, straight-arrow, more undissembling, more plaindealing, un locked, repute, square shooting, unfaked, sub-mission, dutifulnesses, like i, un committed, ex posed, constancy, true heartedness, sureenough, un qualified, most unfurled, most unplugged, more dehiscent, Pretenseless, true heartednesses, un dissembled, most revealed, honestness, un designing, even handed, straightarrow, most above-board, non-partisanship, clearcut, dis-interestednesses, in question, frank, bare-faced, plain spoken, re-cognizable, re spect, law abiding, un-changeablenesses, trustworthy, re-liable, well known, call spade spade, un inhibited, in-corruptible, in decisive, un mistakable, un-barred, most undesigning, in violabilities, most bare-faced, righteous, saying what one thinks, most confiding, self explanatory, rocker, dis-interested, most sure-enough, ex tensive, un-conditional, un burdened, un-folded, more truthtelling, undisguised, un equivocalnesses, guilelessness, rockest, directness, most nondiscriminatory, un concealed, be-lief, most heart to heart, more square shooting, up air, more uncolored, un-inhibited, evenhandedness, like is, impartial, de terminations, trustworthiness, telling like is, saying what thinks, virtuous, more heart-to-heart, fairness, outspokenness, level headed, re moved, sub missions, more unfurled, most undissembling, un-changing, straightnesses, up standing, hard core, up-standing, squareshooting, devotedness, sooth, more upfront, more patulous, more pretenseless, in nocent, most flat-out, un-prejudiced, dis-passion, highminded, more uncluttered, more frontal, re-liabilities, on deck, plaindealing, dis-interestedness, re-solution, non-partisan, more stand up, in corruptibilities, ex tended, in corruption, what you see is what you get, honest-to-god truths, be had, matter of fact, more righton, up-rightnesses, reasonableness, more flatout, un impeachable, telling it like is, singlemindedness, man to man, on up-and-up, up-right, straight out, honest to god truth, yet be decided, straightforwardness, unbolted, un-committed, Unshut, more truth-telling, un dissembling, right front, in corruptnesses, most up front, more above-board, un covered, out-spoken, out spoken, more emptied, truthtelling, up rightness, tried true, up the air, re-liabler, most undisguised, sure enough, equity, sainter, un-obstructed, Overtly, most yawning, out-righter, frankness, scrupulous, single mindednesses, lay line, more unpretended, straightout, give and take, re-solutions, in corruptible, always there, on and up, truth-telling, unchangeablenesses, un-impeachable, un restricted, ex-posed, un sealed, most man to man.