Mis take

Pronunciation of Mis Take
/mˈɪs tˈe͡ɪk/, /mˈɪs tˈe‍ɪk/, /m_ˈɪ_s t_ˈeɪ_k/

Antonyms for mis take

confidence, remembrance, prudence, discern, justice, solution, concurrence, equity, caution, succeed, system, boon, fact, euphoria, design, neatness, enough, win, success, do well, plan, tidy, frankness, evidence, explicate, comprehend, sense, certainty, tidiness, stoppage, failure, order, impartiality, source, reality, aid, exclude, be certain, flattery, intelligence, conformity, apprehend, clearness, understand, divide, relief, satisfaction, ignorance, orientation, comprehension, untwist, be sure, arrange, cessation, delight, morality, honor, line, enlighten, tranquility, recollection, understanding, clean up, improvement, refusal, attention, agreement, strength, simplicity, method, right, organization, perfect, good luck, miracle, achieve, correct, being, fairness, cause, grasp, uncomplicate, repose, construe, contentment, idleness, inactivity, praise, good deed, normality, clarity, clarify, pleasure, seriousness, carefulness, help, carriage, respect, inertia, calm, explain, truth, unmix, judge well, calmness, peace, strong point, good fortune, proof, usualness, interpret, advantage, good, honesty, meeting, closure, benefit, encouragement, sameness, quiet, untangle, accuracy, standard, ease, harmony, regularity, fix, triumph, facing, composure, neaten, figure, clear up, perceive, plenty, circumspection, boldness, blank, profit, correctness, truthfulness, favor, care, perfection, denial, surety, thoughtfulness, calculation, goodness, disbelieve, get, compliment, blessing, correction, uprightness, wonder, directness, concord, sufficiency, abundance, attainment, actuality, judgment, achievement, cleanliness, accomplish, soundness, organize, rest, perception, separate, wisdom, boost, openness, comfort, obedience, happiness, virtue, scheme, kindness, expectation, stagnation, wiseness, convenience, same.