Pronunciation of Mollify
/mˈɒlɪfˌa͡ɪ/, /mˈɒlɪfˌa‍ɪ/, /m_ˈɒ_l_ɪ_f_ˌaɪ/

Antonyms for mollify

hurt, stepped on one toes, burn up, steamed up, incense, de-graded, grow, snitting, ex cite, dis pleased, wast at, dis-obliges, re pulsed, irk, gave a zinger, steps on toes, dis honor, wrought on, were on the back of, cuts to the quick, Tiffed, get under one skin, gat on one nerves, prolong, infuriate, injure, dis-honoring, step one toes, lose ones temper, gat a rise out of, be leaguering, drive up the wall, up set, out raged, in flaming, re volt, am at, dis-appoint, dis appoints, gat someone's goat, stepped toes, be-devilled, distress, burns up, out rage, getting on ones nerves, gave zinger, de grading, t offs, getting in one's hair, get one's hair, making sore, get someone's goat, ex-cites, gotten in one's hair, gets ones goat, drove up the wall, in commodes, dis-contented, dis-praises, under-estimates, hit where one lives, de riding, were at, working on, got on one nerves, wert at, drive the wall, dis temper, stirred up, be leaguer, pushing button, cutting to the quick, work on, ticking off, dis praised, Dispraising, give a zinger, out-raged, re pulses, be-devil, dis satisfy, gat on nerves, being at, is on the back of, got nerves, gat on ones nerves, dis commode, up-setting, toffed, kindle, drave the wall, snitted, give hard time, vex, dis-pleased, giving hard time, nettle, get under skin, bug, get rise out of, curdled, harm, intensify, got on nerves, gives a zinger, rub wrong way, step on one toes, in-commodes, dis-satisfy, wast back of, dis contents, in-crease, ex-asperating, ex cited, ex asperates, got to, de-press, gotten someones goat, dis-praising, affront, ex-cite, dis-contenting, dis satisfies, getting someone goat, put down, umbraged, stepped one's toes, gotten ones goat, de-grading, art disagreeable, dis satisfied, needling, get goat, am on back of, gotten one goat, giving a bad time, is the back of, makes waves, am the back of, increase, in-conveniences, fire up, stepping one's toes, dis-honor, dis-tress, ruffle, toffing, expand, stepping one toes, made sore, ex acerbating, drave wall, de-presses, in censed, dis pleases, de graded, gat ones nerves, gat rise out of, Nettles, rankle, gat hair, get ones nerves, gets one nerves, dis-contents, art back of, t-offing, driving wall, dis satisfying, dis tempers, de pressing, get a rise out of, getting one's goat, was at, giving business, dis contenting, wast on the back of, in-creases, gotten goat, got on one's nerves, be devilling, dis please, upset, getting in ones hair, peeve, dis honors, zinged, steps one's toes, Discontenting, wert on the back of, be devilled, ex asperate, gets in ones hair, got one's nerves, drive up wall, pushed button, in crease, getting someones goat, dis-tempering, be-deviling, burning up, dis obliges, get someones goat, get one's nerves, gives a hard time, give cold shoulder, dis-oblige, get in ones hair, dis obliging, burnt up, gat in one hair, under-estimated, re-volt, trouble, dis-gusted, be on the back of, get mad, gets one's hair, trying one patience, get, out rages, dis gust, steps one toes, dis-pleasing, in-censing, gets rise out of, depress, gotten nerves, make sore, t-offs, get on nerves, in-flames, wert back of, gat in one's hair, grates on, dumped on, be-leaguer, were the back of, being disagreeable, under estimated, makes sore, dis gusts, dis-tresses, gat one goat, step on toes, gat in hair, re-sents, ask for it, dis honoring, be deviled, gets someones goat, rub one wrong way, am on the back of, t offing, gotten one nerves, put out, heats up, get in one hair, steps on ones toes, making waves, de-grades, miffed, getting a rise out of, gat ones goat, wert on back of, harass, wast the back of, dis-obliged, ex-acerbating, get someone goat, Distempering, give the business, de-rides, getting on nerves, step on one's toes, ex-asperate, got ones hair, drove up wall, be-leaguered, getting nerves, toff, ex-acerbated, burned up, fret, gotten on ones nerves, get ones hair, got one nerves, dis-pleases, incite, got in hair, stepping ones toes, boiling over, extend, toffs, cut the quick, getting rise out of, give zinger, picks on, rile, gotten to, impair, got goat, in conveniences, dis quiet, drave up the wall, rouse, Hacking, got ones nerves, get nerves, try the patience of, gat one's nerves, drives the wall, de presses, rubbed one wrong way, works on, were disagreeable, Dispraised, dis content, de pressed, got rise out of, dis-satisfying, dis-quiets, de grades, be back of, ex-asperated, de-pressing, trying the patience of, dis quiets, dis tempered, dis-praised, trying ones patience, raised hell, getting hair, got someone's goat, dis-honored, try one's patience, getting one goat, de-pressed, dis praising, getting on one's nerves, getting to, boils over, dis contented, getting on one nerves, was back of, cutting quick, gets one's nerves, de ride, gets ones nerves, steaming up, tried ones patience, get to, offend, dis-appoints, re-pulsing, heat up, anger, agitate, gets a rise out of, in flames, getting in one hair, are disagreeable, gat one's goat, was on the back of, gat one's hair, gets one goat, gotten one hair, in-cense, Tiffing, give business, stir, raise hell, up-sets, gives business, gotten someone's goat, re sents, were back of, hitting where one lives, are at, dis-honors, ire, enlarge, dumps on, in cense, insult, gotten on nerves, dis-temper, get one goat, gat ones hair, worry, gotten hair, trying patience, ticked off, harry, hit where lives, stepping on one toes, gets hair, giving a zinger, dis-gusts, Bumming, are the back of, in-flame, getting one's nerves, step one's toes, under-estimate, ex asperating, steps toes, re-pulsed, dis tressed, are back of, be devils, gets in one hair, boiled over, dis-appointed, gets on one nerves, umbraging, de basing, getting one's hair, bother, step ones toes, drove wall, de-based, hits where lives, Distempered, aggravate, be deviling, gat one nerves, gat in ones hair, re-vile, raise, got one's goat, in flame, dis oblige, tried patience, got someone goat, gotten one's goat, gotten rise out of, stepping on one's toes, madden, driving up wall, arouse, steam up, drives wall, grated on, goosing, curdling, displease, pushes button, gotten on one nerves, trying one's patience, gotten in one hair, raising hell, provoke, tries one's patience, under estimates, driving the wall, cuts the quick, gat to, dis appointed, dis-obliging, driving up the wall, up sets, drove the wall, under-estimating, dis-please, in censes, steps ones toes, tries patience, dis gusted, cutting to quick, ticks off, got in one hair, dis pleasing, outrage, were on back of, gave a hard time, gotten in hair, turned one off, dis-appointing, get in one's hair, goosed, de-grade, try one patience, getting in hair, de base, out-raging, dis obliged, gives zinger, dis-gusting, re-pulses, in-censed, art the back of, gets in hair, stir up, giving a hard time, re-sent, asking for it, re-volts, irritate, hitting where lives, dis appoint, gets nerves, be the back of, worked on, gets on one's nerves, turning one off, get on one's nerves, firing up, in creasing, in flamed, drave up wall, getting ones goat, gat someone goat, ex citing, get one's goat, needle, getting ones nerves, gotten someone goat, step toes, get on one nerves, re volts, drives up wall, heating up, re vile, exasperate, drives up the wall, make waves, try patience of, rubbing one wrong way, gets on nerves, ex-asperates, rubs one the wrong way, in-convenience, de-base, gets one hair, under estimate, gotten a rise out of, be leaguered, get ones goat, being the back of, is back of, dis commodes, being on the back of, was on back of, ex acerbated, sharpen, dis praise, giving the business, heated up, asked for it, tried one's patience, getting ones hair, in-flamed, cut to quick, gotten on one's nerves, got ones goat, de-basing, ex-cited, cut to the quick, gat on one's nerves, get one nerves, in creases, gets on ones nerves, up setting, gets ones hair, tries ones patience, gets someone goat, cutting the quick, dis-commode, be-devilling, dis-quieted, dis-gust, be-leaguering, dis-commodes, turns one off, dis praises, dis-tressed, gooses, tried patience of, dis tempering, am back of, Bummed, irritates, dis honored, cross, give a hard time, gall, get one hair, stepped on toes, steps on one's toes, tried one patience, being on back of, ex cites, are on the back of, gat mad, boil over, gat someones goat, stepping on ones toes, gives bad time, in-creased, are on back of, dis-tempers, tick off, gave a bad time, dis tresses, fires up, de-riding, heighten, step on ones toes, ex acerbate, asks for it, getting one hair, miff, tries the patience of, exacerbate, be devil, is on back of, giving zinger, gat one hair, wigged, dis-tempered, stepped one toes, get under ones skin, gets one's goat, was the back of, dis gusting, grating on, getting goat, stirs up, gives a bad time, ex-acerbates, cut quick, de-ride, is at, gat goat, wast disagreeable, stirring up, am disagreeable, dis-content, out-rage, dumping on, dispraises, in-censes, gets to, dis quieted, gave hard time, in commode, got mad, develop, be-deviled, lose one temper, be at, be leaguers, cuts quick, out raging, get on ones nerves, was disagreeable, dis-quieting, burn, got hair, gotten ones nerves, rubbing one the wrong way, be-leaguers, getting one nerves, be on back of, excite, Winging, nag, pique, dis-satisfied, t off, gets goat, de rides, gives hard time, try ones patience, art at, Hacked, up-set, out-rages, got in one's hair, gotten mad, hits where one lives, de press, give a bad time, stepping on toes, dispraise, rubs one wrong way, gotten one's nerves, gives the business, is disagreeable, blistered, stepped ones toes, worsen, dis-praise, dis-satisfies, got a rise out of, gets someone's goat, raises hell, cuts to quick, being back of, fan, give bad time, dis-quiet, tries one patience, de grade, tries patience of, de based, drive wall, slight, wert the back of, gat nerves, dis quieting, encounter, re pulsing, tried the patience of, wast on back of, dis tress, wigging, be disagreeable, got on ones nerves, dump on, re sent, dis appointing, be-devils, gave the business, got in ones hair.