Pronunciation of Negate
/nɪɡˈe͡ɪt/, /nɪɡˈe‍ɪt/, /n_ɪ_ɡ_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for negate

insist, rubberstamp, sanction, hast a lock on, prove, uphold, mandate, cross heart, crosses heart, swearing up and down, de-clares, crossing heart, legislate, haddest lock on, saying so, permit, authenticate, putting ice, enact, nails down, locking up, hadst a lock on, de-clare, locks up, start, rubber-stamped, swear on bible, pass, swearing bible, sware down, rubber stamped, haddest a lock on, announce, order, agree, lock up, affirm, assist, nailing down, re-peat, swearing down, having lock on, swearing up down, sware and down, put on ice, re peats, swearing and down, re-peats, swear down, endorse, ice, swore on bible, ratify, save, having a lock on, embrace, go along, swear up and down, prescribe, had lock on, credit, pro-fess, legitimate, approve, swear up down, putting on ice, swears down, swearing on bible, had a lock on, rubber-stamps, rubberstamps, sware up down, lay down, have a lock on, swear and down, aid, swears up down, authorize, de clares, validate, espouse, swore bible, formalize, institute, rubberstamped, say so, said so, has a lock on, re peat, rubber-stamping, clear, verify, swears on bible, puts ice, help, submit, establish, warrant, swear bible, corroborate, iced, puts on ice, rubberstamping, swore up down, hadst lock on, legalize, sware up and down, has lock on, allow, decree, keep, hast lock on, legitimize, put ice, hath lock on, Cinching, command, crossed heart, DO, pro fesses, swears bible, locked up, support, sware on bible, swears up and down, pro fess, found, Cinched, nailed down, pro-fesses, hath a lock on, sware bible, have lock on, claim, confirm, trust, de clare, accept, adopt, own, swore down, swore up and down, believe, says so, swore and down, swears and down.