Pronunciation of Main
/mˈe͡ɪn/, /mˈe‍ɪn/, /m_ˈeɪ_n/

Antonyms for main

bellyfuls, overplus, subordinate, more button, sub-best, un-touched, unimportant, smallfry, more under, un-consumed, one more, re liefer, surfeit, most subaltern, over-muches, more adjuvant, minor, triceps, islet, remains, un-wanted, sur plusser, upper arm, most substract, over-fullness, common, extra, ell, icest, Leavings, bushleague, bicepses, most adjuvant, re-lief, more subnormal, co-incident, more secondstring, most for, unconsumed, over fullness, leftover, most uneaten, more adjunctive, reliefest, secondfiddle, de pendent, most under, minorleague, more second-string, un-equal, extra-ordinary, most second-fiddle, sub best, mild, ex-tension, co ordinate, more accessory, more lagniappe, over abundance, subsidiary, most backup, ex-tensions, bellyful, second-string, pro-fusion, co-ordinate, under-average, small fry, most reserve, over-flows, over-indulgence, super-abundances, adjuvant, ordinary, in considerable, most gingerbread, small-fry, sub ordinate, most small-fry, most adjunctive, in store, up here, most second-string, trifling, most secondfiddle, un equal, perkest, un-eaten, arm, more assistant, in significant, un-used, over kill, more second string, de-pendent, confirmatory, most confirmatory, more small-fry, most incident, over-flow, supporting, un touched, more secondfiddle, trivial, adjunctive, ex tensions, inferior, gingerbread, sub-normal, negligible, more reserve, sub alternate, branchest, most lagniappe, most satellite, more abetting, be yond, sub divisions, over-kills, dependent, over muches, least, re lief, most accessory, over indulgence, uneaten, more for, flappers, subber, most assistant, sub-division, perker, insignificant, small time, sub-altern, re-liefest, sub-divisions, over and above, over fullnesses, re-liefer, bi-ceps, over flow, inconsequential, un wanted, appurtenant, nonessential, most small fry, bi ceps, in-essential, over kills, most appurtenant, not lineal, flapper, Subalternate, more unconsumed, over-abundances, un consumed, overkills, more backup, sub division, most subalternate, gravier, Overfullness, Brancher, most tributory, more subaltern, sub altern, flippers, overpluses, un-necessary, secondary, un needed, sub-alternate, more gingerbread, overfullnesses, fusser, more appurtenant, sub missive, auxiliary, Tributaries, last, over-abundance, biceps, most smallfry, more aiding, in-considerable, upper arms, over-fullnesses, projection, un eaten, more second-fiddle, up to here, super abundances, island, flipper, super-numerary, sur-plussest, more incident, most another, more tributory, most underaverage, more substract, over abundances, second-fiddle, co-operative, residuum, slight, sub-ordinate, more underaverage, ex tension, most beyond, un-needed, more smallfry, most abetting, reliefer, over indulgences, more beyond, inconsiderable, over much, isle, firth, more uneaten, extra ordinary, over above, re serve, sub normal, underaverage, sectors, odds and ends, in essential, firths, more small fry, unnecessary, un necessary, sur-plusser, tricepses, under average, re-serve, over-kill, inessential, most unconsumed, Substract, co incident, be-yond, sur plussest, pro fusions, super-abundance, balance, collateral, most aiding, over flows, un-important, more confirmatory, super numerary, overkill, pro-fusions, more satellite, usual, most second string, co operative, more another, subbest, re-lated.