Pronunciation of Negligence
/nˈɛɡlɪd͡ʒəns/, /nˈɛɡlɪd‍ʒəns/, /n_ˈɛ_ɡ_l_ɪ_dʒ_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for negligence

stew, de liberation, out-lines, selfmasteries, attention, re-flection, Devotement, in-convenience, pre sentiments, dis-may, ex-position, Retainment, fore-thought, dynamism, protectings, de creases, self command, fore warnings, self-mastery, sustainment, academic works, re-commendations, Wardship, thriftiness, intent, retainments, self restraint, dis composures, in tents, good taste, Re-search, discharge, re cognitions, affection, re-views, memorial services, re spects, de-liberations, safety measure, scrimpings, safety measures, re-view, watchfulness, sedulousness, de-finitude, dis-satisfactions, super-visions, fore-sight, tribulation, perlustrations, re searches, wiretaps, self control, precaution, Long-sightedness, rumination, hell pay, bons mots, Surveyance, fretfulness, up-keep, good sense, self-condemnations, un happinesses, judiciousnesses, ponderings, squeamishnesses, punitions, squeamishness, bug ones ear, brisknesses, knowings, in formation, devotednesses, dis-quietudes, in-tensity, wiretap, industriousness, rollback, wakefulness, de-liberation, intentness, stinginess, ex aminations, sparingness, cognizance, fretfulnesses, schoolwork, achievement, self-reproach, peeled eye, re-consideration, pre meditation, pro-vision, dis-quiets, carryings, busyness, watch, deducings, accomplishment, re-cession, ex-aminations, kibitz, definitenesses, pre-servings, de-creases, ex-tents, stinginesses, prenotions, inferrings, un easinesses, re-commendation, fonder, precision, ex tent, sophrosyne, acuity, self-command, re sources, hell to pay, Re-mark, theorizations, ex-cogitations, drillings, foresight, de finitudes, prizings, re cessions, re-spects, self-masteries, selfcommand, re pose, regretfulnesses, selfcondemnation, tact, trouble, tender loving care, de-bates, Parcity, in-tuitions, out-lay, selfaccusation, heed, fore-warning, branch knowledge, lamentation, Valuing, encompassment, stake outs, dis-tress, in tuition, schoolworks, nightwatch, more adoring, niggardlinesses, ruefulness, pre-conception, baksheeshes, up-keeps, skimpings, encompassments, commonitions, parcities, dis-criminations, pre cognition, tirelessnesses, pre conceptions, inducings, super vising, bug in one's ear, most lovesome, up rightnesses, dis quiet, under standing, inculcations, far-sightedness, pre-sentiment, fore bodings, dis mays, self accusation, good senses, miserliness, de-sire, pre-science, ex-planations, bread butter, branch of knowledge, solicitude, in conveniences, nightwatches, self disgust, ideation, caution, dis may, pre-notions, body mikes, under-standing, Definitude, application, tip off, body mike, nurture, discreetnesses, pre-cautions, realizings, un-happiness, in-sight, ex planations, alertness, self condemnation, assiduousness, selfcommands, TLCS, pro-visions, dynamisms, bug in ones ear, dis-appointments, respect, in corruptibilities, in sight, concludings, more lovesome, bug one ear, ex tents, de-finitudes, under-standings, re spect, de liberations, cautiousnesses, in-conveniences, pre-sentiments, fore-knowledge, re-pose, ex cogitations, re search, thought, definitudes, re marks, in sights, onceover, de-voted, peeled eyne, ex cogitation, devotion, de voted, Definitiveness, de-finiteness, diligence, un easiness, stewardships, two cents' worth, peeled eyes, re flection, bug one's ear, memorial service, regretfulness, ex-positions, discernings, pre-monition, pre conception, monumentalization, self-commands, dis-crimination, un happiness, far sightedness, re cession, over-heads, deliberation, re gards, assiduity, un-easiness, far sightednesses, most adoring, supervisings, self commands, in-corruptibility, over heads, pre cautions, dis satisfaction, domestications, Pandect, big rush, savoirfaire, listen up, conservings, ex-tent, stakeout, sustainments, sustentions, exactness, ear, getting your, tirelessness, kibitzes, busynesses, fore-bodings, self mastery, edibles, fore-boding, re pair, surveyances, de-bate, re-pairs, dis-appointment, definiteness, fore thoughts, delicatesses, tactfulness, veracity, de finitude, self accusations, in-corruptibilities, de crease, vigil, re-gard, discipline, pre notions, something to sweeten pot, selfcondemnations, re-spect, scruple, important matters, super-vision, sparingnesses, pre serving, up-rightness, selfdisgusts, dis-composure, looking afters, reconsideration, monitorings, re-sources, re pairs, selfrestraint, re view, re-source, dis composure, acuities, selfdisgust, responsibility, directings, in-tensities, pre cognitions, pro vision, painstakingnesses, dis appointments, fore-knowledges, up rightness, listen ups, baksheesh, re-cognition, de-riving, sophrosynes, dis-tresses, pre-serving, dis tress, considerings, fore thought, re-flections, crammings, dis tresses, re mark, selfaccusations, in formations, regret, ex amination, fore-warnings, amores, up-bringing, compliance, re-morses, tender loving cares, cautiousness, care, industry, out lay, ex-cogitation, un-ease, pre monition, fulfillment, selfcontrol, re-cessions, laboriousness, mis giving, politicness, fore sight, surveillance, commishes, un-eases, dis quiets, under standings, heedfulness, re morses, de-crease, de bate, pre-servals, seeings, ex-plication, over view, sustentations, de-terminations, pro spects, pre-caution, observance, briskness, self disgusts, long-sightednesses, de riving, fore sights, dis-comfort, awareness, consideratenesses, word the wise, theorization, pre notion, regard, pre-cognitions, bon mot, re commendations, Canniness, dis comfort, pre-meditation, fore knowledges, dis satisfactions, self condemnations, consciousness, re flections, something sweeten pot, upkeep, dis criminations, re-considerations, pro-venders, maintenance, getting yours, bug in ear, self reproach, in tuitions, self-accusations, interestedness, reluctancies, stake-out, ex plication, dis crimination, pro vender, commemoration, monumentalizations, in tensity, dis-satisfaction, bug ear, in-tuition, guardednesses, commish, considerateness, fore-thoughts, pre servings, guardings, notice, pre-cognition, longsightedness, long sightednesses, de-finitenesses, carefulness, self reproaches, big rushes, de terminations, in tent, de finitenesses, tipoff, dis-quiet, discretion, re-morse, dis-quietude, de sire, success, domestication, sustainings, re-marks, pre-sciences, rationalizings, dis-composures, out-line, survey, out line, perceivings, cherishings, preserval, peeled eyen, out lines, Perlustration, pro-vender, pre meditations, fore-sights, discreetness, ideations, selfgovernment, pre caution, Reluctancy, mindfulness, governings, in-junction, self government, Apercus, re-pair, intentnesses, derivings, pro-spects, long sightedness, conservation, buggings, remark, concern, academic work, un-happinesses, stakeouts, Commonition, de-sires, study, dis appointment, over views, in-junctions, superego, in corruptibility, Superegos, up keep, judiciousness, once over, devotedness, reconsiderations, self-disgusts, ministrations, retrenchments, wardships, un-easinesses, de sires, sub ordination, Amore, up keeps, de bates, up-rightnesses, dis quietude, stake-outs, pro spect, falterings, pre science, wariness, apercu, in junction, dutifulness, important matter, ministration, re views, re cognition, definitivenesses, vigilance, delicatesse, self-disgust, in-formation, responsibleness, selfreproach, up bringing, in tensities, self masteries, inculcation, re morse, selfmastery, super visions, economy, in-sights, doting, apprehendings, in junctions, un eases, dis quietudes, ex-plications, ex planation, pre monitions, bug in one ear, dis-comforts, re source, dis-mays, rearings, looking after, pre servals, dutifulnesses, politicnesses, re commendation, de-termination, consideration, sustentation, pre sciences, de finiteness, devotements, over-view, selfreproaches, fore boding, pro visions, re considerations, canninesses, lovesome, conscientiousness, painstakingness, re consideration, de termination, sub-ordinations, sub ordinations, mis-giving, counsel, prudence, fabian policies, in-formations, dis comforts, ruefulnesses, scruples, attentiveness, miserlinesses.