Pronunciation of Nadir
/nˈadi͡ə/, /nˈadi‍ə/, /n_ˈa_d_iə/

Antonyms for nadir

conspicuities, head, crowning points, pourboire, point, cap, utmost degree, good health, high-water mark, BERMS, ceiling, finial, Vertices, optimums, climax, best days, uttermost, finest point, blow offs, out skirts, highest point, high spots, the end, vertex, greatest point, Sublimities, ex-tents, aigrette, intensification, conspicuousnesses, flowerings, crowning touches, eminence, flood tide, stiletto, Capsheaf, caruncles, foreland, crag, springtime, pourboires, upland, pre-eminence, awn, nib, up there, first places, eskers, ex tents, Manes, TORS, markednesses, aiguilles, altitude, highest points, cockscombs, up surge, in clines, finials, tip-top, first place, crown, Conspicuity, flower, one ways, day, apogee, cappers, highwater mark, mane, Capper, prominence, sticker, zenith, out-skirt, capsheaves, upper extremities, utmost degrees, high, hummocks, rising ground, chines, summit, one way, fastigia, Sweeteners, blow off, apex, utmosts, roof, in-cline, capstone, ex tent, all way, stickers, good healths, sur face, aigrettes, taluses, markedness, superficies, pin points, up surges, re cord, high spot, crowning touch, top, pricklers, Head-line, sur faces, all the way, capstones, fastigiums, maxis, Butte, sublimity, crags, upper extremity, Aiguille, up-surges, crescendo, mosts, the ends, conspicuousness, Esker, AWNS, hummock, prime, highland, crest, extreme, Tali, greatest points, forelands, caruncle, stilettoes, solstice, hill, in cline, fastigium, maximum, finest points, one-ways, tiptops, pinnacle, up theres, ridge, pre eminences, high points, spire, maxes, cusp, tassel, OPTIMA, culmination, high point, head lines, tip, ultimates, prickler, bloom, solstices, re-cord, Downs, peak, sur-face, re cords, cockscomb, max, best day, re-cords, tassels, pre-eminences, ex-tent, salad days, horns, toppers, out skirt, meridian, edge, greatests, tor, crowning point, sweetener, rising grounds, chine, buttes, in-clines, uplands, out-skirts, pre eminence, one-way, horn, heyday, glory, Berm, height, up-surge.