Pronunciation of Mediocre
/mˌiːdɪˈə͡ʊkə/, /mˌiːdɪˈə‍ʊkə/, /m_ˌiː_d_ɪ__ˈəʊ_k_ə/

Antonyms for mediocre

in consistent, more unapproached, most solidgold, Unapproached, un-ordinary, first-rate, firstrate, more unparagoned, un ordinary, hype, first rate, all time, in comparable, beyond compare, un paragoned, supreme, lacking, topser, solidgold, un-approached, incomparable, un commoner, blue-ribbon, primo, special, topsest, extra ordinary, uncustomary, out of sight, peerless, more solidgold, sensational, un-customary, first class, un usual, unheard of, in frequent, most nonpareil, giltedge, more world class, un-equaled, superior, un rivaled, most first rate, out-standing, un equaled, un customary, unheardof, most solid-gold, second none, second to none, un-paralleled, un-exampled, matchless, world-class, more world-class, refined, worldclass, in-frequent, un-matched, tasteful, most unexampled, wizard, topping, excellent, un approached, more solid-gold, wanting, polished, extraordinary, solid gold, handsome, un thinkable, insufficient, optimum, un-rivaled, in-comparable, more giltedge, extra-ordinary, most giltedge, most unapproached, most worldclass, more worldclass, more uncustomary, firstclass, unusual, gilt edge, un imaginable, un-imaginable, most gilt edge, exceptional, world class, un-thinkable, A1, un commonest, inadequate, most world class, alltime, Gilt-edge, most uncustomary, handcrafted, boss, un surpassed, in-consistent, most solid gold, in-imitable, un-common, un-paragoned, more solid gold, maximum, un-usual, Unparagoned, unexampled, in imitable, optimal, un common, more nonpareil, un exampled, most unparagoned, un-surpassed, un paralleled, more unexampled, most world-class, un-commoner, more gilt edge, solid-gold, out standing, high-grade, different.