Pronunciation of New
/njˈuː/, /njˈuː/, /n_j_ˈuː/

Antonyms for new

cornfed, motheaten, most straight-laced, more boxlike, folkest, most vestigial, more ex-, more evilsmelling, most humorless, horse and buggy, more away, old time, later, most disfigured, disused, un-refined, more quadrate, more moss-grown, dis reputable, more gone-by, immemorial, in-adequate, in-flexible, forever, dis-approved, more shot, cliche-ridden, most matter of course, more on the level, more cliche ridden, under developed, most cliche ridden, feculent, un creative, existing, shabby, more disfigured, scraggy, more frayed, equilateral, most goneby, aforementioned, over ripe, un tutored, bribable, in rags, fullfledged, gray haired, badsmelling, most ex-, most doctrinal, original, on last leg, more old school, un romantic, un pressed, more played out, taken for granted, most yesterday, in on, out style, grinder, old-chestnut, most zero, unmodified, dis-used, worn down, matter of fact, creaky, more out of date, chainest, more crumbled, trite, de-generate, most usedup, pre historic, prim and proper, stereo-typical, more unpressed, most equal-sided, evil smelling, demoralized, in-distinct, of long standing, dis integrated, more sportspersonlike, unpressed, more quadratic, un varied, dead gone, more worn-down, more oldie, more dinged, more buddybuddy, dried out, more gray-haired, driedout, out worn, ex-, derivative, putrescent, gone seed, along in years, more decomposing, medieval, un-learned, hasbeen, rectangular, ages ago, bummest, down at the heel, more equilateral, most aforementioned, dried-out, most preliterate, disheartened, de-mode, de-solate, most dried-out, boxy, on-the-level, most etiolated, most aging, more cornball, Olid, vestigial, dis carded, demoded, un-inspired, whiffy, over hill, behind one, time honored, badly worn, dis satisfactory, tuned in, by-gone, ageold, long-ago, Perished, elderly, dogeared, most velvety, de mode, fecal, not on, de generated, full grown, more wellworn, un even, old fashioned, more unstylish, down-at-the-heel, common, more dog-eared, most zestless, at end, most abreast, un-remarkable, whitebread, not modern, more extinguished, Experient, used, de-composed, dis integrating, more pabulum, more disintegrated, untutored, under-developed, in-formal, curdled, most out-of-style, ante diluvian, unvaried, most underived, most old saw, long-established, timehonored, mossy, re cent, stenchier, most unventilated, most olid, old-hat, more nothing, in firmest, in-firmest, lasting, bad-smelling, hoary, back number, more ripened, most sometime, most extinguished, most cushiony, most oldschool, drained, more putrefactive, oldish, most well established, more doctrinal, more enfeebled, un cleaner, un enlightened, more oldsaw, most played-out, more workaday, more white-bread, in flexible, most carious, most fossil, insipid, most crumbled, normal, white bread, more zero, isolationist, most has been, longestablished, buddy-buddy, more straightlaced, knackered, most nubile, more dog eared, most down-at-the-heel, full of holes, unevolved, the worse for wear, stale, more driedout, un clean, more unventilated, cornball, most cast-off, discarded, more free-and-easy, un acceptable, more outworn, most moldering, most bypast, more infected, more free and easy, most old-world, pre scribed, in firm, primitive, de-mure, ex, un cleanest, like, dis eased, most old world, un-tutored, of yore, dis-loyal, most dirtied, old, de cent, in-sipid, more unevolved, cliche ridden, aboriginal, un-kempter, more putrified, old goat, more senescent, lowgrade, most fragmented, more battered, be lated, dragger, most disused, antique, oldschool, most well-established, most evil smelling, mildewy, more yesterday, un-trained, more sullied, more bad smelling, more captivating, more mossgrown, more underived, stenchiest, most substratal, most weathered, most apprised, most rent, most infected, re gular, in ones prime, obsolete, over-worked, unimaginative, more has been, un-lucky, more putrescent, out of fashion, most old chestnut, in state nature, un-kempt, dis-satisfactory, un-satisfactory, dis agreeable, more abreast, wishywashy, most disintegrated, right angled, most pinched, dis-organized, un derivative, most ripened, most putrified, antiquarian, permanent, played-out, more playedout, un imaginative, most discolored, bygone, most bad smelling, full blown, doctrinal, kept posted, more old saw, more humorless, most demode, anachronistic, in a state nature, in one's prime, de composing, most putrescent, over-grown, sub stratal, more nubile, buddy buddy, most battered, of the old school, more recognizable, most cliche, more disintegrating, dis approved, aged, age-old, most played out, more long established, Deteriorated, not heretical, sub-standard, more gray haired, most bruised, un sound, most disapproved, most gray haired, pre dominant, more cliche-ridden, out dated, un-reserved, un-spoiled, pre literate, old saw, scraggier, oldfangled, in established usage, most whilom, right-angled, de-composing, dull as dishwater, well worn, more preliterate, boxiest, more longago, more perished, more well-worn, dis-integrated, most corroded, long in tooth, more longestablished, most worn-down, most old-fangled, most smelling, most cornball, un-sounder, un healthier, similar, up tight, creakiest, most time-worn, more anachronistic, more declining, most sportspersonlike, most squared, un kemptest, few miles on, in a state of nature, dime dozen, more dried out, most time worn, more degenerated, most demoded, way back, de stroyed, no spring chicken, not with it, antediluvian, most straightlaced, more rectangular, in rut, un biased, un-prejudiced, un-ventilated, most rectilinear, more cast off, castoff, more long-established, down at heel, un-original, in-firmer, longlived, un-pressed, ancient, dated, most ex, most grayhaired, more worn down, most disintegrating, water under bridge, most overripe, more old-world, most oldie, Familiar, widely used, whiffiest, white-bread, more busted, de filed, banal, tripest, dis-colored, overused, dis organized, most soured, pre vailing, more vestigial, more relic, more cushiony, broken down, more familiar, narrowminded, overripe, dis pleasing, most unpressed, dis honorable, savage, time-worn, more soured, triper, zestless, most reeking, un-happy, outdated, non-partisan, more moldering, more anachronous, more apprised, most patched, old-fangled, grownup, pre sumptuous, punker, more wellestablished, poverty stricken, been around, identical, un-cultivated, most moss-grown, most above, historic, palsywalsy, more castoff, un stylish, obstinate, most drudging, un satisfactory, dis-pleasing, most badsmelling, most fecal, timeworn, down the heel, most cast off, un remarkable, pre-historic, more smelling, most totaled, oldsaw, most bad-smelling, yester-day, most frayed, sub-stratal, more dinosaur, off the beaten track, unventilated, un-derived, more velvety, un-fortunate, sunset, most feudal, most vitiated, more old world, fossilized, more up, out of date, more out-of-style, more noplace, un refined, past ones prime, most nowhere, whiffier, washed out, like dinosaur, more equalsided, out-of-date, more long-ago, former, most mildewy, yellowed, more fossilized, future, most putrefactive, age old, moldy, tralatitious, out of gas, more cornfed, un-luckier, be-lated, un-pleasant, most geriatric, dis-reputable, dis loyal, more fossil, at an end, remote, of age, bad smelling, most up, in firmer, established, more down-at-the-heel, most recognizable, more feudal, un-domesticated, more used up, most out-of-fashion, has been, thumbed, long lasting, un-enlightened, more atavistic, by gone, most wellworn, most deteriorating, un-sound, more demode, soiled, un-imaginative, fullgrown, prehistoric, Stenchy, vintage, most unvaried, un happier, more discolored, pre-dominant, free-and-easy, rubest, most wellestablished, un-broken, in one prime, dis-gusting, most polluted, in adequate, most unstylish, more polluted, latter day, most anachronous, most long ago, pre ceding, nonliterate, hackneyed, more badsmelling, most matter-of-course, un-finished, yesterday, more full fledged, most hasbeen, more well established, most isolationist, most rectangular, mosslike, most consumed, substratal, more purulent, yester days, old-fashioned, noplace, more right-angled, long lived, more usedup, poorly made, more bad-smelling, most used-up, past prime, most old school, un prejudiced, be draggled, more out-of-fashion, lot mileage, most expired, square, more dried-out, un-trustworthy, more decomposed, Old World, more oldchestnut, most purulent, usual, most busted, more squared, oldchestnut, un-restrained, un-creative, playedout, full holes, un-cultured, Superseded, non-literate, pre-ceding, narrow minded, back when, familiar tune, most lusterless, past one prime, most equalsided, out of style, most transmitted, forgotten, un evolved, in tatters, unstylish, precedented, un-kemptest, most relic, gone-by, more transmitted, palsier, emasculated, most dogeared, more evil smelling, more oldhat, most gray-haired, not allowed, more worndown, carious, more ritual, veteran, more unbroken, un inspired, brutish, most out of style, strait laced, conventional, un-ceremonious, most buddybuddy, rightangled, most old-saw, un exciting, more putrefied, very old, more rent, eroded, povertystricken, most buddy-buddy, most gone-by, most right-angled, in holes, un happy, Pustular, most brutish, longstanding, time-honored, most oldsaw, un-usable, more grounded, nowhere, most old-chestnut, atavistic, more isolationist, stereo-typed, un-healthy, most suffocating, outmoded, un-romantic, most outworn, orthogonal, most captivating, quadratical, old fangled, horse buggy, un trained, evilsmelling, low grade, warmed-over, re eking, Mildewed, most squarish, most gone by, stereo typed, more time worn, un fashionable, in-terminable, de-generated, most declining, uni versal, over worked, puffy, more tralatitious, dis-figured, off beaten track, wornout, most mossgrown, more corroded, in sipid, most ritual, rancid, unmanned, more goneby, yester-days, eared, re-gular, oldtime, more zestless, cushiony, in distinct, most oldchestnut, more suffocating, scraggiest, lame, most out of fashion, more festering, more reeking, most playedout, antiquated, most oldhat, most on-the-level, most senescent, lamest, over used, most nonliterate, at home with, prim proper, most old-hat, patched, musty, more untutored, more used-up, un tamed, un-usual, full fledged, most old fangled, grown old, most dog eared, more whilom, more out of style, straight-laced, most old hat, palsiest, of olden days, straight laced, gone to seed, patriarchal, more evil-smelling, more underivative, more oldish, usedup, archaic, under-lying, long gone, most bribable, more orthogonal, more totaled, most down at the heel, more unmodified, time worn, un-even, more staying, more old-saw, enervate, most dried out, goneby, dis figured, most longestablished, more fullfledged, old-world, purulent, recti linear, moss-grown, more fragmented, down heel, more dogeared, warmedover, un spoiled, more buddy buddy, un original, more expired, moss grown, more quadratical, more patched, more foursquare, in know, lusterless, most decomposed, underived, dinosaur, traditional, oldfashioned, self important, re-eking, played out, un usable, un-varied, de-parted, most cornfed, like a dinosaur, un-derivative, re tired, dis-appointing, out-of-style, most well-worn, most unmodified, un pleasant, palsy walsy, more shredded, had it, over-used, water over dam, deadened, fullblown, more old-hat, more straight laced, worndown, readymade, cast-off, up on, ragged, un-soundest, most unevolved, un modified, more gone by, wellknown, run of the mill, most worndown, historical, re mote, un luckier, most nidorous, un kempt, fore going, un fortunate, more matter of course, un-civilized, more fecal, threadbare, un broken, creakier, more equal sided, in state of nature, un happiest, plain, cliched, out date, most equal sided, over-ripe, yester day's, un sounder, up-tight, most forever, most unbroken, dis appointing, yesterday's, characterless, un cultivated, most worn out, most grounded, more oldworld, more deteriorating, nubile, un civilized, workaday, over grown, more forever, worn-down, more contaminated, oldie, un ceremonious, totaled, de-stroyed, spoiled, past one's prime, dog-eared, corny, re-cognizable, more nowhere, more rightangled, stocker, unoriginal, chainer, more old fangled, more frequent, dis gusting, standard, gray, regular, straightlaced, more vitiated, of old school, de solate, exhausted, more old chestnut, un lucky, second hand, un-taught, underivative, most decomposing, middle, buddybuddy, past, un-evolved, more old-fangled, stereo typical, Latterday, most oldish, un-cleanest, more well worn, most straight laced, dis-honorable, more buddy-buddy, more disused, wellworn, draggest, longlasting, out gas, be-draggled, used up, not young, most driedout, dead and gone, more down at the heel, more straight-laced, weary, button down, most oldfangled, more overripe, un sophisticated, so so, Folker, more curdled, more mildewy, most anachronistic, de parted, more geriatric, uni-versal, squarish, dis-eased, sportspersonlike, in the know, out of it, used-up, grown up, dis-integrating, un healthiest, stuffy, palsy, most quadrate, most dog-eared, badly dressed, tried, equal-sided, more moss grown, most evilsmelling, more bruised, more olid, worn, boxlike, weathered, long established, out-dated, de-cent, more brutish, bombest, scoured, oldhat, most cliche-ridden, wishy-washy, most long established, un healthy, long standing, accustomed, timeless, more cast-off, pre-scribed, most well worn, in oblivion, more played-out, more sometime, re cognizable, un taught, has-been, dog eared, more demoded, un kempter, un-acceptable, feudal, most characterless, un-exciting, yester day, most free-and-easy, dis used, non partisan, most oldworld, senile, humorless, buttondown, more feculent, enervated, more old-school, imitative, un cultured, evil-smelling, more cliche, gray-haired, more grayhaired, wishy washy, un-developed, sub standard, water over the dam, wrung out, passe, more ex, most workaday, boxier, most fossilized, most tralatitious, most frazzled, frequent, most white bread, weakened, old-saw, vermiculate, un ventilated, more fogyish, most shredded, along years, fogyish, un-cleaner, mossgrown, yester-day's, in prime, most underivative, most evil-smelling, cut and dried, faded, more white bread, velvety, everyday, most doused, recognizable, most staying, un-written, most used up, de mure, more drudging, more old hat, most dinged, out it, more has-been, un-tamed, out-of-fashion, more substratal, most dinosaur, more lusterless, geriatric, existent, dirty, Nidorous, more frazzled, in-active, most long-established, battered, tried and true, more right angled, garden variety, well known, gone by, wellestablished, well-worn, most quadratical, more whitebread, most quadratic, un interesting, de generate, dis-agreeable, old-school, most noplace, dis-carded, in formal, fusty, most festering, oldworld, of old, more oldfangled, most degenerated, most right angled, most mosslike, more hasbeen, primeval, most pabulum, most perished, dis colored, most pustular, most sullied, most white-bread, more out of fashion, more weathered, un written, longago, boring, more oldschool, ho hum, more on-the-level, un usual, long ago, fore-going, old chestnut, de composed, more old-chestnut, most shot, most untutored, most has-been, quadra-tical, out side, ruber, well established, most old-school, first, most worn down, pegged out, lot of mileage, down memory lane, most enfeebled, inter-minable, most orthogonal, ante-diluvian, most nothing, more disapproved, most feculent, un constrained, un-healthiest, un luckiest, repetitious, un finished, most on the level, un derived, most full fledged, re-mote, warmed over, rotten, more turned, worse for wear, most turned, most castoff, putrified, wormy, quaint, un-fashionable, more time-worn, more pinched, not current, stereo-typic, most fogyish, olden, un-stylish, dispirited, ageless, senescent, unmodernized, more aforementioned, in terminable, behind times, more pustular, de-filed.