Pronunciation of Melancholy
/mˈɛlənkˌɒli/, /mˈɛlənkˌɒli/, /m_ˈɛ_l_ə_n_k_ˌɒ_l_i/

Antonyms for melancholy

more humdinger, contentment, selfglorification, de-lighted, selfconfidence, mindless, cheer, uplifting, cheerful, rejoicing, self glorification, joyfulness, admiration, thrilled, frivolity, enjoyable, sugarplums, hopeful, Bonnes bouches, high spiritses, re creation, warm fuzzies, blissfulness, delicacy, beguilement, cant complain, gayness, pride joys, merry-making, self trusts, Dainties, good natured, farcical, springy, knee-slapper, exultings, re-dress, ex-cited, up-beat, more joyous, re gales, de sires, sunny, jubilant, huzzahs, sportive, pride joy, fun gameses, Self-admiration, conviviality, silliness, frivolousness, Elatedness, zippy, flying high, wonderment, revelry, jauntiness, good times, final courses, turnons, lots of laughs, most bucked, sugarplum, gasser, most winsome, selfglorifications, self trust, pleasure, de-sire, re creations, de lights, Fooleries, re-creation, selflove, exhilaration, frothiness, lightsome, intoxication, lots laughs, most side splitting, hurrays, happy-go-lucky, amusement, cheerfulness, propitiations, more gelastic, lots laugh, Light-heartedness, self love, decent, merry making, teasings, thoughtless, joyances, good cheers, high spirits, gusto, jollification, selfrespect, pleasing, fun games, heartwarming, Valuing, merry makings, full pep, relish, blow outs, self indulgence, pride, fruition, hurray, most humdinger, euphoria, spirited, selfworths, re gale, zappier, confiture, Elysiums, beatitude, pride and joy, re dresses, specials, zappiest, jaunty, encouraged, final course, more killing, sunny side up, rhapsody, goodhumored, re gards, re-gale, over-joyed, self sufficiency, Self-trust, most gladdened, easygoing, heaven, smiling, walking air, perky, mirth, confidence, selfindulgence, dis-tractions, benefit, re-solutions, good humored, zingy, light heartedness, devil-may-care, Leisure Activities, pleasantly surprised, contentednesses, chirpy, happiness, self satisfaction, more bucked, un usual, elation, good spirit, gladdenings, self glorifications, whoopees, can't complain, most captivated, self-trusts, re dress, careless, re laxations, walking on air, knee slapper, optimistic, at onenesses, felicity, grinning, boon, merriment, self-indulgence, joviality, de lighted, chirpiest, whoopee, heartened, self regard, at-oneness, jauntinesses, clambakes, in good spirits, most jocund, self-admirations, most joyous, re lief, de-lights, heartiest, Buoyed, satisfaction, flightiness, gleefulness, self-worth, unthinking, treat, Palates, over joyed, animated, agreeable, amourpropre, joyousnesses, more captivated, Gluttonies, hysterics, Leisure Activity, velleity, most jocose, atoneness, light-mindedness, jollity, Divertissement, selfsatisfaction, witty, for grins, merriness, most sportive, gluttony, bliss, selfsufficiency, side splitting, excited, self admiration, re-dresses, merry-makings, contentedness, peppy, merrymakings, kneeslapper, seventh heaven, exhilarating, content, paradise, gaiety, frisky, exuberant, more knee-slapper, overjoyed, most kneeslapper, pride and joys, self esteem, un-usual, goodnatured, facetious, chocolate, most gelastic, blessedness, glee, turn ons, lots of laugh, more up, re cognition, Sprightful, most gladsome, cavalier, sur prises, turn-on, lively, brainless, merry go rounds, zappy, savories, funnier, rapture, more knee slapper, wingding, full of pep, sprightly, most knee-slapper, riotest, awe, mirthfulness, vivacious, looking good, Regalement, more kneeslapper, thrilling, more gladsome, at oneness, more antic, radiance, selfadmiration, dis-traction, re-solution, ravishments, sur-prises, unconcerned, ecstasy, selfesteem, hilarious, re-gard, most entranced, most up, field day, joy, playful, dis traction, rioter, pleasant, exultant, blow out, hopefulness, self confidence, energetic, hopefulnesses, excitement, delighted, funny, good spirits, inspiring, zest, pleasings, play, blessing, insouciant, flippant, gratification, sweetmeats, merriments, beguilements, good cheer, re-lief, levity, de sire, gassest, hysteric, most killing, self admirations, cheerinesses, delight, heartening, laughable, turn-ons, re-laxations, happy, joyance, transport, side-splitting, merrymaking, self respect, well being, jokings, joyful, selftrusts, de-light, divertissements, re laxation, stimulating, Gelastic, re-laxation, lighthearted, self-glorification, more side splitting, ravishment, confitures, wellbeing, sur prise, re cognitions, chocolates, re-cognition, more side-splitting, marvelings, most screaming, dis tractions, gladdened, sweet, more entranced, bouncing, re-gales, jocundity, gladness, cloud nine, sanguine, bright, regalements, more gladdened, re solutions, delectation, selfworth, up beat, atonenesses, self worths, selfregard, joyousness, ex cited, clambake, most blest, zingiest, at-onenesses, entertainment, wingdings, carefree, fun and gameses, light-heartednesses, flippancy, self worth, most side-splitting, exuberance, advantage, peace mind, facetiousness, gaming, joyrides, gay, astonishment, wonder, snappy, re-creations, above, screaming, cheering, sweetmeat, gladsome, field days, stirring, turnon, welcome, more screaming, in high spirits, enjoyment, vital, most antic, self-worths, prizings, rosy, de-sires, de light, foolery, sur-prise, self-glorifications, merry go round, most knee slapper, chirpier, Rhapsodies, fun and games, unreflective, amazement, good fortune, Bonne bouche, Cheeriness.