Pronunciation of Malevolence
/məlˈɛvələns/, /məlˈɛvələns/, /m_ə_l_ˈɛ_v_ə_l_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for malevolence

civility, generosity, Agapae, aid, humaneness, CARITAS, mercifulness, re lief, charity, freehandedness, softheartednesses, high mindednesses, large heartedness, adoration, broadmindednesses, broadmindedness, friendship, mercy, loving, mis fortune, large heas, largesse, free givings, agreement, understanding, liking, broad mindedness, writeoffs, large-hea, pro-fusions, liberalness, pity, un-sparingnesses, dis-tresses, worship, hospitality, kindness, alms giving, great heartedness, condolements, high mindedness, shot in the arm, Permissivenesses, goodwill, empathy, compassionateness, largeheartedness, concord, largehea, benevolence, shot in arm, sympathy, Gifting, mis-fortunes, almsgivings, lifesaver, tenderheartedness, alms givings, amicability, agapai, un selfishness, co operations, courtesy, shot arm, broad-mindedness, pro fusions, mis chance, un sparingnesses, dis tress, dis tresses, Sympathies, love, ministration, re-lief, highmindedness, softheartedness, dis-position, Palates, dis-tress, pro-fusion, good will, dis-positions, heart, under-standing, bountifulness, all heart, cordiality, crying shame, charitableness, Condolement, shot the arm, lenience, openhandedness, high-mindednesses, sufferances, giftings, under-standings, passion, infatuation, compassionatenesses, noblenesses, kindliness, under standings, friendliness, alms-givings, leg up, liberality, regard, caritases, Almsgiving, ardor, alms-giving, mis fortunes, co-operations, bigheartedness, benefaction, hand outs, devotion, leg ups, veneration, co operation, hand-out, liberalnesses, like, harmony, write offs, Comities, pro-motion, amity, lifesavers, magnanimousness, comity, large hea, broad-mindednesses, under standing, dis position, crying shames, big heartedness, all hearts, sufferance, permissiveness, alliance, tenderheartednesses, pro motions, un sparingness, un-sparingness, co-operation, un-selfishness, grace, un selfishnesses, amiability, bounteousness, mis chances, writeoff, dis positions, hand-outs, humanenesses, affection, broad mindednesses, Nobleness.